It is a Tuesday :)

I’m going to stop lying and saying I’m going to blog more often.   How about, I will try more often than ONCE A MONTH!  aaargh! 🙂

One reason why blogging has become a hassle is b/c I stupidly updated my version of wordpress b/c I wanted fancy fonts.  i’m a font whore. lol.

but in that process, I lost my ability to just add pics from flickr w/ the flickr plugin.  the old plug in isn’t compatible w/ the new version of wordpress and the guy who wrote the original plug in is MIA or just abandoned it.  So no updates and NO NEW plug ins that were as awesome as that one was.  SOOOO….it’s a pain to reference pics and insert them into the blog.  stupid eh?   The little things that make life so good…when they go missing or just stop working, it’s like everything just …stops.   Oh well.

What has everyone been up to?  It seems like my old friends that followed my blog have stopped blogging and etc.  like blogging is old hat?  Everyone is on facebook or twitter…which is good in a way, yet very annoying.  not sure when facebook became THE internet.   twitter is extremely annoying now.  But for some reason, i’ve seen an insurgence in blogging again.  i guess the convenience of updating everyone w/ 140 characters isn’t so convenient anymore.

blah blah blah. 🙂

I’ve been pretty productive lately.  not 100%.  but not bad. 🙂  hahah.

Chewy’s birthday was on June 1st.  That isn’t a FOR SURE.  but whenever he was found, it was the last week of July and I took him to the vet the first week of August and the vet said he was 8 weeks old.   So on his paperwork, his bday is listed at June 1st.

my sweet little baby!!

Remember this widdle face???

I miss his little bitty self. 🙂

Sleeping on the boy's legs

Now look at him…he’s such a big boy.

yup…he's licking the wine bottle. i've got an alcoholic cat.

I won’t bore you guys w/ a ton of pics.  I could SOOOO easily do so.  But I will share a pic w/ you that cracks up most ppl. 🙂

I made Chewy a bday hat.  yeah…there is a pattern for one! FOR CATS!  omg i was all over it. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Chewy!!

isn’t it the cutest hat?? LOL.


This is before i put it on him. lol

Project:  Pet Birthday Party Hat
YarnI Love This Yarn! Solids
Amount Usedbits of a skein
Colorteal and green
Hook Size: F (3.75mm)
Date Started: May 31, 2012
Date Finished: May 31, 2012


I made a cute little ballerina for my cousin’s daughter.  When I saw that she was in ballet classes now…i had to do it 😉

Helloo! Watch me dance! :)

Project:  Brisa the Ballerina amigurumi pattern
YarnSnuggly DK / Golden Baby / Happy Feet
Amount Usedbits of a skein
Colorsnuggly – pink / Golden baby – peach / happy feet – black
Hook Size: C (2.75mm)
Date Started: May 7, 2012
Date Finished: May 19, 2012

One of the cutest things about the ballerina is the bun on the head.  It’s so stinking cute.  and her hair/bun is what takes the longest on this doll.  as you are doing it, you are kind of cursing.  like WTF why do i have to do this for the HAIR????  but the end result gets alot of oohs and aahhhs 🙂


one of the girls at work discovered that i knit and crochet and she asked if she could pay me to make a hat and booties set for (eek i forget who now) her sister’s? new baby.   Baseball fans.  We looked thru some patterns and found a cute little hat w/ a baseball applique on the hat. 🙂

baseball hat and booties

Project:  baseball beanie — Boy Striders 4 Sizes Crochet Baby Booties (pdf pattern for sale)
YarnI Love This Yarn! Solids
Amount Usedbits of a skein
Color:  Teal
Hook Size: F (3.75mm) & G (4.0 mm)
Date Started: May 31, 2012
Date Finished: May 31, 2012

It’s amazing how fast I can crochet under pressure. 🙂 hahaah

I had some issues w/ the hat.  mainly b/c i refused to do a gauge swatch and i kept feeling it was too small.  I could have saved myself ALOT of trouble and just did the swatch and ta da?  but nOOOO.  super fast once I got it done.  cute cute.

Since I was so paranoid about the hat being small…i made another hat just in case.

baseball beanie

Project:  Baseball BUTTON Trimmed Diaper cover and Beanie
Yarn:Super Saver Solids
Amount Usedbits of a skein
Color:  white, red, blue
Hook Size: I (5.5mm)
Date Started: May 31, 2012
Date Finished: May 31, 2012

One last FO and i’ll stop. LOL

My friend posted on facebook the other day his daughter’s prayer for the day:

“Dear God, thank you for everything, please keep us safe, and give me a unicorn.”-Sarah

I could NOT stop laughing at it.   and of course…i HAD to make her a unicorn!

a prayer for a unicorn

ProjectLuna the Unicorn
YarnSimply Soft Party
Amount Usedbits of a skein
Color:  Sparkly white, sparkly fushia, silver
Hook Size: E (3.5mm)
Date Started: June 3, 2012
Date Finished: June 5, 2012

I thought at first the yarn would be TOO sparkly and trashy.  nope.  It was the perfect amount of bling. hahahaa.  so stinking cute. 🙂

This is my 4th Luna unicorn and I always am amazed at the reactions it gets whenever i show it to ppl before i send it off to it’s rightful owner.   ahahaha.

I guess that’s all for now.  Again, thank you friends for sticking with me.  I promise I’ll try to be a better blogger. 🙂



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  1. ruth says:

    hey girl!! you are still blogging! yay! i need to visit more often. i scrolled down and OMG about the crocheted red eggs!! you are insane!!! LOL!
    your stuff is way cute, as usual!!! 😀

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