Hello everyone. :)

Hello everyone.   I have no purse to show off today.  Mainly b/c i’m lazy and don’t want to go thru what i have or take any photos.

I’ve been so stressed out w/ various things here this week.   So stressed out that I just finally kind of broke down to let some of the frustrations out.   It just seemed that everything that could go wrong this week went wrong.    and even though I don’t do the Christmas gift thing…I don’t stress myself out w/ shopping for ppl that can buy their own dang presents… i found that i spent alot of money on myself this month.  I got a little greedy.  and right when I do, I start having other issues that require money:  car, house, etc.  then i start thinking:  Omg. i shouldnt’ have been so greedy w/ the self-shopping earlier in the month.    This is really the only time of year i go nuts buying myself stuff b/c all these Christmas sales and deals and packages..it’s all pretty irresistible and I don’t normally get alot of gifts from other people…so Merry Christmas to me. 🙂 hahahaah.  but now i’m like eesh.  I should have slowed down at the beginning of the month to see what these few weeks would bring me.

Anyway.  I’ve got some FO’s to show off. 🙂

I went to a baby shower on Sat and I was crocheting up to the night before.  tee hee.

I didn’t make that much for this baby like i usually do.  But oh well.  I made some things.  I guess that’s good enough for now. 🙂   lucky for me I hit up my baby shower stash (YES! I have a baby shower stash!  i go to alot of freaking baby showers!) and was able to pick out ALOT of cute stuff for the shower w/o me having to do any major shopping. 😀  Wheee!!

cloche8 cloche2

Project: Katrina Ribbon Cloche
Yarn: Hushabye Solid
Amount Used: various bits of skeins
Color: pink, brown, cream
Hook Size: H (5.0mm)
Date Started: Dec 8, 2011
Date Finished: Dec 8, 2011

After I took the pics, I retied the bow.  I’m out of practice w/ tying the perfect bow.  But i thought the ribbon was a cute addition to the hat.  So Jaunty! 🙂


boots boots2 boots3

Project:  Baby Cowboy Boots Pattern “Baby Boot Scoot’n Boots”
Yarn: Hushabye Solid
Amount Used: various bits of skeins
Color: pink, brown, cream
Hook Size: E (3.5 mm)
Date Started: Dec 9, 2011
Date Finished: Dec 9, 2011

Aren’t these CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE????  THey were SOOO fun to make!!! 🙂  When some of my friends saw these booties, they said “HEY! they match the ones YOU have!”

I guess they do.  I should have made a matching cowboy hat, but no time.  Next time. 🙂  heheehe.

I made myself a puffy stitch hat too!


mypuffyhat mypuffyhat3 mypuffyhat4 mypuffyhat5

Project:  Puff Stitch Earflap Beanie Hat
Yarn:  MosaicRoving
Amount Used: one skein mosaic, bits of Roving
Color: Mosaic – NINJA ; Roving – grey
Hook Size: I (5.5 mm)
Date Started: Dec 14, 2011
Date Finished: Dec 14, 2011

I’m infatuated with HUGE HUGE pompoms on top of hats.  This isn’t really as big of a pompom as I would like, but it’s quite large.  When I put it on my head, i started cracking up.  I crack myself up. haha.

The hat itself is done in Bernat Mosaic in Ninja color (yeahhh…ninja!).  The edging and the pompom was done in the grey Roving.

That’s all for now folks!  SEems like i’m a crochet-state of mind as of late.   hahaha.   have a great weekend everyone!  Thanks for coming back for an update!


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