Thursday Purse-Day!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today’s purse isn’t a purse…but it is a cool container. 🙂  heheeh.  Isn’t that what a purse is?  Just a fancy container? 😀

my box o' buttons Oh buttons.... So many. :)  this is just the tip of the iceberg Safety eyes for the toys more buttons

I got a new organizational system for the buttons I had laying around near me at the moment.  I have many more…i just need to find them. 🙂 hehehe.  So far I’m digging the button organizational system. 🙂

WIP’s for this week….

I made alot of progress this week. :) lucious ribbing. :)

I’m almost done w/ this scarf. 😉   Thank goodness!  It’s getting so horribly boring, dahling. hehe.   I get alot of compliments on it.  The ribbing pattern in it is pretty genious and very easy to remember.

FO’s for this week:

I made a quicky baby hat for my friend Kristy (who is getting the previous mentioned sweater and baby booties) …the Baby Jayne hat b/c her hubby is a Firefly fan! 🙂

What’s shocking is this hat only took me about 2 hours to do. hAHAHAHA!!

Front view Left view back view Right view Close up of Zoe...helllooo Zoe. :)

Project: Baby Jayne Hat (ravelry link)
YarnVanna’s Choice Solid
Amount Used: 1/5 a skein of each color?  a little more?
Color: rust, orange and gold
Needle Size: US 8
Date Started: Feb 3, 2009
Date Finished: Feb 3, 2009

I got myself a little present over a week ago and I forgot to blog about it. 🙂  I got some Addi Clicks!  WHHHHEEEEEE!!!

Be Jealous of me. :) OOOH embossed Box the cables muahaha!  Look at all the needle tips! And the special Addi pin that shows I am a member of the Addi Clicks club

My brother drove up today b/c I had tickets to see the Killers tonight.  🙂  I went with Botgurl, a co-worker of hers and my brother.  We had a blast.  We walked out of there freaking deaf.  It was awesome.  Here are some pics of the concert….

Botgurl and I laughed about the feathers. :) this is what happens when you don't try to take your dSLR camera to a get mediocre point and shoot pics. :) he's singing to me...didn't you know? hahahah He was listening to us sing the song. :) Euphoric hold on...this was on the background as we screamed for the encore. awesome during the finale (When You Were Young)

My ears are ringing and I’m sleepy.  Didn’t keep my brother and I from playing Rockband when we got home. hAHAHAHA!!  good times. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello everyone!   How is everyone? 🙂   It’s that time again! it’s THURSDAY!

{011509} metal wallet{011509} look inside{011509} i thought it would be funny to id everything. :)

I love this wallet.  But I changed it out at Christmas b/c I felt i might run into problems w/ it at the airport since it is metal.  Then i just forgot to change it back.  I forgot I had money in it.  I forgot I had a check from the lady who i did all those xmas stocking for. whoooops.  I forgot my Jersey Mike’s sub club card.  I’ve missed out on like 5 stamps!!!!  GRR.  but it’s a great wallet. 🙂  It’s so cute and perfect, i’m kind of scared to use it risking scratching it all up.  Shush.  Don’t judge me!

How was everyone’s week?  Mine was great.  I met the newest member of the KFN clan…little Miss Evie.  She’s perfect.  I am so happy and excited for the Collins clan.   And despite funny things I have said in the past, i did want to kiss her all over her fat little face. 🙂  Hahah.  I didn’t, but i wanted to! (shush, Nanc!!)

I worked like a dog all week/weekend.  Not sure why there are so many babies being born RIGHT NOW…but it’s ok I guess.  And if I am busy, I get into less trouble.  tee hee.

So I’ve accomplished alot of knitting in the last week, which is good b/c I have alot of things I have to do in the next couple of months.

A nurse at work is about to pop and her baby shower is on Monday.  I found out about it 12 days prior. 🙂  So this is the set I knit/crochet for her little boy.

{jackson} Jackson's little set. :) {jackson} sitting down...look at the bottoms of the shoes. :) {jackson} Zoe is standing. :) {jackson} the one button variety. {jackson} i hope it's not too preppy for the parents. {jackson} hi zoe. :) {jackson} close up

Project: Cottage Industry Sweet pea Set (no pattern link)
Yarn:  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Amount Used: 2 skeins of the green for the entire shoe/hat/sweater set.  1/4 a skein of the beige
Color: Green and beige
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started:  Jan 10, 2009
Date Finished: Jan 12, 2009

Project: Little Button Loafers (ravelry link)
Yarn:  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Amount Used: 1/3 a skein?  a little more?
Color: green
Hook Size: 3.5 mm
Date Started:  Jan 12, 2009
Date Finished: Jan 12, 2009

I’m happy w/ how the set came out. 🙂  I’m amazed at how fast i got it done.  I started the sweater on Sat at work…i finished it by the end of our knit meetup. 🙂  The hat and the booties both took just one day.   So yes.   I was scared I wouldn’t have it all done by the baby shower time.  But it’s done! yay!

And I got this email in my email yesterday inviting me to a baby shower.  i didn’t recognize the sender’s name.  and I really looked at it for a while to see who it was a shower for.  I did’nt recognize any of the names.  Then i started to get mad.  like “WTF?  am i just getting random shower invites??”  but then i recognized an ex-schoolmate’s name as the person the party is for.  whew.  So I started a new set for her baby boy. 🙂

I love top down sweaters.

It’s a cute top-down freebie from Ravelry.  It called for a garter stitch collar and cuffs.  blech!  so i changed it to seed stitch.  I think it’s a sharper stitch. 🙂  Garter sometimes looks frumpy to me.

I finished the gloves for my brother as well.

{bruddagloves} FINALLY DONE{bruddagloves} i love how they came out.

Project: Hooray for Me Gloves
YarnPlymouth Happy Feet (ravelry link)
Amount Used: Less than one full skein.
Color: 18 – Grey
Needle Size: US 2
Date Started: Jan 3, 2009
Date Finished: Jan 11, 2009

it didn’t take me that long to actually make the gloves.  I just put them down for a few days b/c the fingers were making me mad.  SO….on the right glove I did the fingers in the round even though the pattern calls for DK knitting.  i made some weird mitake, got frustrated and did it the way I knew how.  Then on the left glove, I did it DK style and I enjoyed it, but i felt the in-the-round way came out nicer. SO…i think i need to work on my DK skills.  hehehe.  I hope he likes them.  They are being hand delievered to him this weekend!

one last thing.  I got something in the mail yesterday that was totally awesome.

I rock harder w/ this new strap. :)

you guys have a good week while I rock out. 🙂

(ignore my clothes.  they are too big for me and making me look really bloated!)

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hi everyone!  It’s Thursday!  Time for another bag 🙂

Are you guys sick of these yet?? 🙂

{tokback} are you sick of 'em yet?  Tokidoki backpack! {tokback} close up of the fabric print

I got this bag for my friend Steph b/c she wanted a backpack.  Later on that shopping trip i saw a pink one i knew she would love more.  So this is mine now.  Like i need more bags.  But am I complaining? no. 🙂 HAHAHAH!

I am working on the 3rd Knit-for-pay stocking.  It’s slow going b/c I’m running low on green yarn.  So i need to buy another skein before I continue.  My goal was to have it done by Thanksgiving.  I might still reach that goal. 🙂

What else is going on?  I made a little hat for my friend’s son who was born last month.  I get to see them next week at Thanksgiving, and I need to have a gift ready!!!

{prince} for baby Caleb {prince} super cute and super fast{prince} side view{prince} top view{prince} first attempt...too small{prince} side by side comparison{prince} see?  big difference.

Project: Fit for a King or Queen Newborn (ravelry link)
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Amount Used: < 1 skein of each color Color: Blue/Yellow (i’m lazy tonight)
Hook Size: I (5.5mm) and H (5.0 mm)
Date Started: Nov 18, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 19, 2008

So what’s up w/ the two hats?  I made the little one first.  I thought it looked reallly small.  So I took it to work to test on some heads.  Yeah…I put it on a normal sized newborn and it barely fit.  I almost had to wrestle it on the baby.  The baby that i’m giving this to will be a month old when I see him.  So I just made it bigger.  It’s very cute isn’t it?  Perfect for Prince Caleb.   The pattern is SUPER easy and this took me a couple of hours to make. 🙂

On Weds i was super excited about some things I was going to get in the mail.  I got them.  I was very excited when I woke up and even went to work early since I was up so early.  I scared the hell out of my co-workers. hahaha.  But look at the joyous things I got today!

awesomeness......bow before me. :)  cowboys tickets

i got a blackberry Bold.  Worship me. hAHAHAHA j.k  I was anxious about it’s arrival in the mail.  it’s very nice.  the keyboard is better and everything is better on it.  I was getting tired of my Curve b/c of it’s inability to deliever txt msgs to me alot of times.  easy…just fix it right?  nah. that’s not how I roll.  hahah!  I just buy a new phone.
I won Cowboys tickets at a raffle at work.  I got the tickets today! YAY!  I’ve never ever been to a game and yes..even though I know nothing of football (nor do i really care that much), I’m a bit excited to go and experience something I have never experienced in the 14 years I have lived here. 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone.  I’ll be posting next week even though it’s Thanksgiving time.  Hopefully I’ll have a 3rd stocking done by then. 🙂

Monday, bloody Monday.

It’s Monday.  Why am I posting?  eh.  i can’t sleep. 🙂 And I have an FO to show off.  hahhaa.

The weekend was good.  On Saturday i went to a baby shower and a 30th bday dinner.  🙂

What did i take to the shower?  Let me just preface this part by saying…the shower was a Star Wars-themed baby shower.  🙂  I had planned on making this when I found out the happy couple was having a boy.  When i got the invite for the baby shower…i knew this was what was in the stars. 🙂

{yoda} it is finished.  This is how it goes on in the inside. {yoda}  Zoe's picture session again. :) {yoda}  thankyou, Zoe. :) {yoda} What that say??{yoda} May The...{yoda} Force be ...{yoda}...with you. {yoda} yeah i know it looks silly w/ the HK face on top.  i thought it was funny at 4a.

So this was one of the last presents opened at the shower…and OMG.  it got such an incredible response.  I didn’t expect it.  It was kind of an ego boost, I’ll tell ya.   So the effort was worth it for the oohs and aahs at the shower. 🙂  The last pic is of the mother-to-be posing w/ the outfit.  The hat was a HUGE hit.

Project: Baby Yoda sweater (direct ravelry link)
Yarn:  Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (stash diving for this one…this stuff is from when they FIRST sold their own yarn)
Amount Used: about 3 skeins
Color: Beige/tan
Needle Size: US 7
Date Started: Oct 10, 2008
Date Finished: Oct 17, 2008

What else is going on?  not much.  hahah i’m so boring.  i have a bunch of Xmas stockings i need to do.  I’m about half way done w/ the first one.  thanks to mary for her tips on intarsia and bobbins, things are going better.  I had to rip out what I had done w/ the first stocking b/c of a dropped stitch that had no chance of being saved.  I feel better about the 2nd effort though. 🙂

And i was bored a few weeks ago.  I did a wordle.  Lost the wordle.  Did another one. found the original.  i chuckled at the differences.  🙂

{wordle} OG wordle {wordle} purseho wordle

ok now i’m sleeeeeeeeeeepy

Thursday Purse-Day!!

hey everyone 🙂

so i had some FO’s all done by Monday and I was going to post on Monday…but then i didn’t block an item yet so i didn’t want to post until it was blocked, but it took forever to dry….sigh. it’s thursday now. 🙂  and this weekend is long weekend!  anyone doing anything fun?  My brudda is coming up for a short visit this weekend.  😀

here is this week’s bag!!

{hklunchie} it's another HK Lunch bag!  {hklunchie} OOH...lead free!

Does anyone love back to school time as much as I do?  I love it!!! i love alllll the new school supplies!  PENCILS, PENS, RULERS, SCISSORS, NOTEBOOKS, FOLDERS, etc!  at Target they always have HK stuff.  so i always have to go and peruse.  i couldnt say no to this lunchbag.  someday i will start taking my lunch to work and i have a variety of lunchbags to choose from. 🙂   it’s lead free too. HAHAHAHAHAH!  i thought that was the weirdest tag!!

So here are some FO’s for y’all to look at.

{addidress} sweet little dress{addidress} back ...look at the litle keyhole :) Crazy kathy's very Brittney spears-ish! ACK!{addidress} on ZOE!! MUAHAHAH!{addidress} back view

Isn’t this the cutest dress?  This is the one i was working on last week.  For some reason it took this thing 2 days to dry.  I should have stuck a fan on it.  I need to hurry up and send this to my friend’s daughter.  she’s getting too big too fast. 🙂

Project: Little Mary Sunshine Dress (ravelry link)
Yarn: Spa (Ravelry link)
Amount Used: 1+ skein
Color: periwinkle
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started: August 19, 2008
Date Finished: August 24, 2008

Here is another one! 🙂

{narwhal} check out the narwhal  {narwhal} look into my eyes... {narwhal} like my horn? haha i'm the unicorn of the sea!{narwhal} look at me.  my smile is so cute and charming!{narwhal} watch me swim away!{narwhal} which side is my better side? :D

Isn’t he a CUTIE PIE???? I’ve been wanting to make him since I saw the pattern months ago!  He’s got a recipient in mind. 🙂   hehehee. he was such a fast crochet!!  it’s gonna be like the bunny.  hAHAAH

Project: Amigurumi Narwhal
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Amount Used: < 1 skein Color: light grey
Hook Size: E  (3.5mm)
Date Started: Aug 23, 2008
Date Finished: Aug 24, 2008

One more…

{yodahat} the hat pre-felting on Zoe's head. :)  HUGE! {yodahat} post-felting.  I need a better pic. maybe tomorrow

Yoda hat. 🙂  I’ve made 4 of these, took pics of just one. 🙂  it’s not a great finished pic either.  now that I look at it, i’m kind of ashamed of the half-a$$ job i did on the photo.  but i’m not in the mood to be all in photo-mode. 🙂 hahaah oh well  i’ll just have to cook up something later 🙂

Project: Felted Yoda Baby Hat (warning: music plays on the website)
Yarn: Naturespun worsted weight (ravelry link)
Amount Used: < 1 skein Color: Olive Green
Needle Size: US 11
Date Started: August 10, 2008
Date Finished: August 17, 2008

Thursday Purse-Day!!

howdy howdy! 🙂

How is everyone doing today? 🙂  i’m having a pretty good week so far.  i hope i didn’t just jinx myself…. hahaha

this is the bag of the week! 🙂

{domo} Domokun! :)  In coin purse form! {domo} his backside.  (giggle) {domo} a photo w/ my lens cap for a size comparison

So i got this little bag at Comic Con. 🙂  I do love Domo-kun even though I never buy stuff w/ it on there. 🙂  But that might change…jk.  i saw some really cute Domo things at Comic Con. 🙂  His constant state of hate/disgust/anger (maybe hunger?) cracks me up! 🙂  I’m not going to say what I paid for this little bag.  i was ashamed when i was being rung up and i didn’t say NO! 🙂

What have I been working on?  That crochet hat that I was working on last week?  Yeahhh…there is something wrong w/ the pattern (so me thinks!).  I’m kind of irritated with it and i go ok until i get to row 6.  then its like downhill.  And the specimen I had last week?  yeahhh..that was waaay too small.  So i think:

1) There is issues w/ the yarn required for the pattern.  It requires fingering weight yarn…the yarn in the photo looks like at least DK weight.

2) I have issues w/ the hook size.  the hook size required is very small.  The end-result hat I got was too small for my get-well bunny.  there is no way in hell it’s going to fit a newborn.

I have already emailed the person who wrote the pattern and she doesn’t have these issues.  so i’m going to grumble and work on it and decide if i’m nuts, or if she is nuts.  🙂  hahaha.

But until then…i found out another one of my friends is pregnant!  this is truly the year to procreate!  everyone now!  i guess 2008 is the year of romance. hahaha.  So i’m trying to plan out the gifts for this year.  i’m not attending any out-of-town baby showers (sorry folks)….but i am trying to send presents to the showers as they pop up. I know I don’t Have to…but i sort of want to. haahaha.  i admit, i love that baby shower buzz when you give a great handmade gift. 🙂

So i have a few friends that have nerd husbands.  Star Wars fans.  Yoda hats/sweater sets must be made for these people.  I got approval from my brudda about these. 🙂  He thinks they will be awesome.  So that’s all the approval I need in this case. 🙂

On Sunday when i got to our Simpatico Sunday meetup, I started one hat as I arrived at 215p.  By the time I left at 545p, i was finished with the first hat, seaming and all.  it was kind of cool.  I hadn’t planned that!  I haven’t felted it yet b/c i need to make 3 more yoda hats, so i figured I would felt them all at once. 🙂

here are some before pics.  i want to see how much they shrink!

{zoe yoda} too big for Zoe's wee head.  {zoe yoda} looks like yoda already! {zoe yoda} 2nd hat, sans ears.  working on them now... {zoe yoda} hehee. i crochet-attached the ears on. so much easier.  let's see if I scrweed it up that way. :)

What else…oh yeah!  I got my confirmation from the State Fair of Texas about my shawl entry!  They got my check and cashed it!  They have given me a ticket so I can take my shawl up there to be judged.  *Crossing fingers*  So i’m dropping it off on Sat! 😀

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hi everyone! it’s Thursday! time for another purse!!

{gold hk} excuse the moving box background.  {gold hk} so cute so cute!{gold hk} check it out....Hello kitty is SHOPPING w/ a jaunty hat on her head!{gold hk} LOOK! her back is turned!  I LOVE THIS!

Isn’t this cute? I found this in a box at the back of my closet! I’ve had it for a while. Stupid me. 🙂 hahahaha combines a few of my favorite things…Hello KItty, shopping, hats, purses, etc

Remember that sweater from last week? I added some finishing touches. 🙂 Let’s see what you guys think…


{matthew} Aww.....sweet sweater {matthew} M for Matthew!{matthew} the back, i trimmed the collar in the beige{matthew} WELLLLL..helllllloooo ZOE!!  Welcome back!!{matthew} Zoe just wants a hug!!{matthew} Don't laugh at the webbed hands...{matthew} check out the back

Project: Rudyard Sweater
Yarn: Cascade Sierra
Amount Used: one skein of each color
Color: 50-tan, 03-beige
Needle Size: US 7
Date Started: March 13, 2008
Date Finished: March 21, 2008

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hem on this sweater! It’s very clever! making it in a diffrent color really makes the sweater pop!

*EDIT – last night when i was writing this post, firefox froze on me for some unknown reason and I lost my post.  But anyway..i wrote on there that yes…ZOE is here again!  Much to the chagrin of my knit grrls.  I had to bring her out for a couple of photos, esp of this sweater b/c you can’t tell how adorable it is when it’s laying flat!  ZOE! ZOE!

I also made a matching pair of booties. I had made that other pair from a few weeks ago. But stupid me should have bought more yarn in the tan color b/c i RAN OUT while making the sweater! So i started over with the Cascade Sierra. 🙂

{matthew shoes} SO SO CUTE! {matthew shoes} little socks{matthew shoes} little mocasins!

Project: Bekah’s Moc-a-Soc
Cascade Sierra
Amount Used:
one skein of each color
Color: 50-tan, 03-beige
Date Started: March 22, 2008
Date Finished: March 26, 2008

I also had to redo the math for this shoe b/c i used WW yarn instead of DK or sport. I cut back on all numbers by 1/3 and it made the perfect little booties!! i was sooo glad all the numbers worked out.


I also crocheted a cute little pair of baby mary jane skimmers. 🙂

{mj skim} little baby mary jane skimmers {mj skim} a closer look{mj skim} extreme close up...i love the tops

Project: Baby Mary Jane Skimmers
Yarn: Debbie BLiss Baby Cashmerino
Amount Used: very little!
Color: magenta and green
Hook Size: E (3.50mm)
Date Started: March 24, 2008
Date Finished: March 25, 2008

These didn’t take long to do at all. But these are my tester shoes. If you look VERY closely, you can see they arent the same size. whooopies. 🙂

I should have been packing rather than knitting so much. sigh. shame on me. now i must go pack some more!!

Finito…and I did something different this week!

I can’t believe it’s been a week almost since I last updated. Time is flying by. I wish the days would go by slower so i don’t feel so old by say “Man where does the time go?” hahaha

It’s hot here in Texas. Not horrible like last year or in years past..but it sure is steamy. It makes me grouchy and want to nap all day w/ a fan pointed at me.

So I have an FO to show off 🙂 I took some pics of an old friend who hasn’t been on this blog in a while…….ZOE!!!!

{seredipity} ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Obviously the bolero is TOO big on her) {seredipity} Close up of the bolero.  I really need a child to model this on. {seredipity} Don't fear Zoe...she only shows love. {seredipity} ok ok....bolero sans any Zoe. :)

Project: Knitting Pure and Simple – #275 Child’s Neckdown Bolero
Yarn: Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed
Amount Used: about 1.66 skeins
Color: ST40 – Colorado Columbine
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started: August 23, 2007
Date Finished: August 27, 2007


  • I love top down patterns, I love Knitting Pure and SImple patterns, so this was a win-win.
  • This isn’t a tedious sweater. Pretty fullfilling.
  • It’s very cute.
  • The collar is really darling.


  • I thought the number of stitches you pick up for the bottom band was very confusing. I actually picked up too far, knit the entire bottom band, and when I finished and looked at it, I realized i did it wrong. That part of the instructions needs to be more clear!!!!! I feel a diagram pointing to the area where you pick up stitches would have been VERY beneficial.
  • The area where you pick up all those stitches for the bottom band doesn’t make sense in coordination w/ the number of stitches you need to pick up. The area is way too small considering the number of stitches they tell you to pick up.
  • I was very fearful the arms were too long. I kept checking online to make sure the arms weren’t too long for a child of this age.

Obviously the bolero is too big for Zoe. 🙂 I made the 4 yr old size, Zoe is like an 8-mo old baby size. Whoops. But i thought it would be funny to show pics of Zoe again since Botgurl was making fun of me last week about Zoe. muahahah!

What else have I been knitting?

I cast on today for this:

Shannon Tweed Ribbed Vest

Shannon Tweed Ribbed Vest – I absolutely love this vest. I love how it looks on the model. I’ve started to make size small because I’m doing this as a sample for Simpatico. So i thought..should i make the small or the XL for myself? The yarn for the small is only 5 skeins. The yarn for the XL is 14 skeins. I doubt i will ever really wear it since i’m so hot natured…so the Small wins. 🙂

I just did the first color w/ 2 inches of Color A. No pictures taken yet…nothing reallly worth showing yet.

I’ve also started really working on a pair of socks I owe someone for their bday. No pictures yet until I gift them to her. I feel bad b/c they are so late. 🙂 whoops.

Oh yeah!!  Guess what I did yesterday?? 🙂   I SEWED something…with MY SEWING MACHINE!!!!!

My sewing machine. :) {tissue}  TISSUE HOLDER{tissue} I know it's not awesome, but it's a start. :) {tissue} My first little project

I’ve had this desire to sew for a really long time.  I took a lesson at the ARlington Sewing Supply store like 6 years ago.  I took a denim skirt class.  I didn’t own a sewing machine…i was waiting for my mom to send me her old one.  So they loaned me one and we all got to use a serger.  Yes I got to make a skirt.  It was cute.  But…I didn’t learn how to thread a machine.  i didn’t learn really how to do anything but sew a straight line.  and alot of times, I was fearful of the machine eating my hand.  YES I SAID IT.  I had this fear of the machine perforating my hand!  My teacher did most of the sewing for me.  So I’m sorry to say I didn’t learn much from the class.

My desire to sew was set afire these last few weeks when i saw some Amy Butler bag patterns.  I WANT TO MAKE THEM SOOOO BAD! So i was determined not to let this machine beat me.  I’ve had that HK sewing machine for about 2 years now and i’ve only tried playing with it once.  I got frustrated and put it away.  I’ve been calling around the metroplex for lessons.  They are kind of expensive and all i really wanted was a very basic how-to-thread-and-use your machine lessons.  they are hardly ever scheduled either.   I finally just opened the machine last night and really just sat and played.  i don’t think i’m that scared anymore.  hahaah. it helps that the pedal is just like an on off’s not something that will speed up the harder you step on it. 🙂

I showed Mary (master seamstress) my little tissue pouch.  and she was all OH YAY!!!  then she looked…and goes “umm…Jennifer…” i said “DONT LOOK TOO CLOSE!! I KNOW I KNOW!” hahahaah  she said she would teach me what i need to know.  i love Mary. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!’s been a week since i posted. so y’all know what that means….it’s time for ANOTHER PURSE!!!

Another Matt & Nat!  Baby bluuueee! :)  This one is called Chuchai!

*sorry for the very small picture. this is the only one i have for now b/c the purse is in my garage and i’m too lazy to get it and take more pics of it. 🙂

Well what do you know. It’s ANOTHER Matt & Nat purse!! This is a gem i got off Ebay. Many people like to ask me where i get these purses…b/c they aren’t at any department stores. So i discovered these purses at my hospital’s gift shop. There is a certain chain of hospitals here in the DFW metroplex that contract the gift shop services from another company. I used to work at ALOT of hospitals, and i always hit the gift shops b/c each gift shop has it’s own charming merchandise. I found my first few M&N purses at my hospital gift shop. surprise surprise! But if you check their website, their purses are eXPENSIVE! so i took to searching for them on Ebay…and i get them way cheaper. there. there is my secret.  ahhh…now i’m thinking…i shouldn’t have spiilled!!  now i’m nervous!! hahha

So i have a new baby knit all finished up. 🙂

{bs} what is this? {bs} this what it seems to be?{bs}  look at all the lovely it Noro?{bs}'s an EZ baby surprise!{bs} unfolded{bs} folded together!  aren't the colors cool?

Project: EZ Baby Surprise
Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Amount of Yarn used: 3.5 skeins
Colors: 188
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started: February 16, 2007
Date Finished: February 24, 2007

didn’t it come out CUUUUTE? I still need to sew on the buttons, but the buttons i found match a little TOO well. but we’ll see. i can’t find any cutesy buttons to go with it. i probably need to look a little harder. hahaha. People keep asking me who i made this for. Honestly…i had no baby in mind. since it’s made of Noro Kureyon, it’s 100% wool and NOT kid friendly. It’s mainly for hanging and showing off Noron. and some people made the comment that I probably made it for Zoe. tee-hee. it’ll fit Zoe just nicely. NO I”M NOT SICK! I do not have a problem!! i just think it’s hilarious how people react when i talk about that doll like it’s a human being. hahaaha.

Remember that little baby vest I made like a month ago? Being a naughty auntie….i finished the vest on time…but i felt the great need to find some cute little pants to go with it. I finally got off my duff and found some cute little olive green shorts to go with the vest. i totally forgot to take pictures of it. dang. but i did remember to make it a label. 🙂

{label}  i hope he likes it...or at least his parents like it. :) {label} Ethan's little vest label

Last week I found this AWESOME cupcake mold….it makes KING SIZE cupcakes!! i got so excited I bought 2. haahaha. they even have the cupcake paper to go with it! whooooo!! I got some pound cake mix (which wasn’t that good, btw)…and i made some ginormous cupcakes. 🙂

{cupcakes} ooh so many big cupcakes{cupcakes} look at this big ol' mama jamas!!!

I”m still working on my crochet aran squares. i’m on the 11th one. this one and then just one more to go. then i will finish it all off and show it off at that point. i’m still self-concious about my crochet skillz. 🙂

But i am working on a beaded scarf that I saw at the Shabby Sheep. I went to their superbowl sale to get ONE SKEIN of Collinette Jitterbug. who knew i was going to walk out of there w/ bags of yarn. sigh. i’m stupid. i have no will power. but anyway….this scarf is from the Scarf Style book. I never would have considered this scarf unless I saw the sample at the store. i’m pretty happy with it so far…

{beads} is'nt it beeeeooootiful?{beads} beginnings of a beaded scarf

I can’t wait to finish it. 🙂

scary scary……ZOE!

To scare my friends….i put the baby gift set on Zoe and took pics of her outside. muahahah! be afraid!!

zoe 002-1.jpgzoe 003-1.jpgzoe 004.jpg

zoe 008-1.jpgzoe 009-1.jpg

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH i’m just playing around you guys. but the ruffles on the bottom DO look better on the doll than I imagined. whew. i still no likey the buttons….but i’m not changing them!!