It’s Thursday, but no Purse-Day :(

No purse today folks.  I probably do have one i can photograph and show off…but i’ve had an epiphany this week:

i’ve got TOOO many #$#$* bags!!  (big duh)

Y’all are witnessing history here.  It’s like a crack addict admitting they are addicted to crack.   a breakthru had happened. 🙂

I started the final stages of cleaning out my garage this week and i realize how much room some of those bags took.  So i went through them, keeping the ones I cannot give up, cleaned out each one to make sure no personal information or money was left in any of the pockets/linings.  I found over $100 in all the pockets.   whee! 🙂  But i took a huge box of the bags (just cheap, but still in decent condition)  and gave them to goodwill.  i feel no regrets about doing this.  I feel alot of relief actually.  I’ve reached my ultimate goal w/ that space:  I can park 2 whole cars in there now.  all this time my car fit in there just fine amongst a sea of stuff .  there is still stuff in there (i’m not PERFECT), but i can fit 2 cars in there!  I don’t have to feel the twinge of shame every time a neighbor walks/drives by and stares at my garage.  Granted, I do do that to my neighbors and omg…some of them can’t even park a car in their garage at all.  I’m not that bad.  but i shouldn’t say things like that.  hahaaha.

You know what really shocks me?  how many storage containers I have.  I have a ton of them upstairs too!  why do i have SO MANY!?  i always want to organize, but I cause so much chaos b/c i have this idea in my head all the time of things matching, sizes matching up (very martha-esque).  So i always go overboard when buying containers to store all my crap in.  I have alot of emptys!  which is a good thing, yes.  but it’s weird!  I”M WEIRD!

Amongst all this purging and re-organizing…i found a bunch of UFO’s.  not a ton. 🙂  about 6?   I ripped out 3 of them b/c I will never finish them.  That felt gooooood.

And in those bags i found MORE circular needles.  I swear to you, how can I have so many circs?   i’ve been searching high and low for an organizational system that will work well with me and my needles.    I did the bait bag thing.  and yes…as many needles as I have, i know i was going to need more than 2 bait bags….the jumbo bags (thank you, Janice).  but i wasn’t happy w/ that system.  I had 2 bait bags already, but I was going to need another one.  and I didn’t feel like buying another one.

nothing out there right now can hold and organize all my freaking needles.   So i had to come up w/ my own solution.


Yes.  i attacked Office Depot…one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world.  🙂

Here is a list of the elements I used:

  1. File folder box (item #225624)
  2. Office Depot brand Transparent Zipper Envelopes, letter size, Pack of 3 (item #667805) x 8 = 24 envelopes
  3. mailing labels (i had these at home already)

So i went thru all the needles I could find at the moment and gave each size it’s own folder.  My only regret is not buying a LONGER box. I thought this would be long enough.  it’s big ENOUGH.   but it’s a tight fit.

What i did at first was got some of those 3m file folder sticky tabs so i could easily file through them.  the result is below.


Not bad right?  Wrong.  when you zip open the folder, the tab gets in the way!  it was very annoying and they came off often.  So i ditched those and printed up a bunch of labels and just stuck them on the envelope itself.   excuse the messy-ness of the labels.  my label printer and the labels are fighting about size issues.   so i ended up having to cut them up.


Yes I have size 36 needles.  I have size 50 needles that i found this afternoon in a box in the garage.  those things are HUGE!!!!!!!!  it’s like rowing a boat, I tell ya!

So far this has been working out well for me and takes up minimal space.   I found out that i have a sh*tload of size 0, 1, 2, 3 needles.  it’s a bit offensive.  The needles i have the least of?  Obviously the 36’s right? and the 50’s?  Yes.  but i have only 2 pairs of size 9’s.  why is that?

I feel relief to know that most of my needles are in a central location.  I found more over the last few days and i’ve been adding them to the box as I find them and still no problems.  The envelopes expand enough to make room while being rigid enough to keep everything in order and contained.   The most expensive part of this whole thing was the envelopes.   The whole thing cost about $65 total which is less than what I would have spent on 3 giant bait bags + the bags that go inside.

with all the throwing-away and cleaning and crap, i did get some knitting and crocheting done. 🙂

Still working on my Pi shawl.  it’s coming out nice so far!  it’s really RED!! still no photos.  i just can’t take a pic of it where it’s beauty so far shines thru due to the short lifeline that is in it 🙂  oops.

I did finish up some slippers this week.

slippers5 slippers8 slippers10 slippers4

Project:   Ladies Rose Garden Ballet Flats
Yarn:  Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton! Solids
Amount Used:  almost one full skein!
Color: periwinkle
Hook Size: F hook / 3.75 mm
Date Started: June 25, 2011
Date Finished: June 29, 2011

aren’t these cute?  I like them alot!   I just had a few notes:

  • Foot sizes are listed as a measurement in inches.  There is no information as how much you are supposed to reduce to make it a better fit.  The instructions just say “remember that this stretches”.  So i subtracted 1/2 inch from the total length of my foot (according to pattern), but it wasn’t enough. I should have subtracted 3/4″ or a whole inch.  when you do the heel, it adds length and I didn’t take this into consideration.
  • The slippers are a bit loose around my foot.  There is no number amount of sts you are to pick up when you are doing the upper part.  Which is fine, but now that I know this, i would have picked up less or done some dc2tog on the sides to cinch it up a bit to fit better and not so baggy.
  • I wish I had done the flowers in a different color.
  • I didn’t make the strap on top long enough.  Well, I did b/c since the slipper is baggy on my wee feet, the shorter strap helped cinch it all in.  but the buttonhole was too big or the button I used wasn’t big enough.  so it kept coming out.  not too convenient.

These are fast to do. I think i want to make these for some of my friends 🙂 hahaha.

Ok i think i went on and on enough.  Sorry folks. hahaha.  have a great holiday weekend!  KEEP SAFE!!!



thursday purse-day!

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope y’all had a great week so far.  Cooler temperatures have arrived here in N. Texas and Purse Ho is one happy gal b/c of it!  but w/ joy always comes some grief.  OMG….my allergies have been hurting me so badly this last week!  I took a benadryl the other night and it KNOCKED me out COLD.   i’m such a weenie!

I almost thought today that I ran out of bags!  silly me…there is always a few around here I haven’t taken pictures of yet.  tee hee.

Here is this week’s bag!

chococat chococat! my highlighter bag -- yes i have a little bag JUST for highlighters rear view

I love pencil bags!  Loved them since I was a little kid!  I used to be that nerdy kid in elementary school that had a TIGHT death grip on all her pencils and crayons for fear of people using them and making them dull.  My dad used to steal alot of mechanical pencils for me when i was a little girl and you don’t understand how eXCITING that was!!!  OMG!  a pencil you don’t have to sharpen and it’s always sharp!?!??!  i kept all my writing utensils in a case of some kind and always kept them on me.  Things don’t change much.  i’m STILL like that.  😀 hahahaha.  “What? you want me to use that nasty ballpoint pen?  whateva!!  what??  you want me to use a NORMAL pencil????  pul-lease!!”  tee hee.

So i got some stuff done this week. 🙂

First off…..HARUNI!!!!!! FINALLY!

flowers pretty pretty haruni8 haruni6 haruni4 haruni3 blocking close ups while blocking pretty pretty blocking

Project:  Haruni
Yarn: Louet Gems Fingering Wt.
Amount Used: 2.3 skeins
Color:  navy 80-1562-12
Needle Size: US 4
Date Started:  July 28, 2010
Date Finished:  Sept 23, 2010

So i’m VERY pleased w/ how this came out! 😀  it’s VERY pretty and it was really fun/nice to block!  not a challenge at all!  So beautiful.  It’s a bit small.  I blame Janice.  It’s not actually THAT small.  But according to Janice-standards…’s TOO small!! 😀  But alot of ppl like it!  YAY! One of my friends/co-workers was raving about it for forever…So i think i MIGHT give it to her.  hahahaah.  when i told the simpatico girls about that, they were all horrified.  hahahah.  but that girl has been a very good friend/co-worker for the last few years and it’s totally her color and she loves it so much….. we’ll see. 😉    I DO want to make another Haruni!   once i figured out that stupid mistake that took me TWO weeks to tink out…..this thing just flew out of my hands.  I understand why people make more than one. 🙂  So I haven’t decided what I will make another one out of.  hahaah.  we’ll see if i even get that going.  I have a bunch of other things I need to make before I start another one!

I finished off all those knit/crochet things for my friend and she’s very pleased w/ it all. 🙂  That makes me happy!  I did throw in some quick extras which caused my cousins to go into a tizzy.  Now they want some.  hahaha.

Check out the headbands. 😀

bittyfa bittyfa2 bittyfa3 bittyfa4 zoefa4 zoefa3

Project: Headband/flowers
Yarn:  Plymouth Encore Worsted
Amount Usedbits and pieces
Color:  red, goldenrod, leaf green
Hook Size: I (5.5mm)
Date Started:  Sept 27, 2010
Date Finished:  Sept 27, 2010

I made two separate ones b/c the first one was a bit small…fit newborns.  So i made a bigger one just in case she needed it.   My cousins all want one now for their girls. hahaha.   All my friends having kids this years are all having boys!  GRRRR!  and of course no one wants to stick a big ol fa on their BOY.  bOOOO! 😀    but anyway…isn’t it darling?  it’s so sweet it gives you a toothache! hahah.

I had alot of fun making those flowers, so I made a couple more as pins to pin on the hats I gave to my friend. 🙂

white fa chunky with fapinkfa2 pink fa shell with fa 2

pop! 😀

I think that’s it for now!  it’s an odd hour and I’m thinking maybe I should go back to sleep b/c i have a very long day at work! haha.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello everyone.  Happy Thursday!  Just one more day till the weekend!  Anyone have exciting plans?  I do not. hahahaa.  😀  nothing wrong w /a calm quiet weekend, I always say.

Here is this week’s bag!

I went to the mall this week to replace a watch battery.  Did you know it cost like $25 for a watch battery!?!?!?  WTF???  I remember when it used to cost like $5-$10?  I was so shocked.   Anyway, while i was wandering around the mall waiting for them to do that..i wandered into Hot Topic.  sigh.

hk backpack back hk back

Isn’t it cute?  i really fought the urge to get it b/c it’s white and all….but standing there for about 15 min sealed the deal.  sigh.   It’s super cute.  Will I ever use it?  Maybe not.   I’m actually having a bit of buyers’ remorse and I might take it back. 🙂  sigh.

I haven’t sew on any buttons onto my Hey, Teach cardi.  i think i might ending giving it away to a friend that it might fit better than it fits me.  Am I crazy?  Sure.  hahahaa.  I could tell myself that I need to lose 10 lbs to make it fit better.  Is that realistic?  it is.  But who knows.  Sometimes I would rather give it to someone who would appreciate it better than I could.  Ask me later.  I might have changed my mind. 😀

So I’ve been knitting a bit.  I cashed in on all those urges I had last week and I’ve had some successes and failures.


Baby jacket/sweater

My friend Becky at work managed to adopt a baby last week.  Well, she’s in process.  But a baby pretty much fell into her lap.  It’s something we’ve joked about for years, but never imagined would actually happen.  I got the txt about it on Fri, so I had to run up to work just to hug her and gabber with her about it.  If there was anyone more deserving of a child, it’s Becky.   I was high about this for days.  When I saw the pictures of her going home w/ her new son, I just started weeping tears of joy.   So on Fri night I started a cute baby sweater i’ve been wanting to start for a while.  She’s always loved asking me what I was making, what i was working on, etc….always in amazement.  I kept telling ppl at work “OMG i can’t knit fast enough! I had no time to plan/prepare!”  hahah.

snug7 snug snug2 snug3 snug4

Project:  Snug
Yarn:   Reynolds Cabana
Amount Used: 2 skeins
Color:  829 Grey
Needle Size: US 9
Date Started
:  Jul 24, 2010
Date Finished:  Jul 29, 2010

I put the jacket on Zoe first and it barely fit.  This project is made for a newborn-6mo baby.  Zoe is a 9 mo size (supposedly).   I put the jacket on Bitty Baby and it was way too big.  But Bitty Baby is like a preemie size.  Shockingly, I have no doll that is an in-between size.

I don’t know what I did, but the jacket didn’t turn out exactly as planned.  the jacket doesn’t meet up in the center.  it’s really off to the side.  It’s still cute, mind you.  haha. just not what I expected.

The construction of the jacket is pretty genious.  I recommend it.


Leyburn socks

As i was rolling up the yarn for this project, my swift freaking broke and all the yarn just collapsed.  So i tried to keep going with the winding…yeah i just ended up w/ a huge mess.  i was getting so pissed off i cut off ONE section to make a gauge swatch.  Lucky for me, my dear friend Mary loves to untangle stuff.  She’s weird huh?  hahahaha.  She untangled it all for me within a day or so of me asking, thank goodness. 😀   The color is really fantastic.

The gauge swatch I made on US 1’s was way too small.  So today I plan on making another gauge swatch on US 2’s or US 3’s.  We’ll see what happens.


Haruni Shawl

I was really pumped up about this project.  I rolled up the yarn (Skacel Merino Lace), cast on and realized the yarn is WAAAAAAAAAAY too thin.   Someone else on rav did it w/ this yarn and doubled the yarn…had more than enough.  So i  split up the yarn and doubled it.  was feeling ok about it until I knit about 20 rows and I realized I HATED how it felt.  I kept going though…but i felt it was lacking.  The yarn didn’t have any kind of sheen.  it felt like ….burlap to me.  So on Sunday, Barb said “If you dont’ like it, rip it out.”   Agreed.  So I did.  I restarted it with Louet Gems and OMG!  it feels sooooo goooood!!!!


I think the rich navy blue color is fantastic too. 😀  So i’m pleased with how it’s turning out so far.  Ask me tomorrow.  I might change my mind by then 😀

i Think that’s all for now.   Texas State Fair entries are due soon.  I’ve decided to enter more than just the baby blanket.   Hey did you know there is a Christmas stocking category?  WHOO HOO!  i might do one just for the fair, or submit the one I made for myself this last year. 😀  Haven’t decided yet.  I think a Santa stocking w/ a big fluffy beard would be nice to submit.  we’ll see.  i’m on a knitting high right now…so i might change my mind.  Do you see a repeating theme here?  hahah

have a great weekend everyone 😀

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi everyone!  Happy Thursday!   I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

time for another bag!

little camera bag closer up open up!

I found this bag at the same time I found last week’s bag.  I really have issues when i have to buy two bags at once.  but I grabbed this one first before I grabbed the bowler and I couldn’t choose between the two.   sigh.  I love bags made by Built NY.  If i could buy one of every bag they make, i totally would.

I haven’t done that much knitting this week.  i just haven’t really been in the mood.  I’ve started a few things…but not finished much.  i do have one FO to show off.

gloves i know...the purples don't match...don't shoot me.

ProjectGolightly Gloves (rav link)
Peaches N Creme
Amount Used:
1 skein
Color: purple and white
Needle Size:  US 5 / 3.75 mm
Date Started: Feb 23, 2010
Date Finished:  Feb 25, 2010

These were made for a friend/hero of mine. 🙂  I just mailed them off and can’t wait until she gets them.  hehehe.  I know…the purples don’t match.  I didn’t have the gloves w/ me when i picked out the yarn.   I really did like the end result w/ the smaller needle size.  The pattern calls for US7’s.  When i made the other two sets, i felt that the gauge was too loose.  So this was a better cuff for what I wanted.  I also didn’t cut the gloves as required.  I used a small small hole puncher to make the holes to start the project.

I had startitis bad this week and started a couple of projects.  I started a new pair of socks.

cabley sock goodness pretttttttty

I screwed up when making these.  I started off and got to about row 16 and realized I screwed up on one of the cables.  So i tried to tink back.   OMG what a mistake!  i didn’t tink back properly.  I just pulled the yarn and tried to catch the live stitches.  yeah…so stupid.  i dropped a few of them a couple of rows.  I ended having to tink back about 8 rows to start the cable section all over again.  GRRRR!!!  that’s why i don’t like cables so much.  but i love these socks so much I have to have them. 🙂

I started another bolero.  i ripped out the shrug I did before to use the yarn to start the new bolero.  We’ll see how it comes out.  Doing the socks on US1’s and then going to the bolero on US15’s is a huge adjustment.  Knitting w/ BIG needles is a bit painful too.  it’s like rowing a boat!

i”ve grown w/ my constant screw ups on Dianna shawl that I’ve put it aside for a few days before I get so frustrated i just rip the whole thing out.   hahha.

that’s all I have this week folks 🙂  have a great weekend!

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello everyone. 🙂  I hope it’s been a good week for y’all!

Here is this week’s bag!

TOKIDOKI BACKPACK! to the side strappy

I got this gem back in October when I was w/ the fam up in Canada. 🙂  I have yet to use this bag b/c i’m crazy like that.  But isn’t the blue color just fantastic??    man i love all these Tokidoki fakes. 🙂

I got a new toy this week and I said I would post up a video of how it rolls. 🙂   I got a Boye Electric Ball Winder.  I saw it when i was at Joann’s this weekend getting some stuff and i thought “oh no…i gotta try this thing!”   If it sucked, i was just going to return it.  *giggle*.  but i like it!

So as you can see, i couldn’t just turn it on and walk away.  i still had to sit and babysit it while it was winding…and mess w/ the tension a bit while it was winding.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  you have to do that when you wind w/ a crank winder anyway.   but overall …me likes. 🙂

I have a small FO to show off.  I finally finished the Crobot I have been promising Janice I would finish for FOREVER!  WHEEE!!

Rosy the Robot.

Umm...wanna dance?

Project: Wheely – Crobots book (rav link)
Yarn:  Encore Worsted / Lion Brand Wool-Ease
Amount Used: a smidgen of each color
Color:  0520 – grey, heathered pink
Hook Size:  D – 3.25  mm
Date Started: Jan 21, 2010
Date Finished: Jan 23, 2010

It took me longer to pick out the embellishments than to crochet the whole thing. 🙂   So I used buttons and felt buttons to embellish and I glued them on b/c the recipient is a 2 yr old girl.   Safety eyes were used instead of sewn-on beads.

Janice and I decided to make a crobot each for the manager at BN (where we hang out on Weds), b/c he has a set of twin girls he said would love to have a crobot.  Janice held up her end of the agreement months ago and I finally caught up.  (so bad!)

I guess it’s been a bit of a crochet week.  I’m still knitting on the danish tie shawl, but i’m on the edging part.  that means I’m almost DONE.  wheeee!

But a friend of mine made mention that she loved Rosy the Robot and how cool it would be if i could fashion this into an R2D2.  instead of trying to be original, i did a search on Rav for an R2D2 and i found one.  it’s going to take me forever to embellish it (i should have considered this before i jumped in w/ both feet)…so here is a blurry pic of what it looks like so far.


Dear Debbie asked me today how many pairs of socks I have actually made and I honestly didn’t know.  I took the time to count them all up and my grand total is around 39.   Wow.  not that many.

This topic came up b/c I was helping Ien with his first sock on Sunday and the pattern he used wasn’t very clear.  Actually, it was very confusing.  So i just told him how I knew the basic sock pattern and the formula and we went from there.   That pattern was actually pretty jacked up. 🙂

So that came up in conversation on Weds and Debbie asked me how many pairs of socks I had made.  i was kind of curious myself!

NOW….i counted up 39.  BUT…you have to keep some facts in mind. 🙂

  • I included in this number the Christmas stockings i have done.  ONE stocking doesn’t count as a pair I know…but it is ONE project. hahaha.  and it is a sock.  and the formula for the heel, gusset and toe is all the same.
  • I included baby socks in this number b/c even though they were widdle biddy socks…they are still socks.
  • I never made a single machine-knit sock, so there was no padding to the number.

that’s it for now, folks!  have a great weekend!

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello everyone. 🙂  Happy thursday!  I hope everyone is well!

This week’s bag is another Target gem. 🙂

back to the shoulder bags? close up

I couldnt’ decide on this color or a teal blue.  Pink/Purple always win though right? hAHAHA.  it’s a roomy bag and i’m considering switching over to it this week. 🙂  I’m still loving the mini-backpack, but pulling it down to get things out of it is starting to annoy me.  (that’s always been my issue w/ backpacks).  but i love being handsfree 🙂

I finished the toddler sweater.  I’m a bit iffy about my choice of yarn.  Not the color, the yarn is kind of fuzzy when it shoudln’t be.  I’m not sure why it’s so fuzzy…it’s kind of annoying to me.

It's too big for Zoe. :) supposed to fit an 18 mo old baby

ProjectTelemark Pullover  Country
Amount Used: 1.5 skeins
Color:  Olive green
Needle Size:  US5 / 3.75mm
Date Started: Aug 2, 2009
Date Finished:  Aug 9, 2009

I’ve made this sweater like 5 times now and I honestly never really get tired of it .  I love the reactions it gets from people b/c it’s just so dang cute.  This is going to be a state fair submission as well, then given to my friend Joseph so he can gift it to his godson at Christmas time.  So it serves a double purpose! hehehe

I went on a yarn crawl w/ some friends on Saturday I didn’t go CRAZY, but i did buy some yarn.  I bought some 6-ply Onlinie sock yarn and of course a couple of nights ago, I cast on for a pair of toe-up socks.  so far they are looking good.


look at the cute toes! 🙂

That’s all I got for this week folks. 🙂   Have a great weekend!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello everyone.  What a wonderful Thurs it is so far. 🙂

Here is this week’s bag!

It’s nothing special…it’s an OLD bag w/ some old projects in it.  Nevertheless…It’s a part of the collection. 🙂

knapsack - me loves the stripes! back i got this puppy at Ski Sun Sports for $5.  WHOOOO HOOOO

Isn’t it cute?  I love the stripes on it! 🙂  I found some old knitting projects in it. hahaa.  old = 3 years+  whoops. 🙂

*edit update*

Oh!  I have GOOD NEWS! (Hi Phil!)  Sassy is eating more! YAYAYAY!!!!  last week on Friday she decided to start eating again.  I had to put her in front of her bowl and show her her food, but then she started chowing down.  I nearly started crying.   She did it again on Saturday…more and more.  The vet called me on Monday to see how her progress was and when i told her, she nearly started crying too thru her cheering. hahaah.   So she’s eating better..her appetite is coming back.   Not as much as she used to eat, but she’s doing better.  She was actually bugging me earlier to feed her.  YAY!!!!  Thanks to everyone who’s been thinking about her. 🙂

So I am now free to knit stuff for myself again!  YAYAYAYY!! why?  I’ll show you why.

The Christmas stockings are DONE, MAN!!   So the deal was…i was given the original and I had to make a duplicate.  Then on the original, I was to change the name that was on it from “RICHARD” to “CARSON”.  easy enough right?  wrong.  the name was Fair Isle’d in…not duplicate stitch.  So after much discussion w/ alot of people, at Janice’s suggestion, I just reknit the top part w/ the yarn I had and matched.  That was the best solution.  The other crap i was coming up with was some MacGyver garbage. 🙂 well, i did a little MacGuyver’ing to make this all work.

unraveling the top part.  I had already cut off the ribbing part.  unraveling....carefully just in case I DO need this part still. almost done.  all the white loops are in tact! :) TADA!  Seperated and placed on 4 dbl point needles...2 for each section ta da!! i just like how this looks.  it looks weird. :) So I'm kitchnering this all together. making some progress. TA DA!  ALL DONE!!! :)  yeah the green is a bit different, but it's no biggie. :) new stocking (sort of) C...barely fit around the corner of the stocking. hanging on my mantle someone came over and asked me why I still had Christmas stockings still up in May. muahaha!

So in the last 2 pics, the replica is on the left side, the original (ish) is on the right side.  The left stocking is a bit bigger than the original b/c I picked the wrong needle size to replicate.  By the time I realized the size difference, I didn’t give a crap anymore. 🙂   Ah crap…i forgot to take pics of the lining of the new stocking.  Oh well.  I didn’t do that great a job on it and i’m kind of ….shameful to show it.

I finished the little longhorn baby booties as well.

booties baby booties left view back view

Fast knit…very satisfying. 🙂

ProjectBlue Steps
Yarn: Arucania Ranco
Amount Used: about 1/3 a skein if that.
Color:  burnt Orange
Needle Size: US 1
Date Started: April 29, 2009
Date Finished:  May 5, 2009

they look weird in these pics…and i just realize that as I am posting rather than when I was editing pics. 🙂  I put the baby bootee blockers in them and they made a funny shape.   so booo. 🙂

There are a few shawls I want to start.  I can think of 3 right off the top of my head.  But something got me REALLY excited today.

noro sock

I’ve never done entrelac (knit) before.  I’m excited about this shawl. 🙂  and it’s working up pretty fast once i got it all figured out.  WHEEEEE!!!

ok i’m about to fall asleep!  happy Thursday, everyone!

MERRRY CHRISTMAS!! oh yeah…It’s Thursday! :)

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂  I hope everyone is having a good holiday so far.   I have come back home to visit my parents.  Where are they?  Hell if I know!  They went to someone’s house for some dinner.  Those people don’t give a crap that my brother and I just got home tonight and want to do family time.  NAH.  They are just bogarting all of our parents’ time regardless of what we want. 🙂 hahah  eh.  So i’m watching my fav. Christmas movie “A Christmas Story“..something i always do on Christmas Eve. 🙂

I took some pics of my Christmas tree at my house and some of my ornaments for fun. 🙂

{xmas tree}  Oh christmas tree! (ignore the rockband drum set) {xmas tree} gigantic HK ornament{xmas tree} HK w/ some tea/cocoa/coffee{xmas tree} of course I have to have a purple ornament{xmas tree} HK snowflake ornament{xmas tree} so shameful.  i didn't make my own stockings so i BOUGHT SOME!

I really like my tree.  I don’t the beaded garland I used.  I think I’m going to use some sparkly knitted i-cord next year.  we’ll see.  I meant to make all my ornaments this year.  YEAHHH…that didn’t happen. 🙂

Some of you got my annual christmas card w/ me and Sassy on it this time.  I thought I would include a funny blooper pic of our little photo session.  It was really hard to try to get her to hold still and look nice for the camera while I shot all the pics w/ my remote.

here is a funny pic of sassy :)

look at her Elvis lip.  isn’t it hilarious?

Ok so i got a lovely package in the mail from my friend Stephanie again for Christmas!  I tell her not to give me gifts.  she doesn’t listen!!!  So imagine my surprise when i found this little bag inside of another bag.


It’s another Coach wristlet!  AAAH!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! 🙂  ME LOVES!! 🙂

This week I made a couple of Fuzzy Feet for some friends of mine.  They came out pretty well me thinks! 🙂

{booties}  Pre-felting.  BB is there for a size comparison  {booties} pair number 1{booties} both pairs pre-felting{booties} pair number 1 post-felting{booties} pair number 2 post-felting{booties} both pair post-felting{booties} the bottoms. :)

The leather bottoms were just scraps of leather bought at Tandy leather for like $3.  I bought a leather hole punch for $7.  ta-da!! 🙂  less than the cost of the Fiber Trends leather slipper bottoms.

Ok that’s it for now I guess. 🙂  My brother is yelling at me to get off the computer! 🙂

Merry christmas everyone!! 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hi everyone!  How is everyone today??? 🙂

It’s Thursday!  So you know what that means!


{tokitoki} another cute toki bag!! {tokitoki} close up of the fabric!

Another TokiDoki fake.  muahahah!!   Isn’t it cute?  I love the cactus person.  I don’t know why. 🙂

So our first yarn garage sale was pretty good.  I think I should have posted more info around so more people knew about it, but we had a good turn out.  I sold almost half of what I brought.  I made more than I imagined I would.  I still have more to sell though.  🙂 So we’ll see how this goes.   but here are some pics of that day.  We were lucky it was a bEAUTIFUL day.  Janice called me at 708a to wake me up and it was so cold.  But it warmed up quickly to be a nice day.  We had alot of fun just sitting and clucking like a bunch of hens like we have in the past.  🙂

{sale} So much yarn {sale} this is just MY crap{sale} sock yarn{sale} prettty day...pretty treeeee{sale} pretty day...pretty grassy knoll{sale} all my leftovers.....boooo

So i have some FO’s to show off. 🙂

{nanc socks} WHOOP WHOOOP!  {nanc socks} FINALLY DONE!!!

I’m finally done w/ NanC’s socks!!! w00t!!  i can’t wait to give these to her!

Project: Jaywalkers (ravelry link)
YarnTrekking XXL
Amount Used: most of one skein
Color: 182
Needle Size: US 1
Date Started: Sept 30, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 9, 2008

So this weekend I lost my mind and ran out and bought a PS3 b/c there was a deal.  What else did I get to go with it?  Guitar Hero finally.  I played alot of GH over the last 3 days.  hahahaha.  I was starting to get carpal tunnel hands.  But there was a good deal, it’s got Blu-Ray in it and it’s now my media center.  it’s f’ing awesome.  I don’t know why I fought buying one for so long. 🙂 I also ran out and got Kung Fu Panda on Blu-Ray.  it’s so beautiful. 🙂

Yesterday was a day off for me, so I woke up, played 3 hours of GH, decided I had too much.  Then I, on a whim, decided to make a hat.  I knit the hat while on the exercise bike, during my mani/pedi.  I finished it in like 3 hours.  Then i decided to replay some GH songs….i played for another 3 hours.  Long day for me. hAHAHAH!

Anyway….here is the hat!!

{bf} The Boyfriend hat for no boyfriend{bf}  this is the true color of the yarn.  The previous pic is all washed out{bf} check out the awesome decreases!!{bf}  true to color

Project: A Hat Fit for Boyfriend
YarnBrown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Amount Used: half a skein?  a little more?
Color: Black
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started:  Nov 11, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 11, 2008

I LOVe the decreases on it.  That was the most exciting part of the hat….knitting it up to see how it would come out.  🙂  It looks fantastic on MY head. 🙂 hahahah!

So i got so excited with above hat…i was going to knit another one in a variegated pink color for me as well.  Then for some reason…something struck me and I thought ZEEBEE.  I haven’t made a ZEEBEE in a while and i thought it would look really cute in the pink yarn I had in my hands.  i was right.  Too bad i didn’t make it the right size.

{zeebee2} this was supposed to be FOR ME!! {zeebee2} Isn't it better on her?  it's too small for her even!{zeebee2} Aww.....whatcha thinkin' about, little one?{zeebee2}  she's so cute I could eat her up!!

(Thanks to Tierney for being my model)

Project: ZEEBEE!
Yarn: Decor by Patons
Amount Used: half a skein?  a little more?
Color: pink variegated
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started:  Nov 12, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 12, 2008

So yeah…i remember after i finished this that the first time I made one of these, the length of my head isn’t suppoesd to be divided by 2 like the pattern says.  So it’s a wee bit too small for my head…or for Tierney’s head even.  and she’s 1 yrs old.  isn’t she cute?  dont you just want to squish her??? 🙂

I’ve also made progress on the Xmas stockings.  I’ve mostly finished 2.  why mostly?  I still need angora for the beards.  and the first stocking is missing the beard totally. 🙂  whoops. don’t look at it.  it’s ashamed of itself.

{2 stock} 2 stockings mostly done {2 stock} dont ask me where the santa beard on the left is.  I haven't found it yet{2 stock} again...don't ask. :)

So i have one more stocking to go!

What else am I working on?  I have alot of things i want to do…but I started this tonight.  It’s a crochet shawl.  It’s super easy, but getting started was a big pain in the butt.

crochet shawl

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello everyone 🙂

It’s a fantastic Thursday.  What does that mean?? 🙂  NEW BAG!!

{target hk}  I got this sucker at TARGET....HALF off.  $7.59!!  WHOOOOOOOO!!!! {target hk} Look inside. :)

I got this sucker at Target this week…HALF OFF.  🙂  WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I’m on full-on Christmas stocking mode right now.  I need to get these suckers done before Christmas.  i’m not worry about not having 2 months to do it…i’m just worried that i will waste time then rush at the end.  So i want to get them done before Thanksgiving. 🙂

Thanks to Mary for her tip on the bobbins. 🙂  Life has been SO MUCH easier!!

No more bobbins...THANK YOU, MARY!

half way done.  where is the fluffy beard you ask?  dont ask. 🙂  it’ll be there soon!

Friday is Halloween.  Anyone have plans?  i do not. HAHAHA.  I’ve never been one to celebrate Halloween b/c I never was allowed to as a kid.  My parents didn’t really know better.  Which is fine.  Last year i tried carving a fake pumpkin.  I wasn’t too good at it and it made a HUGE mess.  So this year..i decided to paint on stencils of choice.  Rockin’ right?  No.  putting these stencils on the pumpkin is a huge pain in the butt.  Then painting them on…EVEN WORSE!! then I worried if it rained, the paint would wash away.   SOOO…i decided to sharpie them on. 🙂 HAHAHA!  I LOVE MY SHARPIES!

{paintedpumpkins}  Jack Skellington and Domokun {paintedpumpkins} a screaming supposed to be pukey pumpkin{paintedpumpkins} Charlie Brown and Snoopy{paintedpumpkins} together

These were fun to do.   My fav by far is the Snoopy and Charlie Brown one. 🙂

This is the extent of my Halloween decorations. hehehe.  Happy halloween!