i’m in deep hate w/ knitters’ magazine right now.

This is a baby sweater from Knitter’s Magazine that i have been working on for my friend’s son. I mentioned in a previous post that i was almost done with it. Well, last night I finished knitting it. It just needed to be seamed up and then the collar stitches had to be picked up and knitted..then ta-da!! finished.As i was knitting the pattern, i noticed a really weird mistake in the pattern. the math didn’t add up. So of course, after i realize this mistake, i look up the errata. KA BOOM. there is a correction! i was told to always check for errata…but i always forget until i run into a problem.

Well, i got over that hump. I seamed together the sweater. i’m happy. I start picking up the stitches around the collar to finish off the damn thing. And what do i see? the back is exactly as the front…as i thought it was supposed to be. Now…look at the above picture. The back…HAS A BACK. there is no V there. My sweater …the back matches EXACTLY w/ the front. so you can imagine my dilemma. And yes…stupid me..i should have checked….as i was knitting. but no..i didn’t. someone who helped me get back to knitting always told me just to follow the pattern and deal w/ mistakes as they arise. This is a big F-ing deal.

i don’t know why mine came out so bad. but it’s bad. I don’t want to rip out. i mean..i could pick up the stitches around the back and make a triangle panel to fill in the V? then pick up the stitches around the neck and continue on. but wouldn’t that look shotty? DAMMIT!! it took me longer than usual to knit this piece b/c i took my sweet time since i had other things to do…and i wsan’t in a hurry. now i’m mad. hahaha. so mad i wanna throw this away! but i’m not going to. it’s still a wearable piece. i just don’t know how to fix the neck area to make it look normal.

I’m going to work on writing that other baby sweater pattern for Simpatico. i’m too pissed to deal w/ this sock yarn sweater right now.

not much done in a few days

I took a glove making class on sat at Simpatico. It was WAY easier than I imagined! thanks to Joel for making it easy! I don’t have pics, but i finished up to the fingers in both gloves! whoo-hoo!! I”m trying to finish up a tank top sample for the shop, and i’m not rushing, but it would be nice if i could finish a sock yarn baby sweater for my friend’s son.

I saw my friend’s son at a superbowl gathering last night. i didn’t even know the superbowl was half over. i only went b/c i wanted to see my friend and her son. I haven’t seen him since he was one month old…and he’s 9 months old now. haha. i gave him that sweetpea baby sweater set. He’s the one i’m making the sock yarn baby sweater for now….his mom called me one day and said “you know…Adam has outgrown the sweater auntie jen gave him.” and i’m all “aww..too bad.” she goes “you know…adam would LOVE another sweater from Auntie Jen.” i get it now. i get it. i just sat and knitted during the rest of the game. i hate the superbowl w/ a passion.

So i finally sent off that baby sweater,booties,hat set that my mannequin Zoe modeled a few days ago. I added some things to the box. tee-hee. A pair of THESE…

I figured in CA…baby needs a bit of Texas. hahahaha. I added some cutesy baby t-shirts as well. Gotta love the hospital gift shop at work! hahahaha. i can’t wait till they get the box. i hope they like everything in it.

I also got these in the mail today….

aren’t they purty? Purpleheart wood size 19US needles…w/ a very nice nice nice cord 60″ in length. I am ready to knit that afgan for myself now….yeah right.

My baby, Zoe.

I bought a baby mannequin a few months ago. It’s like a mannequin you see at Baby Gap…blank face, poseable. I call her Zoe…b/c i think the name Zoe is so cool.. hahahahaha. esp w/ my last name..it sounds funny. i would never inflict that suffering on a real child of mine. But a mannequin? sure. 😀 I bought the mannequin for sizing and for pictures of knitted items. yes..i know it’s sick. hahaha. And i think the blank face helps me b/c i cannot sleep in a home w/ a lifeless face looking at me. hahahaah. i know i know. i’m weird.

So i still haven’t mailed off the baby sweater and the booties/hat combo. why? ehh..i wanted to make the label, and i admit..i like showing it off. It’s a big ego boost. what i need to do is make another one for show. hahaha.

Bot-Gurl has had issues w/ how the pattern was written, as i have said before. So i pulled out Zoe and the sweater to try it on for size to show her. i took advantage and put the whole ensemble on Zoe…and took pictures. LOL

No papparazi, please! i just want to be left alone!

just playing, guys. hahahaah

Isnt it cute? Zoe is like a 9-month baby-sized mannequin. i was told it was newborn size…but i like the size. b/c i felt newborn would be too small. anyway….i’m hoping this set fits for a little while. 🙂

The Knitting Olympics are starting next week! If you guys wanna join Team Simpatico…just go to the site and let me know you wanna join! leave a comment or send an email!

I’ve got alot to do this week before the Olympics start. sigh. so much i want to do in very little time. hahaha.