Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello all! 🙂 It’s Thursday…time for another purse!

{purple purse} This was gifted to me by Bot :){purple purse} the inside{purple purse} cute little charm

This was gifted to me by Botgurl. 🙂  She knows how much I love purple and I think she gave this to me just because. heheheeh.  Thank you, Bot! 🙂

I finished a little something this week.  🙂  Some cute little baby booties.

{mocsock} Cute little Moc-A-Soc {mocsock} side view{mocsock}  back of sock{mocsock} other side

Isn’t it CUUUTE?  Now i do have a full pair.  Why am I only showing one shoe?  In my haste to clean the booties up, i clipped something I thought was a loose end.  OOPS.  ended up being a stitch.  Does that mean this isn’t finished?  hahahahahahahaah.  So i need to fix that little boo-boo.

Project: Bekah’s Moc-a-Soc
Dark Horse Yarn – Fantasy
Amount Used: 1/3 a skein
Color: FA-09 Tan, FA-10 Oatmeal
Needle Size: US 0
Date Started: February 22, 2008
Date Finished: February 26, 2008

  • I couldn’t get gauge w/ the size 2’s. I went down to a size 0 and i still can’t get gauge. OH WELL! 🙂
  • When i was half way finished w/ the first bootie, someone informed me that the knit picks shine (what is recommended in the pattern) is a fingering weight yarn. that’s why i can’t get gauge on a WW yarn. DUH

This is a cute little pattern w/ lots of oohs and aahs when you are done. 🙂

So Janice at Simpatico Yarns came to me w/ this old book and suggested we do a shawl out of a doily pattern (just like the Hemlock Ring blanket idea) and i thought it was a FANTASTIC idea.  We have no idea how much yarn it’s going to require or anything…we are just jumping in w/ both feet. 🙂  She’s making hers our of Inca Alpaca that she has a ton of.  I”m making mine out of Arucania in a beautiful purple color.  She started hers yesterday and i started mine tonight.  I knit about 28 rounds before I put it down and realized how late it was.  🙂  it didn’t help that I didn’t start it until 1230a. hahahaha.’s a knitalong we are doing at the shop and it’s free.  There are no fees to pay, and no expectations.  We are just going to support each other and learn as we go and compare notes.  I can’t wait to see what we come up with 🙂

here are my beginnings.  Don’t be jealous, y’all. 🙂 HAHAHA i’m SOOOO in love w/ the color!!!

{doily} new doily project {doily} i think i am in love w/ the color

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello all. I’m writing from the great state of AZ. 🙂 I’m here to help a friend w/ some wedding stuffs before the big day on Sat. 🙂 but how can i not post? tee-hee.

Here is the bag of the week!

{robokitty} new tote!! {robokitty} Close up of the print{robokitty} close up of the patch in the corner.  she's so cute!

So i got this bag at Hot Topic again. They have some rockin’ Hello Kitty bags!! I couldn’t say no!!! it’s a Hello Kitty Bot! (Botgurl, you must worship this! hahah jk). The bags at Hot Topic aren’t …cheap per say…but they are within my price range. a win-win situation for everyone! I love the weirdo HK hands. 🙂 so lego-ish.

what has everyone been up to? I have an FO to show off. 🙂 remember the dreaded apron?


{apron fin} close up of it after it was blocked {apron fin} straps{apron fin} crooked{apron fin} left view{apron fin} right view{apron fin} the back{apron fin} front view{apron fin} front view tilted

This is one of the most challenging things I have done b/c there was no pattern and it was supposed to be a copy of something else. I did take notes as I went along and I think I can write a pattern for this if anyone is interested. 🙂 IF. 😉 hahahaha

Project: My own!  A Purse-Ho original!!
Yarn: Gefrida Fashion Trend Fino
Amount Used
: less than 3 skeins
Color: Rust
Needle Size: US 8
Date Started: December 27, 2007
Date Finished: January 12, 2008

I managed to make a pair of baby socks on the plane up to AZ. hahaha. the lady sitting next to me said really entertained her for the trip. So i made the socks for my friend’s new daughter. I hope they fit. THey are a bit tiny. but so is she. 🙂

anyway….i better run. it’s late. more work to do!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

HOLY CRAP!  I am LATE TODAY!  so sorry folks! I edited the pictures last night, but it was too early to post.  Then i got busy doing some other stuff and totally forgot!  I remembered this morning as I was leaving and realized i FORGOT!  AAAH!

Anyway….on w/ the purse!

{stripey}  a stripey barrel bag!{stripey}  it's so weeee!{stripey}  Look it's tiny in comparison to a skein of Regia (praise Regia!)

I found this gem at work yesterday.  Someone came and did a bag/jewelry show.  OF COURSE i had to LOoOK!!  and i walked away with this bag for ONLY $5!!!  WHOOOOOOO!!!  It’s the perfect sock bag.  I’m not going to use it as a purse because I would have to hold it in my hands, and i’m VERy against that. 🙂

I’m working on various projects for pay right now that I need to finish up with a few days.  I’m almost done with all of them.  People need Christmas gifts and since I don’t give Christmas gifts, my hands are available for rent. 🙂 hahahah!  But i don’t have anymore FO pics for now.

Oh wait.  Yes I do.  I’m gifting these today to my friend Aubyn (blogless) as her very belated bday socks.

{peachy socks}  Charade Socks {peachy socks}  sideways view of the socks{peachy socks} sock sleeve. :) {peachy socks} toes

Project: Charade Socks
Yarn: REgia (OF COURSE!)
Amount Used: 2 skeins since i do the 2-at-once method..but i had tons left over.
Color: 5445
Needle Size: US 0
Date Started: August 27, 2007
Date Finished: November 12, 2007

I’m ashamed to admit they took me so long to do.  I’m even MORE ashamed that i started these after her bday.  EEP!  Actually, i had started a different pattern, then decided I didn’t like it, so i ripped out and started over.  I tried to do the pair-of-socks-in-one-week marathon, but it wasn’t happening.  Then I put them down for a while because I kept thinking they would knit themselves.  jk.  I just got distracted by other projects.   But i’m glad they are done and I Hope she likes them.  And i hope she forgives me for them being so late.

It’s Wednesday. :) i’ve got photos!

I’ve also got an FO to show off. 🙂

{elep}  Meet my friend, Eleanor, the Elephant Tea Cozy {elep}  She likes to give a sheepish smile{elep} {elep} {elep}

Project: Elephant Tea Cozy
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease
Amount Used: half a skein
Color: Rose Heather and a smidge of the frosty white
Needle Size: US 8 and an H hook
Date Started: November 12, 2007
Date Finished: November 13, 2007

this is a really cute little cozy.  The second I saw it, I KNEW I had to make it! 🙂  I love free patterns!


  • Fast knit
  • Really cute
  • Fun to knit
  • Gets ALOT of oohs and aaahs


  • I found an error in the pattern and had to really think about the error before reacting.
  • I would have made the opening for the handle bigger.

I’m on a finishing streak right now and I don’t want to jack it up.  I also finished someone’s bday socks, but i will wait to post pics until I give them to the recipient. 🙂  hehehehe.  they are pretty socks!!!

So last week when i was blocking some blankets for a fellow knitter (who doesn’t know how to block and she always asks me to block her stuff), i took some pictures of her projects for her.  I think EVERY knitter and crocheter should document with pictures all the work they do and keep a journal!  You should be proud of everything you create and have proof! 🙂 I was taking pics of her blankets, my cat wanted to get in on the action.  I freaked when she started stepping on one of the blankets!  Cats think they own the world or something!!  So then she sat on the recliner and just watched me…looking so cute.  That cat is crazy.  When i TRY really hard to take photos of her, she fights me to the death.  But in instances when i have the blinds open for natural light and i’m taking pictures of other stuff, i get the best photos of her just being herself.  she’s so cute and fluffy!!!

{nov sas} What you thinking about, little Sassy? {nov sas}  What's over there?  What are you loooking at?{nov sas} She loves little facial massages{nov sas} OOOH..that is da best!{nov sas} Mama stopped rubbing my now what?{nov sas} she always has to sniff EVERYTHING{nov sas} She's tired and ready for a nap now.

Isn’t she so cute? 😀  my little baby!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

THURSDAY THURSDAY!  one more day till the weekend! 🙂

Here is this week’s bag!!!

{crazy bag} isn't this cute??  I got this at ROSS of all places! {crazy bag} I took this bag w/ me to the hospital when i got my tonsils taken out. :)  the project i was working on in the hospital is still there. {crazy bag} this is the perfect sock bag. :)

I got this at ROSS of all places for $5.  🙂  YAY!!!!!  it’s so crazy and cute.  The print is really mind-boggling. 🙂

So I didn’t post on Sunday like i promised I would.  After the shower, I had a sugar crash and slept for a while.  Then i got up and cleaned for a while since my brother is coming to town this weekend.  And what did i do just now?  I accidentally deleted the pictures I took of the blanket we all put together.  Sigh.  but i can share some pics of the happy bride and groom opening their present from all of us. 🙂

The picture I took of the blanket before we gifted it was done before I did the border around the edge, so it looks funky. 🙁  But the bride and groom seemed to be happy when they opened it.  These words were uttered as they opened it…”Oh it’s a knitted item with NO assembly required!” 🙂  so cute.  We had a great time at the shower.  Lots of excitement, lots of food, laughs, screaming…..i was exhausted afterward. 🙂  i had a GREAT time!

{nr}  My first homemade apple pie.  Thank you, Mary. It was so good! {nr} stained pretty{nr} Panera tomato basil bread{nr}  opening of the box{nr} YAY! BLANKET!{nr} The gifted blanket. :) {nr} the blanket key

Thank you EVERYONE for your help on the project! 🙂  As satisfying as this was, I think this is going to be the last group project for a little while 😉

I have 3 projects due before the month is over.  My friend hired me to knit 3 baby items for her (i had mentioned this in a previous blog post).  I told her I would have them ready by mid-October.  DOH!  So i told her i was in the middle of making them and I would be done soon.  I’m on knitting machine mode!

The first time is the EZ Februrary sweater that everyone has been doing.  i’ve been wanting to do this little sweater for over a year now.  I finally have the opportunity to do it. this yarn i’m using is Fantasy by Dark Horse yarns.  I swear…I LOVE THIS STUFf!  I kept yelling today “THIS STUFF IS LIKE BUTTA!”  So I ended up buying a bunch more in different colors.  tee hee.

{ezfeb} This yarn is freaggin AWESOME{ezfeb} EZ February Sweater beginnings

Since i’m on machine mode, i need to finish this sweater and then do 2 baby vests.  I don’t know why i wait till the last minute to do things.  I’m not me if i don’t do this…but still. 🙂  haahahh

Since my brother is coming to visit, I still need to clean up a bit more.  I”m lucky i cleaned my room and my hallway and bathroom and everything. 🙂  my office/craft room…forget it.  it can keep on looking like yarn exploded in that room. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!

hehe.  It’s Thursday again!

In the course of the last 2 weeks, I’ve come into possession of enough bags to be able to do Thursday Purse-Day until the end of 2007.  muahahah!  Envy me!! 🙂

So here is this week’s bag.  Thank you, Botgurl, for giving it to me.  It made my day!

{hk bag} HELLO KITTY! YAYAY!! {hk bag} obligatory beer cap comparison shot{hk bag} tag :) {hk bag} EURO HELLO KITTY!~

She got this for me when she was in VIENNA!  Thank you thank you!  I LOVE IT!

According to Good Gurl Purl, i’ve got Knitters’ ADD. 🙂  I have SO MUCH i want and need to do very soon and i’m just all over the place.   I’ve got my Log Cabin SOcktoberfest socks more than half done.

{half lcs} look at my WEE sock! {half lcs} this was a fast knit.  the cables are so satisfying!{half lcs}  WEEEE!

See?  one down…another one to go.

I’m stilll working on my Hemlock Ring Shawl.  I’m not sure how big it is now.  I’m considering putting it on a lifeline and seeing how big it is now before i make any decisions.

I’m still working on the Ironwork socks.  Whoops.  I put that on the back burner for a little while b/c w/ some recent changes in life, i haven’t had a moment to just sit and concentrate.

We (some ladies at Simpatico) are working on a wedding afghan for someone who is getting married in Nov.  Most everyone got their squares done!  But…stupid me…i put it off until this week.  I am the one that set the due date to OCt 13 (Saturday).  Duh…i didn’t even start mine until this past Sunday.  But it’s done. 🙂  I need to block all the squares still, and crochet them together.  Why hadn’t I done them before?  Like i said…i got the Knitters’ ADD!! haahah

I got a copy of Interweave’s HOliday Knits 2007 Issue. I am in LOVE with half the stuff in there!  what do i want to do the most??  I stared and stared at this pattern and the colors for over an hour…trying to decide what to do.


I want to do this so bad!  i have realized how much i LOVE fair isle and can’t wait to do more!  this tam is just TOO TOO CUTE!  the yarn that is used in the pattern is nothing i can get around here (I don’t think).  So i’m making due with Gems right now.  I need to get a KnitGrrs’ vote on the colors I picked before I jump in.

I also want to do this:

Dragon skin delicious. :)

This one can wait a little while until i get some other things done.

My friend has hired me to make 3 baby items for her to give as gifts.  So i started on the EZ February sweater in Berroco Cotton Twist for one gift.  This stuff splits like MAD crazy!!!  i knit about an inch and then put it away. 🙂  don’t ask me why…i gots the ADD!

Then i need to make 2 baby argyle vests for her to give as gifts.   I want to hurry up and get them done so i don’t worry about them later.

I’ve also got the yarn ready to cast on for Eunny’s Endpaper Mitts.  Thank goodness it’s still hot here, or else i would really want some mittens right now. 🙂  They are just so pretty and i picked some pretty NON PURPLE colors (for once!).

anyway…that’s all for now. 🙂  I need to quit sleeping and knit MORE! 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hey everyone. It’s Thursday! Time for another bag!!!

{bn bag} a nice cheap bag from BN! {bn bag} look inside! :)

I got this gem on Monday when i went book shopping. For any 2 books you purchase, you can get this bag at BN for only $5!! what a steal. and it was a great way to go green for the day (since i Hit up BN and Borders!)

It’s STILL too hot here in Texas. I hate it. I was knitting on the Hemlock Ring blanket and it was warm to sit on my lap. I got frustrated. hahaha. but not frustrated enough to NOT FINISH! that blanket is DONE, BABY!!!

{hrb}  Hemlock Ring Blanket {hrb} center center. {hrb}  Hanging at Simpatico{hrb} Size comparison with a Ka-Cha-Ka-Cha{hrb} spread out on the floor for it's photo shoot{hrb} Size comparison with a Ka-Cha-Ka-Cha{hrb} Hanging in all it's glory{hrb} Feather and Fan{hrb} a shapeless blob before blocking

Project: Hemlock Ring Blanket
Yarn: Cascade Ecological wool
Amount Used: 1.40 skeins
Color: 8063 Latte
Needle Size: US 10.5
Date Started: September 19, 2007
Date Finished: September 25, 2007


  • This blanket moved VERY fast. I was really shocked at how fast this moved.
  • This blanket is a great lap blanket. Mine measured at 48″.
  • Big needles are nice and fast.
  • This is a beautiful blanket. I LOVE the center.
  • The yardage on the wool is incredible. I even considered stopping knitting at the end of one ball.


  • The chart/pattern was confusing. I had issues w/ Line 35 not making any sense until Yarn Snob reminded me that line 35 was jacked up. AFter doing some searching, i found this is a serious mistake. I’m not sure why people didn’t clarify this. i had to kind of dig for the modified pattern. That irritated the hell out of me.
  • I had to fudge some of the repeats b/c i have no idea why…missed a YO or something. (YOU NEED MARKERS FOR THIS PATTERN!!)
  • It got really heavy. Don’t do this on Denise Needles. Mine let go alot toward the end b/c of the weight.
  • The bind off is killer. It took me over 3 hours to bind off. Half way thru i found out there is a crochet bind off. GRR!

What else have I been working on? I’ve been working on some b-day socks still. ‘im almost done w/ the cuff. YAY! hahahaha.

I’ve also cast on and done the twisted Ribbing on the Ironwork Socks that i’m testing out. I LOVE the twisted rib! I think it’s awesome looking. And i’m really pleased so far w/ the yarn/color I have chosen.

{iron cuff}  i think I LOVE twisted rib. {iron cuff} a bit further away{iron cuff}  I am a covert to using 4 needles instead of just 3

When i learned how to knit socks, I was told that THREE NEEDLES was the best way to do it. Less juggling of needles, more balance b/c it’s a triangle…blah blah blah. One of the reasons why i hate dbl points is b/c of the juggling and the pinching. In the triangle form, the needles end up pinching my pinky. so i just hate the juggling. anyway…my friend Dianne who is a great sock knitted told me i should do 4 b/c there is more balance and everything moves easier. Since I normally do magic loop, i never tried her suggestion. i did today. MAN! I THINK I’VE CONVERTED (for when i use dbl points). It was GREAT!!!! So that’s why i took some overhead pics. you’d think i’d never used dbl points before! Now i just need to make sure not to snap these US 0’s in half. 🙂

And some perverted knitting for you today. Our friend Alynne has been making washing mitts for friends and family. She brought in this gem and when she showed it to us, we DIED laughing b/c it looks…well….take a look. The “nub” is where the thumb is supposed to go. Once you look at it like can see how this becomes a mitt. 🙂

{dirty cloth} HAHAHAHAHA DIRTY DIRTY BIRDY!! {dirty cloth}  What does this look like?
Yuk it up! have a great weekend!

Is this deja vu? NO! it’s another Fair Isle FO!! muhahah!

I know what y’all are thinking. What the freak? ANOTHER ONE ALREADY? i didn’t mean to finish it so quickly. I cast on Saturday while hanging out at Simpatico. I didn’t have anything to do on Sat night. Sure I could have cleaned. I could have done alot of other things. But i was in a funk. Something’s been plaguing my mind this week and I haven’t been feeling up to much of anything.

So I knit! I watched scrubs reruns and I knit. And by 1am, I had gotten to the decrease part of the hat. Whoops. Like I said…i didn’t mean to have it finished so quickly! But i think doing the first one helped me figure out how to do this one more efficiently.

{gfi}  ANOTHER HAT!!  in GREEEEEN! {gfi} check out the braid{gfi} inside out...check out the floats{gfi} left side view{gfi} right side view{gfi} up top!

Project: Inga Hat (direct PDF download)
Yarn: Wool Bam Boo
Amount Used: about 1 skein of each color.
Color: 1635 KeyLime, 1672 Artichoke, 1603 Flint
Needle Size: US 3 for the braid, US 5 for the hat
Date Started: September 15, 2007
Date Finished: September 16, 2007


  • I used the needle sizes as called for in the pattern. The hat fit me MUCH better.
  • I eliminated about 10 rows from the bottom of the chart to avoid having such a conehead w/ this hat. I started the hat on the chart where the main pattern starts.

I have enough left over of the colors I used on the band part of each hat. I think I might make a hat out of those colors too. teeheeeeeee..

I had the pleasure of meeting Shelly today at Simpatico.  Nice to finally meet you! 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello all! It’s Thursday! Time for another purse!

{chococat} is'nt it cute??? {chococat} opened up...isn't it huge?{chococat} back side. (tee-hee){chococat} Side view....cute tag.

Isn’t this cute? my friend Steph and her daughter gave this to me as my late bday gift when we were out in San Diego. it’s a great size. w/ all that fuzzy on top…i’m going to have to wait until winter to use it so i don’t sweat to death when it’s against me.

On the knitting front:

i’ve been working on that hat still. I ran into a snag yesterday because on one of the repeats, i dropped a stitch and couldn’t find it for the life of me. So i didn’t even investigate what happened. I just added a stitch and went on. about 6 rows later…i find the dropped stitch. AAAAAAAH! then i think…should i even rip back? nahhhh…i was just going to tie that dropped stitch into a knot in the back and go on my merry way. Well, silly Botgurl said “are you really going to be happy with it like that?” she knows me too well. of course i won’t be happy! So i put in a lifeline and ripped it back about 5 rows. Ripping back fair isle and trying to figure out where you are is frustrating. I didn’t figure it all out until today…after reallly really studying it. sigh. But i’m back on track! i have 20 rows to go and i’ll be done. I left the hat in my car, so i’ll save the pics for tomorrow. 🙂 I want to do another hat with two different shades of green. 😀

Yesterday i took my first sewing class at Cabbage Rose. I did the Chelsea Bag. Since I did not work on Tues…this was the perfect day for me to take this class. It was from 10-3p. I was there till about 4p. i’m a SLOW sewer! and i’m not very good at it yet! hahahah. i told the teacher, Kim, “i can sew a straight line…that’s about it!” I lied. I can’t even do that very well. I did learn alot from the class. I’m not quite done w/ the bag. I need to attach the reverse side to the bag and then i will show pics. Mary examined my stitching. I screamed DON’T LOOK MARY!! DON’T LOOOOOK!!! (she is a master seamstress). Let me tell you, sewing with Timtex is a b*tch. hahaa but everyone seemed to like my fabric choices. I’ll show them later. 😀 i’m too ashamed to show it right now. hahaha!

Sorry this isn’t more full of pictures today. i’m just in one of those funks where i don’t feel like taking alot of pics. 🙁

Uh-oh! it’s an FO!!

Howdy howdy!

So today is a better day for me sleepy-wise. 🙂  the other night i was so sleepy i could barely post anything!

I have an FO to share! YAY!

{shannon vest}  It's a vest!{shannon vest} front view{shannon vest} back view{shannon vest} right view

Project: SHannon Tweed Ribbed Vest
Yarn: Shannon Tweed
Amount Used: About 5 skeins, less than 2 of each color.
Color: 025 Indigo/Burgundy Multi, #023 Oatmeal Multi, #021 Lavender Multi
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started: August 28, 2007
Date Finished: September 7, 2007

I didn’t knit at all over the holiday weekend.  THis vest is a really fast knit.  Kind of boring.  I made the small size b/c this is going to hang at Simpatico as a shop model.  I didn’t plan on wearing it…esp since I need an XL size.  The small size only required about 5-6 skeins of yarn.  the XL size required 15 skeins.  I did the math.  SMALL IT IS!!

My hands are itchy w/ all the stuff I want to start!  But i’m toning it down and trying to finish up some of the stuff I have on the needles already.  I did start a new hat today…..

A knitted braid on this hat...i couldn't WAIT to start it. :)  tee-hee.

more info on the hat later 🙂 i just started it today and i’m getting so excited I can’t wait to finish.  When i saw pics of it online, it almost took my breath away. hahahahahaa

I’m trying to sew a little bit more too.  I’m excited b/c on Tues I’m taking a sewing class!  WHOOOO!!!  i’m super super excited!!!!  we’re going to make the Amy Butler Chelsea bag. 🙂