Thursday Purse-Day!!

howdy howdy! 🙂

How is everyone doing today? 🙂  i’m having a pretty good week so far.  i hope i didn’t just jinx myself…. hahaha

this is the bag of the week! 🙂

{domo} Domokun! :)  In coin purse form! {domo} his backside.  (giggle) {domo} a photo w/ my lens cap for a size comparison

So i got this little bag at Comic Con. 🙂  I do love Domo-kun even though I never buy stuff w/ it on there. 🙂  But that might change…jk.  i saw some really cute Domo things at Comic Con. 🙂  His constant state of hate/disgust/anger (maybe hunger?) cracks me up! 🙂  I’m not going to say what I paid for this little bag.  i was ashamed when i was being rung up and i didn’t say NO! 🙂

What have I been working on?  That crochet hat that I was working on last week?  Yeahhh…there is something wrong w/ the pattern (so me thinks!).  I’m kind of irritated with it and i go ok until i get to row 6.  then its like downhill.  And the specimen I had last week?  yeahhh..that was waaay too small.  So i think:

1) There is issues w/ the yarn required for the pattern.  It requires fingering weight yarn…the yarn in the photo looks like at least DK weight.

2) I have issues w/ the hook size.  the hook size required is very small.  The end-result hat I got was too small for my get-well bunny.  there is no way in hell it’s going to fit a newborn.

I have already emailed the person who wrote the pattern and she doesn’t have these issues.  so i’m going to grumble and work on it and decide if i’m nuts, or if she is nuts.  🙂  hahaha.

But until then…i found out another one of my friends is pregnant!  this is truly the year to procreate!  everyone now!  i guess 2008 is the year of romance. hahaha.  So i’m trying to plan out the gifts for this year.  i’m not attending any out-of-town baby showers (sorry folks)….but i am trying to send presents to the showers as they pop up. I know I don’t Have to…but i sort of want to. haahaha.  i admit, i love that baby shower buzz when you give a great handmade gift. 🙂

So i have a few friends that have nerd husbands.  Star Wars fans.  Yoda hats/sweater sets must be made for these people.  I got approval from my brudda about these. 🙂  He thinks they will be awesome.  So that’s all the approval I need in this case. 🙂

On Sunday when i got to our Simpatico Sunday meetup, I started one hat as I arrived at 215p.  By the time I left at 545p, i was finished with the first hat, seaming and all.  it was kind of cool.  I hadn’t planned that!  I haven’t felted it yet b/c i need to make 3 more yoda hats, so i figured I would felt them all at once. 🙂

here are some before pics.  i want to see how much they shrink!

{zoe yoda} too big for Zoe's wee head.  {zoe yoda} looks like yoda already! {zoe yoda} 2nd hat, sans ears.  working on them now... {zoe yoda} hehee. i crochet-attached the ears on. so much easier.  let's see if I scrweed it up that way. :)

What else…oh yeah!  I got my confirmation from the State Fair of Texas about my shawl entry!  They got my check and cashed it!  They have given me a ticket so I can take my shawl up there to be judged.  *Crossing fingers*  So i’m dropping it off on Sat! 😀

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello everyone. 🙂

This is the first time in over a month i’ve been home for the whole week. it’s a nice feeling again! 🙂

what’s today’s bag? tee heee

{wrist} polka-dotted wristelet!{wrist} look at all inside!

hahaha. it’s a WRISTLET!! 😀 i got this gem at Kroger tonight when i was grocery shopping. i just happen to turn my head and see it there in the beauty isle. i had to have it! LOOKATALLTHOSEPINKDOTS! 😀 and to top it off….it was on sale for $4.20. hahaha!

I sent off an FO for a baby shower this week. 🙂 I hope it arrives by Saturday! I am glad i had some stuff made already, or else I would be half dead right now from lack of making something. 🙂

{e} EEEEE! {e} close up.  don't look at my duplicate stitch.  it's not pretty{e} baby shower set.  i hope its a hit!

So i made up the hat as I was going. just your basic st st hat with ribbing on the bottom and a top knot. 🙂

Project: My own hat pattern
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Amount Used: 1/4 skein
Color: Taupe 830-122 and Lake 830-110
Needle Size: US 7
Date Started: August 1, 2008
Date Finished: August 3, 2008

I hope they like it!

I started a new baby hat today. but i’m having issues w/ the pattern so i’m trying to slow down and re directions before I jump in! (LIke i already had!!)

i think the beginnings are purdy! 😀

{vinbonnet}  what this? :D {vinbonnet}  ppl told me today that the way i was making it change color was cool.   i should have claimed i created it! hahaha

Get well soon.

I wrote on my last post about my little cousin Helen who has cancer.  Well, my parents on are their way on a bus to come to me and then i’m driving their happy butts to OKC to see Helen.  I’m scared and nervous.  I’m scared my uncle is going to not want us to go.  I’m scared my parents will overreact and scare poor Helen worse than she is scared.  but i’m hoping for the best.  I want to give my uncle and aunt support.

I did manage to finish her get-well bunny. 🙂  I made her a little dress too!

{helenbunny} HEY THERE! {helenbunny} check out my sexy back!{helenbunny} Hey how about a hug!?!{helenbunny} hug me!{helenbunny} RAH RAH! :D

Project: Amigurumi Bunny by
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Amount Used: maybe half a skein?
Color: 830-099 Almond
Hook Size: G (4.00mm)
Date Started: July 11, 2008
Date Finished: July 13, 2008

There was no pattern for the dress.  i just fudged it. don’t ask me what I did.  hahaha! I took NO NOTES!!

I actually had some downtime during my short time in Houston this weekend.  My brother and I attended a friend’s wedding and it was like a mini reunion for us EPCBC peeps.  it was nice.  but we didn’t feel too much like mingling and answering the same questions over and over again:

  • “where are you working now?  Oh same place as before?  Where was that? I forgot.
  • where are you living now? oh! same area huh?  Oh you bought a house?  I DIDN”T HEAR ABOUT THIS????
  • are you dating anyone?  What? no? why not?  have you tried”
  • So where are your parents? WHAT? they didnt’ want to come to the wedding?? why not?  they never go to weddings?  REALLY?

yeah we both get pelted w/ the same questions from the same people who don’t really listen to our answers most of the time.  we were kind of dreading it, so we just hung out by ourselves and chilled out in our hotel room most of the time.  it was nice to just attend a wedding for a change and not be all in the wedding party or behind-the-scenes.  hahaha.  anyway…i managed to finish up the last remaining bunny ear, stuff the bunny, and crochet it a little dress over the busy weekend while my brother stared at the tv w/ the constant channel flipping.

so i got back from houston late this afternoon, met up w/ the Simpatico girls to knit and complain and then i cleaned up my house and car a bit.

i do plan on trying to hit up a yarn shop while im in OKC. hahah is that bad?  that’s not my primary reason for going!! 🙂  but i’ll be back on tues.  so not much damage can be done. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!

I’m posting and i’m not DOG tired. 😀 hahahaha.

So this week’s bag is kind of funny. Petra..this one is for you. 😀

{biscuit}  tee-hee...biscuit {biscuit} close up of the print

Tee-hee….isn’t it a cute bag?? 😀 shoot..i forgot to use some of my newly acquired bottle caps to do a size comparison. i’m lucky i sort of setup a lightbox for this. hahaha.

I think my week of sleepiness is over. I tend to get very very very sleepy during certain times of the month. *ahem* and i always forget until i get fed up w/ being so sleepy and then i realize…ohhhhh…duhhh.

I got some yarny goodness in the mail on Monday:

{woolgirl} Hello Kitty Sock Kit {woolgirl} yarny goodness{woolgirl} Hk bag{woolgirl} HK figurine{woolgirl} HK sock pattern

So i ordered a HK Sock kit from Woolgirl!  There was no revelation as to what would come in the box.  It was all a big surprise! Silly me..i thought it meant we would get an HK Sock yarn Pattern…meaning an HK pattern in the sock pattern.  sigh.  i’m so stupid 😀  but the yarn came with alot of HK goodies!   i totally dig the colors.  But i dont know if i dig the pattern as much. 😀  we’ll see.  i might do something different w/ the yarn.  but yay!

so anyway. I was at work all day today (which is rare) and i managed to get an FO. 😀 It’s in the blocking stages. I hope it’s dry by tomorrow for delivery to Angi. 😀

{angi scarf} scarf - pre-blocking. {angi scarf} blocking away {angi scarf} close up of the pattern

Project: Lace Ribbon Scarf (modified)
Yarn: Drops Alpaca
Amount Used: 1.15 skeins
Color: 517 grey
Needle Size: US 2
Date Started: April 28, 2008
Date Finished: May 21, 2008

It’s super hot here in Texas. i’m scared of my electric bill next month. but i’m trying to keep it on the higher side of the thermostat when it comes to my A/C.

and since i was super sleepy, i’ve been testing out the guest bed in my guest bedroom. My brudda said he liked the bed. I like my beds soft and plushy. he does not. Before he came to visit on Mother’s Day weekend, i laid on the bed to make sure it wasnt too firm. I fell asleep. I guess you can say I took a test nap. I woke up and i thought “i guess that works fine!” hahaha. well, yesterday i was laying on that bed to see if it was too hot in that room. i guess not. b/c i woke up 3 hours later confused and cold. hahAHAH

Sassy seems to like the bed too 😀

{guest bed}  Sassy always likes the side sans pillow {guest bed} Sassy looks like she has no legs here. hehehe{guest bed}  oh look! sassy legs!  The bedspread and comforter were courtesy of my pals from Simpatico.  Thanks for the GC guys!! :D  don't you like the set up?? :D{guest bed}  look loook! I have paws!

can you stand the cuteness? hahaha jk.

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello all.

I’m barely awake enough to do this post 😀 I had a long day of making a mountain out of garbage bags full of my tons of stuff!  Just another couple of days and I will be done!

nevertheless.  I still found time this week for a new purse 😀  TEEE HEEEEE

{burberry} Don't you love my BURBERRY purse?? {Burberry} ZEE BACK! {Burberry} ZEE INSIDE!

How do you like my new bag?  It’s SUPER CUTE!  and it’s totally a fake Burberry!  I can’t afford to buy a REAL ONE! HELLLOOO!  hehehe.  i was shopping in a new area of town and this bag caught my eye.  I cannot resist.  Resistance is futile.

After Simpatico closed almost 2 weeks ago, I haven’t been in the knitting mojo mood.  I guess that is my way of mourning.  But i think i’ve got my mojo back.  I started working on my doily shawl again and when i started it..i had a feeling i wasn’t doing something right.  But the numbers made sense…so i kept on trucking.  tonight Janice saw what i did so far (i did like 15 rows today) and she said “HEY WHAT HAPPENED?  that’s off!”  I KNEW IT!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  i’m lucky i had a life line in!  so i had to rip back 20 rows.  GRRRRRRR!  now i have to figure out where i screwed up!!  BOOOOO!!!  I almost wanted to rip the whole thing out and start totally over.  But i came to my senses 🙂  if i didn’t have that life line, i think i would be dead right now.  I guess that’s why they call it a lifeline. 😀

{doiley}  see..not muhc progress has been made since I last posted about it due to today's RIPPING OUT{doiley} this pic is a better representation of what the color is. :)

What else am i working on?  In the midst of cleaning up, i found a long-lost project that I had promised to my friend months ago.  It’s been found and will be finished in a matter of days.  a lovely pair of cotton socks that just need another inch on the cuffs and then…TA DA!

I have a long long list of other things I need/want to do.  I owe 2 people a pair of socks. 🙂  hehehe.  im not naming names b/c i’m embarrassed that I haven’t made them yet.  And i got invited to another baby shower at the end of the month.  I”m thinking…EZ February sweater again?  maybe.  i’m thinking it’s time to branch out and try something else. 🙂

my bed is calling meeeee

Thursday Purse-Day!!

So on my previous post…2 quotes weren’t answered.  here is the answers:

#2 – “I’m smitten. I’m in deep smit.”  —-> Mike Myers in “So I Married An Axe Murderer”

#7 – Movement number 4: Dragon seeks path.” (Tang kicks, knocking a hoodlum unconscious) “Dragon whips his tail!  —->  Bruce Lee in “Return of the Dragon”

#7 is near and dear to my heart b/c it used to be our babysitter when my mom used to leave us home alone for like 10-30 min.  We had this tape of stuff we recorded from rented movies …6 hours of babysitting goodness.  My mom got SOO much work done while we were zombied out in front of the tv/vcr.

Movie #1 – STAR WARS, #2 – Superman II (the II is crucial), #3 – Return of the Dragon.

Truly a tape of greatness.  I bet my parents still have that tape. 🙂


I found more bags this week while packing up! HAHAHA! Here is a good one!

{hk lunch} it's a cute little HK Lunch bag! {hk lunch} close up of the patch{hk lunch} such the perfect way to carry your lunch{hk lunch} this is where my name goes :D{hk lunch}  dont laugh at me..i love the font and the script-y heart

So this is yet another lunch bag. Why do I have so many lunch bags when I never take my lunch? Im’ not sure. I do want to take my lunches to work with me…but I always forget or just don’t feel like it. Plus, who can resist this bag? it’s so freaggin’ cute!! heehe. I do plan on starting to take my lunches w/ me a couple of times a week. Eating out is so bad and so expensive. Food at the cafeteria at work is always not awesome, but i always get sucked in b/c it’s easy and cheap. Who knew hospital cafeteria food is bad for you? go figure.

So this week i moved into my new home. I’m still cleaning out the old place, but i’ve spent a couple of nights here now and i’m very happy here. 🙂 I brought in Sassy last night. She was a bit freaked out (rightly so) b/c she was no longer in her domain. But she adjusts pretty fast. She loves the new couch.

{sassy couch} I think Sassy loves the couch.  What you think? {sassy couch} is there something near my tail?{sassy couch} oh who cares...this couch rocks!{sassy couch} leave me alone now...

Doesn’t she look happy? I’ve only seen her lay around like this on the floor. I’ve never ever seen her lay on furniture like this. I guess she approves. I just wanna rub that furry belly!!

So b/c of all the moving, I got behind on a couple of things.

#1) Wee Tiny SOck Swap. I was very bad and didn’t get mine sent off until today….2 days later! But I emailed my person and she was very understanding. Thank you so much!

{wee sock} Wee Tiny Sock Swap Sock {wee sock} Turning the heel is always so exciting, even in a mini-sock{wee sock} my WEE SOCK!

I used leftovers from my Olympic Socks. I love the citrus-y colors. I’m not digging the toe I did on this sock though. ti’s a bit too…well, it looks like a nipple!

Yarn: Steinbach Wolle Ringel Colors
Color: 94968, lot 004

#2) I promised my friend Pat the Tat (blogless) that I would test a crochet sock pattern for her b/c she is teaching a class in it at DFW Fiber Fest. I’m working on turning the heel now and so far so good! it’s really wierd making a sock this way. hahaha. But the pattern is written for a Size E hook on regular sock yarn. Well, stupid me…i grabbed just some random skein of Regia I had laying around. It’s 6-ply. This shizz is so dense, it’s bulletproof. HAHAHA

{crochet sock} Pat's Crochet Sock pattern...i'm a testin' it! {crochet sock} I'm not diggin the color too much.{crochet sock} the heel is very very interesting.

I’ll post yarn info on it later when I find my ballband again 🙂

I think I’ve worn myself out finally.

For all the Simpatico peeps, talks of meetings, when and where are still being discussed. We haven’t found any locations or set anything in stone yet. But if you want to be informed of any meetings and you have NOT given me your email address yet, please click up above on the EMAIL ME button and let me know what your address here. Or you can comment. 🙂 Also check the Simpatico Ravelry group for any announcements. Eventually the original webpage will change from the store website to a group website.

Sadness, Movie Meme….and anniversary?


I realized today it’s been a year and a couple days since I got my tonsils taken out last year. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I felt like all that just happened. hehehe. i still think about how i had a bleeding episode 10 days after the surgery. if there is someone who will be the small percentage that something bad will happen to, it’s me. but the benefits have outweighed the bad stuff… it was well worth it. 😀


Simpatico closed its doors late last night. I’m sad, but I’m also excited for the new life that Maryjane is going to start for herself. Everything happens for a reason. And things can only go up from here. 🙂 I think I’m deliriously optimistic right now because all my peeps are being so mopey and sad. hahaha. Maybe i’m still too numb. who knows. i’ve got too much going on this week. hahaha.

but there is always time for a MEME!! (I stole this from Jen B. heheh)
Movie Meme:

The rules:
1. Pick 10 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie (or get them out of your capacious memory).
3. Post them on your blog for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly in the comments, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. Looking them up is cheating, please don’t.

1. “Yes. They had the days of the week on them, and I thought they were sort of funny. And then one day Sheldon says to me, “You never wear Sunday.” It was all suspicious. Where was Sunday? Where had I left Sunday? And I told him, and he didn’t believe me.”
(When Harry Met Sally – P-la)

2. “I’m smitten. I’m in deep smit.”

3. “Matthew is my father’s son, Annabelle is my grandfather’s daughter. We are… an American family. ”  (You’ve Got Mail – Jen B)

4. “The man’s been in here fifty years, Heywood. Fifty years! This is all he knows. In here, he’s an important man. He’s an educated man. Outside, he’s nothin’! Just a used up con with arthritis in both hands.” (Shawshank Redemption – Jen B)

5. “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” (Princess Bride – Ursula)

6. “*This* is the son of Jor-El?”  (Superman II – Ursula …she guessed SUperman, but if you know the history of the movie, you know it’s practically the same thing hehehe)
7. Movement number 4: Dragon seeks path. Hi-yah!” (Tang kicks, knocking a hoodlum unconscious) “Dragon whips his tail!

8. ” Did you hear? School’s canceled today cause Kurt & Ram killed themselves in a repressed, homosexual, suicide pact. ” (Heathers – Ursula)
9. “Wait… No! I mean, can’t we just, like, kick this old school? Like, I have the baby, put it in a basket and send it your way, like, Moses and the reeds?” (Juno – Aisling)
10. “it means know thy self. I wanna tell you a little secret, being the one is just like being in love. No one needs to tell you you are in love, you just know it, through and through.” (The Matrix – Jen B.)
I haven’t knit a stitch since Weds. But i did start a crocheted sock today. Pat C. asked me to be a tester for her sock pattern. hehehe. I’ll post pics of the toe later. I should have been packing. sigh.

And i got my Wee Tiny SOck swap pal yesterday (or was it this morning…). I think i’ll work on that tomorrow.


My beloved LYS Simpatico Yarns is closing its doors tomorrow after being in business for almost 8 years.
This was a very sudden and necessary decision made by shop owner Maryjane. I can’t imagine what is going through her head and her heart right now.  I just want to put my arms around her, hug, and cry with her.
I’m usually a big cry baby…but i was so numb about the news I really couldn’t cry or be upset.  The reality of it hit me pretty hard today when I was talking to one of the friends I have made there and she started crying on the phone when I told her the bad news.   I can’t help but feel like i’ve lost something very special.
I’ve made some very good friends through this shop…lifelong friends.  This shop was like a second home to me.  Although I am sad that I will not be able to just drop in and hang out, I am confident that those of us who formed those strong friendships will continue to see each other often and still be good friends.   We’ll meet up, laugh it up, knit, eat lots of good food (always!), and just enjoy each other’s company.

Thank you, Maryjane for making such a wonderful store for us.  Without your hospitality and kindness, it wouldn’t have been the special place that it was.

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hey everyone!

As I was cleaning my office/craft room through the rubble and trying to decide what to keep and what to toss, i came across quite a few bags!!!

Here is one of my favorites. 🙂

{stripe} Stripey bag!  it's so cute!  And it's corduroy!{stripe}'s a HELLO KITTY bag???{stripe} MUAHAH!  See the Kitty head??!

Isn’t this CUTE????  I forgot I even had this bag!  the colors are just so adorable and the stripes…so cute still.  The fact that it’s a hello kitty bag makes it MORE special! hhahahaha

What have i been working on this week?  I was finally finishing up my friend Christy’s nephew’s sweater (contract job).  well, not finishing.  I put it away for a couple of weeks while i tried to pack.  then i realized I needed to hurry up.  So last week when i pulled out the project..i was about 2/3 done w/ the front and 100% done w/ the back…then i realized i was going to run out of yarn.  so when i was at Simpatico, i found out she has NO MORE of this color.  :O

So when starting this project w/ Dark Horse yarns, I had my doubts. Not about the yarn, but about what i was doing.  I started off doing the Kipling pattern w/ my modifications.  The Kipling is for a newborn.  the baby i was making the sweater for is about 2 months old.  and i was told he is very fat.  VERY.  So a newborn size wasn’t going to work.  I tried to finagle the numbers to make a bigger sweater, but i had alot of doubts.  PLUS..i didn’t do the hem as instructed on the pattern.  I decided I wanted to do a 2×2 rib on the bottom and sleeves to match the collar.  As i went along, i started to have regrest for not doing the hem.  So when i ran out of yarn, i was more than happy to start over. 😀

I’m about finished.  I just need to finish seaming it up and adding a few finishing touches as requested by Auntie. 🙂

{matt} almost done! {matt}  I haven't finished seaming yet{matt} check out the hem.  hahaa.  seam seam{matt} the collar is what makes this so cute.  there will be a special touch added once the seaming is done

So this is Rudyard.  Someone took the original pattern and made it bigger w/ different arm holes 🙂  so far so good.  Her pattern is very easy to follow.  And i’m glad I restarted it.  I wouldnt have been happy w/ the original.

I haven’t been knitting at home at all b/c i should be packing.  i’m almost finished.  😀  whew!!  but what’s shocking is the amount of stuff i have crammed into this one room (office/craft room).  i’m actually pretty ashamed of the sheer volume of things i have in here…let alone what i have found.  sigh.  I’m starting off w/ a clean slate.  So i need to get rid of as much as possible.  and im’ trying not to shop much at all.  which is actually hard for me! hhaaha. but i’ve been pretty good. 😀 but now i must sleep b/c i’m going delirious. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hi Everyone! It’s Thursday!! Time for another purse!

On Monday, instead of truly truly packing (i did move some boxes to the new place…so shush!) i went to a couple of antique malls and i found today’s purse of the day. 🙂 in my defense..i went to the antique mall after dropping off a couple of bags of clothes at Goodwill. 😀

{mn saddle} is'nt it CUUTE?  another MATT & NAT BAG! {mn saddle} the insides w/ all my stuffs in it. {mn saddle} size comparison w/ a letter sheet of paper.  this bag is huge!{mn saddle} the back

So this is another Matt & Nat bag! I went to this antique mall and one of the stores had a CRAP LOAD of MN bags! bags I had NEVER SEEN! i grabbed about 4 of them…salivating…and i looked at the bounty within my arms and i thought “what the F am i doing???” so i put back 3 bags. 😀 i did have SOME self control. hahaaha. This bag is pretty big. I can sling it across me just like i like! this bag when it’s on me…it’s bigger than my butt. i’m not saying my butt is small…it’s far from that. 😀 This place even had the baby diaper bags and the laptop bags. my head was swimming!

What have I been doing? I haven’t knit much this week. I DID learn how to TAT this weekend! I should be more specific..i learned how to needle tat from my good friend Pat the Tat. 🙂 i always learn so well from her. and i was excited to learn something new. why did i learn how to do this? I have something specific in mind. what? I want to make pretty hankies. 🙂 hehehe

What else have I been working on? I’ve been crocheting. I had this urgent desire to make this hat. I made 2. The first one was green…and made WAAAAY too small. It fits, but it didn’t look like a puffy hat. It loooked like a pill box hat. So i did another one. I had a recipient in mind. 🙂 I finished it off today…tried it on my head…SAME THING! even though I had added an extra 4 rows of puff stitch, i ended up ripping back and then adding about 3 inches of crochet as well as a few more increases. I’m happy w/ the result.

{green puffy} isn't it CUUUTE? {green puffy} i love the colors!{green puffy} more views of the bow{green puffy} the back{green puffy} close up of the puffy stitch

Project: Puff Stitch Crochet Beret w/ Bow
Yarn: Jo-Ann Debbie Mumm Traditions
Amount Used: most of ONE skein
Color: Forest Green
Hook Size: 4.0 mm
Date Started: March 5, 2008
Date Finished: March 6, 2008

At the KFN slumber party on Saturday, our lucky Kathy Bee took the hat home b/c it looked the best on her little head. 🙂 i’m glad someone was able to take it!

one note: i hated working with the yarn even though the colors were so beautiful. The yarn on the outside kept trying to shimmy down the core of the yarn? If that makes sense? it was very annoying. at times I wanted to stop and work on a different yarn. it was so irritating deal w/ that yarn crinkling up around the core.

{puffy} Puff Pastry Hat Redux! {puffy} side view{puffy} other side{puffy} back{puffy} dont' get too close! it's so puffy! :)

Project: Puff Stitch Crochet Beret w/ Bow
Yarn: Dark Horse Fantasy
Amount Used: half of one skein
Color: Periwinkle
Hook Size: 4.0 mm
Date Started: March 10, 2008
Date Finished: March 12, 2008

These hats were pretty quick and very well complimented. Now i need to make one for myself. HAHAHAH! THe Dark Horse Fantasy is pretty awesome. i have used it on many projects now and I can say it’s one of my favorites to use so far. it’s so soft and plushy. 🙂 and it’s machine washable! WHOO HOO!

Allright folks..i’m off to bed! I should stay up and pack but i’m so tired. I hate the Spring Forward time change!!!