WOw it’s been a long time.

Don’t die of shock, everyone 🙂  This is really me blogging for once.   I’m sorry I’ve been so rude lately.

My excuse for not blogging at all these last few months….i’ve been working like a mad dog these last few months.  I got a ton of new responsibilities at work and OMG…it cuts into knitting time.  So freaking horrible.   But I gotta eat and buy yarn right? hahaah.   I’m happy to have more responsibility at work.  But I realize I’m at the point where I don’t want MORE.  For now I’m happy w/ my level of work.  And I’m starting to realize that maybe I am not a super woman and can’t be at 3 places at once.   It’s one thing to be boss…but be boss AND employee is not smart.

I had some free time tonight.  Well, that is a lie.  I have a pile of work I need to do and a crap load of projects I want to start/finish.  But I felt like blogging for some reason.  I dont’ know why.  It’s been so long, I think everyone has dropped me from their bloglines/google reader. 🙂

Alot has happened over the last few months.  Where do I even start?   Umm…I had to buy a new car in July.  The old Element kind of crapped out.  I miss the big E.   My dad took it and fixed it up so he could use it.  He’s had his eye on it since the first time he rode around in it.  He loves that car now and that makes me happy.  I ended up buying a new Kia Soul.  I love the car.  it’s so cute and zippy.  I miss the trunk space in the E though.  But you know…the lack of space is good.  B/c i was filling it up w/ junk as I rode around.  So sad.  When I cleaned it out, i was freaking shocked at how much I had IN it.  No wonder my gas mileage was getting so poor. hahaha.

say hello to the Kia SOUUUUUUL train 🙂

I’ve been spending more time crocheting rather than knitting.  Why…i don’t know why.  🙁   I’ve been in a crochet state of mind lately.  I have managed to finish a few projects.   hehe.

I did make submissions to the State Fair of Texas this year as I usually do.  I didn’t even know what i was going to submit until about 1-2 months prior.  The due date was at the end of July to submit categories and our money.  Then in mid-August, I dropped off my items.   I got my results Labor Day weekend.  Guess what?  I got a blue ribbon for the crochet/knit toy category!  Well, there are 2 seperate categories.  So I submitted two dolls and the 2nd doll got Honorable Mention.  That is 4th place and it gets shown at the fair!  WHEEE!!


This little dude got the Honorable Mention.    He’s not my best work.  He’s a bit larger than I expected.  And I sewed on his head a little crooked. hahaaha.

Project:  My free Hobbes pattern
YarnI Love This Yarn! Solids
Amount Usedbits of a skein
Hook Size: G (4.0 mm)
Date Started: Jun 21, 2012
Date Finished: July 25, 2012


So this little guy got the blue ribbon.  Isn’t he CUTE????  the pattern is very well written and she has many other patterns that are similar, but different animals.  they are SO cute.  I plan on making them all. 🙂

Project:  “DIRK” – Doll Project No. VI – Dragon, Dinosaur
YarnSerenity Sock Weight and Stardust
Amount Useda whole skein of the stardust in brownish.  bits of the others
ColorBeige (Serenity) , Brown and purple (Stardust)
Hook Size: G (4.0 mm)
Date Started: Aug 2, 2012
Date Finished: Aug 19, 2012


I went to the MadTosh store Ravelry ice cream social a couple of months ago.   It was so much fun.   While we (me, Kathy, Debbie, Mary), we couldn’t stop throwing skeins of yarn into our baskets like mad women.  Kathy had her eye on some beautiful yarn.  I bought it so I could give it to her for her bday, but she saw me.  So i made up some lie about how I was going to hold it for her and then give it to her later whenever she could give me money for the skeins.    I made her some fingerless mitts for her bday and gave her one skein and the remainder of the skein i used to make her mitts.  🙂   The pattern used was written by my good friend, Botgurl 🙂

She was squealing when I gave them to her.

Project:  One Koigu Mitts
:  tosh sock
Amount Used: 1/2 skein
Color: Victory Garden
Needle Size: US 1 (2.25 mm)
Date Started:  Jul 8, 2012
Date Finished:  Jul 22, 2012




I made a hat for fellow knitter Monica’s new grandson Joel.  He is her first grandson and will definetly be spoiled like a little prince.   SO I had to make him a little crown hat.

The colors are insane.  But i thought they complimented each other. 🙂   the Boy saw the orange on my desk one day and he asked “did something throw this up on your desk?”  hilarious 🙂

Project:  Fit for a King or Queen Crown Newborn
Amount Usedbits of each skein. they are huge skeins
Hook Size: G (4.0 mm)
Date Started: Aug 19, 2012
Date Finished: Aug 26, 2012



i promised my cousin gifts for her two kids and they live far away.  her son is almost 1 now.  I’m a horrible cousin.   But i need to send her daughter her ballerina!!  I made a hat for her little brother, but he needed a bit more.  So I made him this monkey blanket buddy 🙂  I need to put this in the mail before i forget for a few months.  sheesh.  He came out so cute!

Project:  Monkey Security Blanket
YarnCaribbean / I Love This Cotton! Solids
Amount Usedbits of each skein. they are huge skeins
ColorGreen (caribbean) / brown (iltc)
Hook Size: G (4.0 mm)
Date Started: Sept 11, 2012
Date Finished: Sept 19, 2012

I know why i felt like blogging today. I met the Yarn Harlot today….and she is a master blogger.  hahaa. I got inspired!   She was wonderful.  She gave a great talk and was hilarious.  and she was so sweet.  She signed my book and took pictures with me and my buddies. 🙂  it’s funny.  everyone kept saying “omg she’s so are we going to be able to see her?”   shoot…I’m SHORTER than her!!  AAAH!   no wonder ppl make fun of me all the time!

Thanks for being so awesome, Stephanie!  I had a blast!

I”ll try to be good and post more often so I dont post such img-heavy posts.  🙂  Thanks for sticking with me. 🙂  I love you guys.




Thursday, No purse-day!

Hello friends! 🙂

happy thursday to you all.   I’m going to try to get back in the swing of posting at least once a week.   “try”.  at least every other week for sure.

No purse today.  I haven’t bought a purse in a while and I don’t feel like digging for one I haven’t shown off yet.  I know i have quite a few…i’m just being a bit lazy.

The new year is going ok so far.  Not fantastic…not bad.  I did have alot of friends that got engaged on New Year’s Eve.  is it me, or is that really cliche?  hahahaha.  i kept getting txt msgs all night long “WE’RE ENGAGED!”  blech!  i’m happy for them, but blech. hahahaha.  Do I sound like a bitter crone yet? 🙂

My knitting/crochet mojo has come back with a vengeance.  I’ve been working non-stop on things that i either have a deadline for, or just feel like making RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT.

But anyway, i have some things to show off, so I will. 🙂

First off…this is the final Yoda sweater.  Well, final for a while.  I really don’t want to make another one for a while.

It's too small on Zoe. Beware of the Darkside, Logan! my dup. st skills are slacking and no room for a comma.  I ran out of room almost at the end!

Project: seamless baby and toddler wrap
: Sweet Delight Baby
Amount Used: a little more than half a skein
Color: Teddy
Needle Size: US 4 (3.5 mm)
Date Started: Dec 22, 2011
Date Finished: Jan 7, 2012

On the inside is dup. stitched “Beware of the darkside, Logan”

Baby’s name is going to be Logan.  Parents are HUGE Star Wars fanatics.  I was asked (begged) by the grandma if I could find it in my heart to make a new one.  Grandma is my very special friend Kathy…so I made another one.  I was sick of dup. stitching “May the force be with you”.  i feel like a factory worker sometimes when you do something so often. 🙂   I am supposed to make another one, but i’m not feeling the love.  I was really hoping to make a pink one for a girl, but alas…that did not happen.  the stinky baby is a boy. hahah.

Working on a Yoda hat for the outfit as well.  it has to be ready in a few weeks for a baby shower!

Some of my Simpatico friends and I hang out at Barnes and Noble twice a week.  We’ve gotten very friendly w/ the cafe girl and she is pregnant!  Actually, she’s delivering her baby today!  We all decided to make her a bunch of things … washcloths, hats, bibs, etc and give her a big bag of goodies.  Well, I put a pink dress and some pink hats in there.  I did not finish my bib in time.  But i finished it after.  hahaha.  it’s such a cute bib, i’ll just put it in the baby shower stash.

monkey2 monkey3 chewy monkey chewy monkey 2

Project:  Crochet Monkey Bib Pattern PDF
Yarn:  I Love This Cotton! Solids
Amount Used: bits of every skein
Color: baby pink, brown, tan,
Hook Size: H (5.0 mm)
Date Started: Jan 7, 2011
Date Finished: Jan 7, 2011

I did this while watching Star Trek Insurrection again. 🙂 hahahaah.   I had to throw the bib on Chewy b/c he was getting in my way while I was trying to take pictures.  You be a pest?  I throw it on you and take pics!  he sat there for a min and then kind of shrugged off the bib.  and then he kind of jumped on top of it.  I had to take it away at that point.  stupid cute widdle evil cat.

jughead2 jughead3 jughead4 jughead5

ProjectFit for a King or Queen Crown 3-4 yrs
Yarn:  I Love This Yarn! Solids, Red Heart Shimmer
Amount Used: 2/3 a skein
Color: turquoise, lime green, white sparkle (redheart)
Hook Size: I (5.5 mm)
Date Started: Jan 9, 2011
Date Finished: Jan 9, 2011

I made this for my brother’s friend.  The baby was born in August and apparently he’s a big boy.  So i was asked to make it larger.  I made the baby’s big sister a sweater and shoes when she was born.  I have made nothing for this child and I started to feel guilty.  When my brother and I were discussing hats…he said “JUGHEAD HAT!”   I finished it so fast I amazed even myself. LOL.   working on picking out some shoes to make to match the hat.

I’m really digging the lime green and turquoise + white combination right now.  Which will explain the next project…

striped cardi 1 striped cardi 2 striped cardi 3 striped cardi 4

Project:  Lace-Edged Cardigan
: I Love This Yarn! Solids, Cascade Venezia Worsted
Amount Used: eh….some of each skein?
Color: Bright teal (Cascade), Lime green, white (hobby lobby)
Needle Size: US 4 (3.5 mm)
Date Started: Oct 22, 2011
Date Finished: Jan 12, 2011

I made this sweater for my cousin’s baby.  I was going to send it…but I never really finished it.  I finished knitting it, but I needed to weave ends in and block…and I never got around to it until Jan 12.

Instead of the lace as required by the pattern, I did an i-cord edging w/ NO buttonholes.  I did the edging around the neck, front and sleeves.  And instead of two colors, I striped 3 colors (Obviously!).


slippers6 slippers7 slippers5 slippers

Project:  Violet Women’s House Slipper
Yarn: Hushabye Solid / Hushabye Ombre
Amount Used: 2/3 a skein
Color: pinkbrown camo / brown
Hook Size: G (4.0 mm)
Date Started: Jan 12, 2011
Date Finished: Jan 12, 2011

I made these for my friend Auntie Pet b/c back in October when my grandpa died, she did me a favor and hooked me up w/ some plane tickets.  she saved me a whole lot a money.  This is just a small token of what I could give her to thank her.   I had tried to make FOUR diff. pairs of slippers I knew she loved! FOUR!  and all of them were a big fail!  UGH!  I was so mad!  then I saw she put these slippers up on her pinterest board as something she wanted, so i grabbed the pattern and whipped them up. 🙂  I Hope she likes them.  I made her try them on last week and i told her they were for my mom and she kind of ooh’d and aah’d. 🙂  Purse.Ho is pleased. 🙂

I made the button that is on the shoes rather than trying to hunt down a 1.5″ button.  (I was stuck at work and trying to finish them up!), so I had this button pattern from another pattern.  It’s super easy and great since the button doesn’t serve a function..just a decorative purpose.


baylor baylor3 baylor5 baylor7

ProjectKnit Earwarmer with Crochet flower
Yarn: Soft Yarn SolidsVanna’s Choice Solids / Red Heart Shimmer
Amount Used: bits of all skeins
Color: Dark Leaf / mustard / white ice
Needle Size: US 8 (5.0mm)
Date Started: Jan 17, 2011
Date Finished: Jan 17, 2011

This was a super fast knit.  My friend at work was asking if I could create something for her daughter to wear while she was riding her scooter around on Campus.  and she’s a Baylor Bear.   So i whipped one up for her!  The flower is a flower I used from a crochet pattern (I cant remember which one at this moment) rather than the flower that is in the pattern.  That one wasnt to my liking and I wanted to make the flower diff. colors.  so ta-da!  i threw in the daisy button b/c i like buttons and i like daisies. 🙂

whew.  that’s all folks.  I guess i’ve been busy the last couple of weeks.  🙂  I Hope you guys are having a great week/ month so far.  WHile at work today, when i was writing down “1/19/12” ….i thought…omg…it’s already past the half month mark!   I really wish time didn’t fly by as fast as it did.

have a great weekend everyone 🙂


Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello my friends.  Thank you for coming back for another update. 🙂  I hope everyone’s week have been going well.

Here is this week’s bag!

hello kitty MAC bag see?

This is a little makeup bag i got from MAC last year when they released their Hello Kitty line.  It’s just big enough to put some lipstick and other little things in there.  I had a little container of perfume in there and it spilled all over this little bag.  And now i can’t get away from that perfume smell.  Sometimes it takes me a long time to sour on a fragrance…sometimes i get sour right away.  not sure if i’m sour yet or not on this one…but I haven’t worn the perfume since it spilled in this little bag. 🙂

So dye day at Monica’s on Sat was a TON OF FUN!!   I had never had a chance to attend the previous ones.  The first one ever happened the week I found out Sassy was sick and i was not in the right mental state to go.  The second one happened when I was out of town for my cousin’s wedding.   SO…i had a blast!  i did NOT finish my shawl in time to get it dyed.  It didn’t keep me from trying.  i was knitting it AT Monica’s house to try to have it done so i could soak it and get it done!  I could have had it done, but i got too distracted on Fri and didn’t knit much on Fri.  So my confidence in having it done was squashed. 😀  ooops.

here are some pics from the event:

Lisa and Rachel prepping beautiful Janice running around my unfinished shawl. :( Rachel and Debbie my yarn and Kathy's yarn prepping MEEEEEEEEEAT!meat! some brushes and colors look at all that pretty yarn little bit too much white? My yarn (amongst others) some huge roving in the pot steam!plethora of colors I was trying to be artsy w/ the shot here Janice got so excited she dyed her foot pretty peggy's socks

Thanks again, Monica and Don for hosting!!

I managed to bind off on the shawl about an hour after I got home from all this.  🙂   So the shawl is done, but I STILL haven’t decided on what colors I want.  Why am I making this SO difficult?? 🙂

shawl3 shawl4 shawl2 pretty leaves

Yarn Knit Picks Bare Merino Wool, Silk Sock
Amount Used:  1.5 skeins
Color: natural
Needle Size: US 5 / 3.75 mm
Date Started: April 16, 2010
Date Finished: pending on color choice and dying date

I love the pattern.  it’s VERY easy and well written.  and it’s so simple, but beautiful.  I love the sample in the pattern, but I didn’t want to copy the colors there.  i was leaning toward an indigo/purple + olive green?  But i’m not so sure now.  I need some input. 😀   I debated about kool-aid dying it, but then i thought…nah.  so i don’t know. 🙂  janice said she would mix up some colors for me when i decide.  I just need to decide.

i started my state fair project as well.  I’ve decided to do a baby blanket this year.  no more shawls!!  Esp since the Texas State Fair tends to judge unfairly in the shawl and/or lace category.  I refuse to be shot down by Big Tex again this year in that category.   I saw the Lullaby baby blanket in the St-Denis magazine and fell in love with it.  it’s like a big shawl for a baby. 🙂 hahahaha.   so far so good.  i started it last night and I’m almost to section 2.


I did a bit of sewing this week since my sewing machine was out and i just was on a roll.  i tried to have a little bag ready by today, but I got tired of all the cutting and the sewing.  Cutting really does suck!!  i love ironing and I love sewing, i HATE cutting all the fabric!  ugh!  so anyway…i had bought an apron kit that i found this week while digging thru fabric and I finished it in an evening.  it’s so cute!

new apron

I also decided to recover my ironing board.  yes, I know you can buy ironing board covers.  but I saw a fairly easy tute online and thought I would give it a whirl with an old Hello Kitty shower curtain I was no longer using.

ibc ibc2

It took me a few tries to get this right, but I finally got it done and i’m pleased w/ how it looks 😀

That’s all for now, folks!  have a great weekend!

weird times.

This has been a weird few weeks for me.  In the last 20 days, I’ve lost 2 important people in my life.   I’ve actually been pretty ok throughout it all.  I thought in the past when something like this would happen to me, I would be a horrible wreck.  I’d never lost anyone in my family or anyone close to me before.  So I got hit with a double whammy.

Ma Ma

The first was my paternal grandmother.  I mentioned this in my last blog post that she passed and I went for the funeral and such.  I don’t really say much online b/c that side of my family has issues w/ privacy and they will be pretty angry if they ever find this blog and see that i wrote about it.  but right now … I guess I don’t really care.

My grandmother and I weren’t THAT close.   I saw her 1-2x every year.  We had a bit of a language barrier.  She spoke NO English, and my Chinese isn’t fluent enough for her to have a really deep meaningful conversation.   I loved her to death.  She was a little bitty thing that had 13 children.  Whenever I stood next to her, I felt like a giant.  Yeah, i know i was really fat and all that, but I mean in stature as well.  She was about 4 feet tall.  And she always had a smile on her face.  We never understood WHY she was always smiling, but it always made us smile as well.   She was always one of the happiest people I ever knew.  She was always proud of her children, grand children and great grandchildren.    She had alot of hardships in life, but it didn’t keep her from doing all that she did to provide a wonderful home for her family.   I’m going to miss her smile and her laugh.   I’m going to miss laughing at how tiny she was.  I’m going to miss seeing her interact with my mom and dad..the little things she did and the things they talked about.   I’m going to miss how my mom would scold her every time she would give my brother and me red envelopes with money in it and we would just giggle as she fought back and shoved the envelopes in our hands.  I’m going to miss watching her and my other grandmother fight over the check whenever we all went to dinner together.

She was 96 years old when she passed.  I am sad that she is gone.  Her health wasn’t so great this last year, so I saw it as a kind of blessing when she left us.  I don’t say that to be mean or cold, but she lived a long, healthy life with so much joy and pride.  I couldn’t bare to see her in pain.  i was blessed to have her in my life for 32+ years.


Another person that has left my life is my dear friend Lee.  She was a bit crazy, but she was hilarious.  She was part of my Simpatico knitting group and she was always there.  She would call me almost daily to check in on me and just chit chat about our lives.  She knew so much about me and my life.  I think I told her more about what was going on w/ me all the time than i told my own mother.  She was always so sweet.   We talked about life, religion, politics, dinner, drinks, music.  Whenever she dropped the F bomb, I would always yell “LEEE!!!!”  then we would both crack up like crazy.  We talked about everything.  Who knew I could become so close to a woman that was in her 70’s.

I’m going to miss the stories about her family, how much she loved them.  I’m going to miss going shopping with her.  I’m going to miss going to lunch with her.  I’m going to miss her addiction to Chai tea and peanut butter and chocolate.   I’m going to miss how she always wanted to make whatever i was making, but then would throw her hands up in frustration when she realized it was beyond her realm of abilities.   I’m actually going to miss how she would throw her socks at me every dang time she dropped a stitch and would say “OH NO OH NO!! I DROPPED A STITCH! HELP HELP!!”

Her health had been rapidly declining in the last 6 months.  i didn’t get to see her or talk to her as much as I had before.  I was blessed with the fact that I got to say goodbye to her a few hours before she passed.  I guess someone just spoke to me and told me I needed to see her right then and there.  I’m sad she is gone, but I am glad she is no longer in the pain she was in.

I was asked to speak at her memorial service tonight on behalf of the Simpatico group.  I felt honored that the family asked me to do so.   I had to keep it short and sweet, under 2 minutes which was a bit difficult.  I have so many stories I could tell of Lee…I could talk for hours.   I’m not scared of public speaking, but I got nervous when I thought about the fact that I had to keep it so short.  What could I say that could really capture the essence of Lee?  I was able to hold it together this whole weekend until after I sat down and saw my friends crying at what i said about her.  Then it really kind of hit me…Lee really isn’t coming back this time.  I can’t call her and hear her cheery voice on the other end of the phone.   I can’t wave sock yarn in her face and make her jealous.  I no longer have to buy matching sock yarn with her so she would have enough yarn to knit for her big ‘ol feet.  I’m no longer going to help her kitchner her socks or knit half the sock for her.  I’m not going to hear her say “jennifer…HELP!!” any time she runs into another problem.  Hopefully where she is, she is a master knitter and is knitting with the bestest stuff that was spun from the clouds above.

Good night, Lee.  I’ll make sure to sit next to you when I see you next and I’ll finish your socks for you.

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi everyone. 🙂  Happy Thursday!

Here is this week’s bag….

lunch-y munch-y! it's cute and cheap! side view.

This was given to me by Crazy Kathy.  She saw these in the dollar bin at Target and bought me a couple of them. 🙂  I haven’t used them for lunch, but today i used it as a project bag.  not such a great idea b/c there is velcro. 🙂   but it cost $1! WHEEE!

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster for me personally.  I didn’t get too much knitting done.   Well, i got SOME knitting done.  but not much. 🙂

I did get a hat done today while at work.  (shush)

shroom hat right view left view top

Yarn: Bernat Roving
Amount Used:  about 2/3 of a skein
Color:  Bark
Needle Size:  US 11 / 8.0 mm
Date Started: Dec 16, 2009
Date Finished:  Dec 16, 2009

This was a super fast knit due to the big needles.   My mistakes included not doing a gauge swatch.  I started off on size 10’s.  I put the hat on after i did the ribbing and i couldn’t fit it on my head.  rip rip rip.  I did the whole hat on 11’s.  another mistake.  I should have went up a needle size after the ribbing.  OR i could have done an extra repeat of the pattern stitches.  Sigh.  It’s a cute hat on me. 🙂  it just doesn’t look like the picture in the pattern.  oh wellz. 🙂

I started a pair of  Golightly Gloves for myself in pinky pink.


I figured by now i would be finished.  But I put them down and got distracted w/ Christmas shopping this week despite my annual protests against Christmas shopping.  I had to run out and get gifts for my friends’ kids.  I’ve been a bad auntie this year and not sent much to them, so I’m trying to make up for it right now by buying their love w/ crap. 🙂  hAhaah.    I hope to have the gloves done in a day or two.  i want to wash dishes in STYLE.  tee hee.

On Sunday we had our annual Simpatico Christmas party.  Thanks to Peggy for offering her lovely home to us insane people.  There was alot of food, some alcohol, lots of gifts and lots of screaming laughing.  🙂  I’ll just put some pics up of the food and some of the gifts.  I don’t know how people would feel about me posting pics of their faces up. 🙂

peppers :) cheesecake some limes for our drinky drink. tea cookies! havarti cheese tortellini salad snowman stitch markers (a la peggy) incognito bitches. :) pumpkin bread fantastic cheese ball thingy w/ mango chutney all over it!@ fancy cheese gouda cheese log and pumpernickel bread deviled eggs corn salad broccoli salad flowers :) thumbprint cookies tamales janice's yarn presents galore house shoes a la Kathy!! :)

I took alot of pics of all the handmade gifts that were given and there were some good ones.  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.  Sigh.  not enough dirty smut books were passed around though.   and MY dirty book got SWIPED by Kathy!  I was so tired after I got home that I had to really just sit and chill out for a while.  Mainly from excitement and cheese overload.  my gawd.  Cheese is still my mortal enemy!! 🙂

Thanks for tuning in. 🙂   I’ll have some FO’s for you guys this week if you want to take a peeky! 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hey everyone! 🙂  happy Thursday!!  one more day till the weekend!!  it’s weird..when i used to work full weekends, i used to just not care about it being mid-week.  Now that I get 2 days off in a row and one day being a Saturday..i’m all looking forward to it now! 😀 hahaah

Here is this week’s bag…this is for Debbie and Lee. 🙂

covet it. :) side view full of my stuffs :) holigram :)

Look at the holligram 🙂  isn’t it cute?  Charmy Kitty!  Who knows how she is related to Hello Kitty?  distant cousin maybe?  who knows.  😀  This is a cute bag I picked up in Chinatown one day when picking up groceries.  heheeh.  super cute and it’s purple.  wheee!!

So I’ve got some FO’s this week to show off! 🙂

I made a hat for someone new in my life.  I loved how it turned out I turned around and made one for myself as well. 😀  tee heee

bfhat1 love the decreases!! side view love it. :)

myhat myhat2 myhat3 myhat4

Project: A Hat Fit for Boyfriend
YarnBerroco Comfort DK
Amount Used: 0.75 skeins
Color: Navy Blue (2763) and Beet Root (2760)
Needle Size: US 3
Date Started
:  Aug 19, 2009 & Aug 21, 2009
Date Finished:  Aug 20, 2009 & Aug 26, 2009

I love this hat.  LOVE IT.  i’ve made a few of these and yeah…the ribbing is a bit  boring, but the decreases make it exciting at the end. hahaahaha!!  I love how it came out in the DK yarn.   I think I’ve been converted.   to adjust the pattern b/c of the needle size difference and yarn weight…i just cast on 120 sts and followed the pattern as written.  I actually knit the straight part to 7″ rather than the 5.5″.  I figured I had to b/c the decreases take less than an inch so I had to account for that.

So last week i wrote that I finished that beret.  I washed it and didn’t block it properly.  I screwed up and stretched it out a bit.  GRRRRR.   but it’s alright I guess.  It doesn’t fit my head right.  GRRRRR.

beret6 beret5 beret4 beret3

Project: #11 Vine and Leaf Beret
YarnOrnaghi Filati Biberon
Amount Used: 1.5 skeins
Color: 303
Needle Size: US 3
Date Started
:  Aug 14, 2009
Date Finished:  Aug 18, 2009

I’m still very unhappy w/ the colorway interfering w/ the lace pattern.  sigh.  Will learn for next time.   it was a fun hat to do though.  MARKERS ARE YOUR FRIENDS!!

I started a prayer shawl for someone I know that is going thru chemo right now.  She might not need the prayer shawl, but I”m making it for her just in case she ends up needing it. 🙂

stole colors are nummy

I’ve already screwed up on this a few times and had some issues w/ needle size b/c i picked a yarn weight that doesn’t match what the pattern calls for.  I had to do like 4 gauge swatches before I settled on a needle size.  then I did 1.5 repeats of the pattern before I realized something was wrong.  I decided i hate hate hate patterns that are written out stitch by stitch.  so i charted it.  yeah….i charted it a bit incorrectly.  DOH!!  So i ripped it all out, cast on less stitches than my original adjustment and i’m doing ok so far. 🙂  (Crossing fingers)

I think that’s it for now. 🙂  Have a great weekend everyone!  I’m going to see DM this weekend!  Hopefully I won’t melt at the concert! 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Sorry I’m a little late posting today.  I fell asleep last night on the couch and then woke up freezing to death. 🙂  BRRRR!!!!

So today’s bag isn’t too exciting, but it’s pretty funny. 🙂

{tom}  this bag is bigger than me{tom} doesn't Tom Welling look HOT?{tom} of course there is a hot chick (kristen bell) on the bag too

They gave these free at Comic Con in July and if you’ve been to SDCC, you know you go freaking nuts over anything that is free. 🙂  These bags are fantastic for holding all the free stuff you get there.  So it’s so nice of them to give these out.  Tom Welling on the bag makes it that much nicer.  haahha

I finished the Christmas stockings!  I kept true to my word. 🙂  So i finished them on Monday night.  Emailed the buyer on Tues letting her know they were done.  I got an email from her on Weds asking if I could embellish them for her.  When she originally hired me to do these, she wanted me to just knit them and not embellish.  But she admitted in her email that she didn’t want to ask me originally to embellish, but now I guess she is ok w/ asking. 🙂

So I’m happy w/ how they came out…and i’m not happy about blinging them out.  I’m trying not to bling too much, but then I think…well, she likes the original stocking….so i should do as the original was done.  I can’t bring myself to do it as much though.  i’m fighting it.  🙂 sigh.   Tell me what you think…

{stockings} The original {stockings} close up of the original{stockings} close up of the back{stockings} full length{stockings} Triple threat :) {stockings} close up of the santa's{stockings} close up of the backs{stockings}  the new and the old side-by-side{stockings} look at how yellow the white got{stockings} Bling'd up.  I hate the bling.{stockings} One more bling'd up than the other.  I like less bling.{stockings}  what is your vote?{stockings} i do like the snowflake buttons :)

What else am I knitting on?  I have a couple of pairs of Fuzzy Feet i need to have done in time for when i go back home for Christmas for a couple of friends back home.   That’s about it…for now. 🙂

This weekend was a weekend of socializing.  I haven’t finished editing pics of the Simpatico Christmas Party or NanC’s bebeh shower.  If you know my flickr acct, check there occasionally to see if i’ve posted if you guys really want to see. 🙂  I did take some pics of all the squares we did for NanC’s bebeh’s blanket.  I realized this week that I made 2 of my squares out of the wrong color of blue.  Whenever i bought the yarn, I bought a ball of a lighter blue color for a diff. project.  But i thought since it was all in the same bag, it was for the blanket.  What does this mean?  i’m a moron.  thta’s what it means. 🙂

{bebeblankie} so many squares...{bebeblankie} so many they are toppling over. :)

One more week till Christmas.  Is everyone ready? hahaha.   It’s no secret that I don’t buy Christmas presents for adults at this time unless I really see a good gift for someone.  So the only thing i’m stressed out about is getting things done for other people.  It’s nice.  Life has been good since I decided to do this a few years ago.   Everyone should join me and try this.  🙂  hahahaa.   Next year I might start a petition…or a movement or something.  hehehe.

I’m not a TOTAL scrooge.  You know what my fav. parts of the holidays are?  Tasteful Christmas decorations and Christmas music.  I love beautiful Christmas decorations and lights.  I feel like a kid again when I see a beautiful tree.  My tree is no beautiful work of art.  And I just realized I haven’t taken a pic of the tree.  Maybe I’ll save that for next week. 🙂   Growing up w/ FOB parents, we didn’t know alot of the standard nursery rhymes that American kids grew up singing and knowing.  Sometimes when my friends sing nursery rhymes, I have to sit there and wonder wth they are singing.  Nope.  I grew up in a house where the father loved Christmas music so much, he used to listen to it YEAR round.  One of his fav tapes, oddly enough, was the Chipmunks Christmas tape.  He used to pop it in the tape player in the car and make us sing along.  Jingle Bells and Frosty the snowman were his FAVORITE songs besides all the Christmas hymns.

One of my fav. songs and gets me all excited that it’s the holidays is Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You.   I remember the year this song came out…1994.  It was my first year away at college and as a family, we decided to meet up w/ my grandma, uncle and family in LA for the holidays.  We did all the LA things…Disneyland, Universal Studios, Chinatown.  I remember my brother and I were ice skating near Universal Studios and they played this song CONSTANTLY w/ the video showing above on the big screen above the ice rink.  Of course the video is cheesy and was done before Mariah Carey turned into a total ho. 🙂   Anyway…we just kept skating in circles loving the song.

Ok i’m heading back to bed!  I’m sooooo cold!! 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hi everyone!  How is everyone today??? 🙂

It’s Thursday!  So you know what that means!


{tokitoki} another cute toki bag!! {tokitoki} close up of the fabric!

Another TokiDoki fake.  muahahah!!   Isn’t it cute?  I love the cactus person.  I don’t know why. 🙂

So our first yarn garage sale was pretty good.  I think I should have posted more info around so more people knew about it, but we had a good turn out.  I sold almost half of what I brought.  I made more than I imagined I would.  I still have more to sell though.  🙂 So we’ll see how this goes.   but here are some pics of that day.  We were lucky it was a bEAUTIFUL day.  Janice called me at 708a to wake me up and it was so cold.  But it warmed up quickly to be a nice day.  We had alot of fun just sitting and clucking like a bunch of hens like we have in the past.  🙂

{sale} So much yarn {sale} this is just MY crap{sale} sock yarn{sale} prettty day...pretty treeeee{sale} pretty day...pretty grassy knoll{sale} all my leftovers.....boooo

So i have some FO’s to show off. 🙂

{nanc socks} WHOOP WHOOOP!  {nanc socks} FINALLY DONE!!!

I’m finally done w/ NanC’s socks!!! w00t!!  i can’t wait to give these to her!

Project: Jaywalkers (ravelry link)
YarnTrekking XXL
Amount Used: most of one skein
Color: 182
Needle Size: US 1
Date Started: Sept 30, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 9, 2008

So this weekend I lost my mind and ran out and bought a PS3 b/c there was a deal.  What else did I get to go with it?  Guitar Hero finally.  I played alot of GH over the last 3 days.  hahahaha.  I was starting to get carpal tunnel hands.  But there was a good deal, it’s got Blu-Ray in it and it’s now my media center.  it’s f’ing awesome.  I don’t know why I fought buying one for so long. 🙂 I also ran out and got Kung Fu Panda on Blu-Ray.  it’s so beautiful. 🙂

Yesterday was a day off for me, so I woke up, played 3 hours of GH, decided I had too much.  Then I, on a whim, decided to make a hat.  I knit the hat while on the exercise bike, during my mani/pedi.  I finished it in like 3 hours.  Then i decided to replay some GH songs….i played for another 3 hours.  Long day for me. hAHAHAH!

Anyway….here is the hat!!

{bf} The Boyfriend hat for no boyfriend{bf}  this is the true color of the yarn.  The previous pic is all washed out{bf} check out the awesome decreases!!{bf}  true to color

Project: A Hat Fit for Boyfriend
YarnBrown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Amount Used: half a skein?  a little more?
Color: Black
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started:  Nov 11, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 11, 2008

I LOVe the decreases on it.  That was the most exciting part of the hat….knitting it up to see how it would come out.  🙂  It looks fantastic on MY head. 🙂 hahahah!

So i got so excited with above hat…i was going to knit another one in a variegated pink color for me as well.  Then for some reason…something struck me and I thought ZEEBEE.  I haven’t made a ZEEBEE in a while and i thought it would look really cute in the pink yarn I had in my hands.  i was right.  Too bad i didn’t make it the right size.

{zeebee2} this was supposed to be FOR ME!! {zeebee2} Isn't it better on her?  it's too small for her even!{zeebee2} Aww.....whatcha thinkin' about, little one?{zeebee2}  she's so cute I could eat her up!!

(Thanks to Tierney for being my model)

Project: ZEEBEE!
Yarn: Decor by Patons
Amount Used: half a skein?  a little more?
Color: pink variegated
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started:  Nov 12, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 12, 2008

So yeah…i remember after i finished this that the first time I made one of these, the length of my head isn’t suppoesd to be divided by 2 like the pattern says.  So it’s a wee bit too small for my head…or for Tierney’s head even.  and she’s 1 yrs old.  isn’t she cute?  dont you just want to squish her??? 🙂

I’ve also made progress on the Xmas stockings.  I’ve mostly finished 2.  why mostly?  I still need angora for the beards.  and the first stocking is missing the beard totally. 🙂  whoops. don’t look at it.  it’s ashamed of itself.

{2 stock} 2 stockings mostly done {2 stock} dont ask me where the santa beard on the left is.  I haven't found it yet{2 stock} again...don't ask. :)

So i have one more stocking to go!

What else am I working on?  I have alot of things i want to do…but I started this tonight.  It’s a crochet shawl.  It’s super easy, but getting started was a big pain in the butt.

crochet shawl

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi everyone.  Sorry this post is so late.   I got busy last night and didn’t have a chance to post before I went to bed. 🙂

My brain is a bit fuzzy for being up so early.  But i DO have a bag for today!

{birds} Look at all the cute birds!  {birds}  Not a tokidoki fake, but still LeSportsSac. :)

I got this baby when on vacation and getting all those fake TokiDoki bags. 🙂  This was one of the ones among the bunch.  It’s not a Toki, but it is a fake LeSportSac. 🙂 hahaha.   I went to 2 different stands and both of them were pushing this print really hardcore.  I caved at the 2nd place b/c she threw in a free gift if I bought from her. hahaha

I haven’t been knitting too much these last few days b/c I’ve been actually unpacking my garage and getting rid of stuff I don’t want to keep.  I sort of snapped on Monday and felt the need to purge stuff.  So i’ve made some progress on the 2nd christmas stocking (no photo…sorry) and I’ve made minimal progress on someone‘s socks (again no photos). 🙂

So this is going to be a light, lame post this week, guys.  Sorry sorry.

One thing I guess I should mention here….some of the stuff I’m getting rid of is yarn.  ACK? WHAT?!?!?  I have alot of my stash allocated for trade/sale.  I decided a few weeks ago that I needed to get rid of it all at once rather than just a little bit at a time.  So after some discussion w/ fellow ex-Simpatico-ers, we are having a fiber garage sale this Sat starting at 9am.  Where?  Well, if you really want to go, I’ll let you email me and ask me for more details if you don’t know already. 🙂  I have a ton of wool to sacrifice and yes, I am getting rid of some sock yarn.  SOME.  While going through my garage frenzie on Monday, I found 5 tubs of yarn i sort of forgot about.  So yeah, my share of the garage sale might be kind of large. hahaha.  But i’m busy bagging and tagging yarn for that too, so I have good reasons to not have much knitting done this week right?  tee-hee.

Thursday Purse-Day!!

How is everyone today?  😀  It’s Thursday!  The week is almost over!  WHEEEE! 🙂

Since it is Thursday…here is the bag of the week. 🙂

{japbag} the print is what got me {japbag} oooh see see?{japbag} and it comes w/ a gigantic keychain :) {japbag} see how big it is?{japbag} back view

I went to the mall today to return some shoes.  I found them in my room in the bag w/ the receipt.  and i never wore them.  i was sort of bullied into buying them at Journey’s.  So i took them back today.  And as i was walking the mall..i stopped by my favorite hello kitty island.  and OMG! the owner was there today!  I used to see her all the time and she would always give me a discount!  well, i hadn’t seen her in AGES! (like over a year!) and she was there today!  So of course we were yak yak yak…and i saw this bag.  and i said OOOOH….  she goes “OOH you like?  I give you discount.”  SOLD.  doesn’t take much to sell me. 🙂  muahahah!

So i finished 4 of those Yoda hats and I never want to look at them for a while again. hahah. as we speak i’m felting them in the washing machine.  I haven’t felted in a front loader in a long long time.  Let’s see if it still works. 🙂  pictures will be posted later.  but last night i decided to crochet a little Airplane Amigurumi for Mary’s grandson Luke. 🙂  He loves planes.  i have been DYING to make this little airplane since i bought the patterns ages ago.  perfect. 🙂 it was a fast project.  I finished it tonight at knit night. 🙂 excuse the grainy pics.  i took the pics at BN so i could give it to Mary before we all left. 🙂

{sky} a cute little plane. :)  SKY SKY as Luke says {sky} another view{sky} Tocks view. :) hahahaha{sky} coming in for a landing{sky} trying to leave...but seems there is a plate in my way...

Project: Soft Toy Airplane
Yarn: Plymouth Encore
Amount Used: 1/3 of red, 1/8 of blue, smidgen of light blue
Color: 174, 1793
Hook Size: Size H (5.0 mm)
Date Started: Aug 20, 2008
Date Finished: Aug 20, 2008

I screwed up on the increases on the body and i screwed up the cone of the plane.  Don’t ask me what I was thinking.  i thought i was following the pattern.  apparently i don’t know how to read. 🙂 i just improvised. 🙂

Last week I went on a shop hop w/ some SImpatico friends.  At Yarn and Stitches in Dallas, there was the cutest little dress there and i HAD to have the pattern.  no pattern was on location…so it was mailed to me.  I received it on Tues and promptly started knitting on it when i got home. 🙂  i ddin’t make much progress b/c i got sleepy and took a nap. hahaah. but i’m getting there.  The picture on the pattern doesn’t do it justice at all.  Sorry, no ravelry link either.  WTF? 🙂

{dress} little miss sunshine dress {dress} the picture doesn't show you how cute the dress is!

I can’t wait to get it done so a better photo can be taken of it. hahaahaha

What else…oh yes!  I got an unexpected gift from my auntie this week.  She knows I knit and crochet and she’s always offering to bring me something from Hong Kong that i can’t get in the states.  This used to apply to Hello Kitty items, but i never really know what I want as far as that goes, so I always tell her don’t bring me anything.  well, she was up in Canada visiting my grandparents and she sent something down w/ my aunt who lives in Houston and ….. i’ll stop here.  my family is VERY VERY anti-mailing ANYTHING.  it’s pretty insane and i’ll stop there. hahahah but my aunt from Hong Kong  got me some HOOKS!!!!!

{hooks} SQUEEEE!! new hooks! {hooks} look i can stab you with them they are so sharp and pointy!

OOOH aren’t they beautiful!?!?! 🙂  they are the clover itty bitty bitty hooks!  you can hurt someone w/ those hooks! 🙂   She got these for me before they were really available in the US.  but like i said, my family is insane and well…it took a while to get these to me.  so i am forever grateful b/c i haven’t found them in any local store and i haven’t really been looking online for them b/c …well…i forgot 😀 hahahaah.