Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi Everyone.  This is going to be a short and sweet post today.

This week’s bag is a combo FO-purse of the week.  i’m just not feeling up to digging up a new bag to take pictures of. 🙂

bag redo bag comparison inside bag

So I finally finished the bag.   I ended up cutting off the straps so i could redo the top.  i was really unhappy w/ how flared it was, esp since I couldn’t sew the lining on right.   It bothered me so much I fixed it.  I think it looks better. 🙂

Project HP House Fair Isle Pouch Bags (ravelry link)
Yarn: Berroco Comfort Sock / S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo
Amount Used: about half a skein of each
Color:  Dark grey / dark sage
Needle Size: US 2
Date Started: May 26, 2009
Date Finished:  June 7, 2009

Still working on my Shalom sweater.  I used the powers of algebra to figure out all the sizing differences in the pattern.  hahahah.  so far i’m very happy w/ how it’s all coming out.

shalom on the mannequin closer look

So far so good. 🙂


my precious baby

This is one of my favorite pictures I took of Sassy.  I took this picture a few months ago, I think in February.  As I look at it, my heart breaks.
I had to say goodbye to Sassy on Tues, June 8.  She just quit eating on Monday/Tues and could barely move.  All my friends told me I would know when would be the time to say goodbye.  That time came.   I had a beautiful last day with her.  I spent the day just snuggling with her and loving her and she just loved me back.  She was always a loving cat.  Anytime I cried about anything, she would always run to me and give me snuggles to make me feel better.  As weak as she was, she heard and saw me crying and she managed to lift her head for some headbutt snuggles.

The day I went to the pound to pick out a new cat was Jan 20, 1996.  I went inside to take a peek and i saw 2 cats at the Mansfield Animal Shelter.  One boy cat was sitting there, just giving me the stink eye.  Then there was this fluffy meowy cat that ran right up to me and jumped onto my leg.  I started squealing as she picked me to be her mommy.   All I saw was all this orange fur, these awesome mitten paws (she was a polydactyl cat) and i heard this kitty cat just meow meow meow as I held her.   My entire adult life was spent w/ Sassy.  She was there with me thru my many phases in my life, my worst and my best times.  She trained me well to fit her needs. 🙂

I know she’s in a better place and that thought is what is keeping me sane. Thanks to everyone for your condolences and your thoughts and hugs.  You have all been a great help and blessing.

I miss her so much.  Lord, please take good care of her for me.

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi all.

Sorry for the “late” post for the early risers.  I fell asleep watching tv last night and woke up around 4a.   So I guess I’m up for the day or something.  hahaah. who knows.

This week’s bag is a CUTE one!! 🙂

meow meow meow the back is cute!

how cute is this??? it’s so cute i just want to squish it and LOVE IT!!!   I got it on Saturday when I was at A-Kon walking around and shopping the dealer’s rooms.  I wanted to buy so much more from that dealer, but the stupid hag didn’t take credit cards and silly me…i didn’t have THAT much cash on me.  bah!!

I haven’t been doing much the last week.  I did finish knitting the Slytherin bag, but i still need to do the interfacing and the lining.  I’ve been lazy and I really do need to finish this up soon….


I’m very unhappy w/ how i did the fairisle this time.  It’s too tight and it’s a bit cinchy!  GRRRR.  I was half tempted to rip it out and start over.  What am I?  crazy?  a little I guess.  The bag passed the pre-teen test.  A pre-teen looked at it and claimed that it was awesome.   So ok…maybe I won’t rip it out. 😉  I tried to HDC on the sides to bulk it up so it didn’t look like it had the wah-wahs. hahaha.   We’ll see what happens once I add the lining.

So like I said above…i went to A-Kon 20 on Saturday.   My plans were to go on Fri, Sat and Sun.  But Fri I got stuck at work for freaking forever, so I didn’t make it.  Saturday i was there from 10a – midnight.  I was way too tired to go on Sunday.    While i was waiting in line to get my badge on Saturday, I started a gauge swatch w/ some sparkly sweet-a$$ disco-esque yarn for a sock for myself.  The swatch turned into a baby sock.  I started this when I got in line on Saturday.  By the time i got to the end of the line, I had already finished half of the foot.  Granted, it’s not a huge sock or anything, but I felt a bit of a sense of accomplishment.  Did I take a picture of me knitting in line?  nope.  I’ll tell you this…i’m SO glad I had that knitting w/ me in line b/c i would have murdered the people around me they were being so annoying.   oh but anyway, i think i’m going to make myself some short sock w/ the remaining yarn.

baby socks size comparison w/ a hair barrette. :)

So I got to geek it out a bit on Saturday.  I went with a friend that is into the whole cosplay thing.  No, friends, I did not dress up. 🙂  I went as just me.  🙂  I basically served as his press secretary and photographer.  I had a good time actually.   Just walking around and people watching…it was fun.  I have to admit, I did feel a bit like the odd man out by being dressed in normal clothes.  how odd is that?

I’m not into Anime.  I’ve only seen a couple of movies and such, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan.   i was kind of surprised at the things that go on at these cons.   and I know I shouldn’t have been shocked at the amount of teenagers I saw running around like chickens w/ their heads cut off…but I was.  hahaah.  Alot of people had some fantastic costumes.   I wish I got to shop around more.  There were some fantastic crafty things around.  Actually, I regret not taking more pics of the crafty vendors.  What was I thinking?  I did get myself a new hair barrette. 😀

Kimono flower barrette

Isn’t this cute?  The lady that made it said that the fabric was from recycled kimonos.  sweeeeeet!  I wonder if she has an etsy shop.  dang it.  i didn’t even think to ask until right now. duhhh…

I didn’t get that many pics w/ my own camera, mainly b/c i forgot to switch out the lens and sometimes using a 50mm in these situations aren’t ideal.   I’ll probably post some of the pics I took on Flickr later on this week when I get a chance if you guys really want to see.

I haven’t made any progress on my new sweater.  I would like to have that done soon before it gets TOO hot here.  So just refer back to last week’s photo to see my progress with it. 😛 hahahaha.

And I have decided I want to make another leafy shawl, but out of green/brown sock yarn I have and i want to add some beads for some blingity-bling.  🙂  I made one square and was happy w/ how it came out.  My only debaucle right now is how to do the beads….load ’em up before hand or put them in as I go.  Well, I tried both ways and I like how the beads sit better when I add them as I go rather than loading them up.  The beads just don’t sit right when i slid them into place.  Now I just need to get motivated to do it all over again.  Doing the beads in this manner really slows down how fast you  do the squares.


Sassy’s still doing fine.  Still eating, drinking and snuggling.   Thanks to all who continue to ask about her. 🙂

Have a great week, everyone!

Thursday Purse-Day!!!

Hi Everyone!  I hope Thursday is going well for you so far. 🙂

So this is this week’s little bag.  It’s kind of lame…but i love the print on it. 🙂

coin purse

i got this when i went shopping at the mall the other day.  I have so much change rolling around in my purse, I thought it was time i got a coin purse to put all that dang change in. 🙂   i told ya it was a weak little bag today. 🙂  I wish i could say that i made it.  For some reason, I havent’ been able to find purse supplies here locally (just the clasps and stuff).  everything is online for order, but i haven’t taken the time to actually order some supplies to try my hand at making these kind of bags.

So I have made some progress on knitting this week.  That leafy entrelac shawl is moving along quickly.  i didnt knit at all the week before b/c I was kind of stressed out and not feeling the mojo.  the mojo is back.  I finally figured out how to do entrelac and since then, the shawl has progressed very quickly.  I’m addicted to it.  i ripped it out again a 2nd time and started it up for real on Saturday.

leaves stretched out on the blocking board so you can see the pattern pretty huh? closer up of the pattern

i’ve gotten about 4 more tiers finished on this since i took these pictures.   close to being done i guess. 🙂   i freaggin love this color!!!

even though i love the colors….Noro is a pain.  this stuff sticks to itself alot.  so it’s hard to move very smoothly.  and look what i found….

A KNOT!??!?!?! look at that LAME knot!!!

Can y’all see that??!?!  it’s a KNOT!!  A KNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  and look at the color change ON the knot!! it’s RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!  I picked it out and then spliced the yarn together at that point.   GRRR!  Look at the sudden color change on it!


isn’t that insane!?!?!?  am i going to tink back and “fix” it?  no.  i’ve tinked back so many squares by making mistakes, i just don’t feel like tinking back another one.  Iguess it’ll add some intersesting color change or whatever.  but i really don’t like it.  stupid noro.  Did you see the vegetable matter in the picture too?  What is up w/ THAT?

I was hoping to have a finished shawl to post tonight…but it ain’t happening.  it still needs a couple more rows and edging too.  next week for sure. 🙂

I started a sweater the other day too, but i got mad at the gauge I was getting so I ripped it out after I did about 20 rows.  I was no liking the loosy-goosy-ness of it.  We’ll see how it looks when I’ve gone down a couple of needle sizes.   sigh.


sassy is doing really well right now.  she’s eating more and back to her old antics.  She’s funny.  I put some medicine in her food today and when she came up to eat..she KNEW!!! HOW does she know????  she looked at it…then looked at me w/ the worst stink eye i’ve ever seen.  i couldnt help but laugh at her. 🙂  It was just so cute.   But she’s doing great right now.  Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

That’s it for now, folks.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thursday!

Thursday Purse-Day!

hi everyone. I hope everyone’s Thursday is going well.  Mine is going pretty well so far.  It’s 605a and i still haven’t gone to sleep yet!  AAAAAAAAAH!

here is this week’s bag!

Pyramid bag Open flattened....blech

I know what you guys are thinking…wtf is this?  haha.  It’s a poorly made pyramid bag! 🙂  well, not POORLY…i just didn’t pay CLOSE attention to some of the details.   I love pyramid bags and i finally made one.  I figured I’d throw this up there as a purse of the week.

I haven’t done much knitting this week.  I got some bad news on Friday about Sassy.  Devastated isn’t a word I can use to describe how I felt.   Sassy got really sick on Thurs night after i was all singing praises about her getting better.  i had to take her to the ER and she saw a specialist on Fri where we did some very extensive tests on her.  I was told on Fri by the doctor that she thought Sassy had stomach cancer.  I got to pick up Sassy on friday night and i just loved on her all weekend long.  She’s actually feeling a bit better as far as i can tell.  I was told just to let her eat whatever she could eat.  She’s got some medication to help her out w/ nausea and gastric acid.

I got the call on Mon afternoon that the tests did confirm she had stomach cancer.   I have opted not to do chemo on her.  I did some research over the weekend via google and there was alot of testimonies from people about how if they had known how awful the chemo would have been, they wouldn’t have put their cat through it.   We’re just going to shower Sassy w/ lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses and steroids for pain if necessary.

I was not expecting this.   I got the news at work and just started crying crying w/o any ability to control my emotions.  I lost it.   Thank goodness everyone at work, KFN, Simpatico group, family…they have all been so understanding and supportive.  Thank you, everyone.  You don’t know how much it all means to me.

I know some of you must think i’m nuts for being so upset about a cat…but this cat is 15.  I picked her up at the pound when she was 2.  She has been w/ me my entire adult life.  she is like a child to me (i swear i’m not a crazy cat lady).    I can’t help but be upset.  hehe.  Sorry to bore you guys w/ the details.

I haven’t really felt like knitting lately.  just kind of down I guess.  I picked up the needles today a bit at the BN meeting, but I barely knit anything.  i spent most of my time talking.    something I did do a bit of this week was sew.  i made a few bags, but i”m saving them up for future bags of the week. hahaha..  something about the humming noise of the sewing machine calmed me down a bit.

I did make this little basket the other day:

it's so little!!! empty top view too much dots

mine does not look as good as the tutorial’s example.  🙂  When looking at the picture, I thought it would end up bigger.  this is a little basket….but cute. 🙂

Outside fabric I used were some Amy Butler squares i got off in an ebay lot auction.  the inside fabric is a fat quarter i had in my stash.  The bottom is some cotton muslin I had in my stash as well.

btw…if you haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie, you must.  It’s freaggin awesome.

Sorry for the short post this week.  I’ll be more interesting next time.  I promise. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!

hello all!  happy Thursday!  How is everyone today?

here’s today’s bag!

dewdrop bag inside dewdrop bag outside of bag

this is a dewdrop bag.  yes i made it.  yes…please do not look at the seams AROUND the handle.  they are messy and crooked! hahaah.  dont you love the fabric though?  i talked about this bag as one of my sewing projects, but i’m posting it up as a bag of the week.  Fabric was bought at Joann’s.  Pattern provided by an etsy seller.  directions were clear and concise. 🙂

So I was told by Janice I needed to do a Sassy update.  (hi Phil).  Sassy is still not eating as much.  She’s barely eating and i think she’s lost more weight.  I talked to the vet about this on Monday and I was told to come pick up another appetite stimulant (in pill form) to try and see if that’ll get things moving.  i know this is not new…but does anyone realize how insane it is to give a pill to a cat that is REALLLLLLLLLLLLY good at spitting things out???  she is So good at it!!!  after multiple attempts (we’re talking like 10-12) to get that piece of a pill in her mouth, i finally just disolved it w/ some water, put it in a syringe and squirt it into her mouth.  she did NOT like that. 🙂  and it didn’t help much.  not sure if the water dissolving it hampered the effects.  I’ll try to give her another piece tomorrow…but she is catching on.  of course as I write all this, she’s laying on top of my hands as i type on the laptop…so cute.  how can you be mad at that??? 🙂  she’s being so kissy and sweet.   so anyway…we’re going to report back to the doctor by Friday.  it may be time for a 2nd opinion.

I have no FO’s for this week.  I do have some WIP’s.  I”m still working on the christmas stocking.  I finished the foot finally on Sunday.  I need to put in the beard, eyes and the lining.  i picked up some fabric for the lining yesterday. 🙂

lining w/ the stocking

i need to finish this off.  i had to rip out the foot 4 times b/c I don’t know how to read directions.   and i didn’t realize I had made a mistake until i started decreasing for the toe…each of the 4 times.  I’m truly very stupid.

I finished one baby bootie today.  I got an urge to do the pattern and I just rummaged around and found some sock yarn I want to use up. again….i did not read the directions as written and i started off differently than what the pattern called for.  Eh…the results are the same.  does the journey really matter? hahaha

booty-licious another view bottom of the bootie

i’ll finish the other bootie tomorrow and post up pics once im’ done.  I think this is a very cute little shoe! 🙂  someone at work asked me if these were for a Longhorn.  Nope.  I didn’t have anyone specific in mind when starting these…but giving them to a Longhorn isn’t a bad idea….

I did make a couple more bibs this week. 🙂  These bibs are fast and satisfying and crowd pleasers. 🙂

bibs i love this fabric! i love this fabric too!!

i’m getting better i think.hahaah.

i’m starting to get sleepy….i hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday Purse-Day!

Whoa.  Sorry for the late post folks.  I had such little sleep from tues night, i was delirious by weds night.  I had to get to bed at least for a nap.  Yeah…my naps are like a full night’s sleep…esp when it’s night time. hahhaa.  sorry folks!!

here is this week’s bag!!

Hello kItty DS case back view inside

So this is a Nintendo DS Case.  🙂   Of course I had to get a Hello Kitty one.   hahaha!  What’s stupid is, right after I got this case, I sold my DS to my friend.  I meant to give her the case too, but it went MIA for a little while.    Maybe I should get another DS to go w/ this case.  hahah j.k.

So what’s going on….

I took Sassy to the vet again on Tues b/c she still isn’t eating.  We have come to the conclusion that her tooth is just bothering her so much she needs to have it pulled.  So we pulled her tooth and a 2nd tooth on Tues.   She’s pretty pissed. 🙂  Giving her pain medication is a big pain in the butt.  The first day i did it, she managed to spit it back at me in her fury.  hahaha!  but hopefully that fixes the eating issues.  i cant be having an anorexic cat!!  You know how they say that pets look like their owners?  That means I would have to go anorexic too!  I love food too much!

sassy's drugs me giving Sassy some kisses Sassy giving me headbutts.

Her drug arsenal above.  And then a rare time when she is being super sweet and letting me take pictures.   of course they are crappy webcam pics…but whatever. hahaah.

I have some FO’s to show off.

My brother’s friend’s sweater is done.  Working on the baby booties now. 🙂  i was going to try to stay up last night and finish the booties before I posted.  Yeah…that didn’t happen. 🙂

The sweater looks a weird color here. i think this is my fav pattern by far gotta see the neckline back view

ProjectTelemark Pullover
YarnLion Brand Cotton ease
Amount Used: a little more than one skein
Color:  magenta
Needle Size: US 5
Date Started: April 9, 2009
Date Finished:  April 16, 2009

Every time I do this pattern I think i love it more and more.  You know what I love the most about this one?  The reactions it gets.  people freaggin LOVE IT!  It should be a big hit at the baby shower. 🙂  My brother might be pimpin’ after that.  ahaha jk.

So the Telemark pullover i did last time…the pewter colored one?  I made some booties to go with it and totally forgot to blog about them. 🙂

aaron shoes w/ blockers! aaron shoes sand blockers

Project: Baby Crossover Shoes (etsy link)
YarnLion Brand Cotton ease
Amount Used:  less that one skein
Color:  pewter and blue
Needle Size:  US 5
Date Started: April 1, 2009
Date Finished: April 1, 2008

I’m not sure how I feel about these little booties.  I am really scared they won’t stay on the boy’s feet.  But oh well.  They can always go on a teddy bear or something.  That reminds me…i should get one to send w/ this…  these took like an hour to make.  SUPER easy!!

I have some stockings i need to make for commission.  One of these old ugly Santa stockings.  We all know how i feel about them. hahaah.  Well, i thought i had this one’s pattern.  I do NOT.  and you know what?  I looked all over…ravelry, etc.  Someone on rav had made a few of these.  I asked her if I could buy a copy of the pattern from her.  She said no!  b/c it was a copyright infringment!  WHAT?!?!?  this pattern is SOO old the copyright laws don’t apply to it anymore.  I begged a little more and she refused to answer me.   wtf?!?!  So i decided just to chart it out myself.  it wasn’t hard at all, surprisingly.   And using  MS Excel for this is great. 🙂   I was printing graph paper and doing it that way at first…i made so many mistakes and in pen.  DUh.  So I’ll be ready to get cracking on these as soon as I’m done w/ those baby booties today. 🙂

santa chart

I got a new toy yesterday!  I GOT MY NEW SEWING MACHINE!!!  WHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  I had a revelation a couple of weeks ago when doing something on my current sewing machine…this thing isn’t going to do what i need it to do in the long run.  SO i emailed my good friend Mary and asked her opinions about the baby Bernina machines.  I’m not ready to drop thousands on a sewing machine…but a few hundred?  maybe. 🙂   We took a little trip to the Bernina store in Dallas to look at the baby Berninas (Bernettes).  I needed Mary’s opinion about them b/c she is an expert seamstress and she has alot of Berninas. hahaha.  We went.  I’m lucky I didn’t fall for the $1600 machine.  But i fell for the one I got.  Ordered it.  Picked it up yesterday.  I was so tired last night, I didn’t have a chance to play with it at all!   but i did take pictures. 😀

bernette box! sitting on the table WHEEE!!  now it needs a name! it's all purty lit up! even my sewing machine has to have some kind of computer in it. and compartments. :)

Sigh.  what to make first?  no idea 🙂  hahaha.  I”ll do something, that’s for sure.

I should be productive and clean house now since i’m up!  have a great day everyone!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Helllllooo Everyone!!  It’s Thursday!!  Time for another bag!

another fake Burberry.  Furberry. :D My current bag.  I LOVE IT! gotta see how it hangs. :)

3rd installment for the day-w-janice shopping trip!  She said I had to post this one today!  haha.  this is the bag I am currently using.  I freaggin LOVE IT!  I love how it hangs, i love how it sits on my shoulder, i love the room, i love the pocket in the front, i love the buckle in the front.   SIGH!!  and yes…this was only $15!!  it’s a fake burberry…Furberry. 🙂  and it’s a print i’ve never seen.  i know it’s not real.  it doesn’t even look so good that i’m fooled…but i still <3 it 🙂

Thank you all for your Sassy thoughts and prayers.  We went for her x-rays on Monday.  She was a good girl this time.  I just picked her up and she cried, but she went into her carrier no problem.  she didn’t scream and cry the whole way.  then we get to the vet and the vet says “hello, Sassy!”  and she meows back in protest.  very cute .  and she just sat on the table as we talked.  she was good.  and she’s perfect.  no blockages.  nothing!  i let her run around in the room while we waited for the xrays to develop.  I took pics w/ my cell phone camera, but they are ca-ca.  then i got my purse camera i took the one pic, the vet came back and was laughing..’Are you taking pics of her?”  i got shy and said “uhh…yes…she looks so cute when she’s scared!”  so i stopped for fear of mockery. 🙂

sassy scared

isn’t she cute?  🙂   The conclusion we have come up w/ so far is that she has become a very picky eater.  so we’re going to change up her diet and see if the throwing up stops.  I got some fancy food from the vet b/c we are experimenting w/ flavas.   I was given duck, venison and beef.  Lemme tell you…that first day..i cracked open the duck.  she LOVED IT!  she’s just like her mama!!  but now …she doesn’t like it.  not sure.  she likes the venison.  we’ll see.   We’re going to follow up in a couple of weeks to see if the throwing up continues . so far….nothing.  *crossing fingers* Thanks everyone!

this is a knitting blog isn’t it? hahaha.

I’ve got an FO or two to show off.  well…one of them might not count as an FO.

Jojo slipper socks

Made for my friend Joseph by request.  He loves knitted gifts and I’m very happy to make them. 🙂

before suede bottoms are added bottoms of slippers with suede slipper bottoms check it out!

ProjectNola’s Slipper Pattern
YarnElla Rae Classic
Amount Used:   2 skeins (doubled)
Color:  30 Navy Blue
Needle Size: US 9
Date Started:  April 4, 2009
Date Finished:  April 8, 2009

i think these might be a bit small.  sigh.  I hope not.  this is a fantastic quick pattern.  I was done knitting it within a day and a half.  it took a white to sew the bottoms on though.  That’s what took the longest.  wow.

remember the paid cardi?  I haven’t been able to meet it’s soon-to-be-owner b/c our schedules conflict.   But i showed her a picture and she requested a change…the buttons.  I forgot she wanted a natural looking button.  so I changed the buttons.  I’m kind of glad.  I loved those other buttons so much, I didn’t want to give them up. 🙂  So here is Cardi-Redux.

cardi-redux3 close up of the buttons

I still love the old buttons best. 🙂

I’ve started another baby sweater for my brother.  no he’s not having a baby.  But a good friend of his is having a baby and i asked him ‘do you want me to make something so you can be a big hit at the shower?”  he said “ehh…whatever.”  I have a backup knitted gift here (EZ feb sweater and matching mat).  the shower is on the 25th of this month.  So i asked him yesterday “Hey.  did you want me to make something?”  he said “OMG! YES!”  so i showed him the backup set..he said it was too girly.  The happy couple is having a girl,but they didn’t want the baby to be all girly!  So i’m making another telemark pullover, but in magenta. 🙂

notice .... the bag of the week from a few weeks ago. :) i think this is one of the bestest baby sweaters ever.

I need to have it done by Sat.  Brother is coming up to visit for easter holidays.  🙂

I think i did too much talking/writing today!  Sorry if i bored y’all! 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello everyone!  It’s Thursday!  Time for another bag!!  Whoo-hoooo!

Another fakey! hahaha back view

This is a continuation of the bags that I bought last week when shopping w/ Janice.  😀  is’nt this one CUUUUTE?   it’s very roomy!!  and  yes…only $15.  muahaha!

Thanks to everyone’s well wishes for my little baby.  I got the test results on Thurs/Fri.  She’s FINE!!  PERFECTLY healthy!  nothing is wrong.  The vet even said “i wish half my cats that come in here were as healthy as Sassy is!”  *blush*  I was asked about her eating habits and we tweaked her diet a bit.  no more crunchy food…only canned food.  To see what happens.  and oh yes…i was to QUADRUPLE what I was feeding her in canned food.  OK.    I did it.  she was fine for about 5 days.  Then she started throwing up again.  I talked to the vet today and she’s concerned about that.  Sassy has to go back to the vet on Monday for X-rays.  Sigh.  she’s gonna be pissed at me.   But thanks again for keeping her in your thoughts/prayers.

So I got lots done this week.  I’m not sure why my productivity went up or whatever…but I was successful.   YAY!!

Item #1….the cardi.  IS DONE.  DONE DONE DONE!  WHEEEEE!!

The cardi is done!! more light i guess? back close up of the buttons

It’s no secret i had some serious issues w/ this pattern.   I’ve been pretty pissed about it al and i know i should have just went w/ a top-down raglan sweater.  As much complaining as time-outs as i had w/ this cardi, i could have ripped it all out and started all over w/ a top-down and finished it in LES S time.  sigh.

ProjectTreeline Striped cardigan
Yarn Berroco Comfort Chunky
Amount Used:  5.5 skeins
Color:  Natural
Needle Size: US 10.5
Date Started: Feb. 21, 2009
Date Finished: April 1, 2008

Wow.  it took me over a month to do this.   hahaha.  soooo.  here are my thoughts/notes.


  • Sleeves were done first.  At first I thought it was awesome so I didn’t have to do a gauge swatch.  duhhh..
  • The pattern was fine until you get to the section where you add the sleeves.  MATH…WRONG.  I cannot say this enough.  i was pulling out the little hair I have left on my head over this.   I picked up, knit to the end where you finish the decreasing and i was 10 stitches too many on the left side.  I then ripped it all out and re-did the math and found out there was a mistake.
  • there are some weird mistakes in a certain part of the pattern that isn’t CRUCIAL to keep going (more of an annoyance), but you don’t know when to STOP decreasing.  I’m not into patterns where you have to feel around for a guess on this.
  • The button band info didn’t work w/ what i had.  Using a smaller needle size for that ribbed button band and picking up fewer stitches was the solution.  I picked up too few the first time and had a very gathered cardi.  I picked up TOO many the 2nd and 3rd time trying this and i got a ruffle.  So i figured out a solution by just doing.


  • I think the method they used to stripe so many stripes is great.  I think that was what the pattern was focused on rather than anything else.

enough complaining.  I love the buttons I found for this!

Item #2…So Cal Chic sweater for Aaron L.

sweater. :) I think this sweater makes Zoe look really chic and like a boy. hahahah! close up of the neck detail back view

ProjectTelemark Pullover
YarnLion Brand Cotton ease
Amount Used: less than 1 skein
Color:  Pewter
Needle Size: US 5
Date Started: Feb. 14, 2009
Date Finished:  March 30, 2009

I love this pattern so much.  I wish I could marry it! haahah  I am working on a pair of matching booties and a hat for this.  maybe no hat.  they live in SoCal.  not that cold all up in there.

Item #3….Hot water bottle cozy

Last week for P-La’s bday, I made her a hot water bottle cozy.  She’s been talking about knitting one for forever.  That day, i just happen to see something online where someone took an old felted sweater and made a cozy for it.  Omg.  I had this old sample Noro cabled sweater that i was going rip out and re-use the yarn.  It was a pain.  so i just threw the whole thing in the washer weeks ago w/ plans to make something w/ it.  I never did it.  🙂  So i made a hot water bottle cozy.  P-La said she liked it.  I hope she wasn’t lying to me! hahaha

water bottle cozy water bottle cozy see!! it fits!

ended up having to hand sew it b/c the fabric was so thick, it didn’t fit under the presser foot on my machine. 🙂 hand stitched it closed.

Item #4 ….. Little Red Riding hood.

ti there. :) goodbye? the burt reynolds

Project: Bunny Gurumi (direct link)
Yarn:  Knit picks Wool of the andes (stash dived for this)
Amount Used: 1/2 of each color
Color:  beige/natural and red
Hook Size:  G
Date Started: March 31, 2009
Date Finished: April 1, 2009

My cousin showed me this etsy seller’s dolls for sale and begged me to make one for her.  i waited a while then went back and found out the seller was now selling the pattern rather than just the dolls.  i got alot of OOOOH’s and AAAAAH’s when i worked on it at work and at knit nite.

I’ve been sewing this week too.  I’ve got a few things to post that I managed to finish…

Dewdrop bag inside of the dew drop bag. Passport sleeve bag for petra's bday inside of bag. mini box bag to match bag isn't it cute? GASP!  look how SMALL it is!  pen is for scaling. :)

I fell asleep in my office chair earlier and i better go to sleep before i do it again. 🙂  have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday Purse-Day!

Happy Thursday everyone! 🙂   How is everyone?

This is this week’s bag!

Burberry fake.  muahahah! close up.  nice eh? omg...across the chest?  awesomeeee

So the story behind this… it’s no secret I love fake bags.  L-O-V-E!!!!!!!  Janice (blogless) and i went on Saturday to do some prison yarn donations and to do frivolous shopping.  So we went to drop off the yarn at a shop that shall not be named b/c we got creeped out when we walked in.  😀  We went to the Woolie Ewe and spent too much money.   Then we headed off to Harry Hines area to look for fabric.  Well, duh.  neither of us have really been fabric shopping out there, so we didn’t know where to go really.  it’s all good.  We went PURSE shopping instead.   well, we went to a shopping center and walked around.  I saw alot of household goods in a shop that I need to return to and go nuts in.  but we went into a few bag stores before we hit jackpot here.  I got 3 Burberry fakes.  $16 a piece.  can’t beat that!! WHEEE!!  Janice got a tacky gold girraffe print bag.  so awesome.  cheap stuff too.  it was good.  Then after we went and PIGGED out at a restaurant nearby. my gawd.  it was sooooo good.  I was so happy to have leftovers so I could eat them later.   thanks for a fun day, Janice. 🙂

What have I been working on?  Sigh.  Cardi still.  This thing is going to kill me.  i had some serious issues w/ the math on the pattern.  come to find out…there are errors in it.  The math, I mean.  I had to put it away for a few days b/c i was so angry.  I mean this time last week i was determined to finish it.  I got alot done on Saturday, then on Sunday, i realized the math was all wrong and I had to rip out all i did on Thurs and Sat.  I put it away for two days after that…re-did some calculations…reknit what I ripped out…hit another road block.  more time out time.   Then i finally tackeled it last night and finished most of it.  I”m just working on the button band now.  After posting some postings on Ravelry, i found out I wasn’t the only one that had issues with it.  whew.

anyway…i’m almost done.  i keep saying that.  BUT I REALLY AM THIS TIME!!!!  i swear it!! 🙂

here’s some pictures of before my first attempt on the button band.  That had to be ripped out as well and redone.  Hopefully this time will be successs!  FTW!!!  I can’t wait till it’s done.  I have the most perfect buttons for this cardi. 🙂

not bad eh? the left arm isn't shorter...i had it bunched up funny.

Almost done w/ that baby sweater i was working on too.   i’ll finish that this weekend fo’ sho’.

No sewing projects this week.  hahaha.

I had to take my little Sassy baby to the vet this week to get some tests done.  She’s been throwing up all over my house for the last month or so.  at first it was every few days…then it turned into every day.  So i got a bit concerned b/c i no longer see hairballs in her messiness.  the vet found nothing wrong, but they were concerned that she lost So much weight.  She lost 2 lbs.  that’s alot for a cat!  she only weighs like 10 lbs…so she lost 20% of her weight.  So they did all these blood tests and we’re waiting to see what they say.  since we got home from the vet, her appetite has come back which relieves me a bit.  and no throwing up since tues morning *crossing fingers*  maybe she just hates her dry food and that’s her protest.  hmmmm.

i took some pics of her last week.  I got her a new blanket to lay on on my bed.  i was sick of her tearing the crap out of this plushy blanket I used to have on my bed.

princess sassy what you want sassycat

she looks thin here.  I feel so bad i waited so long to see if something was wrong.  🙁

It rained alot today.  🙂  Guess what i did??  I wore my new boots!!! WHEEEEEEEEE!!  i even searched for puddles to jump into!!  Botgurl mocked me as I ran toward a puddle and started splish splashing around and jumping and making a mess. 🙂


seems I’m a bit chatty today at 235a.  🙂  sorry folks.

One last thing.

remember the DPN holders I made a few weeks ago?  I’m offering them up for sale on my etsy shop if anyone wants to buy one. 🙂  Look up and you’ll see an Etsy page link at the top…or you can click on the banner below. 🙂


have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello everyone!  Happy Thursday!

This week has been a boring week.  I’ve been a bit sleepy all week…not sure why.  But Weds was a good day for me for me mood-wise.  I was in a happy mood!  Someone called me at 9p and when I answered the phone..he said “Man.  That was a happy ‘hello!'” hahah.  So I’m hopefully starting my Thurs off in a good way. 🙂

here is this week’s purse/bag/wallet/container. 🙂

New Hello Kitty wallet back of the wallet Inside of the wallet

When my brother was here last week, we went to the mall.  We always go to the mall during a visit.  Tradition, you know. 🙂   We had to hit Hot Topic b/c I have to look at the HK stuff in there and this lovely wallet was there.  I had to buy it.  Duh! 🙂   It’s cute huh?  Not sure how much I dig it yet.  It holds everything nicely though 😀

Remember this baby sweater?  It was a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE hit at the baby shower on sunday!  the shoes, the Baby Jayne Hat, this sweater!   My gift was the first one she opened and all the ooh’s and aah’s?  That is addicting.  It went straight to my head.  “Oh no…no was nothing…really…thank you.  No…i don’t want to make these for a living…i love giving them as gifts.  Oh my!  Anthropologie?  no no…my knits are not THAT spectacular!!”  Tee hee!!   Then her grandma made some fantastic quilt that was opened last and put me to shame.  it was a nice ride while it lasted. hahaha!

Anyway…I’m making another one for a friend of mine that had a baby last week.  They live in SoCal and they didn’t know what they were having until baby was born.  It’s a boy!!  So i’m making another one of these chic sweaters for that cool little baby in SoCal. 🙂


I am REALLLY loving this color.  I want to buy up all of this yarn that I can b/c I love it so much! 🙂  What is it?  Lion Brand Cotton Ease. 🙂

I havne’t started the contract cardigan yet.  I’m being a bit lazy.  that’s not true.  i haven’t fully decided on what pattern to use/alter for the cardigan and i need to stop dilly dallying on it.  boooO!

FO’s for this week?

I finally finished embellishing that one little mermaid for my friend’s daughter.  The FIRST mermaid i did …it’s been decided that it’s too big and I’m going to make one w/ a purple tail for the older sister in a smaller size.   So there will be two little mermaids swimming around in that house soon. 🙂 oh yeah…i also decided not to put a seashell bra on the baby mermaid.  Why?  I made the’s so small and fiddly.  I was cursing as I was making it.  never mind.  She doesn’t need it! 🙂

Moy Moy mermaid don't you just love the star embellishment? Swimming to the left swimming to the right.

ProjectMere the mermaid amigurumi pattern
Berroco Comfort Baby (body and tail)
Lion Brand Wool-Ease (hair)
Amount Used
: 1/3 skein of Comfort Baby, 1/8 of the skein of wool-ease
Boy blue, Peach (Comfort baby); brown tweedy (wool-ease)
Hook Size
: D
Date Started: Jan 24, 2009
Date Finished: Feb 4, 2009

I think she’s super cute…but I am biased. 🙂  I did the hair correctly on this one.  So I’m happier w/ how she came out! 🙂  **talked to the girls’ mommy…a top is preferred. 🙂  hahaah.  I will have to decide on what to do there 🙂  Tube top?

I finished the contract scarf on Friday.  I’m very pleased w/ how it came out.

Scarf in a criss-cross style scarf worn in this way my aunt taught me when i was in HK once. Another way my aunt taught me how to wear a scarf when in HK.  tres chic!

Project: Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Scarf (direct pdf download)
Yarn Berroco Comfort Chunky
Amount Used: Exactly 3 skeins
Needle Size: US 10.5
Date Started: Jan 29, 2009
Date Finished: Feb 6, 2009

The scarf is 5 feet 10 inches long.  it’s longer than i am tall. hahaha!  The recipient is 5 feet 8 inches…so it’s longer than she is tall too.  I’ve already sent her pics of it and she’s pleased.  That makes me happy 🙂

That’s all i’m working on for now. 🙂   I got a new camera last week (nothing OOOOOH…just a slightly used dSLR, Canon 20D) and I was playing w/ it all and testing it out.  I really wanted to get a 40D or a 50D…but times are tough, my friends.  Those are luxury cameras for me at this point and time.  🙂  anyway…i was playing w/ the camera and i took some cute pics of cute widdle Sassy cat. 🙂

My widdle baby!

Isn’t she darling?  Don’t you just want to squish her?? 🙂  Sigh.  She’s so sweet she gives me a toothache! hahah!

And finally…my blog post won’t be complete w/ my annual Valentine’s day hate rant. 🙂   What is everyone doing on Valentine’s day?  for some reason it seems that people are making a huge emphasis on this yucky day b/c it lands on a Saturday this year.

I don’t hate Valentine’s day b/c I’m single.  I hate it b/c it’s a sh*t holiday.  I hated it every year when I was in relationship(s).   What is it about all the presents that have to be given on holidays?  Valentine’s Day, Easter (Easter presents???), etc.  I love giving/receiving gifts like any normal human being.  But I hate it when it’s forced upon us.   These poor men in our lives…they are judged by the gifts they give on V-Day.  You don’t give your woman roses?  You got her carnations?  you don’t love her enough.  You didn’t buy her a diamond?  OMG.  what are you thinking??  Why are you even alive?  Women:  you are judged by the gifts you get from your man.  WTH?  he got you carnations?  Girl, why do you stay w/ this loser?  blah blah bah.  i could go on for hours if you’d let me.  But I’ll stop my crazy rant there.

I don’t have any particular special dude in my life right now.   not complaining…just stating a fact.   and I’m not upset by this.  I’m actually glad I won’t be fighting for a restaurant to eat at on Sat. night.  I’m glad I don’t have to buy a gift to give away on V-Day.  I started seeing Valentine’s decorations/gifts/etc since BEFORE Christmas.  BEFORE Christmas!!  This is a totally retail-fueled holiday…no religious basis to the holiday.  We need to end the madness.  This feel-bad holiday needs to end!   Join me! muhahaha!