holy crap i missed thursday purse-day!!


here is my bag of the week!


So it’s no secret i like to take pictures.  I bought a Canon Rebel XT last year ..which i LOVE.   But travling w/ this camera has been…well, a bitch.  it’s huge.  and when i go out of town, i like just having a sling over bag.  that’s it.  i can’t juggle a purse, a huge camera bag…so this camera bag is the perfect solution.  it looks like a big purse.  it’s great!  it’s another Crumpler bag.  I’m in love w/ Crumpler bags.

this week has been a bit of a crazy week.  i’ve been horribly tired…and i’m not sure why.   my brother is coming to town for a wedding and he’s staying w/ me.   of course, lazy ME.  i didn’t even really clean up for him.  i’m such a pig..it’s like why bother.  he knows i’m messy…he can just deal with it.  even though HE IS NOT a pack rat! hahaha sometimes i wonder how we are siblings…we’re so opposite.  I’m a pack rat..he is SOOO not a pack rat.  He is thin, i am fat.  He is athletic, i could care less about playing anything.  He’s tall (well, for our family he is), i’m horribly short.  well, we do have alot of simliarities.  tee-hee.

but i have been knitting. i’m working on a pair of Trekking socks for MEEEE.  purple trekking..gotta love it!!  i’ve been *trying* to crochet a bit.  Just basic SC squares.  nothing fancy…nothing special.  but ppl keep saying “OMG!! are you CRO-CHET-ING!??!?!”  “it doesn’t look right!  something is wrong!!”  i only want to crochet to 1)  make twirly squirly scarves   2)  make crochet flowers.   Bot-Gurl told me that you can crochet a washcloth in like 30 min compared to like 2 hours w/ knitting.  so i was curious!! then someone said “you already knit fast enough!  why do you need to do something faster??”  like i said..i’m curious.  i’m doing this in the name of science.  hahaahaha.

pics to come later…i’m just sleepy. 🙂  i came home tonight after a belated b-day dinner for Janice.  We hit up the Hanasho in Irving.  that was so good.  the Bento box was SOOO generous.  so i got home…fell asleep for a long time.  woke up b/c a friend called me…and it woke me up.  so it’s about 2 am now and i’m UP.  sigh….

Thursday Purs-day…a little early

i’m going to do this a little early today b/c i know tomorrow i’m going to be stuck at work all day. (shut up, Bot-Gurl!! ahhaah)

here is the purse of the week:


isn’t it CUUUUUTE? I didn’t actually use this as a PURSE…but more of a knitting bag. But i would totally use it as a purse if i felt like it! hahah i don’t remember the stats too much. I know it was on sale, and i got it at Northeast Mall at my favorite Hello Kitty island. And i got it….like a year and a half ago. tee-hee. 😉

so i’ve been working on my shetland shawl…i have to have 9 inches on the lace part done by Sat. I haven’t touched the shawl since Sunday…but i have about..err….5.5 inches done? i got distracted from the shawl by this!!


What is this? charts? OOOH!




It’s baby pirates! or as someone said yesterday at Simpatico….a baby skull cap. har har har! this cap needs blocking so badly.

Project: Baby Pirates (purse-ho creation)
Yarn: Dreambaby DK
Amount of yarn used: 1/3 of 2 skeins (each)
Colors: Hot Pink and White
Needle Size: US3
Date Started: July 18, 2006
Date Finished: July 19, 2006

So the story behind this is….GoodGirlPurl wanted to make a baby hat w/ fair isled skulls. After some brainstorming, NanC and I came up with a basic chart worked from HelloYarn’s skull hat chart. At first i just deleted a repeat from the original chart…tada. but nooo…if you do it like that, you will get a pyramid hat! so we eliminated alot of the fluff and came up w/ a new chart. GoodGirlPurl finished hers it’s oh so cute!! As we were at KnitNite tonight at Panera, 3 different people had to stop and comment on all of us knitting together. some older man stopped and yelled “WHAT IN THE DADGUM ARE Y’ALL DOING?? IS THIS A SEWING CLASS??” yes, sir. look at us w/ our sewing machines and thread. we sure are a sewing, dadgum it.

I tried to do the hat in cotton…no worky. it came out pretty freaking awful. hahaa. so i went and got some Dreambaby DK in hot pink and white. you can see how it came out. I need to do the decreases differently at the top. i just kind of flubbed it b/c i was at work and didn’t feel like doing math w/ a screaming baby in the room, i should have waited till i was in the mood to calculate. but i’ll just rip out the top and redo it.
I made a SmALL sample yesterday to make sure i could make it come out ok in this yarn. look at what i did:


it’s all CONEY!! note to everyone out there, DO NOT PULL TIGHT when doing fair isle! hahaha. this was supposed to be a LITTLE hat. but it’s a dunce cap. Live and learn. i can post up a pattern for this little hat if there is interest. 🙂

*edit…i had to take off the picture of the cross stitch.  i wasn’t aware that the recipient reads my blog.  hahaah. .oopsie

Thursday Purs-day….a little late

Sorry for the late post, peeps! 🙂  i fell asleep for a while and woke up and forgot it was Thursday!! 🙂  I am not using this purse right now.  i’m still using the one from last week which is quickly proving to be a favorite.  But this is another bag from my collection….

Bought:  i dont’ know how long ago…..last year?
Location:  Old Navy
Price:  $7.00

This is a very cute cute bag i use when i want to just carry a magazine and my wallet. 🙂  im really favorable of purses that cross over me rather than just a shoulder bag.  Shoulder bags just slip right off my shoulder constantly!!

So i’m currently working on a shetland Shawl.  When we signed up for this class, we didn’t know it was a DESIGN class. har har har. we found that out on Saturday.  i was a bit confused at first…but once i got going, i got going.

so first we knit an 18″ square.  this is the center of the shawl.  We use a dishcloth-esque method to make that square.  Start w/ 3 stitches, increase 1 stitch on each side every other row, etc.


So i finished my square last week.  and this week was designing our lace panels and and knitting them.  We pick up along the edges of the square and then do a lace motif.  We had to design our lace motif.   it’s a cat’s paw motif.   I did about 6 rows and i realized it was all wrong.  Bot-Gurl informed me i can’t count and that’s why it was all jacked up.  tee-hee…thank goodness for Bot-Gurl.  So i ripped it all back and did it right, weaved in a lifeline, and you know..i think once you weave a lifeline, i think it makes you knit just fine.  hahaah.  here is a close up of the cat’s paw motif…


The yarn i’m using is Jojoland Melody.  I knitted the entire square and about 20 rows of the lace with ONE BALL.   this stuff ROCKS!   so i have a week to finish up the lace panels and then we will do an edging…then TADA!! finished! 🙂

Thursday Purs-day

Today was one of those days when i felt a bit sleepy, so i took a nap after work and I slept too long. sigh.

So i’m working on my Trek w/ Me socks still. I hate them. I hate the color of the Trekking I picked. Yesterday as I was knitting on them, I was cackling and saying “I hate these socks. As soon as i’m finished w/ them, i’m going to burn them, stomp them on the ground and laugh.” I’ve had a few people look at me in horror…others laugh along accordingly. hahaha. But i’m going to make them and give them away to someone. Someone at Simpatico maybe….2 ppl there have said they would LOOOOOVE to have them.

So yesterday i realized I didn’t decrease enough in the gusset. SIGH. so i RIPPED BACk. i was already working on decreasing on the toe…. but they were just SO LOOSE! so i ripped back….cursing the socks as I did it. and what did the socks grant me with? a ginormous tangle. hahaa. so i worked on the tangle and setting it all back up on the needles again. It took me like 2 hours to do all this. foolish purse.ho. I could have finished the f-ing socks by now. but they woudl’nt have fit anyone. 😉 I”m happier that I ripped them out and can do them “properly”. lol

trek socks 002.jpg
Here are the dreaded socks. 🙂

Sorry this is a little late, guys. I took a horribly long nap today and didn’t have a chance to do this earlier. tee-hee. it’s 11:11p here. i’m still on thursday 🙂

70606 003.jpg

Bought: 7.3.06
Manufacturer: Nine West
Bought at Ross for $15


Please bear with me as I move things around and such. WordPress is foreign to me right now…gimme a few days. 🙂 But thanks for the previous comments on the move. tee-hee. 🙂

Thursday Purs-day

So this is the purse of the week. I’m being lazy and don’t feel like grabbing my camera to take a pic of a purse actually in my collection. 😉

I do not own this purse…but i DO WANT IT SO BAD!!!!! i don’t know why…it’s coach, it’s a wristlet (I LURVE wristlets), and it’s purple. I looked for this purse in Las Vegas…man was it expensive. If i had money to just toss away…i would totally get this little bag. 🙂

Name: Coach Holiday Patchwork Wristlet
Price: TOO MUCH!!!
Purchase date: sometime in the future

Knitting status:

i’m working on my Trek w/ Me socks finally. and i’ve decided i no like the color (color 100). it’s just SO not me. Primary colors, green…Skitter did a pair of socks in the same color. I”m trying to do a basketweave rib…and it sort of shows up. lol. i think it’s the nature of the trekking beast.

I’m also working on a shetland shawl. I”ll post pics later. like i said..i’m being lazy and actually didn’t feel like taking pictures today. no school makes purse.ho really out of whack. lol

Thursday Purs-day

OK. So my blogname, PURSE-HO, has been questioned by a few of the Rogue ladies. Why did i give myself this title? Why when i have nothing referencing purses on my site? this is true. I don’t. If i was thinking clearly, i should have called my self HelloKittyKnitter. Shoot…that is available. hahaha. anyway…. I thought Purse-Ho was hilarious. When i set up this blog about 2 years ago, i was in the midst of making alot of felted purses and i thought “im’ going to do one EVERYDAY!” yeah right. they get so boring after a while. 😉 hahaha. plus…i LOVE LOVE LOVE to buy purses/bags. this has been a lifelong issue for me. maybe my name should have been BAG-HO.

I get this sickness from my mama. My mama is a purse ho as well, but i’ve taken it up a few notches from her. She’s a shoe ho too…but many women claim this title. i go through periods when i buy a new purse every week. I haven’t done that in a while….sometimes i find one and i stick w/ it for a long while. sometimes i think i’ll stick with it, then i realize it’s flawed in some way (falls off my shoulder, not big enough for my crap) and i go on the hunt for another one. But i love cute bags too. i always have knitting, reading, etc…just STUFF to carry. and when i travel, fly, whatever….oh man..i love getting a new bag for another little trip.

my criteria is usually the same. I rarely buy EXPENSIVE bags…such as Coach, Dooney and Burke, Fendi…the way i go through bags, it’s very wrong for me to buy expensive purses. i do have ONE coach bag that was given to me as a gift. I still have it. i can’t part with it, but i don’t like it enough to use it all the time.

  • I rarely buy one over $30
  • I prefer smaller, not-so-heavy purses
  • i realized I prefer something that crisscrosses over me rather than a shoulder bag b/c purses don’t stay on my shoulders.
  • I would buy small backpacks instead, but i’ve had an incident where someone tried to steal something out of my bag while it was on my back.
  • I prefer open bags to closed ones.
  • I hate velcro, i dont like zippers. I prefer nice non-snap magnets.
  • I don’t like leather that much b/c it’s too hot on my shoulder.
  • I prefer things easy to wipe off b/c i’m a messy pig.

Bag Criteria:

  • The easy-to-wipe criteria stands here as well
  • I like pockets and compartments.
  • I dont like zippers or velcro here either…tangles w/ yarn and what not.
  • Size is important b/c i don’t like to have to use a small dolly to carry my bag
  • I don’t like mesh bags that much b/c things poke out.
  • It’s gotta be cheap.
  • It’s gotta be pretty cool and different for me to buy it…or else i’ll just grab something i have already.
  • Did i mention CUTE CUTE CUTE??

So because of all this, a suggestion was made that I do THURSDAY PURSE-DAY!! well, THURSDAY PURS-DAY (it rhymes!!!).

So each week…if i can remember..i’m posting a purse of the week. YAY! i wonder if I have enough bags to post….i usually do. but sometimes i lose my mind, go through my boxes of purses and give them to goodwill or to a friend’s co-worker’s wife (did that make sense?).

So here is this week’s purse…


Date purchased: 6/16/06
Price paid: $13
Store bought: Payless Shoes
Material: denim/canvas

LIke i said…i buy ’em cheap. hahahaah. so i’ll see how long i can keep this up w/ the purse/bag posting of the day. 🙂

I said i would post pics of the loot I got yesterday….here we go…. Sorry so picture/text heavy today, peeps!


a Pirate bag from P-la!! Thank u so much! it’s SO CUTE!!


a BAG from Bot-Gurl!! Colorful, cute and EASY to clean! 🙂


OMG…CRYSTAL HELLO KITTY PEZ from NanC!! these are extra special and rare! thank you NanC!


A handmade headband (I LOVE IT) and the stitch n bitch design notebook from Bot-Gurl! She even asked me last week if I have a normal adult sized head. of course i do! i have a gigantic brain, you know. 😉

A Simpatico GC from the Purling P’s! Thank you, you guys! i can really use this. 😉

I got a great card from Angi and a yarntainer from Kathy (blogless). The Yarntainer is down in my car and i’m too lazy to go down and take a pic of it. haha. sorry!

Thanks to all for the great b-day dinner. It was good times. 🙂 and so generous of everyone!