Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello all!

It’s Thursday! Time for the purse of the week!!

{pink toki} Another FAKE TokiDoki! muahahah! {pink toki} Close up of the front pocket{pink toki} close up of the fake keychain{pink toki} backside. hahaha

Another fake TokiDoki. hahahaa. I got this at the same time as I got the other one. I couldn’t decide on which one i wanted. So when in doubt, buy BOTH! hahaahah!

I’m back in merry ol’ Texas. I had a great time at my friend’s wedding even though i was so so so busy! I got into AZ and i was presented w/ wedding favors galore. I’m lucky i didn’t get stuck w/ doing ALL 420 favors solo. I had a small army to help me…which included groom’s mom, aunt and grandma. 🙂 those ladies worked hard! Here is photos of what we did. 🙂

{favors} this is only half the favors that needed to be done. {favors}  tried a few ways to keep them together.  This way was tied...and my preferred way w/ the tag{favors} half done.  whooo hoooo!{favors}  candy little dim sum. :) {favors} after folding 400 napkins and setting up the restaurant, here is the favor sitting on top of the napkin, ready to be taken home.

I’m pleased w/ how they came out. For those who don’t know what these are…these are mini dim sum steamer baskets. At certain restaurants that serve dim sum, they come out in steamer baskets that look like this. the hershey’s kisses look like little ha gaos. haahah well, if ha gaos were covered in foil. 🙂

And here are some lovely photos of the cake. 🙂

is it fake or real? hahah beautiful wedding cake



I did knit on my way to AZ. I made a little pair of newborn socks for my friend’s newborn daughter. I started the socks before I left and finished them off on the plane. The elderly lady sitting next to me was watching me the whole time, then thanked me after for entertaining her. hahahah.

{A socks} Newborn socks. :)  SO CUTE!{A socks} So on these socks I did the afterthought heel which i liked VERY much.  But when i finished the toe on these socks and then was goign to start on the heel, i noticed the sock looked...naughty.  LIke naughty bits.  LIke a winkie to be exact.   *snarf* {A socks} I made these on the plane to AZ{A socks} a kacha kacha size comparison{A socks} can you see my ginger ale on the tray table in front of me? hahahah

Project: My own! Addison’s newborn socks
Yarn: Biberon
Amount Used
Less than half a skein
Needle Size:
US size 2
Date Started:
January 16, 2008
Date Finished:
January 16, 2008

I had a wonderful time seeing all my friends again.  It was great reconnecting and laughing and seeing their new kids or how big their older kids are now.  A few of them were taller than me. 🙂  and a few are talking ALOT more now.  a bunch of them I hadn’t seen since they were widdle bebbehs.  Now they are toddlers…running around and screaming.  I stayed w/ the sister of the groom, who had a 3.5 yr old daughter  and a 1 month old daughter.  I tell you, i don’t know how she does it everyday.  I don’t know how ANYONE does it every day w/ a toddler.  I loved playing and talking w/ the older daughter.  She’s very easily my favorite little girl. hehehe.   she was just soooo talkative and asking so many freaking questions.  I kind of miss it now.  It’s too quiet at my place.  I need a little voice yelling ‘AUNTIE JEN!  COME PLAY W/ ME!  AUNTIE JEN!  why is that man on the tv running away?  what did he do?  was he bad? is he going to jail?”  hehehee.   

And i have a hat to present. This is a hat for that lady that asked me to do the apron. She wanted a matching set…hat and apron. i tried my best. i hope she likes it.  The saga of the apron/hat is almost complete.  Both will be delievered to her on Saturday. 

{4 points hat} So this is the original Paul Smith hat{4 points hat} My attempt at the hat.  The yarn used is WAY thicker than the original it looks a bit different but fits the same. :) {4 points hat} top of the original hat{4 points hat}  my of the hat


Project: My own! Four points hat
Yarn: Gefrida Fashion Trend Fino
Amount Used
Less than a skein
Needle Size:
US size 5
Date Started:
January 16, 2008
Date Finished:
January 23, 2008

Thursday Purse-Day!

I woke up this morning and realized i forgot to post before I went to bed last night! WHOOOPS! Sorry folks!

here is this week’s purse!

{roots}  a ROOTS BAG!!!{roots} the back. :){roots}  the logo{roots} the inside

crap. i forgot to put something for a size comparison. I lost my old beer cap. I think i need a new one donated to me. hahahah. does anyone have one to spare? 🙂

anyway…i saw this during all the boxing day sales this week at ROots. I LOVE ROOTS! I always love their bags. But over the years the prices have gone up and up. this little bag wasn’t too expensive. 🙂 and it was 30% off! whoo hoo!! my mom who is a purse ho too was alL “OOOH GET IT”. hahaha. ENABLER!! she was encouraging me to get all those fake bags I bought too. 🙂 YOu will see those unveiled this month. muhahah!

Did everyone have a great new years? 🙂 I had a crazy one! My brother and I decided we wanted to go to Toronto’s version of NYC’s Times Square. We knew it would be crowded, yes. We knew it would be cold, yes. but we’ve never done anything like this before, so it was either sit at home and do nothing, or go and look at the crazies. so we went…much to the confusion of our family. man…what a bad idea that was. as soon as we got on the subway, it was packed w/ morons yelling and screaming. we get to where all the excitement was…and OMG. it was so crazy. and it was snowing like mad. WET SNOW! that alone was irritating. no wonder everyone who lives where it’s cold and snowy is always so grouchy. hahaha. so we chilled in the back finally after i finally convinced my brother that TRYING To go to the front was stupid. We saw fireworks. it was ok. hahaha. we saw some guy take off his pants then start screaming and yelling. i saw some butt. in a public, very crowded area. it was gross. hahahaha on our way home we saw multiple people get arrested for being drunk and retarded. it was awesome.

overall the trip was great. We ate WAYY too much. My grandma tried to kill us w/ food. she succeeded. I got some cooking lessons/recipes from my grandma. She’s a wonderful cook. she doesn’t craft much. She sews b/c she has to…b/c she doesn’t believe in purchasing clothes for herself. so she makes her own. but man that woman can COOOOK. we saw a ton of family which was great. we saw 10cm of snow right before we left. it was a white winter wonderland. 🙂 i’ll post pics later. i was taking photos like a freaking tourist. 🙂 I have so many to edit through and touch up 🙂 We went to see “We Will Rock You” the musical. THe music was awesome. the storyline of the musical was lameness. :)hokey. hahaha I also saw Juno. I recommend it. it was a good movie!

Did i go yarn shopping/ oh yes. i’m ashamed to admit i spent too much this week on YARN. i had to hide it from my family b/c I ddin’t want them to see and I didn’t want them to yell at me. i’ll show pics of the bounty later. its kind of shameful. 🙂

So i did do some knitting while i was away. not much…but a little. 🙂 I’m working on a contract piece for a local person who is a bit eccentric. The basics…she gave me a piece of clothing she wants me to replicate. She bought the yarn in a different color and she isn’t concerned that the stitch pattern matches exactly. but she wants it to be open. she kept caling this an apron. So at first I wasn’t going to take it on, but i’m up for the challenge. i’ll try it and see how it goes. it’s interesting not using a pattern and making it up as you go along. i should take notes just in case this is a success. hahahaha. anywya…here are pics of the original piece. and then some pics of the 6 inches i have done so far.

{apron}  i had a hard time putting this on my mannequin.  apparently even my skinny mannequin is too fat.{apron} side view{apron} other side{apron} back view{apron} NO POCKETS she said. hahaa. THANK GOD!{apron} my attempt so far.

I need to hurry up and finish this. i’m kind of tired of worrying about this item already. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!



What is everyone doing for their holiday?  I flew back home to see my folks last night.  I was really surprised at how NOT-chaotic the holiday traveling was.  I prepared myself for the worst!   it was so smoooooth.  I had to fly to Austin on my way home, which is great b/c I met up w/ my brother there.  We flew home and my mom had food ALLL ready for us.  It was awesome. 🙂  But as soon as we finished eating, i was told of all the things I had to do.  #1)  get the virus that dad INSTALLED off the computer  #2)  Fix dad’s computer b/c he jacked that one up too.   #3) knit a hat for the neighbor who had a gigantic baby a few days ago. AHHH!!  so with all the frenzy, i totally forgot it was weds last night.

Anyway…before I packed up and left, i took some pictures of stuff and had the pictures saved in my email.  but DUH!  I forgot to take a picture of my current purse! AAAH!  What’s a girl to do?  Go to the website and steal a picture of the current bag. 🙂  last week’s backpack didn’t last long.  I got tired of having to take it off my shoulders to get stuff.  With my favorite style of bag (sling across the chest), you never have to do that!  just open the bag and get what you need.  So when i was at Sam Moon last week getting the backpack, I also found this:


Isn’t it cute?  it’s a great color and it has TONS of room!! 🙂   I even have room in there for my knitting toolkit! 🙂   WHOOOOO HOOOOO!  GREAT deal!  JANSPORT!  i had no idea they made so many different bags!  Sam Moon has a HUGE selection of luggage, messenger bags, etc.  FANTASTIC!

So what have I been up to?  I finished (well, it needs bells) a Christmas stocking for pay.  It’s hideous.  hahahaah.  But the original stocking which was given to me for reference is HUGE!  it wasn’t done to gauge, it was pretty sloppily done.  And when the lady gave it to me, she said “My gawd.  Isn’t this HUGE?  it’s TOO BIG!  and it looks…loose?”  So i made it to gauge on a smaller needle.  ANd whoops.  It came out way smaller.  Take a look:

{stock} SO much smaller!{stock} one side of charlotte's stocking{stock} the other side of charlotte's stocking{stock}  stacked on top of each other....the difference is huge!

Isn’t it ugly?  hahahaah!  I hate santa claus.  I think he’s gross.  I prefer snowmen!!

but anyway, i didn’t really read the instructions when I started.   I had NO IDEA you do these stupid things flat and then seam them up.  So when i got everything, i just cast on in the round and started going going going.  then i looked at the instructions when i got to a certain point and i said “HUH?  how am i supposed to do that in the round???”  well, then i REALLY read the instructions and i saw all the flatness instructions! AAAHHHH!!  i ddin’t want to rip out! granted i only had a couple of inches…but sTILL!!  So what’s a girl to do?  I decided to keep going, and then duplicate stitch ALLLLL the intarsia/fair isle.   so this was an interesting feat.  I really do love duplicate stitch!!!!!  it’s so AWESOME!  So this wasn’t too bad. But stocking construction is weird.  I don’t dig it.

I’m scared to bring this back to the lady and have such a huge size difference in stockings.  When i showed all my friends, I said “as a child, wouldn’t you be pissed if your sibling had such a HUGE stocking in comparison?”  everyone said i was crazy….esp since the smaller stocking looks so much better.  (tee-hee).

Now for the weekend, i have been instructed to knit quickly, a hat for the neighbor’s new baby.  I bought some cheap-a$$ needles at walmart w/ some cheapy caron yarn.  I get home and try to un-kink the needles, the freaking needle tip came right off the cable!  WhAT THE HELL??? and my mom has no glue in her house.  this is why we don’t buy ANY knitting related items at walmart.

It’s Wednesday. :) i’ve got photos!

I’ve also got an FO to show off. 🙂

{elep}  Meet my friend, Eleanor, the Elephant Tea Cozy {elep}  She likes to give a sheepish smile{elep} {elep} {elep}

Project: Elephant Tea Cozy
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease
Amount Used: half a skein
Color: Rose Heather and a smidge of the frosty white
Needle Size: US 8 and an H hook
Date Started: November 12, 2007
Date Finished: November 13, 2007

this is a really cute little cozy.  The second I saw it, I KNEW I had to make it! 🙂  I love free patterns!


  • Fast knit
  • Really cute
  • Fun to knit
  • Gets ALOT of oohs and aaahs


  • I found an error in the pattern and had to really think about the error before reacting.
  • I would have made the opening for the handle bigger.

I’m on a finishing streak right now and I don’t want to jack it up.  I also finished someone’s bday socks, but i will wait to post pics until I give them to the recipient. 🙂  hehehehe.  they are pretty socks!!!

So last week when i was blocking some blankets for a fellow knitter (who doesn’t know how to block and she always asks me to block her stuff), i took some pictures of her projects for her.  I think EVERY knitter and crocheter should document with pictures all the work they do and keep a journal!  You should be proud of everything you create and have proof! 🙂 I was taking pics of her blankets, my cat wanted to get in on the action.  I freaked when she started stepping on one of the blankets!  Cats think they own the world or something!!  So then she sat on the recliner and just watched me…looking so cute.  That cat is crazy.  When i TRY really hard to take photos of her, she fights me to the death.  But in instances when i have the blinds open for natural light and i’m taking pictures of other stuff, i get the best photos of her just being herself.  she’s so cute and fluffy!!!

{nov sas} What you thinking about, little Sassy? {nov sas}  What's over there?  What are you loooking at?{nov sas} She loves little facial massages{nov sas} OOOH..that is da best!{nov sas} Mama stopped rubbing my now what?{nov sas} she always has to sniff EVERYTHING{nov sas} She's tired and ready for a nap now.

Isn’t she so cute? 😀  my little baby!

Help me…i’m addicted.

I’m hooked on making these stitch markers!! AAAAAH!!

My sad attempt at making an MSWF marker

OH MAN…4 more days till MSWF!

So i remade the purse ho ones to be much smaller and they are so cute.

{ph markers} looks...aren't they cute?  perfect for sock knitting i hope. {ph markers} I liked making these WAY BETTER!!!

I also made some for my SP10 giftee to put in her gift box…which i am very late in sending. i hope she likes her gift box. 🙂

{carrie} these fit up to US 7 needles {carrie} her sheep logo on her blog looks kind of like a pig...{carrie} close up

I was trying to make some for Botgurl…but the graphic I chose was WAY too dark. so i’ll try again. I made some for NanC for fun w/ her blog logo…i hope she likes them. 🙂 I had made some for Skittermagoo, but the blog button i was using from her was really pixelated, so i’m going to use something else. i’m working on making some for the rest of my knit girls. hehehe.

{TRGF} Toys Are Good Food markers{TRGF} Marker close up

So on my last post I talked about doing the stitch markers in a different way. I did them that way today and i’m WAAAAAAAY happier w/ doing them this way than w/ messing w/ the jump rings that might open and snag and split. all i needed for this was a couple of beads, a couple of crimp beads and some wire and then the charm. ta-da!

And oh yes…they are totally done now.

{pla fin sox} PurlingPirate's socks..finished, washed and blocked.{pla fin sox}  I can't say it enough..i pray to God they fit her. :)  i'm scared they will be too loose around the cuff{pla fin sox} SOCK SLEEVE!{pla fin sox} PIRATE!{pla fin sox} information

Project: P-La Socks (my own pattern w/ help from More Sensational Socks)
Yarn: Soxie by Great Adirondack
Amount of Yarn used: <1 skein Color: Jewelbox Needle Size: US 0 Date Started: April 15, 2007 Date Finished: April 30, 2007

uh-oh! it’s an FO! (or 2?)

so i have new FO’s to share. 🙂

I finished the Heartstrings Valentine’s scarf! I did one less repeat on the hearts part mainly b/c i thought i was going to run out of yarn. But i found out i barely had enough…but it’s fine. I’m short and shorter scarves work better for me. 🙂 tee-hee. when i was finished with, i kind of felt like i had made a mistake b/c the scarf was kind of scraggly looking. But….blocking it did WONDERS!!!!  (BTW..i love this yarn!  it was so wonderful to work with!)

Whatdya think? :)  I think the hearts look fabulous!
Project: Thinking of You Scarf
Yarn: Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo
Amount of yarn Used: Almost 2 skeins
Colors: 1658 Tomato
Needle Size: US8
Date Started: February 4, 2007
Date Finished: February 9, 2007

I’m going to leave it at Simpatico for a few days as a shop sample to see if people go ga-ga for it like i did. 🙂

My 2nd FO (well, mostly FO) is my felted hedgehog. this is one quick knit! i started last night around midnight and finished sometime this afternoon. No…i didn’t stay up all night knitting like a mad woman so i could show “someone” up (Despite what “someone” said about me today). The body of the hedgehog was SUPER fast…that took like 2 hours. after i got the body done, i got really excited and couldn’t wait to finish. I finished most of his back while i was at work today. I still need to put a nose on my hedgehog….but i haven’t thought about where to get a store-bought nose. hahah. so i might just embroider one on…who knows.!

{hedgehog} pre-felt{hedgehog} pre-felt right side{hedgehog} pre-felt bunghole{hedgehog} look at how cute i am!{hedgehog} Left side!{hedgehog} right side!!{hedgehog} look at my WIDDLE FEET!{hedgehog}  look into my eyes....

Project: Fiber Trends Felted Hedgehog
Yarn: Crystal Palace Fizz Stardust and Araucania
Amount of yarn Used: 2/3 of each skein
Colors: Periwinkle (Fizz) / AZ01 (Araucania)
Needle Size: US10.5 / US11
Date Started: February 9, 2007
Date Finished: February 10, 2007

I felted him once and thought i was finished..i had this big hole on the side. I have no idea where it came from, but i freaked out a little, then fixed it. I decided to felt him again just because of that hole and b/c i could still see stitches. i’m MUCH happier that I felted him the 2nd time around.

I”m still working on my Ditto socks that seem to be taking me forever! i just have another inch of ribbing to do on the cuff and im’ done! aah! maybe i’ll finish those at work tomorrow.

picture heavy…beware

So i had a good birthday this year. thanks to all who made it a good day for me!

My buddies at Simpatico gave me a sweet Hello Kitty party! CHECK OUT THE CAKE!!

Thank you for the cake, Lee!!

Big gooey bow!!

Omg…so many candles….

FIRE FIRE! The roof is on FI-YA!! the candles melted so fast….they coudl’nt light them all. whew.

BLowing out the candles.

Thank you MJ and Debbie!

Anna and Chris granted me w/ this CUTE blanket!

LOOK! she’s shopping! OMG!!

This card showed exactly how i felt. 😉

My friend Stephanie sent this to me from AZ! YAY! A new knitting bag!

I filled it up quickly!

An accessories bag too! YAY!


Look at all these spa goodies!!!

a lovely smelling candle. 🙂

Healing garden goodies.

Olive soaps….i’ve never had these before. they smell so yummy

and a very cute basket that the soaps came in!


So y’all saw my last baby sock attempt. no good. I wanted these to fit a newborn PERECTLY so baby can wear them in the hospital and for a few weeks afterward. this is what i came up with….

Cute eh? hehehehe. i went to work today and put it on some baby feet (shh..i didn’t say that) for testing. PERFECT> like a glove.

aren’t they cute? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. BABY FEEEEET! 🙂 and baby lo-jack 😉

Project: A Purse-Ho Original baby sock, toe up, two at once

Yarn: Regia Ringel
Amount of yarn used: about 1/4 of a skein for both socks
Colors: I forget. i can’t find the ball band at the moment.
Needle Size: US0
Date Started: June 16, 2006
Date Finished: June 17, 2006