happy blogiversary to me!


oops.  yesterday was my blogiversary!  I thought it was TODAY for some reason.  my bad!

Wow. It’s been 5 years since I started this blog. And this will be my 499th post. I average 100 posts a year? Bah! What the freak have I been talking about!? Hahha.  i didn’t think I updated THAT much.  well, i guess I did write alot at first and have tapered off alot in the last year or so. 🙂

Life is certainly way different than it was 5 years ago. And I didn’t even have any life-changing things happen to me (ie marriage, baby). It’s been a good 5 years. Well, with a few bad exceptions that did happen this month. Sigh.

Thanks to everyone who tunes in and reads this little piece of the internet. 🙂  I really do appreciate it all.

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi all.

Sorry for the “late” post for the early risers.  I fell asleep watching tv last night and woke up around 4a.   So I guess I’m up for the day or something.  hahaah. who knows.

This week’s bag is a CUTE one!! 🙂

meow meow meow the back is cute!

how cute is this??? it’s so cute i just want to squish it and LOVE IT!!!   I got it on Saturday when I was at A-Kon walking around and shopping the dealer’s rooms.  I wanted to buy so much more from that dealer, but the stupid hag didn’t take credit cards and silly me…i didn’t have THAT much cash on me.  bah!!

I haven’t been doing much the last week.  I did finish knitting the Slytherin bag, but i still need to do the interfacing and the lining.  I’ve been lazy and I really do need to finish this up soon….


I’m very unhappy w/ how i did the fairisle this time.  It’s too tight and it’s a bit cinchy!  GRRRR.  I was half tempted to rip it out and start over.  What am I?  crazy?  a little I guess.  The bag passed the pre-teen test.  A pre-teen looked at it and claimed that it was awesome.   So ok…maybe I won’t rip it out. 😉  I tried to HDC on the sides to bulk it up so it didn’t look like it had the wah-wahs. hahaha.   We’ll see what happens once I add the lining.

So like I said above…i went to A-Kon 20 on Saturday.   My plans were to go on Fri, Sat and Sun.  But Fri I got stuck at work for freaking forever, so I didn’t make it.  Saturday i was there from 10a – midnight.  I was way too tired to go on Sunday.    While i was waiting in line to get my badge on Saturday, I started a gauge swatch w/ some sparkly sweet-a$$ disco-esque yarn for a sock for myself.  The swatch turned into a baby sock.  I started this when I got in line on Saturday.  By the time i got to the end of the line, I had already finished half of the foot.  Granted, it’s not a huge sock or anything, but I felt a bit of a sense of accomplishment.  Did I take a picture of me knitting in line?  nope.  I’ll tell you this…i’m SO glad I had that knitting w/ me in line b/c i would have murdered the people around me they were being so annoying.   oh but anyway, i think i’m going to make myself some short sock w/ the remaining yarn.

baby socks size comparison w/ a hair barrette. :)

So I got to geek it out a bit on Saturday.  I went with a friend that is into the whole cosplay thing.  No, friends, I did not dress up. 🙂  I went as just me.  🙂  I basically served as his press secretary and photographer.  I had a good time actually.   Just walking around and people watching…it was fun.  I have to admit, I did feel a bit like the odd man out by being dressed in normal clothes.  how odd is that?

I’m not into Anime.  I’ve only seen a couple of movies and such, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan.   i was kind of surprised at the things that go on at these cons.   and I know I shouldn’t have been shocked at the amount of teenagers I saw running around like chickens w/ their heads cut off…but I was.  hahaah.  Alot of people had some fantastic costumes.   I wish I got to shop around more.  There were some fantastic crafty things around.  Actually, I regret not taking more pics of the crafty vendors.  What was I thinking?  I did get myself a new hair barrette. 😀

Kimono flower barrette

Isn’t this cute?  The lady that made it said that the fabric was from recycled kimonos.  sweeeeeet!  I wonder if she has an etsy shop.  dang it.  i didn’t even think to ask until right now. duhhh…

I didn’t get that many pics w/ my own camera, mainly b/c i forgot to switch out the lens and sometimes using a 50mm in these situations aren’t ideal.   I’ll probably post some of the pics I took on Flickr later on this week when I get a chance if you guys really want to see.

I haven’t made any progress on my new sweater.  I would like to have that done soon before it gets TOO hot here.  So just refer back to last week’s photo to see my progress with it. 😛 hahahaha.

And I have decided I want to make another leafy shawl, but out of green/brown sock yarn I have and i want to add some beads for some blingity-bling.  🙂  I made one square and was happy w/ how it came out.  My only debaucle right now is how to do the beads….load ’em up before hand or put them in as I go.  Well, I tried both ways and I like how the beads sit better when I add them as I go rather than loading them up.  The beads just don’t sit right when i slid them into place.  Now I just need to get motivated to do it all over again.  Doing the beads in this manner really slows down how fast you  do the squares.


Sassy’s still doing fine.  Still eating, drinking and snuggling.   Thanks to all who continue to ask about her. 🙂

Have a great week, everyone!

Thursday Purse-Day!

hi everyone. I hope everyone’s Thursday is going well.  Mine is going pretty well so far.  It’s 605a and i still haven’t gone to sleep yet!  AAAAAAAAAH!

here is this week’s bag!

Pyramid bag Open flattened....blech

I know what you guys are thinking…wtf is this?  haha.  It’s a poorly made pyramid bag! 🙂  well, not POORLY…i just didn’t pay CLOSE attention to some of the details.   I love pyramid bags and i finally made one.  I figured I’d throw this up there as a purse of the week.

I haven’t done much knitting this week.  I got some bad news on Friday about Sassy.  Devastated isn’t a word I can use to describe how I felt.   Sassy got really sick on Thurs night after i was all singing praises about her getting better.  i had to take her to the ER and she saw a specialist on Fri where we did some very extensive tests on her.  I was told on Fri by the doctor that she thought Sassy had stomach cancer.  I got to pick up Sassy on friday night and i just loved on her all weekend long.  She’s actually feeling a bit better as far as i can tell.  I was told just to let her eat whatever she could eat.  She’s got some medication to help her out w/ nausea and gastric acid.

I got the call on Mon afternoon that the tests did confirm she had stomach cancer.   I have opted not to do chemo on her.  I did some research over the weekend via google and there was alot of testimonies from people about how if they had known how awful the chemo would have been, they wouldn’t have put their cat through it.   We’re just going to shower Sassy w/ lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses and steroids for pain if necessary.

I was not expecting this.   I got the news at work and just started crying crying w/o any ability to control my emotions.  I lost it.   Thank goodness everyone at work, KFN, Simpatico group, family…they have all been so understanding and supportive.  Thank you, everyone.  You don’t know how much it all means to me.

I know some of you must think i’m nuts for being so upset about a cat…but this cat is 15.  I picked her up at the pound when she was 2.  She has been w/ me my entire adult life.  she is like a child to me (i swear i’m not a crazy cat lady).    I can’t help but be upset.  hehe.  Sorry to bore you guys w/ the details.

I haven’t really felt like knitting lately.  just kind of down I guess.  I picked up the needles today a bit at the BN meeting, but I barely knit anything.  i spent most of my time talking.    something I did do a bit of this week was sew.  i made a few bags, but i”m saving them up for future bags of the week. hahaha..  something about the humming noise of the sewing machine calmed me down a bit.

I did make this little basket the other day:

it's so little!!! empty top view too much dots

mine does not look as good as the tutorial’s example.  🙂  When looking at the picture, I thought it would end up bigger.  this is a little basket….but cute. 🙂

Outside fabric I used were some Amy Butler squares i got off in an ebay lot auction.  the inside fabric is a fat quarter i had in my stash.  The bottom is some cotton muslin I had in my stash as well.

btw…if you haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie, you must.  It’s freaggin awesome.

Sorry for the short post this week.  I’ll be more interesting next time.  I promise. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!

Happy Thursday everyone! 🙂   How is everyone?

This is this week’s bag!

Burberry fake.  muahahah! close up.  nice eh? omg...across the chest?  awesomeeee

So the story behind this… it’s no secret I love fake bags.  L-O-V-E!!!!!!!  Janice (blogless) and i went on Saturday to do some prison yarn donations and to do frivolous shopping.  So we went to drop off the yarn at a shop that shall not be named b/c we got creeped out when we walked in.  😀  We went to the Woolie Ewe and spent too much money.   Then we headed off to Harry Hines area to look for fabric.  Well, duh.  neither of us have really been fabric shopping out there, so we didn’t know where to go really.  it’s all good.  We went PURSE shopping instead.   well, we went to a shopping center and walked around.  I saw alot of household goods in a shop that I need to return to and go nuts in.  but we went into a few bag stores before we hit jackpot here.  I got 3 Burberry fakes.  $16 a piece.  can’t beat that!! WHEEE!!  Janice got a tacky gold girraffe print bag.  so awesome.  cheap stuff too.  it was good.  Then after we went and PIGGED out at a restaurant nearby. my gawd.  it was sooooo good.  I was so happy to have leftovers so I could eat them later.   thanks for a fun day, Janice. 🙂

What have I been working on?  Sigh.  Cardi still.  This thing is going to kill me.  i had some serious issues w/ the math on the pattern.  come to find out…there are errors in it.  The math, I mean.  I had to put it away for a few days b/c i was so angry.  I mean this time last week i was determined to finish it.  I got alot done on Saturday, then on Sunday, i realized the math was all wrong and I had to rip out all i did on Thurs and Sat.  I put it away for two days after that…re-did some calculations…reknit what I ripped out…hit another road block.  more time out time.   Then i finally tackeled it last night and finished most of it.  I”m just working on the button band now.  After posting some postings on Ravelry, i found out I wasn’t the only one that had issues with it.  whew.

anyway…i’m almost done.  i keep saying that.  BUT I REALLY AM THIS TIME!!!!  i swear it!! 🙂

here’s some pictures of before my first attempt on the button band.  That had to be ripped out as well and redone.  Hopefully this time will be successs!  FTW!!!  I can’t wait till it’s done.  I have the most perfect buttons for this cardi. 🙂

not bad eh? the left arm isn't shorter...i had it bunched up funny.

Almost done w/ that baby sweater i was working on too.   i’ll finish that this weekend fo’ sho’.

No sewing projects this week.  hahaha.

I had to take my little Sassy baby to the vet this week to get some tests done.  She’s been throwing up all over my house for the last month or so.  at first it was every few days…then it turned into every day.  So i got a bit concerned b/c i no longer see hairballs in her messiness.  the vet found nothing wrong, but they were concerned that she lost So much weight.  She lost 2 lbs.  that’s alot for a cat!  she only weighs like 10 lbs…so she lost 20% of her weight.  So they did all these blood tests and we’re waiting to see what they say.  since we got home from the vet, her appetite has come back which relieves me a bit.  and no throwing up since tues morning *crossing fingers*  maybe she just hates her dry food and that’s her protest.  hmmmm.

i took some pics of her last week.  I got her a new blanket to lay on on my bed.  i was sick of her tearing the crap out of this plushy blanket I used to have on my bed.

princess sassy what you want sassycat

she looks thin here.  I feel so bad i waited so long to see if something was wrong.  🙁

It rained alot today.  🙂  Guess what i did??  I wore my new boots!!! WHEEEEEEEEE!!  i even searched for puddles to jump into!!  Botgurl mocked me as I ran toward a puddle and started splish splashing around and jumping and making a mess. 🙂


seems I’m a bit chatty today at 235a.  🙂  sorry folks.

One last thing.

remember the DPN holders I made a few weeks ago?  I’m offering them up for sale on my etsy shop if anyone wants to buy one. 🙂  Look up and you’ll see an Etsy page link at the top…or you can click on the banner below. 🙂


have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

**warning:  This might be a picture-filled post today.  😀

Hi everyone!!  Happy Thursday 😀

Here is this week’s “bag”.

Toothpick holder toothpick holder :D cool huh?  shows you where the toothpicks go! :) and a handy mirror for you to look at! check it out...you can see me taking a picture :D

Cute eh?  hehehe.  I fell in love w/ the fabric on the outside.  Of course this is something that is super cute, I had to have it.  Asian people are obsessed w/ picking their teeth.  Well not ONLY Asian ppl…but I know in my family, everyone is constantly grabbing at toothpicks, covering their mouths w/ their free hand and then digging away.  So this little item is just cute-sy and functional!  🙂

My knitting progress this week has been a bit lame.  Well, I finished 1.25 sleeves on that cardi I need to hurry up and finish.  I knit on Sat night while watching alot of stand up comedy and just laughing laughing.  Every time Chris Rock’s stand up is on tv, i HAVE to watch it b/c i just laugh until I pee my pants.  He’s such a riot.  anyway, i’ve been working on some paid projects and I need to motor on alot of those things.  and this cardi is one of them.  So i’ve put some of my personal projects on hold for a little bit.

first sleeves I love big fat stitches!

Look at this little thing I got a month ago:

bootee blocker

i haven’t made a pair of bootees since I got these, but I can’t wait to try them out.  These are antique!  A BIG find on ebay!  WHEEE!

home sweet home

Sunday marks the one year anniversary of when I signed all the paperwork to close on my house.  Granted, i didn’t move in until end of March, but I had the keys and it was my house on Feb 22. 🙂   people complain about home ownership.  I’ve been happy. 🙂  I hated apt living so much toward the end of it all.   I have made some changes to the house over the last year.  Some very minor, some major.   My master bath painting fiasco was taken care of.   I didn’t blog about it after that post b/c i was pissed at myself.  Pissed at myself for not making a plan of action as to properly paint the stupid bathroom.  So i sat on it….for 2 weeks.  I stared at it…for 2 weeks.  i got more and more mad….for 2 weeks.  I could still see that GREEN underneath the taupe!  and stupid me…since I’m so short, I got paint all over the ceiling at the corners of the room b/c I couldn’t tape off b/c i cannot reach!! So i thought…ok..i will paint the ceiling where i screwed up and no one will notice.  Well, did you know there is like 30K shades of white?  I thought i got the right one until I slapped it on all that popcorn texture and I realize it’s a diff. shade of white.  I stopped.  and stared.  and cursed. 🙂

So i had a couple of options.

  1. call my contractor friend and hire one of his painters to re-do the bathroom for me.
  2. call a very tall friend of mine to come over and help me (he seriously would NOT need a ladder)…bribing him w/ a 12 pack of beer or something.
  3. call my ex* and whine at him until he offers to fix what i screwed up.

*the ex and i are on good terms again.  no lingering feelings of love or wanting to get back together or anything…definitely NOT…we are just friends. 🙂

So i did a combo of 3 and 1.  I called my ex and told him the story of how i screwed up.   I figured he would think it was hilarious.  Plus he used to work w/ my contractor friend and I figured he could give me a good estimate of what the painter dude would charge.  It was going to cost way more than i expected.  So the ex offered to come over and fix what I screwed up.  i accepted.  He owes me money anyway, so i told him this would be his way of working off his debt to me.     So he fixed it all.   I asked him to just start all over.  primer and all.  he did.  he did a great job.  and he did it really fast…2 hours.   Then he offered to do my other bathroom for me.  Striping wallpaper, texturing and painting and changing all the hardware, etc.  I accepted.  He did all this in about 3-4 hours.

pics taken from when I first bought the house after. before guestbath guest bath...i love the sink/faucet sink.  ignore the squeezy nose thing. :) wallpaper everywhere smokey blue GOODBYE WALLPAPER! Peeling the wallpaper.  i sat and supervised. :D it's amazing what a coat of paint can do. :) a better representation of the color

it’s very hard to take pics of a bathroom.   What are the tricks of the trade here?  option #2 was never exercised.  i did talk to that friend though and when i mentioned painting, he just started going on and on about how much he hated painting.  whoops. 🙂 hahaha.  but he did laugh when I told him i got paint everywhere and he said “aw…you should have asked me to help you.”  DOH!

I bought some new furniture and stuffs at Ikea last week.  Well, new nightstands to match my bed, a dresser to match my bed.  and i bought this drawer thingy at ikea so i could store my many pairs of eyeglasses that I seem to have a hard time keeping track of.   After I put it together, i thought…this is so dull and boring.  HELLO MOD PODGE!!!!

pre decoupage ok i was cleaning up and rearranging after putting all this crap together, so ignore the pile of stuff on the dresser. :) many little drawers :) I covered every side but the bottom. I've never used Mod Podge before.  this crap is MESSSY for those of you wondering, that little HK thing on top is a jewelry holder. lol

The theme i’ve been consistent with in my room is brown.  One month I had a pink/brown quilt on my bed, right now i have a blue/brown comforter on my bed.  So that’s why I picked those colors to go on the drawer thingy 🙂  I hate the color in my room so I need to paint the room as well eventually.  and change the flooring.  sigh.  no one ever tells you that homeownership is expensive.  i don’t NEED to do some of these things.  I WANT 😀

Ok i think i’ve rambled on and on enough tonight.  😀  sorry if i bored you guys to death! hAHAHA

everyone have a fantastic weekend!


my baby

*tagged by elisabetha. 🙂

“Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.”

So this was taken on Aug. 2, 2005….over 3 years ago I lost my baby to a rear-end collision.    I was on my way to class, in downtown Dallas.  I was at the exit on 183 and Regal Row.  There was some backup on the exit.  Then the next thing I know, I’m looking up in my rear view mirror and i see this truck getting TOOO close and I braced for impact.   *BOOM*  I got out of the car and just freaked out.  I had my laptop in the trunk near the door and i FLIPPED out and started pulling it out of the car to make sure it was ok, cutting my arm on the glass in the process.   not cutting my arm bad…just scrapes.  and laptop was fine 😀 hahahah  I was able to drive the car home, so I did.  Then I grabbed the camera for insurance purposes.

The car ended up being totalled out.  I got the check from the ins. company and then 2 days later they towed the car away.  I was upstairs taking a nap when i heard the tow truck.  I felt this wave of panic.  I called my friend and he told me “don’t go outside, don’t watch them tow it!! you will cry!!”   I didn’t go downstairs.  But I still cried.  hahaha.

I wish i had some cool artsy picture to post for this meme. 🙂 hahaha.   So it’s time to tag.  only if you guys want to participate 😀

Thursday Purse-Day!

Happy Thursday everyone! 🙂

Here is this week’s bag!

Isn't this a cute bag?? :) i dig the handles

I got this on sale at Journey’s when buying some Healys that were also super cheap.  This bag was only $5.  SCORE.  The Healys I bought were $14 down from $70.  I have ALWAYS wanted a pair!  How do they work though?  Do you have to take the wheels off to walk like a normal person?  I tried them on in my bedroom and felt confident that if i walked around w/ them w/ the wheels on, i would totally bust my a$$.  hahahaha.  I guess I could take a picture of the shoes, but I’m being lazy.

I haven’t done much in the knitting world this week.  I got some new stuff at Ikea and I’ve been putting all that crap together, so knitting has suffered b/c of that.  I’ve been working on that baby sweater I was working on last week.  I put it away for a few days and then picked it up again today.  I did work on that other mermaid for my friend’s daughter.  It was decided that she would have a purple tail. 🙂

MoyMoy and JeiJei mermaid.

She needs arms.  And scales on her tail.  and a mouth.  and a bra. 🙂

This is a pretty knitting-picture-less post.  hahaa  So i’m going to supplement w/ pics from my life as seen from my phone.  tee hee. 🙂

So I got some Girl Scout Cookies b/c of peer pressure at work.  I wasn’t going to buy ANY!  I was going to be good.  Hell no!  Two nurses at work were selling for their daughters and I got suckered.    I got the Thank you cookies that are shortbread w/ chocolate on the backs…and then I got the peanut butter and chocolate ones from one nurse.  I bought 5 boxes from another nurse and they have yet to come in.  Anyway, last night I was eating one of the shortbread ones (I’m being good and only taking one cookie then going upstairs so I don’t eat the whole freaggin’ box), and it has “Thank you” written out phoenically in Chinese.  It’s so cute.  So of course I took a picture of it. 🙂

MMMM...Thank you cookie.

Tuesday a new video game came out….Street Fighter IV.  OMg.  i have been waiting for this day since I saw the premiere of the game at Comic Con back in July.  Actually…it’s longer than that.  I used to play SF2 ALLLLLLLL the time in high school.   I mean ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time.  My brother and I would play on his SNES for hours on the weekends.  My friends and i trolled the arcades to play each other and other people at the arcade.  We played ALLLL the freaggin’ time.  So the announcement of SF-IV was very exciting! hahaha.  I pre-ordered my copy a few weeks ago when I hit Game Stop for some other stuff.  2 of my friends and I pre-ordered our copies (One friend lives in Houston, another in Phoenix) and, like dorks, we were all “OMG OMG ARE YOU READY!!??!?!” on Monday night.  I got a call from the Phoenix friend Tues morning saying their copy wasn’t arriving until Weds.  much anger was expressed.  I freaked out and right when I was going to call Game Stop, i got a call saying my copy was in.  So of course, I ran to get it and I had to take a picture to rub it in Phoenix friend’s face.  muahaha!


Sorry the picture is blurry.  i was REALLLLLLy excited. 🙂 hahahaah!   Houston friend left work early so he could get his copy and then spend all night playing.   I spent hours playing.  I’m very very rusty.   but I can honestly say, the game rocks.

As I got to work on Weds, I pulled into the parking lot and looked to the left of me.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

omg...my soul sista!

For those of you that know me and have seen my car, I used to have a similar sticker on my old car on the gas tank until I had to sacrifice it to the insurance gods due to a horrible rear-end collision.  On my current car, I have HK decals on the windows, but not on the gas tank like I used to.   So i was so excited to see this.  hehehe.

I think that’s all for now.  🙂  have a good weekend everyone. 😀

Thursday Purse-Day!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today’s purse isn’t a purse…but it is a cool container. 🙂  heheeh.  Isn’t that what a purse is?  Just a fancy container? 😀

my box o' buttons Oh buttons.... So many. :)  this is just the tip of the iceberg Safety eyes for the toys more buttons

I got a new organizational system for the buttons I had laying around near me at the moment.  I have many more…i just need to find them. 🙂 hehehe.  So far I’m digging the button organizational system. 🙂

WIP’s for this week….

I made alot of progress this week. :) lucious ribbing. :)

I’m almost done w/ this scarf. 😉   Thank goodness!  It’s getting so horribly boring, dahling. hehe.   I get alot of compliments on it.  The ribbing pattern in it is pretty genious and very easy to remember.

FO’s for this week:

I made a quicky baby hat for my friend Kristy (who is getting the previous mentioned sweater and baby booties) …the Baby Jayne hat b/c her hubby is a Firefly fan! 🙂

What’s shocking is this hat only took me about 2 hours to do. hAHAHAHA!!

Front view Left view back view Right view Close up of Zoe...helllooo Zoe. :)

Project: Baby Jayne Hat (ravelry link)
YarnVanna’s Choice Solid
Amount Used: 1/5 a skein of each color?  a little more?
Color: rust, orange and gold
Needle Size: US 8
Date Started: Feb 3, 2009
Date Finished: Feb 3, 2009

I got myself a little present over a week ago and I forgot to blog about it. 🙂  I got some Addi Clicks!  WHHHHEEEEEE!!!

Be Jealous of me. :) OOOH embossed Box the cables muahaha!  Look at all the needle tips! And the special Addi pin that shows I am a member of the Addi Clicks club

My brother drove up today b/c I had tickets to see the Killers tonight.  🙂  I went with Botgurl, a co-worker of hers and my brother.  We had a blast.  We walked out of there freaking deaf.  It was awesome.  Here are some pics of the concert….

Botgurl and I laughed about the feathers. :) this is what happens when you don't try to take your dSLR camera to a concert...you get mediocre point and shoot pics. :) he's singing to me...didn't you know? hahahah He was listening to us sing the song. :) Euphoric hold on...this was on the background as we screamed for the encore. fireworks....so awesome during the finale (When You Were Young)

My ears are ringing and I’m sleepy.  Didn’t keep my brother and I from playing Rockband when we got home. hAHAHAHA!!  good times. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!

First off….fantastic news!!

Our friends NanC and Matty have a new baby girl! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  i kept hoping baby would be a girl, but I had this weird gut feeling she was going to be a HE. 🙂  But I got the call around 4p that baby was born around 3p and everyone is healthy and happy and looking fantastic. 🙂   I’m so happy for them!!  I can’t wait to meet the new member of the family!

Ok so it is Thursday…here is this week’s bag. 🙂

{010809} a new knitting bag...surprise surprise! :)  {010809} there is a yarn feeder orafice. :) {010809} see thru...nice nice

I got this gem at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. 🙂  It was an impulse buy (surprise surprise).  but i think it’s cute! 🙂  i haven’t been using the yarn feeder b/c …well, i don’t know why.  I just haven’t. 🙂  It’s a great portable little bag though!

So last week I complained about my brother’s gloves.  I ended up just using a whole diff. pattern which worked out better for these gloves i think.  I think the color is fantastic. 🙂  and this yarn is so spongy!!

{bruddamitts} my brudda's new mitts. :) {bruddamitts} the finished left one.  Well, the ends need to be weaved in. :)

I do have an FO to show off!

{mmmitts} I love how these mitts came out.  {mmmitts} I just hope they fit. {mmmitts} left mitt{mmmitts} Right mitt

Project: Fingerless mitts
YarnArucania Ranco (ravelry link)
Amount Used: 1/3 a skein?  a little more?
Color: 124 Russet
Needle Size: US 3
Date Started:  Dec 31, 2008
Date Finished: Jan 2, 2008

I love these mitts.  They were super easy to do.  The pattern was written by our own Botgurl.  Super quick and well written. 🙂  I love the yarn too!! OMG!  I want to do a pair of socks out of the remainder.  do i have enough?  yes.  I bought 2 skeins and they come fully loaded w/ lots of yardage. hahaha.  So I should be able to get a pair of socks out of them too. 🙂  I bought some in a purply color for myself too!

On Sunday, our group had a seaming party for NanC’s bebeh’s blanket. 🙂  it didn’t take too long I thought.  I mean, it could have taken WAY longer.  We had a warm home, tons of good SOUP, rolls, and good company and a crapload of crochet hooks. 🙂  In the end we have a seamed blanket. 🙂  it’s so beautiful

{nancs blanket} This blanket had a paparazzi session w/ all of us taking pics of it. :) {nancs blanket} one of the rows I seamed up. :) {nancs blanket} Bot is actually crocheting. {nancs blanket} Not A. Peach is crocheting too!{nancs blanket} OMG SKITTER is actually crocheting{nancs blanket} a seamed up blanket!{nancs blanket} Nanc's the queen of silly faces.

This was a wonderful collaborative effort by everyone.  🙂  The yarn we used was Berroco Comfort Worsted Weight.  My squares were too small and two of my squares were the wrong color.  I’m an idiot.  Apparnetly i heard the requirements.  Hell, I was one of the ppl that was calculating what size they should be.  But we had some adjustments over the period of time we decided to do this and I got mixed up on what the size should have been..  Whoops. 🙂  We all just picked squares to make on our own.  I chose to do all seed stitch squares b/c i’m hilarious like that. hahahah

Yesterday I decided to paint my master bathroom b/c i was finally sick of looking at the forest green color for the last 8 months.  for a few months now, i’ve been debating about what color to paint this tiny bathroom.  Pink?  purple?  some cheery yellow? Blue?  what the hell???  I finally decided the other day a neutral taupe color would be perfect.  I figured that would work no matter what kind of fabrics are hung as the shower curtain, it will almost always match.  decision made.  paint and supplies purchased.  What was I thinking?  i don’t know how to prep a room for painting.  I tried.  i’m just an idiot. 🙂  I don’t cut very well apparently.  My ladder is a short 3-4 step ladder.  I am short.  The extension I bought for my roller is only a 1-2 foot roller.  And i could reach the top, but i kept bumping paint on the ceiling.  im’ going to have to repaint the areas i bumped w/ the paint.  GRR.  The color is better, but I can still just seen the green in my head for some reason.  And I need to paint the moldings white/beige too before I get the full effect.  So …my progress so far.  You know it’s really hard to get pics of a room w/ a 50mm lens. 🙂 hahahaha.  i was too lazy to get my point and shoot out.

{mbpaint} I forgot to take pics before I started.  {mbpaint} new color.  now I need to paint all the moldings. {mbpaint} I really hate this green.{mbpaint} hmm...this pic is a little light.

don’t judge my messyness.   i’m a messy painter apparently.

Ok I think that’s it for now! hahaha.  peace out! 🙂  it’s almost 4a and i haven’t gone to bed yet!  WHOOPS!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! OH yeah….it’s Thursday! :)


Did you guys watch the ball drop?  Did everyone spend it partying it up like it was 1999?  (BTW, OMG…taht was almost 10 years ago!)

I did nothing.  The plans I originally had fell thru, so I decided to just chill at home and knit and play some Rockband 2. 🙂   Which I did do.  It was pretty awesome. 🙂

It’s now 2009!  Wow.  2008 flew by so fast!  I feel so old saying that, but it did!  Alot of my friends have been saying “Good riddance to 2008…” for many good reasons.  Some of them lost loved ones (I’m so sorry), some of them lost pets (I’m so sorry), some have had health problems, some have had financial problems, etc etc.  Here’s to hoping that 2009 is a much better year for everyone.

I don’t do resolutions anymore either.  I always feel like a failure when I can’t acheive them.  So what I’m going to do this year is reflect on the good things that happened to me in 2008 and just be happy about that. 🙂

I have to admit that 2008 was one of the best years of my life.  not THE best, but it was good to me.   Here are some of the highlights:

  • I bought my first home and have loved every min of living here.
  • Since my brother has his own room at my house, I’ve seen him alot this year!
  • I feel that as my first year of being in my 30’s, I’ve learned alot about myself, as well as grown mentally and emotionally.
  • I accomplished some goals I had set for myself.  It took me a few years to get there, but I did.
  • I was able to see some close friends multiple times this year and got to see their kids as well. 🙂
  • I had a freaking fantastic time at SDCC this year and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 😉
  • You realize who your true friends are when you see who sticks around after sadness, pain, and tragedy.
  • I’ve realized that some of the things I thought I wanted in life aren’t necessarily the things I did want in my life.
  • I’ve learned that home improvement projects are much easier to do if you have someone who is taller and more handy than you to help you. 🙂  being as short as I am sucks b/c you need a ladder for everything and I hate getting on ladders!
  • I’ve realized I don’t need alot of stuff to make me happy.  (doesnt mean i dont still love to shop!)
  • That being said, I love my PS3!!
  • I lost 20 lbs w/o even trying.  why can’t i do that for another 100 lbs? hahaha. I want to be a toothpick waif.
  • I have finally realized that my PMS gets worse as I get older.  Why is that?  how is this good?  I realize not to be around my loved ones when I’m in that kind of mood.

I think that’s enough of a run down…don’t you? hehehe.

Christmas was good for me.  I got to go home and visit the parents and grandma (who is visiting for a few months).  Last Friday we all took a short trip up to the Inn of the Mountain Gods casino.  It was a beautiful casino.  Where are my pics?  har har.  I took like 2 and they were kind of crappy.  I wasn’t in the picture taking mood last weekend.  My grandma gave my brother and I $20 each to gamble with.  After staring at the $5 blackjack table for 15 min, I decided to jump in and throw my $20 away.  3 hours later, i turned the $20 into $200.  Yeah..i know it’s not much.  But i had a really good time and i’ve never been on a hot streak like that before.  It was so much fun.   It also helps that my brother lost $100.  muahahaah!!!!  Jen was the big winna!!!   It was a great visit.  I have to admit though, I had some insane arguments w/ my parents.  Funny ones.  🙂

So this is a knitting blog isn’t it?  OH WAIT!  I FORGOT ABOUT THE BAG OF THE WEEK!!

{makeup} HK Makeup case! {makeup} give props where props are due!{makeup} yes, i actually own some makeup...it's for churcH! hahaha

My friend Stephanie gave me this bag for Christmas as well.  Last week’s Coach wristlet was stuffed inside of this little bag.  She’s sneaky like that. 🙂  This was great to take w/ me last week.  there was so much room, i had a hard time finding things to put in it!  Yeah…that’s makeup in there.  I do wear makeup occassionally, esp if I have to go to church. 🙂 hahaahah

OK so knitting.  My brother asked me for some fingerless gloves for him.  I was happy to obligle…until he told me “yes i want fingers” and “i want them to be black in color.”  ARGH!  I hate knitting w/ black yarn!  And why does he have to have fingers on the mitts??  why is he so picky?  I tried to talk him out of it.  No going.  i went stash diving and found the perfect color…he loved it.  So i took the yarn w/ me to gauge and measure and everything.  Then i got started.  I did most of the knitting while watching tv w/ my grandma and on the drive up to the casino.  I have issues w/ the pattern I picked for the gloves  I didn’t like how the fingers were done.  Im not sure if it was how they were done, or how I did them (if what I am saying makes sense).  But they didnt fit him.  the fabric was too stretched out on his hand.  It fit me fine.  Whoops.  He has small-ish hands like I do, but obviously his hands are bigger than mine.  oh well

{mymitt} This was supposed to be for my brother. {mymitt} knit project while back home for Christmas

See how the fingers are kind of twisty?  It drives me nuts looking at it.  But when you put them on, they dont look twisty.  It still bothers me.  🙂  They fit me…so these are goign to be mine.  I have enough yarn to start another pair for my brother.  I’m going to try to talk him into NO fingers again. 🙂 hahahah.

I decided to make another pair of mitts for someone else using Botgurl‘s fantastic mitts pattern.  (She made a pair for me for my bday and i LUV THEM!!!)  I used thicker yarn and bigger needles for a bigger hand (I’m assuming).  I dont have the recipient’s hand measurements, so I’m hoping for the best.  I need to find someone at work w/ similar sized hands to see if I guessed right. 🙂

{orange} Almost done w/ the first one. {orange}  haven't finished the thumb yet ;) {orange} it's a big mittSize comparison

Ok i think i’ve been up late enough for NYE!  Happy new years everyone!  Here’s to 2009!!