Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi folks!  I’m Purse-Ho!  ok..that joke isn’t even funny unless you are from the ELP.   If you are…you know what i’m talking about!

I hope everyone is keeping cool this summer.  I sure am trying to.

here is this week’s bag!

I got a new wallet this week.   I have previously blogged about this line of wallets.  They came out w/ a new one on June 5.  I was able to pre-order online before they ran out of pre-orders. WHEE!  people get excited about pre-ordering Ipads (normally I would be too, but I hate Apple), but I get excited about pre-ordering wallets.

These pics are from the company’s website.  i am too lazy to take my own pictures lately.  Shame.

Flipside wallet i bought the pink one.  This is the orange one. oh so sweet

I bought the pink one of course.  I love this wallet! I love this company!  it’s way slimmer than the original one.  I’m quite happy with it!  highly recommended!

This week has been a bit crazy with some things going on.  I managed to finished the lace bolero I have been working on.

bolero3 bolero bolero2 boleo4

Project:  Ribbed Lace Bolero
Yarn:  Lion Brand Cotton Ease
Amount Used: 1.5 skeins
Color: 122 Taupe
Needle Size: US 7 and US 10
Date Started
:  April 24, 2010
Date Finished:  June 8, 2010

It took me a while to finish b/c I put it down for a few weeks.  I’m quite pleased w/ it.  I wore it tonight when i went to the Imogen Heap concert and it did it’s job well.  Kept my shoulders covered and i wasn’t warm wearing it. 🙂   The pictures above are of an item that is not blocked *gasp*.  my bad. 🙂

Still working on the baby blanket.  The feather and fan is boring me to tears.  booooooo!  But i will finish!  I will prevail!

I made some baby burp cloths for my friend that I made the baby blankets for.  I shipped off the package a few days ago and I hope they got it by now.  Burp cloths are sooo easy.

cloths1 cloths4 cloths7

had to throw in some UT love of course since the new mom is a UT Alumni. 🙂  If you notice, the burp cloths (minus the UT ones) match the baby blankets 🙂

Today is June 10, 2010.  It’s been exactly one year to the day that my dear sweet Sassy passed away.

[flickr album=72157602397248641 num=5 size=Thumbnail]

I miss her every day.   I miss her every time I see kitty cats that look similar to her in pictures on flickr or wherever.   I’m really amazed at how fast a year has passed.  Alot of ppl ask me when I’m getting a new cat.  I won’t be getting a new cat any time soon.  I’m just not ready to do so.   I won’t be getting a pet any time soon either.  I’m kind of enjoying the pet-free life, as horrible as it is to say.   Less worries, more money in my pocket.  Doesn’t keep me from missing her little face though.  🙂

I haven’t had much substance on the blog lately and I saw that Lissa posted one of these up yesterday and I’m going to be a copy cat and do the same just b/c sometimes I like filling out memes.  sue me.  I get bored sometimes. 🙂

Have you…

  1. Shot a gun… BWAHAHA.  I own TWO. 🙂  Looking for my third.
  2. Gone on a blind date… yeah ages ago.  nothing i would do again.
  3. Skipped school… hell yeah
  4. Been to Canada… every year since i was born. 🙂
  5. Been to Alaska… Nope
  6. Been to Cuba… I thought we weren’t allowed to go there?
  7. Been to Europe… No.  I want to go
  8. Been to Las Vegas… many times.  Love Vegas
  9. Been to Mexico… I lived 10 miles from the border for half of my life.  i been there.
  10. Been to Florida… yup.  hated it.
  11. Been to California… yup
  12. Been to Maine… Nope.
  13. Been on a plane… many times
  14. Been on a Cruise Ship… Once.  That was enough.
  15. Been on a one day Lake Cruise Ship… Nope.
  16. Served on a Jury… Funny.  I just served on a jury last month 🙂
  17. Been lost… oh yeah.
  18. Been on the opposite side of the country… Opposite from where I am now?  where is that?  i live in the middle.
  19. Gone to New York City… Not YET. i want to so bad.
  20. Swam in the Ocean… Yes….so disgusting.
  21. Cried yourself to sleep… Oh yes
  22. Played Cops and Robbers… Yup.
  23. Played Cowboys and Indians… Yup.
  24. Sang Karaoke… never.  I hate it.
  25. Paid for a meal with coins only… 99 meals are good for this. 🙂  yes!
  26. Made prank phone calls… oh yeah! hahaha
  27. Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose… I don’t remember.
  28. Read the Bible completely through… nope.  I’m a bad Baptist.
  29. Caught a snowflake on your tongue… Fo’ Sho’.
  30. Danced in the rain… Oh yes.
  31. Written a letter to Santa Claus… Yes. It was one of my 1st grade assignments.
  32. Been kissed under the mistletoe… No.
  33. Watched the sunrise with someone… Yes.
  34. Blown bubbles… Yup.
  35. Gone ice skating… Yup!
  36. Gone skiing…Yup!
  37. Camped out under the stars… Yup.  did NOT like it.
  38. Seen something so beautiful that it took your breath away… Oh yes.
  39. Are or have been married… never been married, not currently married.
  40. Have children… Nope
  41. Have / had a pet… Sharamone (dog), Poopy (Cat), Sassy (cat)
  42. Been skinny dipping outdoors… nope
  43. Been fishing… Yup.  Hated it.
  44. Been boating… Yup.
  45. Been water skiing… Yup.
  46. Been hiking… Yup…NEVER again.
  47. Been camping in a trailer/RV… Nope.
  48. Flown in a small 4-seater airplane…Nope.
  49. Flown in a glider… Nope.
  50. Been flying in a helicopter…Nope.
  51. Been flying in a hot air balloon… Nope, but I want to!
  52. Been BUNGEE-jumping… YES.  One of the worst experiences of my life!
  53. Gone to a drive-in movie… YES!  Lord I MISSSSSSSSSSSS drive ins!!!
  54. Done something that should have killed you…Yes.
  55. Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life… haven’t we all? yes I have.
  56. Been to Africa… Nope.  No desire
  57. Ever ride an elephant…Nope. gross.
  58. Ever eaten just cookies for dinner… OF COURSE
  59. Ever been on T.V…. Yup!
  60. Ever steal any traffic signs… Nope.
  61. Ever been in a car accident… Unfortunately.  Been in 4 where i was driving, 3 where I wasn’t driving
  62. Had a nickname… hahaah I’ve had a few.
  63. Name Ever been in the local paper…Yep.
  64. Ever been to Asia… DUH.  Yup! 🙂
  65. Ever been to Australia… Nope.
  66. Been sky-diving… Nope.  I’m slightly curious though.
  67. Favorite drink: Non-alcoholic… Coke Zero or Root Beer.
  68. Tattoos… Two.
  69. Do you drive a 4-door vehicle… Yep.
  70. Favorite number…17.
  71. Favorite holiday…Thanksgiving.
  72. Favorite dessert…Ice cream.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi everyone 🙂  I hope y’all are having a great week so far!

Here is this week’s bag!

sherpani sherpani2 sherpani3

I soooo stole the pics off ebag’s website.  tee hee.  So i saw this bag at Cabela’s last week and fell in LOVE with it!   It was like a moth to a flame, my friends.  I saw it from the main aisle and something pulled me toward it.  I almost grabbed it and ran to the cashier, until I saw the price tag.  $50.  WhAT??  WHAT!?!?!??!/  NO WAY!!  So I put it back on the hanger and walked away all sad.

On Monday I went to the Container store to get something to help me organize my circular needles and I saw this same bag on sale! $30! WHEEEEE!  still not cheap, but hell…better than FIFTY BUCKS!!   it’s so cute and purty and roomy. 🙂  Highly recommended!

So last week when i said i only had 35 rows left on the baby blanket before i was finished?  i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong!!!  I did not know I had to do the feather and fan part 12 times.  there are 12 rows in the section…and I have to do it 12 times.  BAH!!!!!  I barely was able to finish one section this weekend.  So needless to say, I haven’t made much progress and i’m already really bored w/ the feather and fan part.  Who thought up of feather and fan anyway?  BAH.  sometimes I think plain garter stitch is less boring.

where was I going w/ all that?  oh yes.  No new pics of the blanket.  hahaaha.   i’m starting to think I need a longer needle for the project.  Where are my 60″ addi’s……

I started working on a chemo cap yesterday that I should have finished by morning time.  no pics of the hat.  i’m really lazy today and lately.    i might have some up later on once I”m done.  unfinished hats aren’t always exciting to take pics of. 🙂

I finished it and took pics. 🙂  I fell asleep last night around 9p watching tv and woke up around 245a and I haven’t slept.  i was knitting and it’s now 7a.  I might as well go to work early and scare everyone!

chemo1 chemo5 chemo3 chemo2

ProjectA Hat Fit for Boyfriend
Yarn:  Lion Brand Cotton Ease
Amount Used: 0.75 skeins
Color: 122 Taupe
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started
:  June 2, 2010
Date Finished:  June 3, 2010

it’s big on me, but it’s for a big man…so it should fit!   in theory 😉  hahahahaha

Had a busy holiday weekend.  I went to a squid birthday party on Sat and had a great time. 🙂   I’ve never seen such a happy 5 year old!  And he loves to hug his Auntie Jen.  Makes Auntie Jen so happy. 🙂  No mosquito bites this weekend either!  WHEE!   I’m sure that is b/c our great hostess cleared her yard of any offending critters.  hahaah.   i don’t know…even though people do that, skeeters always find their way to me and bite the hell out of me.  but i’m still bite-free!  Thank you, P-La!

My brudda came to town for a last-min visit to hang out w/ me and some of his friends.    Whenever i see family, i’m not sure why we have to eat so much.  and i’m not sure why we have to eat so poorly.  hahahaa.  we just ate all kinds of bad crap!  it was delicious though. 🙂  but still!   So since he was here, i got very little knitting done.   I am basically my brudda’s hotel, cook and tailor.   hahaha.

Anyway… I guess that’s all for now folks. 😀   have a great and safe weekend.  keep cool!!  It’s gonna be like 106F here in the metroplex this weekend.  I”m prepared to stay inside ALL weekend as much as possible. 😀

weird times.

This has been a weird few weeks for me.  In the last 20 days, I’ve lost 2 important people in my life.   I’ve actually been pretty ok throughout it all.  I thought in the past when something like this would happen to me, I would be a horrible wreck.  I’d never lost anyone in my family or anyone close to me before.  So I got hit with a double whammy.

Ma Ma

The first was my paternal grandmother.  I mentioned this in my last blog post that she passed and I went for the funeral and such.  I don’t really say much online b/c that side of my family has issues w/ privacy and they will be pretty angry if they ever find this blog and see that i wrote about it.  but right now … I guess I don’t really care.

My grandmother and I weren’t THAT close.   I saw her 1-2x every year.  We had a bit of a language barrier.  She spoke NO English, and my Chinese isn’t fluent enough for her to have a really deep meaningful conversation.   I loved her to death.  She was a little bitty thing that had 13 children.  Whenever I stood next to her, I felt like a giant.  Yeah, i know i was really fat and all that, but I mean in stature as well.  She was about 4 feet tall.  And she always had a smile on her face.  We never understood WHY she was always smiling, but it always made us smile as well.   She was always one of the happiest people I ever knew.  She was always proud of her children, grand children and great grandchildren.    She had alot of hardships in life, but it didn’t keep her from doing all that she did to provide a wonderful home for her family.   I’m going to miss her smile and her laugh.   I’m going to miss laughing at how tiny she was.  I’m going to miss seeing her interact with my mom and dad..the little things she did and the things they talked about.   I’m going to miss how my mom would scold her every time she would give my brother and me red envelopes with money in it and we would just giggle as she fought back and shoved the envelopes in our hands.  I’m going to miss watching her and my other grandmother fight over the check whenever we all went to dinner together.

She was 96 years old when she passed.  I am sad that she is gone.  Her health wasn’t so great this last year, so I saw it as a kind of blessing when she left us.  I don’t say that to be mean or cold, but she lived a long, healthy life with so much joy and pride.  I couldn’t bare to see her in pain.  i was blessed to have her in my life for 32+ years.


Another person that has left my life is my dear friend Lee.  She was a bit crazy, but she was hilarious.  She was part of my Simpatico knitting group and she was always there.  She would call me almost daily to check in on me and just chit chat about our lives.  She knew so much about me and my life.  I think I told her more about what was going on w/ me all the time than i told my own mother.  She was always so sweet.   We talked about life, religion, politics, dinner, drinks, music.  Whenever she dropped the F bomb, I would always yell “LEEE!!!!”  then we would both crack up like crazy.  We talked about everything.  Who knew I could become so close to a woman that was in her 70’s.

I’m going to miss the stories about her family, how much she loved them.  I’m going to miss going shopping with her.  I’m going to miss going to lunch with her.  I’m going to miss her addiction to Chai tea and peanut butter and chocolate.   I’m going to miss how she always wanted to make whatever i was making, but then would throw her hands up in frustration when she realized it was beyond her realm of abilities.   I’m actually going to miss how she would throw her socks at me every dang time she dropped a stitch and would say “OH NO OH NO!! I DROPPED A STITCH! HELP HELP!!”

Her health had been rapidly declining in the last 6 months.  i didn’t get to see her or talk to her as much as I had before.  I was blessed with the fact that I got to say goodbye to her a few hours before she passed.  I guess someone just spoke to me and told me I needed to see her right then and there.  I’m sad she is gone, but I am glad she is no longer in the pain she was in.

I was asked to speak at her memorial service tonight on behalf of the Simpatico group.  I felt honored that the family asked me to do so.   I had to keep it short and sweet, under 2 minutes which was a bit difficult.  I have so many stories I could tell of Lee…I could talk for hours.   I’m not scared of public speaking, but I got nervous when I thought about the fact that I had to keep it so short.  What could I say that could really capture the essence of Lee?  I was able to hold it together this whole weekend until after I sat down and saw my friends crying at what i said about her.  Then it really kind of hit me…Lee really isn’t coming back this time.  I can’t call her and hear her cheery voice on the other end of the phone.   I can’t wave sock yarn in her face and make her jealous.  I no longer have to buy matching sock yarn with her so she would have enough yarn to knit for her big ‘ol feet.  I’m no longer going to help her kitchner her socks or knit half the sock for her.  I’m not going to hear her say “jennifer…HELP!!” any time she runs into another problem.  Hopefully where she is, she is a master knitter and is knitting with the bestest stuff that was spun from the clouds above.

Good night, Lee.  I’ll make sure to sit next to you when I see you next and I’ll finish your socks for you.

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi Everyone!  I hope y’all have had a good week so far and have great plans for the weekend. 🙂

I got back from the great white north on Monday after my grandmother’s funeral on Sat.  It was a beautiful service and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it all.  As weird as it sounds, I learned some great things about her this weekend and about our family.  I’m thankful for the family I have even though there is so many of them and they are all crazy 🙂 hahaha.

I had a couple of free hours on Fri.  My brother and I were given permission to hit the mall since we were just standing around being useless at one point.  So we took off and went to our favorite mall.   I went to my favorite places that had all those fake toki bags that i’ve gotten in the past.  They had another one I wanted badly, but it was $50!!!  WHAT!?!?  FIFTY DOLLARS?  NO WAY!!  So i started browsing some of the cheap stuff…socks, hair bands, etc.  The lady started trying to get me to buy some other bag I was looking at.  Again…$50!  i said no.  too much.  So she started to bargain w/ me.  It’s fun bargaining. 😀  I got this bag for $20.  wheee!  and she gave me some free socks on top of the 6 pair i was buying on special.  wheeee!

cute little black bag close up. i love the buckles!

i do have ONE FO to show off this week. 🙂

Finished cloche! look at me, i'm sandra dee. :)

Isn’t it cute?  It’s a bit fiddly putting the ribbon on the hat, but since i had my sewing machine out, i said what the heck. 🙂  i don’t know how ppl put this on hand sewing.  it would take too long!

Project: Caroline
: Classic Elite Soft Linen
Amount Used: 2 skeins
Color: 2225 (pink)
Needle Size:  US 4 / 3.5 mm
Date Started: March 21, 2010
Date Finished:  April 15, 2010

I had finished knitting the hat a couple of weeks ago, but it took me a while to haul out the sewing machine to get the ribbon part done. 🙂   it’s a very easy pattern and recommended.  I used the linen yarn to give it some stiffness rather than the silky wool recommended in the pattern.

Well, surprisingly, I didn’t get much knitting done w/ everything going on.  I did work on my cable socks a bit and finished most of the cuff, but knitting cables is MUCHO slow!  ugh!

Thanks for checking in w/ me this week.  Hopefully I won’t be so boring next time. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hey y’all.  Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone has had a good week so far.

Here is this week’s bag.  it’s a hilarious one. 🙂

cute bagmuahahah!

Believe it or not…this scenario has happened to me before.  Except i didn’t say “I was born here, dumbass!”  I just smiled and went my merry way b/c the person that said this to me was a huge drunk man. 🙂  you don’t tell a big drunk man he’s a dumb ass. 🙂

Well this is the first time in a very long time I have no FO’s or WIP’s to show off.  I’ve had a really busy week and i haven’t hardly any time to knit.

My grandmother passed away last Weds on March 31st.  The funeral is this coming Saturday and i’m leaving in the morning to attend the services and spend a little bit of time w/ my family.  She was 96 yrs old and in declining health for the last couple of years.  I’m sad, yes.  But it was her time.  I”m glad to have had her in my life for almost 33 yrs.  She was such a wonderful lady.  She was always happy and smiling, no matter how bad things were, no matter how poor/rich she was, no matter how badly she was feeling…any time I was there to visit her, she was always so happy to see us. She was a wonderful mother to 12 children, a wonderful grandmother to 21 grandchildren, and a fantastic great-grandmother to 11 great-grandchildren.   We have all learned something from her kindness and patience with all of us.   I will miss her dearly.

Because of this, I’ve had to do alot of work on some things for the ceremony and I haven’t had much time to knit.  I have been slowly knitting on those yummy cable socks when I have been knitting…but that is SOOOOOOOOO SLOW!!! 🙂

so please forgive my lack of pictures and a real post this week.  I hope the hilarious bag makes up for it.

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi everyone!

here is this week’s “bag”

what is this? a noodle bowl? cup o noodle? hrmmmmm what does it say? toilet paper roll holder!!

I got this when i was in canada a few months ago.  My brother and I got excited when we saw it!  It’s a toilet paper holder (or coin bank) made to look like a cup o noodles. 🙂 isn’t it hilarious??

Last week when I posted, I was all excited about snow.  Well, we got snow alright.  We got 12.6″ of snow that day!!  a RECORD!!  wheeee!  i didn’t make a snowman like I had planned.  I made the bottom part and I got mad b/c my hands were wet and cold and i said screw this!!  i did take some pictures of that day.

Snow in my backyard area directly behind my house snow in my walkway @ 8am snow on my house @ 8am neighbor's tree loook how deep my feet is in the snow! my half-ass attempt at making a snowman me in the winter wonderland my walkway @ 8p after we got about 8 neighbor's roof snow on my patio furniture.  it's so thick!

it was a very exciting day. 🙂  a great day to stay in and snuggle, that’s for sure. 🙂

I got a little bit of cabin fever by the next day.  I did hit the gym, but i got scared driving around to the gym (1 mile from where I live)…so I decided I was going nowhere the rest of the day/night.  So what did I do?  I knit/crocheted alot.

I finished that crochet shawl for my friend Wendy.  I gifted it to her at work Weds.  She loved it.  Jen is muy happy. 🙂

front view back view right view left side with shawl pin

Project: South Bay Shawlette (lion brand link)
Yarn:  Encore Worsted
Amount Used: 2.5 skeins
Color:  pink/red varigated
Hook Size:  I – 5.5 mm
Date Started: Feb 8, 2010
Date Finished: Feb 12, 2010

This was a fast project.  I was pleased w/ the outcome…not as pleased about the color so much.  it was a bit tooo bright for me.

  • I did 36 rows rather than 28 as required in the pattern.
  • I read the chart rather than the written directions.  I’ve been really bad at learning how to read a crochet chart.  this project really boosted that ability.
  • I did a picot edging rather than the one written mainly out of laziness and there was no chart for the edging.  I really hated the written directions.

I also made another hat. 🙂

left view right view top view front me wearing hat

ProjectCable Hat #4481 (bernat link)
Bernat Roving
Amount Used:
<1 skein
Color: 00011 Bark
Needle Size:  US 8 / 5.0 mm and US 10.5 / 6.5mm
Date Started: Feb 13, 2010
Date Finished:  Feb 13, 2010

another fast knit.  I used US8’s for the ribbing rather than the 9’s b/c I was lazy and didn’t want to look for my US9 tips.  the fit is a bit tight.  but not bad. 🙂  Very fast knit.

I decided to work on a new shawl…one i’ve worked on before:  Dianna!  This time i’m doing it out of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi.   I got so hooked on working on this, i didn’t sleep on Mon night.  hahaha.  loser! 🙂

but here are some pics.  Even the best knitters make stupid mistakes!

rogue you see it??? close up of the leaf stupidity at it's best after i ripped back TWO TIERS!

So do you see the mistake?  i sat there and stared at it for like 30 min thinking….can i just cut that off?  it’s not something i can just ignore and move on.  this is a huge mistake.  i thought..if i cut it off…how will I fix?  BAH!! i ripped it back 2 tiers rather than thinking and screwing it up.  it was the best decision.   i also didn’t follow the st pattern on the motif and instead of purling the block and knitting the motif…i made the whole thing st st on accident while doing a gauge swatch.  I decided I liked it and kept it this way.  that’s why there is a close up of the motif so you can see how it looks. 🙂  I’ve already made up time on the tiers I ripped out….so no problems there.

I hope everyone had a great valentine’s day and a great Chinese New year.  Gong Hay Fat Choy!!


In years past, I’ve always been anti-valentine’s day and i still am.  But i have to admit, this year I had a good one.  Not b/c i got a fancy present or anything like that.  I just had a great day w/ the boy and that’s all I needed.   I got the gift of time. 🙂 hahahaha.  So far the new year has been good to me.  I have no complaints.  I just hope it keeps on getting better. 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!

hi everyone. 🙂  I hope your holidays were great and wonderful.  I don’t know about you guys, but i’m sooooo glad they are over.  I hate all the chaos, the massive amounts of eating, etc that go on w/ the holidays.  But I do love all the friends and family we get to see.

So this week’s bag is a good bag 🙂

a Crumpler bag a blurry size comparison w/ my BB BOld....this is a huge bag zipper details embroidered detail

This is a Crumpler bag I bought in Canada when i was there in Oct.  There is a cool Crumpler store out there and i always have to go there after I go to Romni Wools (b/c it’s right down the street).  I cannot take pictures to show off the true beauty of this bag.  Check it out on their website so you can get an idea of why I like it so much. 🙂   This is the perfect weekend getaway bag.  Too big to be a gym bag though. 🙂

I do have ONE FO to show off…but it’s a bit of a minor one. hahaha.  baby crochet!

bearhat bearhat3

Project: Osito Infant Bear Hat (direct link)
Yarn:  Encore Worsted
Amount Used: 1/2 a skein
Color:  0520 – grey
Hook Size:  G – 4.00 mm
Date Started: Jan 1, 2010
Date Finished: Jan 1, 2010

I would say something stupid as to how Zoe is posed…but eh.  i wasn’t really paying attention when I sat her on the bed and took pics.  hahahaa.

This is a super fast hat to crochet.   I had it done in like 2 hours.  I started it after the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. 🙂  My only regret about this is I wish I used a bigger hook.  I kind of had to wrestle this hat on Zoe and I’m planning on giving this to a human baby….but he is only 2 months old.  wait…3 months old.  ACK.  i better hurry and send this.  Zoe is the same size as a 9 mo old baby (so I was told).

I started a new shawl/scarf tonight.  It’s for a good friend of mine that has helped me with alot of thoughts and prayers and I want her to know how much I appreciate her.


Not sure how I feel about the color.  her fav. color is peach and i figured this was peach…but it looks more coral to me at this moment.  argh!

I’m still working on the Danish Tie shawl.  It’s a super easy knit, but it’s kind of boring.   And i’m still working on the legwarmers.  Same deal….it’s easy easy…but boring.  I think that’s why I have startitis so bad right now.  🙂

Oh I was told by some friends shame on me for not showing off something last week.  Sorry sorry! I got a Christmas gift I didn’t expect.   It’s just so cute and so me!! 🙂

ring a ding ding! isn't it CUTE!!!??!?

Ignore my old looking hands.  ugh.   but isn’t it the cutest little ring?  🙂  i love it love it!

We’re getting some kind of freaky arctic blast here in DFW, TX today.  the temp is only supposed to be between 12F – 23F.  wheee!  I fell asleep last night really early b/c i was exhausted and not feeling well (we’re talking 845p, people!) and I woke up at 2am for some reason.  maybe b/c I got a full night’s sleep.  who knows.  But it started raining at that time and the temp dropped ALOT.  I’m watching the morning news right now and for some reason all the schools are closing today.  I had no idea it was going to ice today…i thought it was just going to be cold.  hmm.  brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….rito!!! 🙂  everyone keep warm and have a great weekend!

Thursday Purse-Day! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Can you believe it’s about to be 2010?  GEEEEZ!  where has the time gone?  10 years ago on this evening, I was in ELP w/ the family.  Everyone was so scared about Y2K. hahaha.  I sort of remember making a point to be w/ my family in case the end happened that night. hahaaha.  But I was w/ my brother at some lame friend’s house gathering (i say lame b/c we don’t like the guy and we had NOTHING else to do), and my parents were at church watchnight service.   So much has changed in the last 10 years.  Shoot, so much has changed in the last 10 days….last 10 weeks….last 10 months. 🙂

I looked back at my post from NYE last year and I kind of chuckle at the things I wrote.  I just do this for my own personal growth.   What has 2009 done for me?


  • I lost some weight this year and I didn’t realize how unhappy I was being as heavy as I was before.  I always thought that I was always meant to be this way and there was nothing I could do about it.  SO.NOT.TRUE.  I had a bit of a health scare that scared me straight and I realized if I didn’t take care of myself, I was going to die very young.  I still haven’t reached my goal weight….but 2009 was a good start to get to the 2/3 point to my goal weight.  but losing weight rocks! hahaah
  • I am very thankful to have my job and I am more thankful that I love working there still.  It really helps that i work with a great group of people and we all work well together and we really make each other laugh.
  • I have a wonderful group of friends that have really been there for me through the good and the bad.  I wouldn’t trade them in for anything. 🙂   Thank you, guys!
  • I realized this year that every time I see my parents, they get crazier and crazier.  Even though they are crazy, they really crack me up and I wouldn’t be who I am today w/o them.  I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t talk to them every day.
  • I met someone this year who I hope will remain a special someone for a long time. 🙂   <3
  • Continuing on w/one of the things I mentioned last year, I realized I don’t need alot of stuff to make me happy.  saying this…i realize that having TOO much stuff can make me very unhappy.   for the last year I have been slowly working on getting rid of things I don’t need in my life.  clutter in the home/car…clutter in the brain.  I plan on continuing w/ this and working on keeping it all clear.  hopefully I don’t get too stupid just giving things away.
  • I have learned alot about myself this year which is funny to say since who else knows me better than…well, ME?  yet every day I learn something new about me, about life…and for some reason I’m always surprised. 🙂


  • I lost my little baby Sassy this year in June and that was one of the most devastating things I ever had to go through.   I miss her dearly.  But I know she’s up in heaven waiting for me where I can kiss her all over again and snuggle with her.
  • I also lost the cat, Poopy, I had in highschool (who remained w/ my parents after I left) 3 months after I lost Sassy.  That was devastating as well even though she really wasn’t my cat anymore.   Both Poopy and Sassy were healthy cats that suddenly got very sick and passed away soon after we found out they were sick.  I know they are both up in heaven trading stories about how insane I am.  🙂
  • I realized this year that in years past I was unhappy w/ my life w/o even really realizing it.  I see certain aspects of my life and how i felt about things and how I reacted to them before (people, situations, etc) and I find myself kind of embarrassed that I let things go on for as long as they did.  This is also a work-in-progress.

Overall I had a great year.  Friends had little mini friends which makes me so happy for them.  Family members have gotten married.  Everyone generally is in pretty good health.   Let’s just hope 2010 is half-way as good as 2009 was. 🙂  a new decade!

ok enough of that. hahaha.  This weeks’ bag was given to me by Botgurl!


very very cute and the perfect project bag!!  thank you, Bot!!

i went to vegas for Christmas w/ the family and had a great time.  Oh yeah!  it snowed here in DFW the morning I left.  right when I was supposed to board the plane, i saw snow outside and started to freak that my flight was going to be cancelled.  it was just delayed.  🙂   but apparently i missed some kind of blizzard here…first white Christmas DFW has seen in 80 years?  i have no idea.  So what was done in vegas?  eating….eating..walking…eating….walking….walking….eating….eating…napped a little…shopping…shopping…walking….gambling…eating….see a lousy show….eating….eating…NOT sleeping….eating….eating.  do you see a theme here?  we ate ALOT of food.  Thank goodness we walked so much b/c I totally would have gained about 6-7 pounds as much as we ate!  what was my point?  oh yeah!  I didn’t get alot of knitting done over the weekend.  I did a little bit on the plane back and forth, but I slept through most of the flights so not much knitting got done.

i didn’t take the good camera with me b/c i hate lugging it around when I fly.  so i had my point and shoot.  and the pics from it aren’t that great.  plus i noticed this time around…everyone that goes to vegas thinks they are a freaking professional photographer.  So i wasn’t feeling the picture love.  I just took pics of me and my family in front of various christmas decorations (as my mom wanted).   I’m just posting some of the tourist-y pics i took while i was there w/o me or my family in the pics.  They would be a bit mad if I posted them publicly for all the world to see. 🙂

lv-29 crazy water sculpture @ the Aria a HILARIOUS store name. :)  my bro and i kept giggling. the typical Paris hotel photo I LOVE downtown vegas.  Cheap tables! las Golden Nugget. cold chicken feet.  my family is nasty. :) I always like to call this the chocolate bar hotel. :) The Wynn is beautiful inside. :) I love primitive trees bear made of poinsettas cranberries @ the hotel / shops little boy playing w/ the cranberries. we got a little excited staring at this pool of cranberries. snowflakes. :)

So I did finish ONE project this week:

Pink GoLightly Gloves for me.

ProjectGolightly Gloves (rav link)
Bernat Organic Cotton
Amount Used:
1 skein
Color: 43427
Needle Size:  US 6 / 4.0 mm
Date Started: Dec 13, 2009
Date Finished:  Dec 30, 2009

I figured I needed a pair of these so I could wash my dishes in style. 🙂

Still working on the danish tie shawl. 🙂  i’ve made some progress, but not a ton.  sigh.

Alright I’m starting to doze off…HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!!!! 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi everyone. 🙂  Happy Thursday!

Here is this week’s bag….

lunch-y munch-y! it's cute and cheap! side view.

This was given to me by Crazy Kathy.  She saw these in the dollar bin at Target and bought me a couple of them. 🙂  I haven’t used them for lunch, but today i used it as a project bag.  not such a great idea b/c there is velcro. 🙂   but it cost $1! WHEEE!

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster for me personally.  I didn’t get too much knitting done.   Well, i got SOME knitting done.  but not much. 🙂

I did get a hat done today while at work.  (shush)

shroom hat right view left view top

Yarn: Bernat Roving
Amount Used:  about 2/3 of a skein
Color:  Bark
Needle Size:  US 11 / 8.0 mm
Date Started: Dec 16, 2009
Date Finished:  Dec 16, 2009

This was a super fast knit due to the big needles.   My mistakes included not doing a gauge swatch.  I started off on size 10’s.  I put the hat on after i did the ribbing and i couldn’t fit it on my head.  rip rip rip.  I did the whole hat on 11’s.  another mistake.  I should have went up a needle size after the ribbing.  OR i could have done an extra repeat of the pattern stitches.  Sigh.  It’s a cute hat on me. 🙂  it just doesn’t look like the picture in the pattern.  oh wellz. 🙂

I started a pair of  Golightly Gloves for myself in pinky pink.


I figured by now i would be finished.  But I put them down and got distracted w/ Christmas shopping this week despite my annual protests against Christmas shopping.  I had to run out and get gifts for my friends’ kids.  I’ve been a bad auntie this year and not sent much to them, so I’m trying to make up for it right now by buying their love w/ crap. 🙂  hAhaah.    I hope to have the gloves done in a day or two.  i want to wash dishes in STYLE.  tee hee.

On Sunday we had our annual Simpatico Christmas party.  Thanks to Peggy for offering her lovely home to us insane people.  There was alot of food, some alcohol, lots of gifts and lots of screaming laughing.  🙂  I’ll just put some pics up of the food and some of the gifts.  I don’t know how people would feel about me posting pics of their faces up. 🙂

peppers :) cheesecake some limes for our drinky drink. tea cookies! havarti cheese tortellini salad snowman stitch markers (a la peggy) incognito bitches. :) pumpkin bread fantastic cheese ball thingy w/ mango chutney all over it!@ fancy cheese gouda cheese log and pumpernickel bread deviled eggs corn salad broccoli salad flowers :) thumbprint cookies tamales janice's yarn presents galore house shoes a la Kathy!! :)

I took alot of pics of all the handmade gifts that were given and there were some good ones.  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.  Sigh.  not enough dirty smut books were passed around though.   and MY dirty book got SWIPED by Kathy!  I was so tired after I got home that I had to really just sit and chill out for a while.  Mainly from excitement and cheese overload.  my gawd.  Cheese is still my mortal enemy!! 🙂

Thanks for tuning in. 🙂   I’ll have some FO’s for you guys this week if you want to take a peeky! 🙂

LALALA!!! Stick a fork in it…it’s DONE!!!

I finished the cast off on Fri afternoon.  I did a crazy happy dance when I was finished.   Friday was a good day for me for many reasons….this was one of them. 🙂

So here it is…. i took a lot of pictures of it.  so bear w/ me on the photo overload. 🙂


after cast off, before blocking and before removing the lifelines on the mannequin, pre-blocking, pre-lifeline removal

Post-blocking a bit….

after blocking, size comparison on a full size bed post-blocking, on the mannequin front view post blocking


look at how big it is all laid out left side right side pretty :) close up of the pretty

On me….(rare to have pics of me…i know…don’t look too long :P)

look how long it is on me. :)'s huge.  tee hee it's me

So sorry if that was too many photos.  This has been an accomplishment. 🙂  I’ve been telling people this could totally be my wedding shawl.  hahaha.  i’m not getting married …. but if i was, i would totally use it!!

When I started this shawl, I did it to cope w/ the loss of Sassy.  So this is Sassy’s shawl..i think that’s why it meant so much to me.  Thanks to Mary for the suggestion on doing this shawl for that reason and for giving me the yarn 😀

ProjectAeolian Shawl
YarnZephyr JaggerSpun
Amount Used: 2 full skeins.
Color:  cream
Needle Size:  US4 / 3.5mm
Date Started: Jun 12, 2009
Date Finished:  Jul 31, 2009

Project notes:

  • I used size 8 beads, color 31.  I ended up using 4.5 tubes (approx. 500 beads per tube).  the lightweight beads help keep the shawl lightweight.  i considered size 6 beads, but changed my mind when i thought about the weight.
  • On the nupps, I used a crochet hook to do them.  i couldn’t knit the nupps loose enough to do a k9tog.  no way in hell.
  • I did not double the yarn at the end to do the bind off b/c I couldn’t find my 3rd skein of yarn to double it up with.  I was running low on the 2nd skein, but I knew I had enough to do a bind off.  I checked other ppl using the same yarn and one other person did a single ply bind off and it came out fine.  I must agree mine did too, but I’m still a bit nervous about it. 🙂
  • USE MARKERS TO MARK THE REPEATS!!!  This saved me SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!  If I hadn’t had done that, I would have been so frustrated with this more than I was.  There was a point where i screwed up for 6 rows and realized it, but no life line was put in except for 20 rows prior.  It took me a day to rip it all out to the life line and another 10 days to catch up to where i was.  markers SAVED MY BUTTT!!!!
  • i wet blocked the shawl.  it was surprisingly easy to manipulate while wet.  The last time I did a shawl in this and tried to wet block, i had alot of issues. 🙂

I think that’s it for now. 🙂  Now i need to work on the toddler set for submission. 😛 haahahah