Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello everyone. 🙂  It’s Thursday again!  Time for another bag!

THank you P's! check out the inside fabric! My right hand fits in there just fine. hahaha

This is another birthday bag from the Purling P’s.   Thanks, you guys!  It’s so cute and fits my BB and there is room for cards and money.  how sweet is that.’s a wristlet!! 🙂  WHEE!

Purple BB power

Speaking of BB, check out my sweet BB case.  I got it yesterday.  it’s so wonderfully purple and sweet. haahaha.

I’m still working on the state fair shawl.  Making progress toward the end…but each row is starting to get horribly long and boring.  sigh.   No updated pics.  it’s hard to take pics of it right now. 🙂

I am working on a sock for when i am with people.  I can’t work on that shawl w/ people talking around me.  It’s too hard and I always end up tinking out what i did.   This pair of sox is going to be some geisha socks. 🙂 Short-cuffed geisha sox. 🙂

geishasox geishasox2 geishasox3

Well, this is another short post.  how odd. hahaha.   My blogiversary is in 5 days. 🙂   Can you believe it’s been 5 years since I started this blog?    it’s BIZARRE…I can’t believe it’s been that long.  weirdness.  🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!

First off….fantastic news!!

Our friends NanC and Matty have a new baby girl! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  i kept hoping baby would be a girl, but I had this weird gut feeling she was going to be a HE. 🙂  But I got the call around 4p that baby was born around 3p and everyone is healthy and happy and looking fantastic. 🙂   I’m so happy for them!!  I can’t wait to meet the new member of the family!

Ok so it is Thursday…here is this week’s bag. 🙂

{010809} a new knitting bag...surprise surprise! :)  {010809} there is a yarn feeder orafice. :) {010809} see thru...nice nice

I got this gem at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. 🙂  It was an impulse buy (surprise surprise).  but i think it’s cute! 🙂  i haven’t been using the yarn feeder b/c …well, i don’t know why.  I just haven’t. 🙂  It’s a great portable little bag though!

So last week I complained about my brother’s gloves.  I ended up just using a whole diff. pattern which worked out better for these gloves i think.  I think the color is fantastic. 🙂  and this yarn is so spongy!!

{bruddamitts} my brudda's new mitts. :) {bruddamitts} the finished left one.  Well, the ends need to be weaved in. :)

I do have an FO to show off!

{mmmitts} I love how these mitts came out.  {mmmitts} I just hope they fit. {mmmitts} left mitt{mmmitts} Right mitt

Project: Fingerless mitts
YarnArucania Ranco (ravelry link)
Amount Used: 1/3 a skein?  a little more?
Color: 124 Russet
Needle Size: US 3
Date Started:  Dec 31, 2008
Date Finished: Jan 2, 2008

I love these mitts.  They were super easy to do.  The pattern was written by our own Botgurl.  Super quick and well written. 🙂  I love the yarn too!! OMG!  I want to do a pair of socks out of the remainder.  do i have enough?  yes.  I bought 2 skeins and they come fully loaded w/ lots of yardage. hahaha.  So I should be able to get a pair of socks out of them too. 🙂  I bought some in a purply color for myself too!

On Sunday, our group had a seaming party for NanC’s bebeh’s blanket. 🙂  it didn’t take too long I thought.  I mean, it could have taken WAY longer.  We had a warm home, tons of good SOUP, rolls, and good company and a crapload of crochet hooks. 🙂  In the end we have a seamed blanket. 🙂  it’s so beautiful

{nancs blanket} This blanket had a paparazzi session w/ all of us taking pics of it. :) {nancs blanket} one of the rows I seamed up. :) {nancs blanket} Bot is actually crocheting. {nancs blanket} Not A. Peach is crocheting too!{nancs blanket} OMG SKITTER is actually crocheting{nancs blanket} a seamed up blanket!{nancs blanket} Nanc's the queen of silly faces.

This was a wonderful collaborative effort by everyone.  🙂  The yarn we used was Berroco Comfort Worsted Weight.  My squares were too small and two of my squares were the wrong color.  I’m an idiot.  Apparnetly i heard the requirements.  Hell, I was one of the ppl that was calculating what size they should be.  But we had some adjustments over the period of time we decided to do this and I got mixed up on what the size should have been..  Whoops. 🙂  We all just picked squares to make on our own.  I chose to do all seed stitch squares b/c i’m hilarious like that. hahahah

Yesterday I decided to paint my master bathroom b/c i was finally sick of looking at the forest green color for the last 8 months.  for a few months now, i’ve been debating about what color to paint this tiny bathroom.  Pink?  purple?  some cheery yellow? Blue?  what the hell???  I finally decided the other day a neutral taupe color would be perfect.  I figured that would work no matter what kind of fabrics are hung as the shower curtain, it will almost always match.  decision made.  paint and supplies purchased.  What was I thinking?  i don’t know how to prep a room for painting.  I tried.  i’m just an idiot. 🙂  I don’t cut very well apparently.  My ladder is a short 3-4 step ladder.  I am short.  The extension I bought for my roller is only a 1-2 foot roller.  And i could reach the top, but i kept bumping paint on the ceiling.  im’ going to have to repaint the areas i bumped w/ the paint.  GRR.  The color is better, but I can still just seen the green in my head for some reason.  And I need to paint the moldings white/beige too before I get the full effect.  So …my progress so far.  You know it’s really hard to get pics of a room w/ a 50mm lens. 🙂 hahahaha.  i was too lazy to get my point and shoot out.

{mbpaint} I forgot to take pics before I started.  {mbpaint} new color.  now I need to paint all the moldings. {mbpaint} I really hate this green.{mbpaint} hmm...this pic is a little light.

don’t judge my messyness.   i’m a messy painter apparently.

Ok I think that’s it for now! hahaha.  peace out! 🙂  it’s almost 4a and i haven’t gone to bed yet!  WHOOPS!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Sorry I’m a little late posting today.  I fell asleep last night on the couch and then woke up freezing to death. 🙂  BRRRR!!!!

So today’s bag isn’t too exciting, but it’s pretty funny. 🙂

{tom}  this bag is bigger than me{tom} doesn't Tom Welling look HOT?{tom} of course there is a hot chick (kristen bell) on the bag too

They gave these free at Comic Con in July and if you’ve been to SDCC, you know you go freaking nuts over anything that is free. 🙂  These bags are fantastic for holding all the free stuff you get there.  So it’s so nice of them to give these out.  Tom Welling on the bag makes it that much nicer.  haahha

I finished the Christmas stockings!  I kept true to my word. 🙂  So i finished them on Monday night.  Emailed the buyer on Tues letting her know they were done.  I got an email from her on Weds asking if I could embellish them for her.  When she originally hired me to do these, she wanted me to just knit them and not embellish.  But she admitted in her email that she didn’t want to ask me originally to embellish, but now I guess she is ok w/ asking. 🙂

So I’m happy w/ how they came out…and i’m not happy about blinging them out.  I’m trying not to bling too much, but then I think…well, she likes the original stocking….so i should do as the original was done.  I can’t bring myself to do it as much though.  i’m fighting it.  🙂 sigh.   Tell me what you think…

{stockings} The original {stockings} close up of the original{stockings} close up of the back{stockings} full length{stockings} Triple threat :) {stockings} close up of the santa's{stockings} close up of the backs{stockings}  the new and the old side-by-side{stockings} look at how yellow the white got{stockings} Bling'd up.  I hate the bling.{stockings} One more bling'd up than the other.  I like less bling.{stockings}  what is your vote?{stockings} i do like the snowflake buttons :)

What else am I knitting on?  I have a couple of pairs of Fuzzy Feet i need to have done in time for when i go back home for Christmas for a couple of friends back home.   That’s about it…for now. 🙂

This weekend was a weekend of socializing.  I haven’t finished editing pics of the Simpatico Christmas Party or NanC’s bebeh shower.  If you know my flickr acct, check there occasionally to see if i’ve posted if you guys really want to see. 🙂  I did take some pics of all the squares we did for NanC’s bebeh’s blanket.  I realized this week that I made 2 of my squares out of the wrong color of blue.  Whenever i bought the yarn, I bought a ball of a lighter blue color for a diff. project.  But i thought since it was all in the same bag, it was for the blanket.  What does this mean?  i’m a moron.  thta’s what it means. 🙂

{bebeblankie} so many squares...{bebeblankie} so many they are toppling over. :)

One more week till Christmas.  Is everyone ready? hahaha.   It’s no secret that I don’t buy Christmas presents for adults at this time unless I really see a good gift for someone.  So the only thing i’m stressed out about is getting things done for other people.  It’s nice.  Life has been good since I decided to do this a few years ago.   Everyone should join me and try this.  🙂  hahahaa.   Next year I might start a petition…or a movement or something.  hehehe.

I’m not a TOTAL scrooge.  You know what my fav. parts of the holidays are?  Tasteful Christmas decorations and Christmas music.  I love beautiful Christmas decorations and lights.  I feel like a kid again when I see a beautiful tree.  My tree is no beautiful work of art.  And I just realized I haven’t taken a pic of the tree.  Maybe I’ll save that for next week. 🙂   Growing up w/ FOB parents, we didn’t know alot of the standard nursery rhymes that American kids grew up singing and knowing.  Sometimes when my friends sing nursery rhymes, I have to sit there and wonder wth they are singing.  Nope.  I grew up in a house where the father loved Christmas music so much, he used to listen to it YEAR round.  One of his fav tapes, oddly enough, was the Chipmunks Christmas tape.  He used to pop it in the tape player in the car and make us sing along.  Jingle Bells and Frosty the snowman were his FAVORITE songs besides all the Christmas hymns.

One of my fav. songs and gets me all excited that it’s the holidays is Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You.   I remember the year this song came out…1994.  It was my first year away at college and as a family, we decided to meet up w/ my grandma, uncle and family in LA for the holidays.  We did all the LA things…Disneyland, Universal Studios, Chinatown.  I remember my brother and I were ice skating near Universal Studios and they played this song CONSTANTLY w/ the video showing above on the big screen above the ice rink.  Of course the video is cheesy and was done before Mariah Carey turned into a total ho. 🙂   Anyway…we just kept skating in circles loving the song.

Ok i’m heading back to bed!  I’m sooooo cold!! 🙂

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hey everyone!  How’s it going?  I had one heck of a week this week.  I barely was able to do anything knitting today.  And even then i didn’t knit…i was duplicate stitching stuff. haha.

But first!  THE BAG!!

This was given to me tonight by dear Debbie  (Mary, Janice…you can’t tell me you didn’t see this coming! HAHAH)

{satchel}  OOOOH the print! {satchel} inside{satchel}  size comparison w/ my mannequin head (the only thing around at the time)

Today was Give-Jen-Free-Retro-Vintage-Stuff day from Debbie 🙂  She gave me the bag after I was all OOHing and AAhing the fabric print. 🙂  super cute!!!  THANK YOU, DEBBIE!

Look at what else Debbie gave me…i’ve been dreaming of this ugly lamp for a little while. 🙂

{lamp} Isn't this THE ugliest lamp you ever saw!??!?! {lamp} oh many ruffles{lamp}  size comparison w/ a hamper

As I carried this out of the house, Mary and Janice couldn’t believe I wanted it.  I’m going to put this baby on one of my nightstands in my room.  I don’t know if it’s going to be able to fit on the nightstand.  But I’m going to try.  As I proudly carried this to my car, Mary and Janice laughed at me b/c the freaking thing was as big as I am. I have included a pic of the lamp w/ a hamper for a size comparison.  🙂  it’s huge.

Janice said I could dye the lampshade in a diff. color…but i argued it won’t match the glass.  hahahah!  I think once it gets a good cleaning, it’ll sparkle like new. 🙂

What else has happened this week?  I went to the State Fair of Texas w/ P-la on Thurs.  It was a beautiful day out.  COOOL, breeeezy…the perfect day to go to the fair and inhale alot of fried foods and go into a fried food coma after. 🙂  I went to the fair w/ my brother the weekend before, but we went the day of the TX/OU game.  too crazy.  So i didn’t get to try too much.  He did eat his share of funnel cake.  that boy loves funnel cake. he ate 3 while at the fair.  THREE.

{Funnel}  Funnel cake {funnel} fried, sugary goodness

But when I went w/ P-La, we had a bit of a plan.  She printed up the list of fried foods we could try. hahahaha!!  What did we hit first?  the Chicken Fried Bacon.   That’s right. 🙂

{cfb} Chicken Fried Bacon {cfb}  ooh..expensive{cfb} CFB!!{cfb} MY dipping sauce

I really didn’t have any desire to try it.  But I admit, i was curious.  We got there and there was no line.  It’s kismet. 🙂  hahaha. And i must say…Oh..My…GAWD.  It was so freaggin GOOOOOD!!!!  P-La and i shared the order.  you get 6 pieces for $5.  I wanted to get another order, but I feared ridicule. actually, I wanted to leave room for other fried goodness.  If we had room after all this, I wanted to get more Chicken Fried Bacon.  Luckilly, we were so full and sick afterward, no need to run for the CFB. 🙂

But we ate other things. 🙂

{fried food} Fire and Ice {fried food} fried roll w/ cream cheese{fried food} Fried corn on the cob{fried food} fried stuff{fried food} Fried PBJ&B{fried food} free ice cream

So i didn’t eat all this fried food.  I ate the strawberry thing on the left, P-la ate the Fried PBJ & B…and we got free ice cream cones. 🙂  the rest of the pics were taken for fun.  I have a bunch more pics of the signs…but i’m too lazy to post here.  check out my Flickr if you know my id if you must see it all. 🙂

After our indulgences, we left and i was having horrible food coma.  I feel so bad b/c P-la wasn’t as stupid as I was.  She was talking to me and I think i zoned in and out of consciousness. 🙂  sorry, P-la!  🙂

i served as photog for my friend Kristy’s wedding on Sunday.  I get so nervous when asked to do these things.  I’m not a pro, so i get very very very nervous.  I have to say, it was one of the best weddings I had ever been to in my life.  Weddings have become such an orchestrated show sometimes, or it’s about how you top other weddings you have seen….that wasn’t here.  The wedding was at a park in Plano under the gazebo that was there.  The officiant was British, so he had a rockin’ accent as he did the ceremony. hahaa.  The bride and groom were so happy. I felt the love.   Thanks guys for letting me do your pics.

Kristy and John

Botgurl and I also hit the Weezer concert Tues night.  Thanks, Bot, for going with me. 🙂

Wait a sec.  This is a knitting blog isn’t it?  hahahahahahah  I haven’t done much knitting in the last week due to all the stuff I’ve been at.  But I have a baby shower this weekend that a gift has to be finished by.  I’m almost done.  I finished seaming up this sweater on Sunday.  I’ve been working on the duplicate stitch on the bottom.

{yoda dup} some duplicate stitch {yoda dup} Force...will i have this ready in time?

Will I get it done in time? yeah.  I have half a letter left to dup. stitch.  Then i need to clip ends, take pics, and present the gift.  I’m hoping it’s a hit at the shower.

I’m still working on socks, still working on those Christmas stockings.  i haven’t even touched the stockings since last week.  EEEEEK.  I need to get on the ball.

It be Tuesday! I have a meme! HAHAHAH!

it’s tuesday!  I have no FO to post yet.  well, i do…but it needs to go through the proper photo session before posting. 🙂  I’m still waiting for it to finish drying. 🙂

It’s also 430a.  WHy am I up?  i have no idea.  I haven’t been sleeping at the correct hour since last week.  I am totally topsy-turvey.  I have been going to sleep when people are getting up for their day or later.  I’ve been sleeping through the mornings when i don’t work.

I also have this weird painful bump on the back of my head.  this lump has turned into a bit of an ordeal.  One of my nurse friends scared me and i think tonight I’m scared to go to bed. 🙂  so i started organizing my yarn closet again tonight.  i’m happy w/ how things are turning out in that area of life. hahaah  I’m eliminating half the yarn that i own.  Well, half so far.  My friend came over and thought the room exploded.  I had to point out to him that some of this yarn was for donation yarn, some is for sale, some is for me to still decide if I want to keep it or sell it/give it away.  i’m really weirded out by some of the yarns I have bought in the past.  What was I thinking?? 🙂  I am getting rid of the majority of the wool in my stash b/c I can’t wear any of it.  I’m so hot blooded that me buying wool in the first place is silly.  But i went through a “I-will-felt-everything-in-sight” phase and the majority of the wools is from that phase.    i’m going to pass this stuff along so it will all go to a good home at a low low price 🙂  hahahaha.

anyway.  i’m rambling.  my purpose for posting right now? MEME!!! 🙂

Lynette tagged me earlier in the week for a few random tidbits about myself and i’m posting.  🙂  hehehee.

  • I am deathly afraid of anything reptile.  even “cute” (blech) little geckos.  i don’t even want them within 10 feet of me.  I freak out.  yes, I know they are lizards and don’t hurt anyone…but you don’t know if this is the one that will attack you b/c it’s pissed off at the human race.  Yes..I know.  I am insane.
  • I used to dream of being a world famous photographer and I still do sometimes. 🙂
  • I am a font fanatic…which makes me hate boring fonts.  Comic Sans is my mortal enemy. 🙂
  • I am a tabloid junkie.  I used to buy and read all the magazines, but thank goodness tabloid bloggers are free and faster. 🙂  no more magazine waste at my house. hahaha.
  • I have to watch Nightline every night when it comes on.  I don’t feel like my night is complete unless I watch it.
  • I have a strange addiction to office/school supplies.  Late Aug/early Sept is my happy time to shop for all the new school supplies even though I am no longer in school. 🙂

OK, there are rules for these random things. First rule is share the rules! Link to the person who tagged you. Then right your six random bits of tid. Let the tagger know when you’ve responded. Tag 6 more people. Let them know you’ve tagged them by commenting on their blogs.

Thanks for tagging me, Lynette! 🙂  Now i’m tagging 6 people…
PurlingPs (together or seperate)






Thursday Purse-Day!!

I’m posting and i’m not DOG tired. 😀 hahahaha.

So this week’s bag is kind of funny. Petra..this one is for you. 😀

{biscuit}  tee-hee...biscuit {biscuit} close up of the print

Tee-hee….isn’t it a cute bag?? 😀 shoot..i forgot to use some of my newly acquired bottle caps to do a size comparison. i’m lucky i sort of setup a lightbox for this. hahaha.

I think my week of sleepiness is over. I tend to get very very very sleepy during certain times of the month. *ahem* and i always forget until i get fed up w/ being so sleepy and then i realize…ohhhhh…duhhh.

I got some yarny goodness in the mail on Monday:

{woolgirl} Hello Kitty Sock Kit {woolgirl} yarny goodness{woolgirl} Hk bag{woolgirl} HK figurine{woolgirl} HK sock pattern

So i ordered a HK Sock kit from Woolgirl!  There was no revelation as to what would come in the box.  It was all a big surprise! Silly me..i thought it meant we would get an HK Sock yarn Pattern…meaning an HK pattern in the sock pattern.  sigh.  i’m so stupid 😀  but the yarn came with alot of HK goodies!   i totally dig the colors.  But i dont know if i dig the pattern as much. 😀  we’ll see.  i might do something different w/ the yarn.  but yay!

so anyway. I was at work all day today (which is rare) and i managed to get an FO. 😀 It’s in the blocking stages. I hope it’s dry by tomorrow for delivery to Angi. 😀

{angi scarf} scarf - pre-blocking. {angi scarf} blocking away {angi scarf} close up of the pattern

Project: Lace Ribbon Scarf (modified)
Yarn: Drops Alpaca
Amount Used: 1.15 skeins
Color: 517 grey
Needle Size: US 2
Date Started: April 28, 2008
Date Finished: May 21, 2008

It’s super hot here in Texas. i’m scared of my electric bill next month. but i’m trying to keep it on the higher side of the thermostat when it comes to my A/C.

and since i was super sleepy, i’ve been testing out the guest bed in my guest bedroom. My brudda said he liked the bed. I like my beds soft and plushy. he does not. Before he came to visit on Mother’s Day weekend, i laid on the bed to make sure it wasnt too firm. I fell asleep. I guess you can say I took a test nap. I woke up and i thought “i guess that works fine!” hahaha. well, yesterday i was laying on that bed to see if it was too hot in that room. i guess not. b/c i woke up 3 hours later confused and cold. hahAHAH

Sassy seems to like the bed too 😀

{guest bed}  Sassy always likes the side sans pillow {guest bed} Sassy looks like she has no legs here. hehehe{guest bed}  oh look! sassy legs!  The bedspread and comforter were courtesy of my pals from Simpatico.  Thanks for the GC guys!! :D  don't you like the set up?? :D{guest bed}  look loook! I have paws!

can you stand the cuteness? hahaha jk.

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hey everyone!  it’s thursday!  you know what that means!!

{ang} gift from angela and emma {ang} the power of hello kitty. haahahha

I got this bag as a Christmas gift from some good old friends 😀  I love the color combo!! Of course I haven’t used it just yet 😀

What have I been knitting lately?

{angi} Scarf for Angi's brother {angi} i hate these needles dangling

one of my knit grrls, Angi, asked me to knit a scarf for a gift for her brother.  I accepted the challenge. hahaa so far so good.  i hate these needles though.  I like the needles themself, but i hate the dangling cord.  it’s driving me nuts!!

So i’ve been focused on something else rather than knitting.  I finally got it all put together….

{csm} loook at it in all its glory {csm} Now if only i could figure out how to cast on....{csm} i can't wait to get crankin!{csm} it makes a coool clicky sound when you crank the handle

Isn’t it beautiful?  i finally bought a stand for it and with some help from a friend, got it all set up.  now i just need to figure out how to cast on!!  i love turning the handle.  it makes a cool click click sound. 😀   Marvel in its glory! hahahah

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hi Everyone! It’s Thursday!! Time for another purse!

On Monday, instead of truly truly packing (i did move some boxes to the new place…so shush!) i went to a couple of antique malls and i found today’s purse of the day. 🙂 in my defense..i went to the antique mall after dropping off a couple of bags of clothes at Goodwill. 😀

{mn saddle} is'nt it CUUTE?  another MATT & NAT BAG! {mn saddle} the insides w/ all my stuffs in it. {mn saddle} size comparison w/ a letter sheet of paper.  this bag is huge!{mn saddle} the back

So this is another Matt & Nat bag! I went to this antique mall and one of the stores had a CRAP LOAD of MN bags! bags I had NEVER SEEN! i grabbed about 4 of them…salivating…and i looked at the bounty within my arms and i thought “what the F am i doing???” so i put back 3 bags. 😀 i did have SOME self control. hahaaha. This bag is pretty big. I can sling it across me just like i like! this bag when it’s on me…it’s bigger than my butt. i’m not saying my butt is small…it’s far from that. 😀 This place even had the baby diaper bags and the laptop bags. my head was swimming!

What have I been doing? I haven’t knit much this week. I DID learn how to TAT this weekend! I should be more specific..i learned how to needle tat from my good friend Pat the Tat. 🙂 i always learn so well from her. and i was excited to learn something new. why did i learn how to do this? I have something specific in mind. what? I want to make pretty hankies. 🙂 hehehe

What else have I been working on? I’ve been crocheting. I had this urgent desire to make this hat. I made 2. The first one was green…and made WAAAAY too small. It fits, but it didn’t look like a puffy hat. It loooked like a pill box hat. So i did another one. I had a recipient in mind. 🙂 I finished it off today…tried it on my head…SAME THING! even though I had added an extra 4 rows of puff stitch, i ended up ripping back and then adding about 3 inches of crochet as well as a few more increases. I’m happy w/ the result.

{green puffy} isn't it CUUUTE? {green puffy} i love the colors!{green puffy} more views of the bow{green puffy} the back{green puffy} close up of the puffy stitch

Project: Puff Stitch Crochet Beret w/ Bow
Yarn: Jo-Ann Debbie Mumm Traditions
Amount Used: most of ONE skein
Color: Forest Green
Hook Size: 4.0 mm
Date Started: March 5, 2008
Date Finished: March 6, 2008

At the KFN slumber party on Saturday, our lucky Kathy Bee took the hat home b/c it looked the best on her little head. 🙂 i’m glad someone was able to take it!

one note: i hated working with the yarn even though the colors were so beautiful. The yarn on the outside kept trying to shimmy down the core of the yarn? If that makes sense? it was very annoying. at times I wanted to stop and work on a different yarn. it was so irritating deal w/ that yarn crinkling up around the core.

{puffy} Puff Pastry Hat Redux! {puffy} side view{puffy} other side{puffy} back{puffy} dont' get too close! it's so puffy! :)

Project: Puff Stitch Crochet Beret w/ Bow
Yarn: Dark Horse Fantasy
Amount Used: half of one skein
Color: Periwinkle
Hook Size: 4.0 mm
Date Started: March 10, 2008
Date Finished: March 12, 2008

These hats were pretty quick and very well complimented. Now i need to make one for myself. HAHAHAH! THe Dark Horse Fantasy is pretty awesome. i have used it on many projects now and I can say it’s one of my favorites to use so far. it’s so soft and plushy. 🙂 and it’s machine washable! WHOO HOO!

Allright folks..i’m off to bed! I should stay up and pack but i’m so tired. I hate the Spring Forward time change!!!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

It’s been a busy purse week.  I’ve acquired some new bags this week.  tee-hee.  But alas…i will only show one at a time.  🙂  YOu must stay tuned to see the others.  But for now..THIS week’s bag!!

{hkprint}  A NEW HELLO KITTY BAG!!! {hkprint} close up of the fabric.  isn't it FABOO?{hkprint} inside...a pocket or two and a cute label!{hkprint} don't laugh at me...i LOVE LOVE LOVE the tag!

It’s no secret i’ve been in a funky mood lately.  I’ve been in such a funk i haven’t even felt like shopping to improve my mood! *GASP*  yes I said it.  i didn’t even FEEL like shopping.  But today I went to get an emergency pedi…emergency meaning i couldn’t stand it anymore and i’ve been so busy at work that i couldn’t go to my usual pedicure lady b/c i was getting out of work so late.  So i hit the mall today.   what’s a trip to the mall w/o walking around?  I hit Hot Topic b/c i wanted to see what HK t-shirts they had in stock.  they have cute ones…very cute.  I grabbed a couple of them.  but they looked a little small.  XL?  yeah right…more like XS!!!!! There is NO WAY anyone XL could fit in that.  So I saw an 2XL tshirt.  WHATEVER!  i walked away disappointed.  Then i looked up. what do i see?  BAGS…HK BAGS!  i had to ask some tall man to get them for me.  I love this bag.  It’s just SO CUTE!

What have I been working on lately?  My shawl.  I can’t put it down.  Well, i didn’t knit at all on monday.  but I haven’t had the drive to work on anything else but this shawl right now.  It’s so light to carry!  and it moves so fast!  people OOH AND AHH at it when they see me working on it.  and i can’t WAIT to see what it will be when it grows up!  the color is really driving me…the yarn is FABULOUS.  People will bow before me when i wear this. AHAHAH  now i’m getting ahead of myself. 😉

{zeph}  Isn't the color beautiful?{zeph}  beer cap shot{zeph}  close up of the flower.

here is how big it is now.  You can’t realy tell THAT well b/c i have it on 32″ circs and it’s all bunchy.  I estimate in it’s current state it’s about 40″ across.  Janice wants me to use up all 4 balls of Jaggerspun that i have.  I’ve barely gotten thru maybe 2/3’s of the ONE ball i’ve used so far…and it’s pretty big already!  WHat do y’all think?  Give me your votes and opinions in the comment section! Let’s make this a contest.  Everyone that leaves a comment will get their name put in a hat  and i’ll pull a name so i can send a little prezzie to that person.  🙂  What is the prezzie?  could be yarn?  Could be a bunch of sugar packets….does it matter?  it’s freeeeeee!  jk.  it’ll be something good, i promise. 😀

I’m on row 100 of the feather and fan chart of the pattern.  the pattern stops at 121, but it doesn’t mean i can’t figure out how to make it bigger.  Janice tends to love huge shawls.  Me…not so much mainly b/c i’m scared i will snag it on a door handle or something.  then i’m screwed.

What else am I working on?  My friend has “hired” me to knit some baby items for her family members that have just had some babies.  So…for the baby girl I’ve decided to do the EZ February sweater.  I’m using Berroco Cotton Twist in a sage-y color.  That yarn SPLITS like mad crazy!  i started it, then i put it down to work on the shawl some more. tee-hee…i told you I couldn’t put it down.

I’m still working on the Ironwork Socks..  I really have to concentrate when i do this b/c it’s so involved.  So i can’t knit it up at the shop…too much talking going around.  So it’s still going.  I need to pick up the pace!

ANd it’s October already.  what does that mean?  SOCKTOBERFEST!!  what socks are you casting on for Socktoberfest?  THis is something me and my ladies participated in last year.  It’s just fun talking about what pattern and yarn you are going to use for this.  You don’t really have to FINISH…but it’s fun to play along! 🙂 I’m going to do the Log Cabin Socks from the Handknit HOlidays book.  My good friend P-la has some Rowan Cork (as listed in the pattern) she is willing to sell to me which is good for me since Cork is discontinued!!  I CAN”T WAIT!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello all!  Can you believe it’s Thursday already?  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  I worked the whole weekend. 🙂 hhahahah!  yipppeeee!

This week’s purse was gifted to me last week by MaryJane of Simpatico fame.   Lee’s granddaughter was selling this purse.  MaryJane bought it and gave it to me.  She said i needed to add it to my collection.  I told her I would only take it if no one else wanted it.  She said i had to have it.  So i took it. 🙂

{lv} a real LV!  my first and last (I think){lv} close up of the pattern{lv} Look inside{lv} look it's real!{lv} brassy zipper pull :)

Thank you Lee and MaryJane! 🙂

What is going on on the knitting front?  not much.  I haven’t finished my ribbed Vest yet.  I worked alot this weekend and me and my gals had a crafturday on Saturday at NanC and Matty‘s house!!  Thanks you guys for hosting!  I had a BLAST!!!!!

i forgot to bring any fabric to participate…but i watched and learned from all the sewing going on.  I watched everyone make fabric bags fashioned after just regular old grocery/target bags.  I learned alot by watching everyone…since i’m sewing stupid. 🙂   It got me inspired to really try to use my machine.  So this long weekend i was playing w/ the sewing machine a bit…attempting to make a camera case for my purse camera.  i won’t show it here.  it’s so shabby and embarrassing. 🙂  but i think i’m getting the hang of it. 😀

This will be a short post today.  I”ll post more before a week passes and i’ll have pics in a few days of other things. 😀  Teehee!