Thursday, Yes….PurseDay!

I actually have a bag for today, folks. 🙂

panties!! happy clouds just a wee bag :)

I picked up this bag at A-Kon this year.  I went there w/ my friend Kathy and ended up spending way too much money.  Sigh.  But i saw this little bag and i had to have it!  isnt it cute?  it’s a pair of panties!!

i started a new shawl this week.  I’m working on a variation of EZ’s Pi shawl.  you know how in the beginning of a shawl project, the beginning is the most exciting part and you just zip right thru it??  i did that while catching up on Big Bang Theory eps that I missed.  I apparently had missed 7 of them.  WTF?  i’m all caught up now. 🙂   but anyway, i got past the exciting part and I”m on the boring part.  i’m also using some hand dyed yarn that i dyed last month and apparently, i didn’t rinse the yarn well enough b/c my hands and everything I touched are RED.  ARGH!!!

But i did finish a little project this week. 🙂

gnomey3 gnomey2 look at my gnomey butt

Project: Chubby Gnome Amigurumi
Yarn:  Baby Bee Hushabye Solid
Amount Used:  less than half a skein each color
Color:  denim blue, forest green brown, white, pink
Hook Size: H hook / 5.0 mm
Date Started: June 14, 2011
Date Finished: June 14, 2011

I did this on bigger yarn than the pattern called for b/c i had it laying around.  so I made it bigger, but I didn’t have bigger eyes.  I had the 9mm eyes as required for the doll, but since the doll was bigger, this one’s eyes look beady.  blech.  and i didnt embroider the mouth on bc when I tried, it looked really weird so i stopped trying.   He’s Santa Gnome 🙂


Friday is my bday and I’m starting to feel a little weird about it being that time of year again.  I’m actually starting to feel old now.   Gone is that feeling of “man i’m so glad I’m in my 30’s”.  well, don’t get me wrong.  I am, in some ways, glad I’m in my 30’s.  But maybe it’s b/c i’m inching toward 40.  My to-do list for life isn’t even complete yet.  Maybe that’s why I’m dreading this birthday.  Who knows.    Sigh.  Alot has happened in the last 12 months and maybe that’s some of it too.  it’s a weird feeling in my tummy and my brain right now.

But anyway, I found this photo on flickr and thought I would hijack it. 🙂  and personalize it for myself. haha it’s a pretty cake!  too pretty to eat!! 🙂


Have a good weekend, everyone! 🙂


Thursday Purse-Day!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far 🙂

this week’s bag is a cutie.  I found it when cleaning out some stuff in my garage!

hello kitty hello kitty look there is a mirror! name embroidered on the outside

I thought at first it was a little coin purse which would be perfect for me right now…but with a mirror being inside of it, maybe it’s a tiny makeup bag? haha. who knows.  it’s just so cute and pink!!

I haven’t been knitting that much this week b/c i’ve been sick sick sick.  I did manage to get an FO though. 🙂

Leafy long pose shawl pose w/ a shawl pin close up of the leaves back view

SOOOO…the yarn I was using last week?  yeah…i chucked it.  i was knitting on it last week and as i was going along, i just wasn’t happy w/ how it looked.  The yarn was dull, no sheen.  there was no body to the scarf/shawl.  and the color didn’t really grab me.  I think i was looking for a flaw w/ it b/c I wasn’t loving it.  So after i finished the increase section, i decided I didn’t like the yarn.  I went stash diving and found another yarn I liked better.  granted…it’s not PEACh…but it’s peach-Y? 🙂  i think it came out well and I love this yarn.  It’s sooo spongey!

Nashua Cilantro Colors
Amount Used:
3.5 skeins
Color: ncil031 Mango mix
Needle Size:  US 10 / 6.0mm
Date Started: Jan 6, 2010
Date Finished:  Jan 12, 2010

I hope my friend likes it. 🙂  I can’t wait to gift it to her!

I’m still chugging along on the Danish Tie shawl and the legwarmers.  I was that sick last week where i felt like doing nothing but sleep. :O  whoa.   hopefully next week I will have another FO for you at least!

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hey everyone. 🙂  Fall is here in Texas (for now) and i’m loving the cool weather!  I’m ready to wear my jeans, jacket and boots!  and flip flops of course. 😉  tee hee.

THis is this week’s bag!

Hello Kitty Anniversary bag closer...closer you get free buttons. :)

I got this a few months ago during a shopping trip to Sanrio. 🙂  So this year is the 35th anniversary of Hello Kitty.  They celebrate by making you want to buy MORE stuff. 🙂  muahahah!  but it’s cute eh? 🙂   This is part of the stack that has yet to be used. hahaha

So this week i’ve been knitting, but not THAT much.  I had startitis so bad, i’m working on finish-itis.  Nothing has been finished this week.  Sigh.  Stil working on brudda’s hat, still working on prayer shawl, still working on boy socks.  I’ve been a little distracted this week w/ other things.  Plus I’m feeling a bit under the weather.  not sure if it’s allergies or side effects from the flu shot i got last week.  blech.

I did start a pair of mitts this week.  I saw some yarn sitting on my desk and I felt inspired.

potomotomous mitts fishy scales. :)

I’m sure many of you recognize this pattern.  heheeh.  i had some issues w/ the pattern at first…but once I moved the project to circs, it clicked better in my head. 🙂

This is a really short post today.  Hopefully I’ll have some FO’s to share this week.  at least one? 😀  tee hee.  thanks everyone!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hi everyone!  Hope everyone has a safe Labor Day weekend this weekend.  🙂  What does everyone have planned?  Sleeping in?  BBQ?  i have nothing but work planned for that day hahaah  wheee!

So here is this week’s bag….

HK POWER close up :)

Now i know this is a tiny tiny bag…but isn’t it cuuuuuute?  i had to get it.  i got it a couple of months ago! 🙂  i have yet to use it (of course).  i love the background print on the bag.  it’s just so happy and cheery!

So no FO’s this week.  Although, last week’s FO (the blue hat) was very well received. 😀  The recipient loved it (so he says).  hahaah.  and it fit his head perfectly.  He accused me of secretly measuring his head w/o his knowledge.  How that is possible…I have no idea.  I took a while guess. 🙂  It made me all happy and warm inside that he liked it.

I did start a shawlette on Monday and I was almost done with it as of tonight (weds night, 1a).  But the frill at the end is taking me FOREVER to do.  grrr.  So I’ll have photos of it up later.  But here’s what I’ve got so far.  i’m a bit worried about the size, but i pray it blocks out bigger than it is.  right now it looks like a very very small shawlette.


I’m still working on the prayer shawl as well.  it’s moving along.  i’m happy w/ it’s progress…i just wish i was working on it more.  It seems to be moving so slowly to me.

closer up stole

i have like 4 more feet to go.  *sigh*

So i do have big news. 🙂  BigTex sent me a letter last week.  I have good news and bad news.

So….the Sassy Shawl…the thing that was going to be an experimental knit as a submission for the State Fair…..didn’t win jack. 🙂


I got nada!  Well, according to the sheet…i got 10th place.  That’s what I got last year.   So I’m not sure if I really got 10th place or if the number “10” is just some generic number they throw in there for us losers to see.   blech.  I’m not really that upset.  I’ve been rejected by Big Tex before.  I would just really like to know about the judging sheets and the criteria and etc.  It really makes me wonder what DOES win.  Who is the judge?  Is there favortism in these things?  WTF?  so anyway….everyone keeps asking me what I’m going to do w/ the shawl now.  I get to pick it up next week..and im’ going to put it in a box and seal it shut until my wedding day. HAAHAHAH!  I’m not getting married any time soon, so I better store this shawl w/ mothballs in the box!!

i have a cousin getting married next month and I am debating about wearing it to his wedding. but who knows.    if i did that, my mom will try to steal it from me, i just know it.

on a nicer note…I did place w/ my other 2 submissions! 🙂

3rd place! shalom7

3rd place for this item. 🙂  WHEEE!  Submitted in the original design category.

2ndtoddler 1

A sweater i have done many times before.   2nd place! 🙂

So i will have a good reason to go to the fair and go to the Creative Arts bldg. 🙂  hehehe.  yay!

Thursday Purse-Day!

Whoa.  Sorry for the late post folks.  I had such little sleep from tues night, i was delirious by weds night.  I had to get to bed at least for a nap.  Yeah…my naps are like a full night’s sleep…esp when it’s night time. hahhaa.  sorry folks!!

here is this week’s bag!!

Hello kItty DS case back view inside

So this is a Nintendo DS Case.  🙂   Of course I had to get a Hello Kitty one.   hahaha!  What’s stupid is, right after I got this case, I sold my DS to my friend.  I meant to give her the case too, but it went MIA for a little while.    Maybe I should get another DS to go w/ this case.  hahah j.k.

So what’s going on….

I took Sassy to the vet again on Tues b/c she still isn’t eating.  We have come to the conclusion that her tooth is just bothering her so much she needs to have it pulled.  So we pulled her tooth and a 2nd tooth on Tues.   She’s pretty pissed. 🙂  Giving her pain medication is a big pain in the butt.  The first day i did it, she managed to spit it back at me in her fury.  hahaha!  but hopefully that fixes the eating issues.  i cant be having an anorexic cat!!  You know how they say that pets look like their owners?  That means I would have to go anorexic too!  I love food too much!

sassy's drugs me giving Sassy some kisses Sassy giving me headbutts.

Her drug arsenal above.  And then a rare time when she is being super sweet and letting me take pictures.   of course they are crappy webcam pics…but whatever. hahaah.

I have some FO’s to show off.

My brother’s friend’s sweater is done.  Working on the baby booties now. 🙂  i was going to try to stay up last night and finish the booties before I posted.  Yeah…that didn’t happen. 🙂

The sweater looks a weird color here. i think this is my fav pattern by far gotta see the neckline back view

ProjectTelemark Pullover
YarnLion Brand Cotton ease
Amount Used: a little more than one skein
Color:  magenta
Needle Size: US 5
Date Started: April 9, 2009
Date Finished:  April 16, 2009

Every time I do this pattern I think i love it more and more.  You know what I love the most about this one?  The reactions it gets.  people freaggin LOVE IT!  It should be a big hit at the baby shower. 🙂  My brother might be pimpin’ after that.  ahaha jk.

So the Telemark pullover i did last time…the pewter colored one?  I made some booties to go with it and totally forgot to blog about them. 🙂

aaron shoes w/ blockers! aaron shoes sand blockers

Project: Baby Crossover Shoes (etsy link)
YarnLion Brand Cotton ease
Amount Used:  less that one skein
Color:  pewter and blue
Needle Size:  US 5
Date Started: April 1, 2009
Date Finished: April 1, 2008

I’m not sure how I feel about these little booties.  I am really scared they won’t stay on the boy’s feet.  But oh well.  They can always go on a teddy bear or something.  That reminds me…i should get one to send w/ this…  these took like an hour to make.  SUPER easy!!

I have some stockings i need to make for commission.  One of these old ugly Santa stockings.  We all know how i feel about them. hahaah.  Well, i thought i had this one’s pattern.  I do NOT.  and you know what?  I looked all over…ravelry, etc.  Someone on rav had made a few of these.  I asked her if I could buy a copy of the pattern from her.  She said no!  b/c it was a copyright infringment!  WHAT?!?!?  this pattern is SOO old the copyright laws don’t apply to it anymore.  I begged a little more and she refused to answer me.   wtf?!?!  So i decided just to chart it out myself.  it wasn’t hard at all, surprisingly.   And using  MS Excel for this is great. 🙂   I was printing graph paper and doing it that way at first…i made so many mistakes and in pen.  DUh.  So I’ll be ready to get cracking on these as soon as I’m done w/ those baby booties today. 🙂

santa chart

I got a new toy yesterday!  I GOT MY NEW SEWING MACHINE!!!  WHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  I had a revelation a couple of weeks ago when doing something on my current sewing machine…this thing isn’t going to do what i need it to do in the long run.  SO i emailed my good friend Mary and asked her opinions about the baby Bernina machines.  I’m not ready to drop thousands on a sewing machine…but a few hundred?  maybe. 🙂   We took a little trip to the Bernina store in Dallas to look at the baby Berninas (Bernettes).  I needed Mary’s opinion about them b/c she is an expert seamstress and she has alot of Berninas. hahaha.  We went.  I’m lucky I didn’t fall for the $1600 machine.  But i fell for the one I got.  Ordered it.  Picked it up yesterday.  I was so tired last night, I didn’t have a chance to play with it at all!   but i did take pictures. 😀

bernette box! sitting on the table WHEEE!!  now it needs a name! it's all purty lit up! even my sewing machine has to have some kind of computer in it. and compartments. :)

Sigh.  what to make first?  no idea 🙂  hahaha.  I”ll do something, that’s for sure.

I should be productive and clean house now since i’m up!  have a great day everyone!

Thursday Purse-Day!! :)

Hi Everyone!   Happy Thursday!

I think today’s post is gonna be a short one. 🙂   I’m SO sleepy!!  And I have to work tomorrow (which is usually a day off for me).   So I am posting before I sleep or else it’ll never get done. 🙂

ANYWHOOO…’s this week’s bag! 🙂

Hello Kitty wallet back of wallet look inside. :)

I went to one of my favorite stores last week and this gem was there.  How can I resist something SO freaggin cute?  I can’t.  That’s why I have it now.  hahahah!

I’ve been working on contract projects all week and not making MUCH progress on them.  I’ve been working on putting together an Escalera jacket for my friend Margie.  I”ll take pictures of it once it’s done.  She asked me to help her before Christmas and last week she jolted my memory that I hadn’t done anything w/ it yet.   whoops.  Lemme tell ya….i’m not digging 3-needle bind-off much anymore having to do so much of it. 🙂  Margie got half a sleeve done, so I need to do the rest of it, do the 2nd sleeve and the collar.    And i was hired to do another Christmas stocking plus redoing the name on an old stocking.   So yeah…Christmas isn’t for a long time, but the stockings are wanted way before Christmas. 🙂

I’m still working on that cardigan for pay and I’m about 1/4 of the way done w/ the body.  I finished the sleeves already…So i’m making progress.  I need to finish. 🙂   I’ll take pics of it when i get more done.  so ashamed! 😀

I have an FO to show off.  I finished this months ago.  I meant to block it and take pics…but I never blocked it.  I found it when i was putting some things away and I remembered I needed to block and take pics.  Well, i got half of that to-do list done. 🙂

Front view right view left view close up of the unblocked cupcakes. :) aerial view

Project: Have a Cupcake Hat (Ravelry link)
YarnUniversal Pace
Amount Used: about 1/3 of each color
Color:  Purple varigated, Purple, charcoal Grey, Beige
Needle Size: US 3
Date Started: Sept 30, 2008
Date Finished: Oct. 3, 2008

I did this hat when i was on vacation in Canada visiting the family.   Since my grandparents’ house just had VERy basic cable, i sat there knitting as my brother cursed at the lack of tv and internet in the house.   I got alot done!! hahaha.  I tried to pick non-pink colors for this hat to be a bit different..make it a darker….I guess more “adult” hat.  i think the colors I picked matched each other too closely b/c some of the cupcakes just kind of blend.   and I think I would have gone down a needle size just b/c I’m a loose knitter.  I made this hat originally for P-la. 🙂  I’m not sure if she’s still going to want it or not.  hahha.

I made some DPN holders this week as well.  I seriously have some ADD going on right now. 🙂

hello kitty DPN holder made for friend Iris if she wants it. :) bw hello kitty DPN holder <3 socks <3 Napa Cabbage for Aubyn.  it's a bit too long <3 mitts <3 trying to be fancy

I really love those colorful Hello Kitty beads.  i think they are just so cute even though they aren’t authentic. 🙂

So since I took that sewing lesson last week/2 weeks ago…i’ve been finding lots of things I want to make.  What to make first?  I do’nt know!  I’m salivating at all these patterns and fabrics I’ve been finding.  But I’ve been finding myself gravitating toward 70’s prints that have come back.  I remember how when i was a pre-teen/teenager how much i hated all those old prints.  now i <3 them! 🙂  i washed some fat quarters I had at home and just dried them on my stairs railing to save energy (not using my dryer).

laundry line i think i love the one on the left more

I think I’ll make something this weekend! 🙂   have a great weekend everyone!  I’m off to sleep!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

**warning:  This might be a picture-filled post today.  😀

Hi everyone!!  Happy Thursday 😀

Here is this week’s “bag”.

Toothpick holder toothpick holder :D cool huh?  shows you where the toothpicks go! :) and a handy mirror for you to look at! check it can see me taking a picture :D

Cute eh?  hehehe.  I fell in love w/ the fabric on the outside.  Of course this is something that is super cute, I had to have it.  Asian people are obsessed w/ picking their teeth.  Well not ONLY Asian ppl…but I know in my family, everyone is constantly grabbing at toothpicks, covering their mouths w/ their free hand and then digging away.  So this little item is just cute-sy and functional!  🙂

My knitting progress this week has been a bit lame.  Well, I finished 1.25 sleeves on that cardi I need to hurry up and finish.  I knit on Sat night while watching alot of stand up comedy and just laughing laughing.  Every time Chris Rock’s stand up is on tv, i HAVE to watch it b/c i just laugh until I pee my pants.  He’s such a riot.  anyway, i’ve been working on some paid projects and I need to motor on alot of those things.  and this cardi is one of them.  So i’ve put some of my personal projects on hold for a little bit.

first sleeves I love big fat stitches!

Look at this little thing I got a month ago:

bootee blocker

i haven’t made a pair of bootees since I got these, but I can’t wait to try them out.  These are antique!  A BIG find on ebay!  WHEEE!

home sweet home

Sunday marks the one year anniversary of when I signed all the paperwork to close on my house.  Granted, i didn’t move in until end of March, but I had the keys and it was my house on Feb 22. 🙂   people complain about home ownership.  I’ve been happy. 🙂  I hated apt living so much toward the end of it all.   I have made some changes to the house over the last year.  Some very minor, some major.   My master bath painting fiasco was taken care of.   I didn’t blog about it after that post b/c i was pissed at myself.  Pissed at myself for not making a plan of action as to properly paint the stupid bathroom.  So i sat on it….for 2 weeks.  I stared at it…for 2 weeks.  i got more and more mad….for 2 weeks.  I could still see that GREEN underneath the taupe!  and stupid me…since I’m so short, I got paint all over the ceiling at the corners of the room b/c I couldn’t tape off b/c i cannot reach!! So i thought…ok..i will paint the ceiling where i screwed up and no one will notice.  Well, did you know there is like 30K shades of white?  I thought i got the right one until I slapped it on all that popcorn texture and I realize it’s a diff. shade of white.  I stopped.  and stared.  and cursed. 🙂

So i had a couple of options.

  1. call my contractor friend and hire one of his painters to re-do the bathroom for me.
  2. call a very tall friend of mine to come over and help me (he seriously would NOT need a ladder)…bribing him w/ a 12 pack of beer or something.
  3. call my ex* and whine at him until he offers to fix what i screwed up.

*the ex and i are on good terms again.  no lingering feelings of love or wanting to get back together or anything…definitely NOT…we are just friends. 🙂

So i did a combo of 3 and 1.  I called my ex and told him the story of how i screwed up.   I figured he would think it was hilarious.  Plus he used to work w/ my contractor friend and I figured he could give me a good estimate of what the painter dude would charge.  It was going to cost way more than i expected.  So the ex offered to come over and fix what I screwed up.  i accepted.  He owes me money anyway, so i told him this would be his way of working off his debt to me.     So he fixed it all.   I asked him to just start all over.  primer and all.  he did.  he did a great job.  and he did it really fast…2 hours.   Then he offered to do my other bathroom for me.  Striping wallpaper, texturing and painting and changing all the hardware, etc.  I accepted.  He did all this in about 3-4 hours.

pics taken from when I first bought the house after. before guestbath guest bath...i love the sink/faucet sink.  ignore the squeezy nose thing. :) wallpaper everywhere smokey blue GOODBYE WALLPAPER! Peeling the wallpaper.  i sat and supervised. :D it's amazing what a coat of paint can do. :) a better representation of the color

it’s very hard to take pics of a bathroom.   What are the tricks of the trade here?  option #2 was never exercised.  i did talk to that friend though and when i mentioned painting, he just started going on and on about how much he hated painting.  whoops. 🙂 hahaha.  but he did laugh when I told him i got paint everywhere and he said “aw…you should have asked me to help you.”  DOH!

I bought some new furniture and stuffs at Ikea last week.  Well, new nightstands to match my bed, a dresser to match my bed.  and i bought this drawer thingy at ikea so i could store my many pairs of eyeglasses that I seem to have a hard time keeping track of.   After I put it together, i thought…this is so dull and boring.  HELLO MOD PODGE!!!!

pre decoupage ok i was cleaning up and rearranging after putting all this crap together, so ignore the pile of stuff on the dresser. :) many little drawers :) I covered every side but the bottom. I've never used Mod Podge before.  this crap is MESSSY for those of you wondering, that little HK thing on top is a jewelry holder. lol

The theme i’ve been consistent with in my room is brown.  One month I had a pink/brown quilt on my bed, right now i have a blue/brown comforter on my bed.  So that’s why I picked those colors to go on the drawer thingy 🙂  I hate the color in my room so I need to paint the room as well eventually.  and change the flooring.  sigh.  no one ever tells you that homeownership is expensive.  i don’t NEED to do some of these things.  I WANT 😀

Ok i think i’ve rambled on and on enough tonight.  😀  sorry if i bored you guys to death! hAHAHA

everyone have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday Purse-Day!

Happy Thursday everyone! 🙂

Here is this week’s bag!

Isn't this a cute bag?? :) i dig the handles

I got this on sale at Journey’s when buying some Healys that were also super cheap.  This bag was only $5.  SCORE.  The Healys I bought were $14 down from $70.  I have ALWAYS wanted a pair!  How do they work though?  Do you have to take the wheels off to walk like a normal person?  I tried them on in my bedroom and felt confident that if i walked around w/ them w/ the wheels on, i would totally bust my a$$.  hahahaha.  I guess I could take a picture of the shoes, but I’m being lazy.

I haven’t done much in the knitting world this week.  I got some new stuff at Ikea and I’ve been putting all that crap together, so knitting has suffered b/c of that.  I’ve been working on that baby sweater I was working on last week.  I put it away for a few days and then picked it up again today.  I did work on that other mermaid for my friend’s daughter.  It was decided that she would have a purple tail. 🙂

MoyMoy and JeiJei mermaid.

She needs arms.  And scales on her tail.  and a mouth.  and a bra. 🙂

This is a pretty knitting-picture-less post.  hahaa  So i’m going to supplement w/ pics from my life as seen from my phone.  tee hee. 🙂

So I got some Girl Scout Cookies b/c of peer pressure at work.  I wasn’t going to buy ANY!  I was going to be good.  Hell no!  Two nurses at work were selling for their daughters and I got suckered.    I got the Thank you cookies that are shortbread w/ chocolate on the backs…and then I got the peanut butter and chocolate ones from one nurse.  I bought 5 boxes from another nurse and they have yet to come in.  Anyway, last night I was eating one of the shortbread ones (I’m being good and only taking one cookie then going upstairs so I don’t eat the whole freaggin’ box), and it has “Thank you” written out phoenically in Chinese.  It’s so cute.  So of course I took a picture of it. 🙂

MMMM...Thank you cookie.

Tuesday a new video game came out….Street Fighter IV.  OMg.  i have been waiting for this day since I saw the premiere of the game at Comic Con back in July.  Actually…it’s longer than that.  I used to play SF2 ALLLLLLLL the time in high school.   I mean ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time.  My brother and I would play on his SNES for hours on the weekends.  My friends and i trolled the arcades to play each other and other people at the arcade.  We played ALLLL the freaggin’ time.  So the announcement of SF-IV was very exciting! hahaha.  I pre-ordered my copy a few weeks ago when I hit Game Stop for some other stuff.  2 of my friends and I pre-ordered our copies (One friend lives in Houston, another in Phoenix) and, like dorks, we were all “OMG OMG ARE YOU READY!!??!?!” on Monday night.  I got a call from the Phoenix friend Tues morning saying their copy wasn’t arriving until Weds.  much anger was expressed.  I freaked out and right when I was going to call Game Stop, i got a call saying my copy was in.  So of course, I ran to get it and I had to take a picture to rub it in Phoenix friend’s face.  muahaha!


Sorry the picture is blurry.  i was REALLLLLLy excited. 🙂 hahahaah!   Houston friend left work early so he could get his copy and then spend all night playing.   I spent hours playing.  I’m very very rusty.   but I can honestly say, the game rocks.

As I got to work on Weds, I pulled into the parking lot and looked to the left of me.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this: soul sista!

For those of you that know me and have seen my car, I used to have a similar sticker on my old car on the gas tank until I had to sacrifice it to the insurance gods due to a horrible rear-end collision.  On my current car, I have HK decals on the windows, but not on the gas tank like I used to.   So i was so excited to see this.  hehehe.

I think that’s all for now.  🙂  have a good weekend everyone. 😀

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello everyone!  Happy Thursday!

This week has been a boring week.  I’ve been a bit sleepy all week…not sure why.  But Weds was a good day for me for me mood-wise.  I was in a happy mood!  Someone called me at 9p and when I answered the phone..he said “Man.  That was a happy ‘hello!'” hahah.  So I’m hopefully starting my Thurs off in a good way. 🙂

here is this week’s purse/bag/wallet/container. 🙂

New Hello Kitty wallet back of the wallet Inside of the wallet

When my brother was here last week, we went to the mall.  We always go to the mall during a visit.  Tradition, you know. 🙂   We had to hit Hot Topic b/c I have to look at the HK stuff in there and this lovely wallet was there.  I had to buy it.  Duh! 🙂   It’s cute huh?  Not sure how much I dig it yet.  It holds everything nicely though 😀

Remember this baby sweater?  It was a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE hit at the baby shower on sunday!  the shoes, the Baby Jayne Hat, this sweater!   My gift was the first one she opened and all the ooh’s and aah’s?  That is addicting.  It went straight to my head.  “Oh no…no was nothing…really…thank you.  No…i don’t want to make these for a living…i love giving them as gifts.  Oh my!  Anthropologie?  no no…my knits are not THAT spectacular!!”  Tee hee!!   Then her grandma made some fantastic quilt that was opened last and put me to shame.  it was a nice ride while it lasted. hahaha!

Anyway…I’m making another one for a friend of mine that had a baby last week.  They live in SoCal and they didn’t know what they were having until baby was born.  It’s a boy!!  So i’m making another one of these chic sweaters for that cool little baby in SoCal. 🙂


I am REALLLY loving this color.  I want to buy up all of this yarn that I can b/c I love it so much! 🙂  What is it?  Lion Brand Cotton Ease. 🙂

I havne’t started the contract cardigan yet.  I’m being a bit lazy.  that’s not true.  i haven’t fully decided on what pattern to use/alter for the cardigan and i need to stop dilly dallying on it.  boooO!

FO’s for this week?

I finally finished embellishing that one little mermaid for my friend’s daughter.  The FIRST mermaid i did …it’s been decided that it’s too big and I’m going to make one w/ a purple tail for the older sister in a smaller size.   So there will be two little mermaids swimming around in that house soon. 🙂 oh yeah…i also decided not to put a seashell bra on the baby mermaid.  Why?  I made the’s so small and fiddly.  I was cursing as I was making it.  never mind.  She doesn’t need it! 🙂

Moy Moy mermaid don't you just love the star embellishment? Swimming to the left swimming to the right.

ProjectMere the mermaid amigurumi pattern
Berroco Comfort Baby (body and tail)
Lion Brand Wool-Ease (hair)
Amount Used
: 1/3 skein of Comfort Baby, 1/8 of the skein of wool-ease
Boy blue, Peach (Comfort baby); brown tweedy (wool-ease)
Hook Size
: D
Date Started: Jan 24, 2009
Date Finished: Feb 4, 2009

I think she’s super cute…but I am biased. 🙂  I did the hair correctly on this one.  So I’m happier w/ how she came out! 🙂  **talked to the girls’ mommy…a top is preferred. 🙂  hahaah.  I will have to decide on what to do there 🙂  Tube top?

I finished the contract scarf on Friday.  I’m very pleased w/ how it came out.

Scarf in a criss-cross style scarf worn in this way my aunt taught me when i was in HK once. Another way my aunt taught me how to wear a scarf when in HK.  tres chic!

Project: Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Scarf (direct pdf download)
Yarn Berroco Comfort Chunky
Amount Used: Exactly 3 skeins
Needle Size: US 10.5
Date Started: Jan 29, 2009
Date Finished: Feb 6, 2009

The scarf is 5 feet 10 inches long.  it’s longer than i am tall. hahaha!  The recipient is 5 feet 8 inches…so it’s longer than she is tall too.  I’ve already sent her pics of it and she’s pleased.  That makes me happy 🙂

That’s all i’m working on for now. 🙂   I got a new camera last week (nothing OOOOOH…just a slightly used dSLR, Canon 20D) and I was playing w/ it all and testing it out.  I really wanted to get a 40D or a 50D…but times are tough, my friends.  Those are luxury cameras for me at this point and time.  🙂  anyway…i was playing w/ the camera and i took some cute pics of cute widdle Sassy cat. 🙂

My widdle baby!

Isn’t she darling?  Don’t you just want to squish her?? 🙂  Sigh.  She’s so sweet she gives me a toothache! hahah!

And finally…my blog post won’t be complete w/ my annual Valentine’s day hate rant. 🙂   What is everyone doing on Valentine’s day?  for some reason it seems that people are making a huge emphasis on this yucky day b/c it lands on a Saturday this year.

I don’t hate Valentine’s day b/c I’m single.  I hate it b/c it’s a sh*t holiday.  I hated it every year when I was in relationship(s).   What is it about all the presents that have to be given on holidays?  Valentine’s Day, Easter (Easter presents???), etc.  I love giving/receiving gifts like any normal human being.  But I hate it when it’s forced upon us.   These poor men in our lives…they are judged by the gifts they give on V-Day.  You don’t give your woman roses?  You got her carnations?  you don’t love her enough.  You didn’t buy her a diamond?  OMG.  what are you thinking??  Why are you even alive?  Women:  you are judged by the gifts you get from your man.  WTH?  he got you carnations?  Girl, why do you stay w/ this loser?  blah blah bah.  i could go on for hours if you’d let me.  But I’ll stop my crazy rant there.

I don’t have any particular special dude in my life right now.   not complaining…just stating a fact.   and I’m not upset by this.  I’m actually glad I won’t be fighting for a restaurant to eat at on Sat. night.  I’m glad I don’t have to buy a gift to give away on V-Day.  I started seeing Valentine’s decorations/gifts/etc since BEFORE Christmas.  BEFORE Christmas!!  This is a totally retail-fueled holiday…no religious basis to the holiday.  We need to end the madness.  This feel-bad holiday needs to end!   Join me! muhahaha!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello everyone!   How is everyone? 🙂   It’s that time again! it’s THURSDAY!

{011509} metal wallet{011509} look inside{011509} i thought it would be funny to id everything. :)

I love this wallet.  But I changed it out at Christmas b/c I felt i might run into problems w/ it at the airport since it is metal.  Then i just forgot to change it back.  I forgot I had money in it.  I forgot I had a check from the lady who i did all those xmas stocking for. whoooops.  I forgot my Jersey Mike’s sub club card.  I’ve missed out on like 5 stamps!!!!  GRR.  but it’s a great wallet. 🙂  It’s so cute and perfect, i’m kind of scared to use it risking scratching it all up.  Shush.  Don’t judge me!

How was everyone’s week?  Mine was great.  I met the newest member of the KFN clan…little Miss Evie.  She’s perfect.  I am so happy and excited for the Collins clan.   And despite funny things I have said in the past, i did want to kiss her all over her fat little face. 🙂  Hahah.  I didn’t, but i wanted to! (shush, Nanc!!)

I worked like a dog all week/weekend.  Not sure why there are so many babies being born RIGHT NOW…but it’s ok I guess.  And if I am busy, I get into less trouble.  tee hee.

So I’ve accomplished alot of knitting in the last week, which is good b/c I have alot of things I have to do in the next couple of months.

A nurse at work is about to pop and her baby shower is on Monday.  I found out about it 12 days prior. 🙂  So this is the set I knit/crochet for her little boy.

{jackson} Jackson's little set. :) {jackson} sitting down...look at the bottoms of the shoes. :) {jackson} Zoe is standing. :) {jackson} the one button variety. {jackson} i hope it's not too preppy for the parents. {jackson} hi zoe. :) {jackson} close up

Project: Cottage Industry Sweet pea Set (no pattern link)
Yarn:  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Amount Used: 2 skeins of the green for the entire shoe/hat/sweater set.  1/4 a skein of the beige
Color: Green and beige
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started:  Jan 10, 2009
Date Finished: Jan 12, 2009

Project: Little Button Loafers (ravelry link)
Yarn:  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Amount Used: 1/3 a skein?  a little more?
Color: green
Hook Size: 3.5 mm
Date Started:  Jan 12, 2009
Date Finished: Jan 12, 2009

I’m happy w/ how the set came out. 🙂  I’m amazed at how fast i got it done.  I started the sweater on Sat at work…i finished it by the end of our knit meetup. 🙂  The hat and the booties both took just one day.   So yes.   I was scared I wouldn’t have it all done by the baby shower time.  But it’s done! yay!

And I got this email in my email yesterday inviting me to a baby shower.  i didn’t recognize the sender’s name.  and I really looked at it for a while to see who it was a shower for.  I did’nt recognize any of the names.  Then i started to get mad.  like “WTF?  am i just getting random shower invites??”  but then i recognized an ex-schoolmate’s name as the person the party is for.  whew.  So I started a new set for her baby boy. 🙂

I love top down sweaters.

It’s a cute top-down freebie from Ravelry.  It called for a garter stitch collar and cuffs.  blech!  so i changed it to seed stitch.  I think it’s a sharper stitch. 🙂  Garter sometimes looks frumpy to me.

I finished the gloves for my brother as well.

{bruddagloves} FINALLY DONE{bruddagloves} i love how they came out.

Project: Hooray for Me Gloves
YarnPlymouth Happy Feet (ravelry link)
Amount Used: Less than one full skein.
Color: 18 – Grey
Needle Size: US 2
Date Started: Jan 3, 2009
Date Finished: Jan 11, 2009

it didn’t take me that long to actually make the gloves.  I just put them down for a few days b/c the fingers were making me mad.  SO….on the right glove I did the fingers in the round even though the pattern calls for DK knitting.  i made some weird mitake, got frustrated and did it the way I knew how.  Then on the left glove, I did it DK style and I enjoyed it, but i felt the in-the-round way came out nicer. SO…i think i need to work on my DK skills.  hehehe.  I hope he likes them.  They are being hand delievered to him this weekend!

one last thing.  I got something in the mail yesterday that was totally awesome.

I rock harder w/ this new strap. :)

you guys have a good week while I rock out. 🙂

(ignore my clothes.  they are too big for me and making me look really bloated!)