Knitting makes me all warm and fuzzy inside sometimes

So today, I braved the icy roads and overpasses. I drove only 30 mph on the highway. I was careful not to hit icy patches on the roads. I made it to work in about 45 min. It’s normally a 15 min drive…took me almost an hour to get to work. it’s all good. I got there safe and sound. I had no options about skipping work today. Either i went, or nothing gets done. boooo.

For those of you who don’t know….DFW has been hit w/ freezing rain the last few days. I managed to skip work on sunday (lack of much to do). And i have to go tomorrow as well. As sick as it sounds..I LOVE THIS FREEEEEEEEZING WEATHER!!! i absolutely hate the heat (don’t ask me why i live in Texas). And we rarely get to see cold weather. I think everyone looks better in boots, coats, hats, scarves and gloves. everyone’s got red rosy cheeks which kind of makes them all look happy. I love that cold rush of air that hits you when you open the door. just slaps you in the face! hahaha And this week promises to be one of the more chillier ones. YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH…..


I went to work today and FINALLY! the nurse I made a stripey hat for came back to work! She had surgery and i didnt’ know. so I finally gave it to her…after 2 weeks of asking EVERYONE at work ‘where is Becky? When is she coming back?” Knitting for people like her make it sooo worthwhile. In all the excitment, i didn’t get to take a picture of her and the hat. sorry. but she immediately put it on her head and was all OMG OMG OMG! THANK YOU! then a patient was coming out of their room…she yelled “HEY YOU! LOOK AT MY HAT!!!!” One of the janitorial ladies was in the hall “HEY!!! YOUUU! LOOK AT MY HAT!!” then she ran up to the main nursing area up front “LOOK AT MY HAT! LOOOOK!” it was so cute. I felt so warm and fuzzy inside…and happy that she got her pink hat. hahahaha.

But things that make you not so happy about knitting. Remember the Jaywalkers I started and made alot of progress on? tee-hee..i made a decision today..

{rip} hey...where is the circular needle???? {rip} OMG!  one sock is HALF GONE!!!! {rip} OMG ONE SOCK IS GONE!{rip} OMG!  GONE! both are GONE!

I actually breathed a sigh of relief after i finished ripping. tee-hee…


i was thinking about my resolutions last night…esp the losing weight one..Β  Why do we make resolutions…just to break them?Β  so i’m going the opposite approach… i’m going to state a couple of things that are nutso, with hopes that i DO break them, therefore accomplishing my good resolutions.

  • I am going to get so fat that i can’t even move.Β  I will eat everything in site and everything that is bad for me.
  • I am NOT going to exercise at ALL.
  • I’m going to drink a ton of fatty drinks (Sodas, Starbucks frappa-anything).

There!!Β  hopefully this works! πŸ™‚


I see that someone tagged me in Meme. πŸ™‚ I’ve done one of these before…but i’m going to put different answers this time around.

~tagged by Elizabetha~


THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the β€˜6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says β€˜you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

  1. I don’t like to wear real shoes. I wear flip flops year matter how cold it is. the only time i don’t wear flip flops is at work (against OSHA rules), at certain social events, and if there is snow. I like my feet to be fancifree and breathing.
  2. When I drive to places (work, class, etc), i tend to take one route to my destination, and then take an alternate route home. I don’t know why i do this. I think it’s because I’ve already seen everything on the way in, so i want to see different things on the way home. I’m not the only one that does this: my dad and my brother do this as well.
  3. When i don’t like someone anymore, i cannot look them in the eye and talk to them. I just stare at the floor, or at the tv, or something else while i’m talking to them…but i can’t look them in the eye. i think it’s because i see the evil in their soul (HAHAHA I”M JUST KIDDING ABOUT THAT LAST PART!!!!)
  4. I have a weird obsessions with pens, paper and general office supplies. Office supply stores and stationary stores are like….orgasmic to me. i refuse to leave until i’ve looked at everything I can look at.
  5. I think it’s funny when little kids cry over stupid stuff like not getting a toy, dropping something on the floor they were eating….i think it’s hilarious when they burst into tears about something they cannot control. it’s cute. i sound like a mean witch. i don’t think it’s funny that they are sad..i think it’s funny that they are crying about something so silly.
  6. I’m a tabloid junkie.Β  I used to buy every single tabloid magazine and read like crazy.Β  but since the invention of celebrity blog sites, i no longer buy magazines like that…but i still read that stuff daily.

I was told to tag 6 people. πŸ™‚Β  hmmmm……i’m going to be mean. πŸ™‚

Ruth, Bot-Gurl, NanC, Skittermagoo, Angi, and a combo…PurlingPs.

OOH an FO!!

Well, it’s not TOTALLY done. it needs to be washed and blocked still. plus…it needs a designer label. πŸ™‚ but for the most part…yes…this is an FO!

Project: Pattern 256 from Knitting Pure and Simple
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly, Doubled
Amount of yarn used: about 2.5
Colors: 392 Party Pink Mix
Needle Size: US7
Date Started: November 20, 2006
Date Finished: December 2, 2006

smaller hk vest 1.jpg smaller hk vest 2.jpg

It took me forever to figure out how to do the eyes. I was scared to duplicate stitch in the eyes b/c then it would look like she had X’s for eyes and it would make her look *dead*. i thought about cutting out some felt and sewing them on…but i’m scared those will fall out. So i have some doll eyes that i used b/c they stay on really well and i have a ton of them from when i did a few robots. i’m not sure if that is a good choice either…which is another reason why this isn’t totally done…just in case i change my mind.

I’m goign to put a label over the inside of the intarsia so you can’t see it from the front as show above.

AND……hello kitty needs a bow. πŸ™‚ or a flower….i haven’t decided that yet either. i don’t know why i’m so indecisive on this project.

Shower Nightmares or Dreams?

zoe 008-1.jpg

OK…so many of you know that I made that last baby set for a shower I was to attend this past Saturday…something i have been dreading for a month. I gave a slight history about the parents-to-be…and everyone kept saying “why are you going? DON”T GO!!! WHY are you making them something? NOOOO!” it’s not really ThAT easy….

So i’ve known these people for over 20 years. I grew up w/ this family in church. Our church wasn’t a “normal” church. all of us that grew up together still talk to each other pretty often, whether it’s email or phone calls or whatever. So i’ve known these people since i was like 6-7 yrs old. We’ve been through the awkward years together, high school, colllege, and many of them are married and now have kids. During college, i noticed how superficial and snotty some of these people are. which is weird b/c i grew up with them! I’m considered a black sheep b/c i didn’t follow the same path some of them did.

Even though i avoid everyone at all costs, when events like this come up, my mom tells me i should go and make an impression…mainly for her sake. For those who don’t know how traditional Chinese families work…alot of how children act reflect on the parents. If i skipped the shower and didn’t acknowledge it w/ a gift, people will talk poorly of me, which reflects poorly on my parents. “who taught that child about manners? her parents!” If I show up, happy, smiling and with an awesome handmade gift, it makes HER look good. she doesn’t “care” about a great impression, but she wants me to be polite to show that she taught me well and that im’ a good girl. i know…it’s stupid. But i’m supposed to do right by my parents. i don’t want it to reflect badly on them. there…i said it. the mystery is solved. πŸ™‚

Long time experience told me to be late for the shower b/c any time i meet these people for ANY event, they are always at least an hour late. Shower was to start at 3p. i showed up 30 min late to the shower, and i was STILL early. go figure. They were barely setting up when i arrived…so the shower didn’t start until 430p

Apparently i didn’t read the invitiation. I was supposed to wear PINK to the shower. I showed up wearing red. hahaha. ooops. and i was supposed to bring the gift wrapped in PINK. I knew about this. and I didn’t wrap it in PINK on purpose. tee-hee. And i was supposed to bring an item for the “time capsule”. yeah…i didn’t do that crap either. Everyone was wearing pink except for me. The father-to-be was there at the shower….didn’t leave…wearing PINK. sigh.
my gift was the 3rd gift opened. OMG..they LOVED IT! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT so much they passed it around so everyone could examine it! i was kind of shocked and happy about that.

When the mom-to-be’s mom got a hold of the sweater…she started to examine it BIG TIME b/c she wanted the pattern! it was so funny! She was yelling at me from across the room “JENNIFER…iS THIS A PATTERN!?? WHERE DID YOU GET THE PATTTERN?!? I WANT IT!! DO YOU HAVE PATTERN OR DID YOU JUST MAKE THIS UP???” and i said “ALL MEEEEE…I made it up!” Her jaw just droppped!
And then i remembered…she’s the one that taught me how to knit when i was 8 years old! i asked my mom to teach me…my mom didn’t know how to knit! So this friend of ours heard me asking my mom and told me she would teach me. it’s funny..she taught me how to knit on my pretty pink chopsticks. I had a set of chopsticks that were so pretty pink, i refused to eat with them b/c they were so pretty. πŸ™‚ so she taught me on those. all i used to knit when was a kid was just straight square/rectangle things. πŸ™‚

So after all the gifts were opened….she came up to the sweater and was seriously analyzing it. it was so funny. THen she said “how you learn how to do this?” I said “don’t you remember??? YOU TAUGHT ME WHEN I WAS EIGHT!!” she said “I DID??? WOWWWW..YOU STILL REMEMBER?” it was really very cute.

So i explained to her “oh…this is a top down sweater…blah blah” she was all asking me “how many stitches? no seaming?” then she ran and got a piece of paper and goes “ok…tell me pattern!” i go “no no.i don’t remember off the top of my head..i’ll send it to you!” then she was all “OOOOOH…here is my email! i want i want!!” then before i left…she kept saying “dont’ forget to email me that pattern!!” hahaha. so that made my day. but yeah..the shower was exactly as I imagined it would be. fakey fakey nice….not so great food, fakey nice to people i know and then hardly know….it was silly.

As I was leaving, the mom-to-be was yelling “thank you for knitting that set for us!!!!”

for once, i felt like “wow….” hahahaha

hello kitty and SOCKTOBERFEST!!!

I forgot to post about this last month when i got this….some of the knit girls were teasing me and asking me if i had this yet. OF COURSE I DO!!

LOOK AT WHAT I GOTTTT!! and now that the temp is dropping, this is more useful to me and my nose. πŸ™‚

hk humidifier.jpg humid6.jpg

LOOK HOW IT LIGHTS UP!!!!!!!! AAAAAAH! can you stand the cuteness!??!

So tonight was our KFN socktobefest celebration!!

The lovely Skitter was gracious and opened her home to our madness. We did an SSS. Single SOck Swap. The lovely blog-less (sort of) Aubyn thought this up and organized it. Considering this was our first SSS….I say it went VERY well. some of us (me…sorry) didn’t keep our socks secret for long. But none of us knew who was making our socks. We just picked the yarn from our own stashes, picked a pattern and got the measurements for our recipent. Then we knit away….just one sock. Then we gift the remaning yarn and pattern to our pal and they knit the 2nd sock. This swap was ALOT OF FUN!!! it was fun gathering and teasing each other about our upcoming socks, problems, whatever.

I can’t wait to do another one. And i love the yarn and pattern picked for me. The pattern is the Anastasia sock pattern. THANK YOU SO MUCH, P-LA!!! I LOVE MY SOCKS!!!! She was the lucky one. I have small feet….so she didn’t have THAT much to knit. hahaha and she popped my STR cherry! I’ve never knit with STR, nor bought any. She was my first. hAHAHAHAHA The color is SO PERFECT for meeeeee πŸ™‚ Someone took a pic of me holding the sock. i’ll post it when i get a copy. the sock matched the shirt i was wearing perfectly. it was kismet.

Here is my lovely lovely sock.

jens sock.jpg
**Edit: the lovely GGP sent me the photo she had of me and my sock! πŸ™‚
jen and her sock.jpg
ignore my cheesy smile..and sorry if i scare you! my legs were bitten alive by bugs and i was a bit frazzled by the bites. i have that sweet blood they love so much.

And my recipient was the blog-less (sort of) Aubyn. She said she loved my sock. I’m so happy she did. I picked a Peachy color for Peachy Aubyn.

aubyns sock.jpg aubyn 2 socks.jpg

here is all our socks….aren’t they all so beautiful?? πŸ™‚

all our socks.jpg

picture heavy…beware

So i had a good birthday this year. thanks to all who made it a good day for me!

My buddies at Simpatico gave me a sweet Hello Kitty party! CHECK OUT THE CAKE!!

Thank you for the cake, Lee!!

Big gooey bow!!

Omg…so many candles….

FIRE FIRE! The roof is on FI-YA!! the candles melted so fast….they coudl’nt light them all. whew.

BLowing out the candles.

Thank you MJ and Debbie!

Anna and Chris granted me w/ this CUTE blanket!

LOOK! she’s shopping! OMG!!

This card showed exactly how i felt. πŸ˜‰

My friend Stephanie sent this to me from AZ! YAY! A new knitting bag!

I filled it up quickly!

An accessories bag too! YAY!


Look at all these spa goodies!!!

a lovely smelling candle. πŸ™‚

Healing garden goodies.

Olive soaps….i’ve never had these before. they smell so yummy

and a very cute basket that the soaps came in!


So y’all saw my last baby sock attempt. no good. I wanted these to fit a newborn PERECTLY so baby can wear them in the hospital and for a few weeks afterward. this is what i came up with….

Cute eh? hehehehe. i went to work today and put it on some baby feet (shh..i didn’t say that) for testing. PERFECT> like a glove.

aren’t they cute? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. BABY FEEEEET! πŸ™‚ and baby lo-jack πŸ˜‰

Project: A Purse-Ho Original baby sock, toe up, two at once

Yarn: Regia Ringel
Amount of yarn used: about 1/4 of a skein for both socks
Colors: I forget. i can’t find the ball band at the moment.
Needle Size: US0
Date Started: June 16, 2006
Date Finished: June 17, 2006

Sassy Tank Top

I should name this tank top the Sassy tank top. i haven’t named anything after my kitty yet. hahaahah

I was supposed to make this tank top MONTHS ago for Ms. Janice as a potential gift for one of her friends’ kids. but we wanted to hang it up at Simpatico as a sample so it could pimp Berroco Ultra Silk. I LOVED the ultra silk. it was a dream to work with. So the original one i did….i didn’t like it. i finished the body in one day…but it sat in my kniting bag for months. I even quit carrying that bag to avoid the guilt of the UFO sitting inside…. it looked too much like a misshapen shirt. So i ripped the whole thing out and started over from scratch.

Project: Sassy Tank Top (my own design), flower from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting Over the Edge

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Silk
Amount of yarn used: 2 skeins. 3 if you want to make the flower out of ultra silk.
6106-Lilac for body, 6119 – Toeshoes for straps and flower
Needle Size: US10
Date Started: April 26, 2006
Date Finished: April 28, 2006

I need to write up the pattern, check for leaks, and make sure it makes sense. But i’m letting Mary Jane give it away. hahaha. this pattern knit up FAST. if i had worked on it non-stop, it would have taken just one day. I had a bit of trouble understanding the flower (shush, Bot-Gurl!!!), but once i got it, it took me 3 tries to get the flower how i liked it. i found the secret was to sew up the end of the flower after I did the twists. (i will explain later if you are really THAT interested).

**edit: this tank top is for a widdle girl of around 4yr old (i think). lol

Jennifer from PieKnits walked into the store today and I thought i recognized her from her picture…but i was kind of timid to say so. but i finally did and it was her!! it was great meeting you, jennifer!

Baby shower goodies

I ended up not going to the baby shower b/c i woke up w/ a fever today and it didn’t go down much all day long. i was in a constant state of hotness. haha. i didn’t want to risk getting the soon-to-be-new-mommy sick…so i stayed away. I feel bad b/c i told her i would go…but man. better safe than sorry. I did go to work…but that’s where i started to feel bad. It’s weird…it was really hot at the beginning of the week, then it cooled down ALOT weds, thurs, fri…but today it was hot again. so i dont know how i caught something in-between all that nastiness. who knows…probably from work. hospitals are dirty places.

Anyway…i sent my gift w/ the wonderful Mary who gave my gift in my place. ahaha. I should have taken pics of everything together before i sent it off…but i was in a hurry and forgot. sigh. so here is what i put in the bag…

Aren’t these ADORABLE baby boots??? they are a huge hit w/ everyone i give them to. I need to start stock piling them!! I’m surprised they are so expensive on the website. I get them for WAY less at the hospital gift shop of the hospital i work at.

Everyone needs a manual for a new baby. πŸ˜‰

I ended up making a Kimono sweater from the Mason Dixon book (an EXCELLENT BOOK!!!!). here is my results:

I got the ribbon at a DOLLAR STORE! Man..i love that dollar store! i bought so much ribbon there!

And of course..i can’t let the little sweater go w/o a nice finishing Auntie Jen touch. πŸ˜‰

Details on the project:

Yarn: Paton’s Grace
Colors: Tangelo – 60901
Needle Size: US5
Date Started: April 18, 2006
Date Finished: April 21, 2006

And here is a ruffled cloche hat. I found the original pattern here….but i was making it out of non-bulky cotton…so i fudged and made my own pattern based on the original. Is it considered your own pattern when you make many changes to the original pattern you saw? i guess it is. i dont want people thinking that i’m stealing patterns and claiming them as my own when their own patterns inspired me to make adjustments to fit my needs. hahah

I did a gauge swatch to figure everything out b/c the original pattern was written for bulky wool I figured out that I got 5 sts / inch on a us5 needle. a newborn’s head is between 12″ – 14″ at birth. I picked to do a 14″ hat…at 5 sts/inch it’s 70 sts to cast on. But to make the ruffle, you have to cast on ALOT of stitches and then do a k2tog for 2 rows. then after the first 2 rows, you just knit for a while and then decrease.

Needle size: US5, 16″ circ (or double points..whatever)
Yarn: Paton’s Grace (i think this is DK weight..the gauge on the label reads: 24 sts=10cm (4″) on a u.s. 6 needle)
Size=14″ head diameter

  • Cast on 280 sts. (i know it sounds terrible)
  • Join in the round being very careful not to twist.
  • k2tog the entire row …140 sts remaining.
  • k2tog the 2nd row…70 sts remaining.
  • Knit every row until you have 3.25″, including the ruffle.

Decrease for the crown as follows:

  • Decrease round 1: (k2tog, k5) repeat to end.
  • Round 2: Knit
  • Round 3: (k2tog, k4) repeat to end.
  • Round 4: Knit
  • Round 5: (k2 tog, k3) repeat to end.
  • Round 6: Knit
  • Round 7: (k2tog, k2) repeat to end.
  • Round 8: Knit
  • Round 9: (k2tog, k1) repeat to end.
  • Round 10: Knit
  • Round 11: K2 tog, (10 sts remaining)
  • Round 12: k2tog (5 sts remaining)

Thread yarn through remaining stitches and pull to close.

the flower was done w/ this pattern from Sarah’s Yarn Box.

Project: my own πŸ˜€ (check above)

Yarn: Paton’s Grace
Colors: Tangelo – 60901, flower: Viola – 60322, Ginger – 60027
Needle Size: US5
Date Started: April 18, 2006
Date Finished: April 21, 2006