Thursday Purse-Day!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today’s purse isn’t a purse…but it is a cool container. 🙂  heheeh.  Isn’t that what a purse is?  Just a fancy container? 😀

my box o' buttons Oh buttons.... So many. :)  this is just the tip of the iceberg Safety eyes for the toys more buttons

I got a new organizational system for the buttons I had laying around near me at the moment.  I have many more…i just need to find them. 🙂 hehehe.  So far I’m digging the button organizational system. 🙂

WIP’s for this week….

I made alot of progress this week. :) lucious ribbing. :)

I’m almost done w/ this scarf. 😉   Thank goodness!  It’s getting so horribly boring, dahling. hehe.   I get alot of compliments on it.  The ribbing pattern in it is pretty genious and very easy to remember.

FO’s for this week:

I made a quicky baby hat for my friend Kristy (who is getting the previous mentioned sweater and baby booties) …the Baby Jayne hat b/c her hubby is a Firefly fan! 🙂

What’s shocking is this hat only took me about 2 hours to do. hAHAHAHA!!

Front view Left view back view Right view Close up of Zoe...helllooo Zoe. :)

Project: Baby Jayne Hat (ravelry link)
YarnVanna’s Choice Solid
Amount Used: 1/5 a skein of each color?  a little more?
Color: rust, orange and gold
Needle Size: US 8
Date Started: Feb 3, 2009
Date Finished: Feb 3, 2009

I got myself a little present over a week ago and I forgot to blog about it. 🙂  I got some Addi Clicks!  WHHHHEEEEEE!!!

Be Jealous of me. :) OOOH embossed Box the cables muahaha!  Look at all the needle tips! And the special Addi pin that shows I am a member of the Addi Clicks club

My brother drove up today b/c I had tickets to see the Killers tonight.  🙂  I went with Botgurl, a co-worker of hers and my brother.  We had a blast.  We walked out of there freaking deaf.  It was awesome.  Here are some pics of the concert….

Botgurl and I laughed about the feathers. :) this is what happens when you don't try to take your dSLR camera to a get mediocre point and shoot pics. :) he's singing to me...didn't you know? hahahah He was listening to us sing the song. :) Euphoric hold on...this was on the background as we screamed for the encore. awesome during the finale (When You Were Young)

My ears are ringing and I’m sleepy.  Didn’t keep my brother and I from playing Rockband when we got home. hAHAHAHA!!  good times. 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR! OH yeah….it’s Thursday! :)


Did you guys watch the ball drop?  Did everyone spend it partying it up like it was 1999?  (BTW, OMG…taht was almost 10 years ago!)

I did nothing.  The plans I originally had fell thru, so I decided to just chill at home and knit and play some Rockband 2. 🙂   Which I did do.  It was pretty awesome. 🙂

It’s now 2009!  Wow.  2008 flew by so fast!  I feel so old saying that, but it did!  Alot of my friends have been saying “Good riddance to 2008…” for many good reasons.  Some of them lost loved ones (I’m so sorry), some of them lost pets (I’m so sorry), some have had health problems, some have had financial problems, etc etc.  Here’s to hoping that 2009 is a much better year for everyone.

I don’t do resolutions anymore either.  I always feel like a failure when I can’t acheive them.  So what I’m going to do this year is reflect on the good things that happened to me in 2008 and just be happy about that. 🙂

I have to admit that 2008 was one of the best years of my life.  not THE best, but it was good to me.   Here are some of the highlights:

  • I bought my first home and have loved every min of living here.
  • Since my brother has his own room at my house, I’ve seen him alot this year!
  • I feel that as my first year of being in my 30’s, I’ve learned alot about myself, as well as grown mentally and emotionally.
  • I accomplished some goals I had set for myself.  It took me a few years to get there, but I did.
  • I was able to see some close friends multiple times this year and got to see their kids as well. 🙂
  • I had a freaking fantastic time at SDCC this year and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 😉
  • You realize who your true friends are when you see who sticks around after sadness, pain, and tragedy.
  • I’ve realized that some of the things I thought I wanted in life aren’t necessarily the things I did want in my life.
  • I’ve learned that home improvement projects are much easier to do if you have someone who is taller and more handy than you to help you. 🙂  being as short as I am sucks b/c you need a ladder for everything and I hate getting on ladders!
  • I’ve realized I don’t need alot of stuff to make me happy.  (doesnt mean i dont still love to shop!)
  • That being said, I love my PS3!!
  • I lost 20 lbs w/o even trying.  why can’t i do that for another 100 lbs? hahaha. I want to be a toothpick waif.
  • I have finally realized that my PMS gets worse as I get older.  Why is that?  how is this good?  I realize not to be around my loved ones when I’m in that kind of mood.

I think that’s enough of a run down…don’t you? hehehe.

Christmas was good for me.  I got to go home and visit the parents and grandma (who is visiting for a few months).  Last Friday we all took a short trip up to the Inn of the Mountain Gods casino.  It was a beautiful casino.  Where are my pics?  har har.  I took like 2 and they were kind of crappy.  I wasn’t in the picture taking mood last weekend.  My grandma gave my brother and I $20 each to gamble with.  After staring at the $5 blackjack table for 15 min, I decided to jump in and throw my $20 away.  3 hours later, i turned the $20 into $200.  Yeah..i know it’s not much.  But i had a really good time and i’ve never been on a hot streak like that before.  It was so much fun.   It also helps that my brother lost $100.  muahahaah!!!!  Jen was the big winna!!!   It was a great visit.  I have to admit though, I had some insane arguments w/ my parents.  Funny ones.  🙂

So this is a knitting blog isn’t it?  OH WAIT!  I FORGOT ABOUT THE BAG OF THE WEEK!!

{makeup} HK Makeup case! {makeup} give props where props are due!{makeup} yes, i actually own some's for churcH! hahaha

My friend Stephanie gave me this bag for Christmas as well.  Last week’s Coach wristlet was stuffed inside of this little bag.  She’s sneaky like that. 🙂  This was great to take w/ me last week.  there was so much room, i had a hard time finding things to put in it!  Yeah…that’s makeup in there.  I do wear makeup occassionally, esp if I have to go to church. 🙂 hahaahah

OK so knitting.  My brother asked me for some fingerless gloves for him.  I was happy to obligle…until he told me “yes i want fingers” and “i want them to be black in color.”  ARGH!  I hate knitting w/ black yarn!  And why does he have to have fingers on the mitts??  why is he so picky?  I tried to talk him out of it.  No going.  i went stash diving and found the perfect color…he loved it.  So i took the yarn w/ me to gauge and measure and everything.  Then i got started.  I did most of the knitting while watching tv w/ my grandma and on the drive up to the casino.  I have issues w/ the pattern I picked for the gloves  I didn’t like how the fingers were done.  Im not sure if it was how they were done, or how I did them (if what I am saying makes sense).  But they didnt fit him.  the fabric was too stretched out on his hand.  It fit me fine.  Whoops.  He has small-ish hands like I do, but obviously his hands are bigger than mine.  oh well

{mymitt} This was supposed to be for my brother. {mymitt} knit project while back home for Christmas

See how the fingers are kind of twisty?  It drives me nuts looking at it.  But when you put them on, they dont look twisty.  It still bothers me.  🙂  They fit me…so these are goign to be mine.  I have enough yarn to start another pair for my brother.  I’m going to try to talk him into NO fingers again. 🙂 hahahah.

I decided to make another pair of mitts for someone else using Botgurl‘s fantastic mitts pattern.  (She made a pair for me for my bday and i LUV THEM!!!)  I used thicker yarn and bigger needles for a bigger hand (I’m assuming).  I dont have the recipient’s hand measurements, so I’m hoping for the best.  I need to find someone at work w/ similar sized hands to see if I guessed right. 🙂

{orange} Almost done w/ the first one. {orange}  haven't finished the thumb yet ;) {orange} it's a big mittSize comparison

Ok i think i’ve been up late enough for NYE!  Happy new years everyone!  Here’s to 2009!!

Thursday Purse-Day!!


I haven’t left for the parentals’ house yet (shocking).  But I’ll be taking off tomorrow for the hogfest.  In the meantime….i’ve got another bag! 🙂


It’s the same style as the previous bags, so I just took a pic of the pattern for you guys. 🙂  Isn’t it cute?  It’s so cute my mom wants one of MY BAGS!!  She called me and told me to bring one home for her when i go back tomorrow.

  • I said NO!!  THEY ARE MY BAGS!!
  • Mom:  you have 7 of them.
  • Me:  So what?
  • Mom:  Just give me one.  you don’t need 7
  • Me:  Uhh…yes I do.  This isn’t a matter of NEED, Mom.
  • Mom:  COME ON!  just give me ONE!!!
  • (background info…when i bought all these bags, she bought one for herself.  Then she felt regret b/c she felt the bag looks too young for her and she thought she would look silly carrying around a bag w/ cartoons all over it.  I offered to take her bag off her hands if she didn’t want it and she refused)
  • Me: NO MOM! you had your chance to buy more and you refused.  You mocked me.
  • Mom:  So?  just give me ONE!!! JUST ONE!! YOU DON”T NEED SEVEN!!!
  • Me:  Yes. I do.  No bag.
  • Me:  nope.  they are alllllll mine! ALLLLLLLLLLL MINE!! muahahah!!

I’m not taking her a bag.  Yes, i sound like a selfish daughter, but I love them.  I only bought 2 at Christmas time and I have been seething for months about not buying more when I was out there.  So HA!! 🙂

What have I been working on lately?  I’ve been a bad person.  I haven’t finished the 3rd stocking.  I will take it w/ me to work on while i’m gone.  I just need to get it all done!

I made another crochet crown for my friend’s son who was born in April.  I get to meet him this weekend and I hadn’t made anything for him yet!!  WTH??

made larger b/c i have no idea how big the boy's head is

I also opted not to tack down the points onto the hat like I did w/ the last hat.  i’m beginning to have some regrets about that.
Project: Fit for a King or Queen Newborn (ravelry link)
Yarn: Plymouth Encore
Amount Used: < 1 skein of each color Color: Blue/khaki (i’m lazy tonight)
Hook Size: I (5.5mm) and H (5.0 mm)
Date Started: Nov 24, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 24, 2008

My mom called me late on Sunday night and told me I should make something for my Grandma (who is in town visiting for a few months).  “can you have it done by the time you get here?” WHAT?!?!?!?!?!??!  Well, i’ve been wanting to do the shapely shawlette for forever, esp since I saw P-la‘s shawlette.  So I thought…i wonder if I can do it by Weds (give me time to block it).  I even emailed P-la and told her my plan.  I’m sure she was laughing at me, but she told me to go for it.  Yeah…i had serious issues w/ the pattern.  The eyelet pattern was KILLING me!!!  So after talking to Mary tonight, I’ve opted to make it garter stitch style.  It’s working up fast and nice. 🙂  I’m not going to have it done tonight obviously.  I’ll have it ready for my Grandma’s bday which is next month.

{popo} Guam Popo's Shawlette {popo} so far so good!

I had a busy week this week which included that Cowboys vs 49ers game on Sunday.  I have never been to a game before and it was a good game I guess.  I wasn’t understanding how some of the stuff was going on.  But i had a good time!  I will say this..i do NOT understand football culture.  I don’t understand all the high-fiving of the fans.  I don’t understand as much as ppl pay for tickets, why do we have to park half a mile away, then we have to walk down dusty areas, scoot down into a ravine, walk across a freaking highway and then repeat the process on the way back.  I’ve never walked UP a ravine before.  i did it in flip flops. HAHAHAH!  i thought i was going to lose my shoe!!  And i thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest, but I did have a good time.  I had good company…a football fanatic.  I’ve never known anyone that loved football this much.  It was kind of funny.   here are some of the pics I took from my fantastic seats:

{boys}  Lower Level seats{boys} some kind of huddling{boys} some kind of play{boys} another play{boys} on my side in the endzone. :)
Have a fantastic Thanksgiving everyone!  Keep safe and don’t eat too much! 🙂  I’m going to try not to!

Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hi everyone!  How is everyone today??? 🙂

It’s Thursday!  So you know what that means!


{tokitoki} another cute toki bag!! {tokitoki} close up of the fabric!

Another TokiDoki fake.  muahahah!!   Isn’t it cute?  I love the cactus person.  I don’t know why. 🙂

So our first yarn garage sale was pretty good.  I think I should have posted more info around so more people knew about it, but we had a good turn out.  I sold almost half of what I brought.  I made more than I imagined I would.  I still have more to sell though.  🙂 So we’ll see how this goes.   but here are some pics of that day.  We were lucky it was a bEAUTIFUL day.  Janice called me at 708a to wake me up and it was so cold.  But it warmed up quickly to be a nice day.  We had alot of fun just sitting and clucking like a bunch of hens like we have in the past.  🙂

{sale} So much yarn {sale} this is just MY crap{sale} sock yarn{sale} prettty day...pretty treeeee{sale} pretty day...pretty grassy knoll{sale} all my leftovers.....boooo

So i have some FO’s to show off. 🙂

{nanc socks} WHOOP WHOOOP!  {nanc socks} FINALLY DONE!!!

I’m finally done w/ NanC’s socks!!! w00t!!  i can’t wait to give these to her!

Project: Jaywalkers (ravelry link)
YarnTrekking XXL
Amount Used: most of one skein
Color: 182
Needle Size: US 1
Date Started: Sept 30, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 9, 2008

So this weekend I lost my mind and ran out and bought a PS3 b/c there was a deal.  What else did I get to go with it?  Guitar Hero finally.  I played alot of GH over the last 3 days.  hahahaha.  I was starting to get carpal tunnel hands.  But there was a good deal, it’s got Blu-Ray in it and it’s now my media center.  it’s f’ing awesome.  I don’t know why I fought buying one for so long. 🙂 I also ran out and got Kung Fu Panda on Blu-Ray.  it’s so beautiful. 🙂

Yesterday was a day off for me, so I woke up, played 3 hours of GH, decided I had too much.  Then I, on a whim, decided to make a hat.  I knit the hat while on the exercise bike, during my mani/pedi.  I finished it in like 3 hours.  Then i decided to replay some GH songs….i played for another 3 hours.  Long day for me. hAHAHAH!

Anyway….here is the hat!!

{bf} The Boyfriend hat for no boyfriend{bf}  this is the true color of the yarn.  The previous pic is all washed out{bf} check out the awesome decreases!!{bf}  true to color

Project: A Hat Fit for Boyfriend
YarnBrown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Amount Used: half a skein?  a little more?
Color: Black
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started:  Nov 11, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 11, 2008

I LOVe the decreases on it.  That was the most exciting part of the hat….knitting it up to see how it would come out.  🙂  It looks fantastic on MY head. 🙂 hahahah!

So i got so excited with above hat…i was going to knit another one in a variegated pink color for me as well.  Then for some reason…something struck me and I thought ZEEBEE.  I haven’t made a ZEEBEE in a while and i thought it would look really cute in the pink yarn I had in my hands.  i was right.  Too bad i didn’t make it the right size.

{zeebee2} this was supposed to be FOR ME!! {zeebee2} Isn't it better on her?  it's too small for her even!{zeebee2} Aww.....whatcha thinkin' about, little one?{zeebee2}  she's so cute I could eat her up!!

(Thanks to Tierney for being my model)

Project: ZEEBEE!
Yarn: Decor by Patons
Amount Used: half a skein?  a little more?
Color: pink variegated
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started:  Nov 12, 2008
Date Finished: Nov 12, 2008

So yeah…i remember after i finished this that the first time I made one of these, the length of my head isn’t suppoesd to be divided by 2 like the pattern says.  So it’s a wee bit too small for my head…or for Tierney’s head even.  and she’s 1 yrs old.  isn’t she cute?  dont you just want to squish her??? 🙂

I’ve also made progress on the Xmas stockings.  I’ve mostly finished 2.  why mostly?  I still need angora for the beards.  and the first stocking is missing the beard totally. 🙂  whoops. don’t look at it.  it’s ashamed of itself.

{2 stock} 2 stockings mostly done {2 stock} dont ask me where the santa beard on the left is.  I haven't found it yet{2 stock} again...don't ask. :)

So i have one more stocking to go!

What else am I working on?  I have alot of things i want to do…but I started this tonight.  It’s a crochet shawl.  It’s super easy, but getting started was a big pain in the butt.

crochet shawl

Monday, bloody Monday.

It’s Monday.  Why am I posting?  eh.  i can’t sleep. 🙂 And I have an FO to show off.  hahhaa.

The weekend was good.  On Saturday i went to a baby shower and a 30th bday dinner.  🙂

What did i take to the shower?  Let me just preface this part by saying…the shower was a Star Wars-themed baby shower.  🙂  I had planned on making this when I found out the happy couple was having a boy.  When i got the invite for the baby shower…i knew this was what was in the stars. 🙂

{yoda} it is finished.  This is how it goes on in the inside. {yoda}  Zoe's picture session again. :) {yoda}  thankyou, Zoe. :) {yoda} What that say??{yoda} May The...{yoda} Force be ...{yoda}...with you. {yoda} yeah i know it looks silly w/ the HK face on top.  i thought it was funny at 4a.

So this was one of the last presents opened at the shower…and OMG.  it got such an incredible response.  I didn’t expect it.  It was kind of an ego boost, I’ll tell ya.   So the effort was worth it for the oohs and aahs at the shower. 🙂  The last pic is of the mother-to-be posing w/ the outfit.  The hat was a HUGE hit.

Project: Baby Yoda sweater (direct ravelry link)
Yarn:  Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (stash diving for this one…this stuff is from when they FIRST sold their own yarn)
Amount Used: about 3 skeins
Color: Beige/tan
Needle Size: US 7
Date Started: Oct 10, 2008
Date Finished: Oct 17, 2008

What else is going on?  not much.  hahah i’m so boring.  i have a bunch of Xmas stockings i need to do.  I’m about half way done w/ the first one.  thanks to mary for her tips on intarsia and bobbins, things are going better.  I had to rip out what I had done w/ the first stocking b/c of a dropped stitch that had no chance of being saved.  I feel better about the 2nd effort though. 🙂

And i was bored a few weeks ago.  I did a wordle.  Lost the wordle.  Did another one. found the original.  i chuckled at the differences.  🙂

{wordle} OG wordle {wordle} purseho wordle

ok now i’m sleeeeeeeeeeepy

Thursday Purse-Day!

Hey everyone!  How’s it going?  I had one heck of a week this week.  I barely was able to do anything knitting today.  And even then i didn’t knit…i was duplicate stitching stuff. haha.

But first!  THE BAG!!

This was given to me tonight by dear Debbie  (Mary, Janice…you can’t tell me you didn’t see this coming! HAHAH)

{satchel}  OOOOH the print! {satchel} inside{satchel}  size comparison w/ my mannequin head (the only thing around at the time)

Today was Give-Jen-Free-Retro-Vintage-Stuff day from Debbie 🙂  She gave me the bag after I was all OOHing and AAhing the fabric print. 🙂  super cute!!!  THANK YOU, DEBBIE!

Look at what else Debbie gave me…i’ve been dreaming of this ugly lamp for a little while. 🙂

{lamp} Isn't this THE ugliest lamp you ever saw!??!?! {lamp} oh many ruffles{lamp}  size comparison w/ a hamper

As I carried this out of the house, Mary and Janice couldn’t believe I wanted it.  I’m going to put this baby on one of my nightstands in my room.  I don’t know if it’s going to be able to fit on the nightstand.  But I’m going to try.  As I proudly carried this to my car, Mary and Janice laughed at me b/c the freaking thing was as big as I am. I have included a pic of the lamp w/ a hamper for a size comparison.  🙂  it’s huge.

Janice said I could dye the lampshade in a diff. color…but i argued it won’t match the glass.  hahahah!  I think once it gets a good cleaning, it’ll sparkle like new. 🙂

What else has happened this week?  I went to the State Fair of Texas w/ P-la on Thurs.  It was a beautiful day out.  COOOL, breeeezy…the perfect day to go to the fair and inhale alot of fried foods and go into a fried food coma after. 🙂  I went to the fair w/ my brother the weekend before, but we went the day of the TX/OU game.  too crazy.  So i didn’t get to try too much.  He did eat his share of funnel cake.  that boy loves funnel cake. he ate 3 while at the fair.  THREE.

{Funnel}  Funnel cake {funnel} fried, sugary goodness

But when I went w/ P-La, we had a bit of a plan.  She printed up the list of fried foods we could try. hahahaha!!  What did we hit first?  the Chicken Fried Bacon.   That’s right. 🙂

{cfb} Chicken Fried Bacon {cfb}  ooh..expensive{cfb} CFB!!{cfb} MY dipping sauce

I really didn’t have any desire to try it.  But I admit, i was curious.  We got there and there was no line.  It’s kismet. 🙂  hahaha. And i must say…Oh..My…GAWD.  It was so freaggin GOOOOOD!!!!  P-La and i shared the order.  you get 6 pieces for $5.  I wanted to get another order, but I feared ridicule. actually, I wanted to leave room for other fried goodness.  If we had room after all this, I wanted to get more Chicken Fried Bacon.  Luckilly, we were so full and sick afterward, no need to run for the CFB. 🙂

But we ate other things. 🙂

{fried food} Fire and Ice {fried food} fried roll w/ cream cheese{fried food} Fried corn on the cob{fried food} fried stuff{fried food} Fried PBJ&B{fried food} free ice cream

So i didn’t eat all this fried food.  I ate the strawberry thing on the left, P-la ate the Fried PBJ & B…and we got free ice cream cones. 🙂  the rest of the pics were taken for fun.  I have a bunch more pics of the signs…but i’m too lazy to post here.  check out my Flickr if you know my id if you must see it all. 🙂

After our indulgences, we left and i was having horrible food coma.  I feel so bad b/c P-la wasn’t as stupid as I was.  She was talking to me and I think i zoned in and out of consciousness. 🙂  sorry, P-la!  🙂

i served as photog for my friend Kristy’s wedding on Sunday.  I get so nervous when asked to do these things.  I’m not a pro, so i get very very very nervous.  I have to say, it was one of the best weddings I had ever been to in my life.  Weddings have become such an orchestrated show sometimes, or it’s about how you top other weddings you have seen….that wasn’t here.  The wedding was at a park in Plano under the gazebo that was there.  The officiant was British, so he had a rockin’ accent as he did the ceremony. hahaa.  The bride and groom were so happy. I felt the love.   Thanks guys for letting me do your pics.

Kristy and John

Botgurl and I also hit the Weezer concert Tues night.  Thanks, Bot, for going with me. 🙂

Wait a sec.  This is a knitting blog isn’t it?  hahahahahahah  I haven’t done much knitting in the last week due to all the stuff I’ve been at.  But I have a baby shower this weekend that a gift has to be finished by.  I’m almost done.  I finished seaming up this sweater on Sunday.  I’ve been working on the duplicate stitch on the bottom.

{yoda dup} some duplicate stitch {yoda dup} Force...will i have this ready in time?

Will I get it done in time? yeah.  I have half a letter left to dup. stitch.  Then i need to clip ends, take pics, and present the gift.  I’m hoping it’s a hit at the shower.

I’m still working on socks, still working on those Christmas stockings.  i haven’t even touched the stockings since last week.  EEEEEK.  I need to get on the ball.

Thursday Purse-Day!!

omg. i almost fell asleep before posting tonight.  i was sitting in my office chair…dozing off to some music..then i was all OMG!!! tomorrow is THURSDAY!!! ACK!! 🙂

Here is this week’s bag.  I said I would do a whole thing about the fake Tokidoki’s I bought, but I broke out this bag this week and I”m going to feature it now.  Tokidoki’s can wait another week. 🙂

{jansport} isn't this the cutest print???{jansport} close up {jansport}  look inside :)

I love the print of this fabric!  There is a whole series of bags from Jansport in this print.  I even got the matching lunch bag.  tee hee. 🙂

So as I look at things on the internet and books to knit, i realize how much I have to do before Christmas.  I don’t think I can do any knitting just for me until after the holidays.   I still need to do the 3 xmas stockings.  I have started ONE.  i did alot in one day, but then i put it down b/c i got a little frustrated.  there is so many dangling’s pissing me off!! 🙂 but so far so good.  the only snafu’s i’m running into is…the beard yarn I picked isn’t furry enough.  I need to find some stupid angora I guess. 🙂   and the other problem is all the bobbins is tangling up and in one area, i had some weird hole.  it’s starting to chip away at my sanity.  I debated about stopping and tinking it out…or just living w/ it and fixing it later.  i opted to fix it later.

{stocking} omg all the freeeekin' bobbins{stocking} make them go away!! there was 4 more before!!!

I can’t take all the bobbin-ry. I thought about duplicate stitching the entire stocking like I did last year.  it’s not a bad idea right now.  Then i could make the stocking in the round.  Although..i don’t mind purling this thing right now.  so i should keep the rhythm going…

What else am I making?  NanC‘s Socks!

{Nancs socks} a big messy blob {Nancs socks} NanC's socks!
They are coming along.  Almost done decreasing the gusset!  WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!

And the Yoda sweater for a shower at the end of the month…

Yoda sweater again

This sweater isn’t working out the way I imagined.  First’s done in pieces.  so i seamed up the two front pieces to the back.  YEAHH…i didn’t leave any arm holes.  i’m an idiot! 🙂  but the arms for the sweater are really small in comparison to the body.  I have my douts about this sweater pattern at this moment.  of course it’s probably all me. look at how i forgot kids have arms.

So I need to make a couple more baby gifts for babies being born in Nov.  I have 2 more that I haven’t started anything for.  one of the gifts i have to have ready by Thanksgiving b/c i will see them at Thanksgiving. 🙂  The stash of baby presents I had planned on buildling up in August?  yeah…that only saw the light of day for a little bit.  yeah…i got a couple of things made!  but not enough. 🙂

Sigh..i better go to sleep! 🙂  Happy Thursday Purse-Day everyone 😀

Thursday Purse-Day!!

How is everyone today?  😀  It’s Thursday!  The week is almost over!  WHEEEE! 🙂

Since it is Thursday…here is the bag of the week. 🙂

{japbag} the print is what got me {japbag} oooh see see?{japbag} and it comes w/ a gigantic keychain :) {japbag} see how big it is?{japbag} back view

I went to the mall today to return some shoes.  I found them in my room in the bag w/ the receipt.  and i never wore them.  i was sort of bullied into buying them at Journey’s.  So i took them back today.  And as i was walking the mall..i stopped by my favorite hello kitty island.  and OMG! the owner was there today!  I used to see her all the time and she would always give me a discount!  well, i hadn’t seen her in AGES! (like over a year!) and she was there today!  So of course we were yak yak yak…and i saw this bag.  and i said OOOOH….  she goes “OOH you like?  I give you discount.”  SOLD.  doesn’t take much to sell me. 🙂  muahahah!

So i finished 4 of those Yoda hats and I never want to look at them for a while again. hahah. as we speak i’m felting them in the washing machine.  I haven’t felted in a front loader in a long long time.  Let’s see if it still works. 🙂  pictures will be posted later.  but last night i decided to crochet a little Airplane Amigurumi for Mary’s grandson Luke. 🙂  He loves planes.  i have been DYING to make this little airplane since i bought the patterns ages ago.  perfect. 🙂 it was a fast project.  I finished it tonight at knit night. 🙂 excuse the grainy pics.  i took the pics at BN so i could give it to Mary before we all left. 🙂

{sky} a cute little plane. :)  SKY SKY as Luke says {sky} another view{sky} Tocks view. :) hahahaha{sky} coming in for a landing{sky} trying to leave...but seems there is a plate in my way...

Project: Soft Toy Airplane
Yarn: Plymouth Encore
Amount Used: 1/3 of red, 1/8 of blue, smidgen of light blue
Color: 174, 1793
Hook Size: Size H (5.0 mm)
Date Started: Aug 20, 2008
Date Finished: Aug 20, 2008

I screwed up on the increases on the body and i screwed up the cone of the plane.  Don’t ask me what I was thinking.  i thought i was following the pattern.  apparently i don’t know how to read. 🙂 i just improvised. 🙂

Last week I went on a shop hop w/ some SImpatico friends.  At Yarn and Stitches in Dallas, there was the cutest little dress there and i HAD to have the pattern.  no pattern was on location…so it was mailed to me.  I received it on Tues and promptly started knitting on it when i got home. 🙂  i ddin’t make much progress b/c i got sleepy and took a nap. hahaah. but i’m getting there.  The picture on the pattern doesn’t do it justice at all.  Sorry, no ravelry link either.  WTF? 🙂

{dress} little miss sunshine dress {dress} the picture doesn't show you how cute the dress is!

I can’t wait to get it done so a better photo can be taken of it. hahaahaha

What else…oh yes!  I got an unexpected gift from my auntie this week.  She knows I knit and crochet and she’s always offering to bring me something from Hong Kong that i can’t get in the states.  This used to apply to Hello Kitty items, but i never really know what I want as far as that goes, so I always tell her don’t bring me anything.  well, she was up in Canada visiting my grandparents and she sent something down w/ my aunt who lives in Houston and ….. i’ll stop here.  my family is VERY VERY anti-mailing ANYTHING.  it’s pretty insane and i’ll stop there. hahahah but my aunt from Hong Kong  got me some HOOKS!!!!!

{hooks} SQUEEEE!! new hooks! {hooks} look i can stab you with them they are so sharp and pointy!

OOOH aren’t they beautiful!?!?! 🙂  they are the clover itty bitty bitty hooks!  you can hurt someone w/ those hooks! 🙂   She got these for me before they were really available in the US.  but like i said, my family is insane and well…it took a while to get these to me.  so i am forever grateful b/c i haven’t found them in any local store and i haven’t really been looking online for them b/c …well…i forgot 😀 hahahaah.

Thursday Purse-Day!!

HEllo everyone!! it’s Thursday!  Time for another bag!!!

{kuromi} a cute little sock bag. :) {kuromi}  so cute!!

Is’nt this cute?  I couldn’t resist since it was half off half off! 😀  It’s the perfect sock bag!

SOOOO..i finally finished the bridal shower cami. 🙂

{cami} bridal camisole!{cami} sweet{cami} up close :) {cami} an all over view{cami} the back....the back..{cami} to the left to the left{cami} to the right to the right

I got lazy and didn’t feel like doing I-cord for the straps.  So i used the ribbon to make the straps. tee -hee.  I so smart!

Project: Lace Nightie (direct PDF download)
Yarn: Berroco Seduce
Amount Used: 3 1/2  skeins
Color: 4445 – Cinnabar Lacquer
Needle Size: US 4
Date Started: May 28, 2008
Date Finished: June 18, 2008

I”m cutting it close and mailing it off tomorrow!  WHOO HOOO!!  i can’t wait to see if she likes it or if it makes ppl laugh at the shower. 🙂

Thanks to everyone for the bday wishes!! 😀  I didn’t do anything on my bday except the normal daily stuff.  I did get some cake at work which was nice. 🙂  but it was a very calm, tame bday at home.  it was nice!   but on weds night, my buds from Simpatico took me out to Papaya Garden so we could get excited over carrots cut into little shapes and get really excited over mango and coconut rice.  mm. mm.

I’m working on crochet baby shoes again right now.  I’m in a crochet state of mind. *giggle*  i got a couple of new really cute patterns today for crochet baby shoes.  I’m also working on an amigurumi Hello Kitty.  Almost done w/ that! 😀

Thursday Purse-Day!!

HELLO EVERYONE!  it’s a special purse day today! 🙂 

I went to my mailbox today and there was a big box inside.  What was awaiting for me?  My friend Steph and family sent me an early bday present!

{coach} OMG It's a Coach purse! {coach}  back of the bag


She’s really done it this time.  This is one of the cutest bags I have! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  You’re too good to me!!!

WHat have I been working on?  I just found out tonight that the lingerie set I was working on has to be finished by Weds night…b/c i need to mail it by THURSDAY! ACK!!!!!!!!  i thought i had one more week after that!  EEEK!  but here is what i have so far…

The small top to go w/ the thong. :)

If i don’t finish this in time (I MUST), at least I have the other piece to laugh at 🙂

On Sunday,  Shelly helped me get going w/ my CSM machine.  HALLEUJAH!  IT WORKS!!  i was concentrating so hard into everything i FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES! something must be wrong with me!

She got me going and i made TWO tubes:

OMG TUBES!!!!!!!!!!!


Doesn’t look like much, but this is a huge accomplishment for me.  YAY!   

I had a horribly busy week and haven’t had the time to sit down and crank some more tubes out since Sunday.  I can’t wait to get crankin’ again though!!  GRRRR!

BUTTTT…THANK YOU SHELLY for letting me take away your whole Sunday afternoon!  you were fantastic! and a HUGE help!! thank you thank you thank you!!

On Friday I got invited to see THE CURE with some of my knit grrls. 🙂  I have to say..the show was awesome. ENcore after encore!!  it was nuts! and they sang so many old goodies. 🙂 it was so worth it since the tickets were given to us!  FREE SHOW?? AWESOMEEEEEEEE



Oh yes!  Remember the bunnies?
(if you don’t, here is a reminder…)

{rr} lean way back, bunny!{amberbunny} I hope I'm cute enough to do the job.

They were a big big hit!  Little Miss Amber got her bunny and loved it (so her daddy said).  He said she won’t let go of it.  That makes me so warm and fuzzy inside!!  and the Robby Rabbit, i gave to his mama at work on Sunday and she squealed when i gave it to her.  I don’t know how her son liked it.  I’ll find out this weekend at work. 🙂