Sorry friends. :(

It’s been a long long time since I updated.  Sorry, my friends.  🙁   I haven’t had much to update with.  I kind of lost my knitting/crochet mojo for about 6-8 weeks.  I was starting so many projects but finishing NOTHING.   This is a knitting blog! hah!  NO knitting…no updates.

So I have to apologize and thank you very much if you are still sticking with me here.

Alot of my momentum has decreased due to having a baby kitty in my house that terrorizes everything I do:  eating, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, knitting, crochet, taking a shower…. I forgot what it’s like to have a kitten around and as much as I love him, he drives me insane!!!  Knitting/crochet is practically impossible at home.  he doesn’t attack still yarn…but once it’s in motion, he’s attacking it.  he attacks my hair as I sit anywhere.  My hair is some evil animal apparently.   He never stops jumping on the counter as I cook (i’ve remedied this situation now…thank you the creators of SSSCat!!!).  I can barely eat at home w/o him being all up in my face… sigh.

plus I can no longer knit at work…so my knitting time has been cut by like 75%!   Sigh.

But the mojo is coming back slowly but surely. 🙂

I do have a purse to share. 🙂

excuse the photos…i stole them off lol

I am so lucky 🙂

the inside

if only this was my silhouette….

I totally love this purse.  I got it on super duper clearance at Dillard’s and it was more than what I normally spend on a bag…but i couldn’t resist.  it looked so cute and felt so nice 🙂

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I stayed home and worked. 🙂  It was nice.  I love holiday pay.  haahah.

I’m in a Christmas rush.  You know what i hate about the holidays?  How ppl will contact me/approach me about doing rush jobs for their gifts.  I admit, i like working under pressure, but not this much pressure.  When I had more knitting time, it was possible for me to do alot of stuff in a short amount of time.  Those days are gone.  I need to be more selective.   Alot of ppl at work have been “suggesting”  I make them Christmas stockings or toys.  I don’t mind if you pay me.  People always says “oh I’ll pay you!” but when I name a price, they act like I was asking for their first born child.   I honestly work for dirt cheap.  Too cheap.  So I’ve been coached by some ppl (Botgurl and Janice and the boy) to just name sky high prices and people will quit asking me.   hehe.  it’s good and valid advice.

Why do I bring this up? No reason. lol.  But I did do a rush job on a unicorn this week that came out really cute.

luna3 luna1 luna2 luna4 luna5 luna10 luna7

Project: Luna the Unicorn
Yarn: I Love This Cotton! Solids (Sparkle), various scraps laying around for horn and mane.
Amount Used: one skein
Color: white sparkle, green sparkle,
Hook Size: G (4.0mm)
Date Started: Dec 3, 2011
Date Finished: Dec 5, 2011

Isn’t it cute?  It’s a pretty big unicorn…about 9″ long and 7.5″ tall (including horn).   I’m surprised I finished this as quickly as I did considering my mojo problem, but i was on a deadline.  not bad eh? 🙂

As I was taking pics of the unicorn, Chewy wanted to join in all the fun.

"it's a showdown, Unicorn" "I'll spank yo' butt!" "I got you, fool!" "lemme sniff your butt, Unicorn.  Does it smell like jelly beans?" "what, Mama?"

He’s so stinkin’ cute!!

I did make Mr. Chewy a Christmas stocking.  I’m working on the boy’s Christmas stocking as well.  I need to hurry up b/c it’s already Dec. 8th.  EEK!

chewy stocking 2

Project: Holly Berry Stocking

Yarn: I Love This Yarn! Solids
Amount Used: eh….some of each skein?
Color: burgundy / forest green / cream
Needle Size: US 8 (5.0 mm)
Date Started: Nov 20, 2011
Date Finished: Nov 30, 2011

If you look at the original pattern, there is hearts instead of paws.  And there is no space on the original pattern for a name at the top.  So I added 10 rows at the top for name and I changed the chart from hearts to paws.   The boy’s stocking has the same modifications, except instead of paws or hearts, he’s going to have a gun chart.  Sue me.  we are gun nuts.  lol.

I have a baby shower this weekend as well and lucky for me, I found a sweater and hat set in my reserve stash.  So i’m crocheting fun hats for baby so mommy can have an arsenal for whenever baby is born and they do a photo shoot.  I’m working on booties too.   I got 2 hats done today, but the 2nd hat was created b/c the first hat was way too small.  I don’t ever check gauge which is so stupid b/c I do twice the work.  woe is me.   Lucky for me these hats are QUICK.

hats3 hats Hello Zoe hat3 hat4 hat5 Hello Bitty Baby! little hat 3 little hat 2 little hat imagine if this was your creepy older sister holding you during portraits? lol

Project: Puff Stitch Earflap Beanie Hat
Yarn: Hushabye Solid
Amount Used: less than one skein for both hats
Color: baby pink
Hook Size: H (5.0mm)
Date Started: Dec 7, 2011
Date Finished: Dec 7, 2011

aren’t they cute?  The original pattern has pompoms at the bottom of the ear flaps.  I wasn’t feeling it, so i just stuck a pompom on top.  i <3 pompoms.

As you can see, the little hat was way too little.  I think it’ll fit a preemie baby.  Maybe I’ll gift it to one of the preemies at work….hmm….

Sorry for the long absence, my friends and thank you for sticking with me.  I appreciate all of you. 😀  gotta get back to work on more hats and booties…sigh. 🙂

have a great weekend!


I know it’s been a while….

hello all. 🙂  Happy Thursday!  yes I’m actually posting today.   And yes I am posting a purse today 😀

please ignore my dirty rug cute huh? my thumb is there so you can see how small/cute this bag is

Another great Sam Moon find! 🙂  isn’t it cute cute?  I love the flower!!!!

What’s been going on these last 3-4 weeks?  nada.  just been working like a dog.  And dealing w/ a cat at home.  i can’t do much knitting at home w/ a kitten there.   He goes NUTS whenever I do knit and gets tangled up in all the yarn.  He gets so into it all, i’m scared he’s going to strangle himself while playing w/ all the yarn!  so knitting at home is limited.   Sometimes I just want to leave him outside to go away when he’s biting me. hahaha. but then he throws the kitten eyes at me and I melt.

This is what is staring at me when I lay on the couch and watch Nightline... Jungle chewy is waiting in the bed sheets to attack me as I get ready for work he was going crazy for like 3 hours attacking my feet and he disappeared.  i went looking for him and found him in this box all quiet. how can you not love this widdle face when you wake up and find him sleeping next to you like this?

Ok enough kitty pics!  what else has been up???

I got judged by Big Tex again this year.  here is a break down of how he judged me:

Fair Isle Hat I got 3rd place for this. 🙂

angrypig angry5 combined entry, 4th place (honorable mention)

these items WILL be on display at the state fair this year. 🙂

The baby sweater i submitted at the last min did not place.  I did not expect it to.  So no big deal. 🙂

I do have a few FO’s to show off:

totoro9 totoro6 totoro5 totoro4

Project:   Blue Totoro
Yarn:  Vanna white Lion brand Yarn
Amount Used:  half a skein? id ont know
Color: Charcoal grey / White
Hook Size: D hook / 3.25 mm
Date Started: Aug 9, 2011
Date Finished: Sept 3, 2011

Made for Miss Evie.  I was told she loves it. hahaha.  Which makes me all warm inside!!  I made him in charcoal grey b/c that’s what I had available here at home. 🙂


bunnyshoes4 bunnyshoes

Project:  Hoppy Baby Bunny House Slippers
Yarn:  Hushabye Solid
Amount Used:  bits of some skeins
Color:  White
Hook Size: E hook / 3.5 mm
Date Started: Aug 31, 2011
Date Finished: Aug 31, 2011

These were whipped up quickly for no reason other than OMG they are BUNNY slippers for a BEBE!  I could have paid more attention to the detail on the face, but I was in a rush for no reason. hahaha.  but i like how the ears came out. they are perfectly floppy!

I’m still working on my cousin’s blanket.  baby was born on Weds early morning….4 days late.  So I better step it up b/c I heard it’s getting cold up there and my cousins are anxious to see what I”m making them.  I need to quit being so lazy and finish up! 🙂

I think that’s all for now folks! Thanks for sticking with me and stopping by! 🙂


No purseday but it is Thursday!!

Howdy folks.  I did have a post in mind last week that I was going to put up.  But all day Weds i felt like $h1T!!!  i was in alot of pain all day and i was exhausted.  at night at about 2a i felt so horrible w/ stomach pains, i thought I needed to go to the ER to get my stomach pumped or something.  I talked to the boy and after crying on the phone about how much pain i was in, he told me i better go to the ER or else he was coming over to drive me.  well, i would have been really embarrassed if he drove me for nothing.  So i said fine fine. i would drive myself.

I told the ER nurse that I thought I had food poisoning even though i had no symptoms of food poisoning.  the doctor was all well…i guess we can give you some stuff and scan you….but if it’s nothing,we’ll just give you anti-nausea medication and send you home. fine.  do something!  pleeeease!

i did a CT scan and found out i had kidney stones.  BIG ones.  i gotz big stones.  lol  So they said “we’re admitting you and you are having surgery tomorrow.”  WTF?? WHAT??? i had nothing but the clothes i had on and some knitting in the car that i brought in w/ me to knit in the ER.  hahaaha.   ‘

after the check in and some friends coming downstairs to hang out and say hi….the nurse gave me some meds that made me LOOOOOPY.  botgurl happened to walk in right after i got that stuff and i think i was blabbing alot.  who knows. she can tell you if i was acting a fool.  lol  i was in and out of consciousness for a few hours.  The boy came to hang out w/ me at the hospital for a while.  I had the surgery the next day and all is fine.  I was home by Fri night…and very heavily drugged for the next few days.

I never want to go thru that again.  that was SO PAINFUL!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I went to the doctor today for follow up and got the stent removed (OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW) and i feel 1000% better!   i’m not going thru all this again!  it was so horrible!!  The nurses told me kidney stone pain is up there w/ childbirth.  OMG.  i’m not doing childbirth either!  i’m buying my kid at Kmart! 🙂

I did get some knitting done though 🙂 hahaha.  I did some knitting at the hospital.  many ppl uttered these words:  “You don’t have a cell phone charger or your laptop, but you have KNITTING???”  it was in the car!!! 😀


angrypig angrypig2 angrypig3 angrypig4

Project:  Angry Birds Pig
Yarn:  Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton! Solids
Amount Used:  half a skein? id ont know
Color: limelight
Hook Size: E hook / 3.5 mm
Date Started: July 2, 2011
Date Finished: July 4, 2011

I didn’t do the eyebrows b/c i couldn’t make them look right.  isn’t he cute/  you can just hear him grunting.  lol  I did not use felt for the nose.  i crochet two circles for the nose b/c i had no felt and i thought that would stay on better.


geaux10 geaux9 geaux8 geaux5

Project:  Fleur de lis beanie
YarnVanna’s Glamour
Amount Used:  half a skein? id ont know
Color: onyx and gold
Needle Size: US 3 / 3.25 mm
Date Started: July 3, 2011
Date Finished: July 3, 2011

This was made for a doctor at work who is having her first bebe.  she’s a New Orleans Saints fan.  So this is perfect.  I was asked to make a hat w/ some pink in it…but I didn’t know how to add any pink to this to make it cute.  so i left the gold and black alone.  it’s sparkly 🙂  hehehe

babysaints2-4 babysaints2-2 babysaints2-1 babysaints2

Project:  Fleur de lis beanie
Yarn:  Red Heart Shimmer
Amount Used:  half a skein? id ont know
Color: shimmery pink and shimmery white
Needle Size: US 5 / 3.75 mm
Date Started: July 3, 2011
Date Finished: July 12, 2011

I just had to make a 2nd hat in pink/white.  babies can’t have too many hats right? hahahaha.  this is sparkly as well.


lacehat lacehat3 lacehat2

Project: Lace-Edged Women’s Hat
Yarn:  handspun yarn
Amount Used:  half a cone?
Color: rugged? lol
Needle Size: US 5 / 3.75 mm
Date Started: July 2, 2011
Date Finished: July 5, 2011

a friend of mine asked me to help her knit some hats for her sorority sisters that she’s going to see in a couple of weeks for a big trip they are going on to tibet!  the yarn is wool from a friend of hers that has sheep that she shears and has spun up.  it’s very rustic and rough feeling.  this hat was soaked and washed for a while and then soaked in some conditioner to soften it up.  it helped alot to do that.  you can’t see the lace pattern too well, but i’ve done this hat before as a chemo cap.   very easy to do and quick.

ok whew.  that’s all for now.  thanks for all of you that did know i was in the hospital for your well wishes. 🙂  They helped me alot.  so did the hydrocodone. lol.  but thanks so much for caring you guys.

In all the excitement i forgot that my blogiversary was last week! say what???? 🙂  i forgot until Teena in Toronto told me happy blogiversary last week!  big duh!  hahah.  thanks, Teena!   time has flown by, hasn’t it?  it’s been i think 6 years since i started this knitting blog.  wow.  is that right? shoot i’m too lazy to go back and count. lol  but i think that’s right.  geez.

thanks for sticking it out w/ me, friends. 🙂  I know i’m not too exciting or anything, but it means alot to me that you’ve stuck by me. 🙂

(ok it’s not my birthday and i’m recycling the image i used on my bday…but it’s appropriate! hahaahh!)

It’s Thursday, but no Purse-Day :(

No purse today folks.  I probably do have one i can photograph and show off…but i’ve had an epiphany this week:

i’ve got TOOO many #$#$* bags!!  (big duh)

Y’all are witnessing history here.  It’s like a crack addict admitting they are addicted to crack.   a breakthru had happened. 🙂

I started the final stages of cleaning out my garage this week and i realize how much room some of those bags took.  So i went through them, keeping the ones I cannot give up, cleaned out each one to make sure no personal information or money was left in any of the pockets/linings.  I found over $100 in all the pockets.   whee! 🙂  But i took a huge box of the bags (just cheap, but still in decent condition)  and gave them to goodwill.  i feel no regrets about doing this.  I feel alot of relief actually.  I’ve reached my ultimate goal w/ that space:  I can park 2 whole cars in there now.  all this time my car fit in there just fine amongst a sea of stuff .  there is still stuff in there (i’m not PERFECT), but i can fit 2 cars in there!  I don’t have to feel the twinge of shame every time a neighbor walks/drives by and stares at my garage.  Granted, I do do that to my neighbors and omg…some of them can’t even park a car in their garage at all.  I’m not that bad.  but i shouldn’t say things like that.  hahaaha.

You know what really shocks me?  how many storage containers I have.  I have a ton of them upstairs too!  why do i have SO MANY!?  i always want to organize, but I cause so much chaos b/c i have this idea in my head all the time of things matching, sizes matching up (very martha-esque).  So i always go overboard when buying containers to store all my crap in.  I have alot of emptys!  which is a good thing, yes.  but it’s weird!  I”M WEIRD!

Amongst all this purging and re-organizing…i found a bunch of UFO’s.  not a ton. 🙂  about 6?   I ripped out 3 of them b/c I will never finish them.  That felt gooooood.

And in those bags i found MORE circular needles.  I swear to you, how can I have so many circs?   i’ve been searching high and low for an organizational system that will work well with me and my needles.    I did the bait bag thing.  and yes…as many needles as I have, i know i was going to need more than 2 bait bags….the jumbo bags (thank you, Janice).  but i wasn’t happy w/ that system.  I had 2 bait bags already, but I was going to need another one.  and I didn’t feel like buying another one.

nothing out there right now can hold and organize all my freaking needles.   So i had to come up w/ my own solution.


Yes.  i attacked Office Depot…one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world.  🙂

Here is a list of the elements I used:

  1. File folder box (item #225624)
  2. Office Depot brand Transparent Zipper Envelopes, letter size, Pack of 3 (item #667805) x 8 = 24 envelopes
  3. mailing labels (i had these at home already)

So i went thru all the needles I could find at the moment and gave each size it’s own folder.  My only regret is not buying a LONGER box. I thought this would be long enough.  it’s big ENOUGH.   but it’s a tight fit.

What i did at first was got some of those 3m file folder sticky tabs so i could easily file through them.  the result is below.


Not bad right?  Wrong.  when you zip open the folder, the tab gets in the way!  it was very annoying and they came off often.  So i ditched those and printed up a bunch of labels and just stuck them on the envelope itself.   excuse the messy-ness of the labels.  my label printer and the labels are fighting about size issues.   so i ended up having to cut them up.


Yes I have size 36 needles.  I have size 50 needles that i found this afternoon in a box in the garage.  those things are HUGE!!!!!!!!  it’s like rowing a boat, I tell ya!

So far this has been working out well for me and takes up minimal space.   I found out that i have a sh*tload of size 0, 1, 2, 3 needles.  it’s a bit offensive.  The needles i have the least of?  Obviously the 36’s right? and the 50’s?  Yes.  but i have only 2 pairs of size 9’s.  why is that?

I feel relief to know that most of my needles are in a central location.  I found more over the last few days and i’ve been adding them to the box as I find them and still no problems.  The envelopes expand enough to make room while being rigid enough to keep everything in order and contained.   The most expensive part of this whole thing was the envelopes.   The whole thing cost about $65 total which is less than what I would have spent on 3 giant bait bags + the bags that go inside.

with all the throwing-away and cleaning and crap, i did get some knitting and crocheting done. 🙂

Still working on my Pi shawl.  it’s coming out nice so far!  it’s really RED!! still no photos.  i just can’t take a pic of it where it’s beauty so far shines thru due to the short lifeline that is in it 🙂  oops.

I did finish up some slippers this week.

slippers5 slippers8 slippers10 slippers4

Project:   Ladies Rose Garden Ballet Flats
Yarn:  Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton! Solids
Amount Used:  almost one full skein!
Color: periwinkle
Hook Size: F hook / 3.75 mm
Date Started: June 25, 2011
Date Finished: June 29, 2011

aren’t these cute?  I like them alot!   I just had a few notes:

  • Foot sizes are listed as a measurement in inches.  There is no information as how much you are supposed to reduce to make it a better fit.  The instructions just say “remember that this stretches”.  So i subtracted 1/2 inch from the total length of my foot (according to pattern), but it wasn’t enough. I should have subtracted 3/4″ or a whole inch.  when you do the heel, it adds length and I didn’t take this into consideration.
  • The slippers are a bit loose around my foot.  There is no number amount of sts you are to pick up when you are doing the upper part.  Which is fine, but now that I know this, i would have picked up less or done some dc2tog on the sides to cinch it up a bit to fit better and not so baggy.
  • I wish I had done the flowers in a different color.
  • I didn’t make the strap on top long enough.  Well, I did b/c since the slipper is baggy on my wee feet, the shorter strap helped cinch it all in.  but the buttonhole was too big or the button I used wasn’t big enough.  so it kept coming out.  not too convenient.

These are fast to do. I think i want to make these for some of my friends 🙂 hahaha.

Ok i think i went on and on enough.  Sorry folks. hahaha.  have a great holiday weekend!  KEEP SAFE!!!



Thursday, yes! Purse-Day!

Happy Thursday everyone 🙂

check out my new bag!

What?  Is this a repeat? are you joking?  have you lost your mind?

What’s this?  Isn’t this what I put up last week????  Yes…and No. 🙂

big girl panties!

I got both at A-Kon that weeken! 🙂  I saw the little ones first, then I saw the big ones.  Then i said “OMG they are big girl panties!”  so I had to get them. 🙂   TEEE HEEEE!!!


I didn’t work on my shawl much this week until today.   Why no pics?  I have a life line in the shawl right now which is causing it to look all bunchy.  And the life line I used isn’t excessively long (big duh on my part)….soooo…it doesn’t look great right now.   I did alot more crocheting this week rather than knitting though 😀


Brudda's Boba Fett bobafett3 I have him trapped in the corner :) bobafett

Project:  Boba Fett – Star Wars Mini Amigurumi
Yarn:  Plymouth Jeannee Worsted
Amount Used:  less than half a skein each color
Color:  various colors needed – 28 (green), 7 (beige), 19 (red), 50 (black), 1 (grey)
Hook Size: E hook / 3.5 mm
Date Started: June 19, 2011
Date Finished: June 19, 2011

I promised this (And others) to my brother a few months ago and I figured I better get cracking on it.  I hadn’t done any of them yet b/c i didn’t have the colors needed for boba Fett.  I have the colors for the others….but this is the one he wanted the most.

I”m not sure why his mask curves to the right a little.  well, I am sure.  I’m sure it’s b/c I did this in spirals when I was supposed to do something like a sl st at the end of every round and i chose to not see that in the pattern or something stupid like this.


Some more….

mjshoes3 mjshoes

Project: Boutique Mary Janes
Yarn:  Vanna’s Choice Solids & Heathers
Amount Used:  very little used of each color…left over from the baby hats I did last month
Color:  hot pink, black, white
Hook Size: E hook / 3.5 mm and F hook / 3.75mm
Date Started: June 21, 2011
Date Finished: June 21, 2011

Aren’t these CUUUTE?  you know what I love about doing little baby shoes?  They are quick and so satisfying.  Don’t you want to eat those little flowers b/c they are so stinkin cute???   These have been slotted for someone and they should be getting them this weekend when they are born. hahaha.

widdle shoes 4 widdle shoes 3 widdle shoes

Project: Rose Garden Mary Janes
Yarn:  Vanna’s Choice Solids & Heathers
Amount Used:  very little used of each color…left over from the baby hats I did last month
Color:  hot pink, white
Hook Size: E hook / 3.5 mm
Date Started: June 22, 2011
Date Finished: June 22, 2011

Another very cute pair.  these were made to help build up my baby stuff reserves.  I’ve depleted the reserves.  hahaha  I liked making these better than I did the ones above.   I’m not sure why.  Maybe b/c the directions for them were written out better?  I had some issues reading the pattern above, but that might be b/c I don’t think/read like a crocheter.  I’ve had issues w/ patterns before when I wasn’t in a crochet-state-of-mind.  they are written a bit differently, depending on who you receive them from.  HOpefully i’ve figured out this girl’s ways b/c I realized I had bought a few of her patterns like a year ago and never really looked at them.  eep. 🙂

That’s all for now, folks!  Thanks for stopping by! 🙂  Have a great weekend!




Thursday, Yes….PurseDay!

I actually have a bag for today, folks. 🙂

panties!! happy clouds just a wee bag :)

I picked up this bag at A-Kon this year.  I went there w/ my friend Kathy and ended up spending way too much money.  Sigh.  But i saw this little bag and i had to have it!  isnt it cute?  it’s a pair of panties!!

i started a new shawl this week.  I’m working on a variation of EZ’s Pi shawl.  you know how in the beginning of a shawl project, the beginning is the most exciting part and you just zip right thru it??  i did that while catching up on Big Bang Theory eps that I missed.  I apparently had missed 7 of them.  WTF?  i’m all caught up now. 🙂   but anyway, i got past the exciting part and I”m on the boring part.  i’m also using some hand dyed yarn that i dyed last month and apparently, i didn’t rinse the yarn well enough b/c my hands and everything I touched are RED.  ARGH!!!

But i did finish a little project this week. 🙂

gnomey3 gnomey2 look at my gnomey butt

Project: Chubby Gnome Amigurumi
Yarn:  Baby Bee Hushabye Solid
Amount Used:  less than half a skein each color
Color:  denim blue, forest green brown, white, pink
Hook Size: H hook / 5.0 mm
Date Started: June 14, 2011
Date Finished: June 14, 2011

I did this on bigger yarn than the pattern called for b/c i had it laying around.  so I made it bigger, but I didn’t have bigger eyes.  I had the 9mm eyes as required for the doll, but since the doll was bigger, this one’s eyes look beady.  blech.  and i didnt embroider the mouth on bc when I tried, it looked really weird so i stopped trying.   He’s Santa Gnome 🙂


Friday is my bday and I’m starting to feel a little weird about it being that time of year again.  I’m actually starting to feel old now.   Gone is that feeling of “man i’m so glad I’m in my 30’s”.  well, don’t get me wrong.  I am, in some ways, glad I’m in my 30’s.  But maybe it’s b/c i’m inching toward 40.  My to-do list for life isn’t even complete yet.  Maybe that’s why I’m dreading this birthday.  Who knows.    Sigh.  Alot has happened in the last 12 months and maybe that’s some of it too.  it’s a weird feeling in my tummy and my brain right now.

But anyway, I found this photo on flickr and thought I would hijack it. 🙂  and personalize it for myself. haha it’s a pretty cake!  too pretty to eat!! 🙂


Have a good weekend, everyone! 🙂


It’s just Thursday :)

Happy Thursday, everyone 🙂

No purse today.  Not that I don’t have one to show! but…again…laziness wins right now. 🙂

I hadn’t been doing much knitting/crocheting lately mainly b/c i was SO busy at work I could barely breathe for about 10 days.  But…all is well now. whew!  hahha.

it’s hot here too.  i mean…HOT.  and it didn’t help much that the AC in my car wasn’t working for the last month.  well, not working right.  On Friday when i was stuck in traffic for 45 min and it was like 102F outside, i was ready to kill some people.   Lucky for me I was able to get it fixed on Tues.  Cool air is mine again!

I’ve got some FO’s to show off. 🙂

mawata on me wee hands right hand hellloooo left hand (on the right hand model...i only have one fake hand) mawata13

Project:  One Koigu Mitts
Yarn:  Mawata
Color:  green? hand dyed. 🙂
Amount Used:  21.g of mawata
Date Started:  May 24, 2011
Date Finished: June 9, 2011

I am totally LOVING knitting w/ the hankies.  I mean…it’s reallllllllllllllllllllllllly addicting.  It’s so addicting I went online and ordered more that were dyed already.  I’m not in the mood to dye anymore hankies at this time.  lol.  but OMG! i can’t wait to make more stuffs!

The mitts don’t match each other exactly.  I’m having some 2nd thoughts about the left mitten’s length.  I think I need to shorten it a bit.  but the colors do not match.  the beauty of hand dyed. 🙂   cool huh?  they are very very lovely.  my hands are very warm wearing them, despite the fact that they are fingerless.  My little hands get VERY VERY hot normally.  so having full mittens wasn’t really a necessity for me.

I’ve done this pattern before.  It’s a wonderful pattern.  tee hee.  it helps that my wonderful friend, Botgurl, wrote it.  but it is a very well written pattern and FAST.  very satisfying.

I have a fun little amigurumi toshare as well. 🙂

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WHOO-HOO-HOOOOOO!!! look at my butt :) squawk squawk!!

Project: Angry Birds Cardinal
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Solids
Amount Used:  less than half a skein each color
Color:  black, white, red, burnt orange
Hook Size: F hook / 3.75 mm
Date Started: June 8, 2011
Date Finished: June 8, 2011

His eyebrows are a bit wonky.  hahahahaha. so sorry.  isn’t he cute???  man.  i love amigurumi.  the toys are always so stinkin cute!

In fact, I love it so much, i’m going to do an amigurumi toy as my submission for the state fair this year.  WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!! hahaha.

have a great weekend, everyone!

Hey it’s not Thursday?

I thought i would do a random post for a Sunday since i did not post on Thurs.  No purse day…no pressure right? hahaah.

I’ve been super busy w/ work the last 10 days and my projects suffered a bit.  I had a baby shower today (May 22, Sunday) that i needed to make something for.  By 12A Sat morning, i had NOTHING.  NOTHING!!!  wtf!?  what kind of friend am i?? and this is a friend that LOVES all my knitted stuff!  Well, I had that vintage hat that I showed off last time, but I had NOTHING to go with it!  i can’t be giving hats like that w/o a matching sweater OR booties!  so no…no go.

I grabbed a couple of quick crochet projects that were a big hit at the shower today.   i felt kind of bad b/c I half-assed it so bad.  I’ll give her something good when the baby is born next month.   I did give her a project I had made before and she loved it.  hahaha.  it was one of those knit/sewn dresses I made last summer.   big love 🙂

big fa big fa 2 big fa 5

Project: 3 Layer Flower Headband ALL sizes EASY
YarnVanna’s Choice Baby / Solids
Amount Used:  less than half a skein each color
Color:  black, white, fuschia
Hook Size: I hook / 5.5 mm
Date Started: May 22, 2011
Date Finished: May 22, 2011

isn’t this CUTE?? you know what it made me think of when i saw it?  Princess Beatrice’s stupid facinator that she wore on her head to the Royal wedding.  Do you need a reminder??


I hate this hat so much that I love it.  I love making fun of it non stop.  hahahah.  Anyway, the big flower on the headband made me think of this big hat.  So hilarious. 🙂

fa hat fa hat 3 fa hat 4 fa hat 5

Project: Glamour Girl Beanie
YarnVanna’s Choice Baby / Solids
Amount Used:  less than half a skein each color
Color:  black, white, fuschia
Hook Size: I hook / 5.5 mm
Date Started: May 21, 2011
Date Finished: May 21, 2011

i thought I would try to keep up w/ the color theme when inspiration struck at 7am on Saturday morning.  I know..i’m really lame.

I’m glad she liked it all.  haha.  One of the best things I heard at the shower was “Man…will you come to my shower?” hahahaa.  another ego booster (that i heard at the last shower too) was  “do you sell this stuff?” hahaha

I’ve been itching to start a new pair of silk mittens like the ones Yarn Harlot made back in February.  I fell in love w/ them the second I saw them and when I found out how they were done, i had to have some.  mawata!  Mine are dyed and ready to go.  i already went ahead and showed off to my knit girls how you do all the prepping for the knitting and it was like a freaking science lesson.  hahah.  so hilarious.

I think i might start them tonight since all my baby showers are all done and stuffs. 🙂

Have a good week, everyone!

Thursday Purse-day!

Do you ever get thinking so much that you don’t even know where to start what you want to start and you have SO much to start that you don’t even know who what when where how why?

I’ve been having more and more moments like that.  I just fall down rabbit hole after rabbit hole.  Be shocked there is going to be a post right now.  I opened this window 2 hours ago and realize just now I had done that.   whoops.  hahaah.

Be surprised that I have another purse to show off today.  Again, i stole pics off the internet b/c i’m lazy and there is no way I can take as nice of a photograph as a catalog photo.

what?  don't I have one of these alreadY??That i DO!!  but last week's bag was PURPLE. obviously this is not me, but man i wish that was my body.  hahaha.

What’s this you say?  Doesn’t this look familiar?  yeah it does.  Last week’s bag was PURPLE.  This one is gray!  Actually, the one I have is a bit darker gray I think….hmmm….  oh well.  Nevertheless.  Yeah…i got two of the same bag in different colors.  so what up???  you got a problem wit dat???  hahahh  I couldn’t decide between gray and purple, so i got one of each. Don’t judge me!

this bag is extra cute b/c it’s pink inside!  *snort*

I’ve been busier than usual at work this week.  So bad that when I get home from work, I crawl into bed for a *nap* which ends up being a night’s worth of sleep for me and I wake up at 2a screwed.  I can’t fall back asleep b/c I’ve gotten so much sleep from my *NAP* that I end up staying up and working again and mid-way thru my work day I want to pass out.  then the cycle starts all over again.  haha.  woe is me!

I did manage to finish a little crochet cloche yesterday.

vintage vintage4 vintage2 vintage3

ProjectVintage inspired crochet beanie with flower (37) includes 4 sizes from newborn to adult
Yarn:  Hushabye Solid
Amount Used:  less than half a skein each color
Color:  lavendar, white, olive
Hook Size: H hook / 5.00 mm
Date Started: May 11, 2011
Date Finished: May 11, 2011

I’m not too happy w/ how I did the leaves, but oh well.  I plan on making an EZ Feb sweater to go w/ this hat for a baby shower on the 22nd.    And I just noticed that my mannequin’s head is really misshapen.  ugh.  and what is my deal w/ baby Bee Hushabye yarn lately?  Honestly, i have a ton of it.  I’ve been stash diving alot lately and it’s a very plushy yarn that comes in really cute baby colors.  plus it’s VERY washable.  I’ve been told time and time again from many parents new and seasoned that washable is SO important.  So I haven’t been knitting w/ wool at all b/c of this reason. Plus here in TX, we do not need wool. it’s too freaggin’ hot.    ALTHOUGH, i have a cousin that is expecting soon (YAY!!!!) who lives up in Canada and I think they need a wooly blanket. 🙂 and other woolie things!  tee hee!  over there they need and appreciate such things. 🙂

I think that’s all for now.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  talk to you soon! 🙂

Thursday No Purse-Day

I have no purse today, folks.  🙂  so sorry!

I’ve been kind of busy this week w/ work and other things.  I haven’t had that much time to knit/crochet.  This is becoming a common song and dance w/ me apparently.  I miss the days of being able to knit at work.  But I do enjoy the increase in salary more…so hmmm…. hahaha.

Not much to talk about.  no bag b/c I honestly think I’ve run out of bags.  I almost got a new one today.  Almost.  But I stopped myself.  As Janice says, I need another bag like I need another hole in my head.  I don’t need another hole in my head.   hahaha.

But I do have an FO to show off!

Oh wait.  I posted this information last week.  Eh.  Ok.  I cheated a bit.  I didn’t FINISH finish this until like Sunday when I was done w/ the ties.

Oh wait!  I made a hat to match the sweater.  ok.  hahaha.  show off time!

sith8 sith10 sith18 sith17 sith15 sith14 sith13

Cute eh? hahaha.  The tie I did not do I-cord…I decided to do a single crochet chain.  I made it a bit too long and it’s irritating me a bit.  But i should just let go and leave it alone.

For the hat i just cast on 72 sts and did seed stitch for 5 rows.  2 rows plain knitting, 1 eyelet row, 1 plain knitting row then began the lattice stitch pattern in the round until I had 5 repeats of it done.  Then I quickly decreased on every row.

Baby shower is on Sat.  just in the nick of time, eh? hahahaha.

have a great weekend everyone!!