Bunny Hat and Zoe

Thanks to all for your prayers and thoughts about my mama. She called me this week w/ crazy but better news: turns out she didn’t have cancer after all. that lump on her thyroid was pre-cancerous…and that’s why they decided to take it out of her. she doesn’t need any kind of radiation, chemo, oral medication for the cancer. Thank goodness. she does have to take thyroid medication for the rest of her life…which she is fine with. i was mad when she first told me that the thyroid was removed from her for “no reason”. but i am forever grateful she doesn’t have cancer.

This has been a semi-weird week. I caught another cold or something….i dunno. Coughing like crazy. it’s been…ugh. kind of painful…so i haven’t been knittng as usual. not knitting at night when i get home, etc. hehehe. but i think i’m getting better. My throat is still hurting…but oh well.

I’m still working on another pair of socks. Slowing knittin’ this week. But Mary Jane of Simpatico asked me to make a shop sample…a widdle bunny hat.

Project: Bunny Beanie from Noe Knit.
Yarn used: White: On-Line Linie 162 Pink: Classic Elite Four Seasons color petal 7619
Needle Size: US 7
Date Started: March 3, 2006
Date Finished: March 4, 2006

I had issues w/ the ONline Linie yarn. I didn’t like knitting with it as much as i thought i would. It’s too…wimpy. the fabric wasn’t really dense. I started this pattern on size 8’s like it called for…it came out HUGE…big enough for My head. And i did the picot edging….no good. You couldn’t tell on that fuzzy yarn that it was a picot cast-on. so i gave up on it and just did a normal long-tail cast-on and then did a 4 row seed stitch border to avoid any rolling. anyway…because the fabric was sooo …loose and not nice, i switched to size 7’s. that didn’t help much either…but at least the sizing was right. I don’t know what was wrong. I got gauge w/ the us8 needles…but for some reason when i started the hat..it was just so airy. anyway..i had my doubts about this pattern…esp w/ the ears since they are so floopy. and i had problems making the ears at first b/c i’m completely illiterate and can’t read pattern directions. The cough is spreading to my brain.

but i DID love the Classic Elite Four Seasons. Lately I’ve had a serious preference to smooth yarns. I love the look of the stitches. Fuzzy yarn is starting to frustrate me. hahaha.

Still slowly working on my socks…and i finsihed the robot knitting part. I just need to block and seam…and ta-da. the new bot will be done! maybe i should block tonight and make Bot-Gurl give me a lesson in mattress stitch tomorrow…..

Speaking of Bot-Gurl….she finished a baby sweater and brought it in for us all to see. She giggled and asked if Zoe was in my car. she/it is always in my car…ready for a photo op! so we take pics of Zoe in Bot-Gurl‘s sweater…and i get home to clean up background and edit. I have too much time on my hands. I started putting Zoe in all these hilarious backgrounds. here is a sampling…

In the London Subways…showing us a sign…

On some beach paradise…showing us the water and palm trees

In a court yard in Milan. ..introducing children.

HAHAAH i’m a big loser w/ too much time on her hands!!!
(Props to Frank for posting his pics online. I stole them from his photography website b/c he takes such beautiful photos from around the world. He’s a distant family friend who i secretly loathe b/c i wish i had his *eye*)

Oh…a blog announcement…..the blog url is also www.purse-ho.com as well. i figured it was about time i bit the bullet and bought it before someone else beats me to it. hahaha. and I did add a blogarithm up in the upper right hand corner if you’d like updates on when i update. what am i saying? i know i’m not that popular. hahahaha.

Still here in DFW

My flight is delayed. I was supposed to leave at 10p…but because the weather here is so damn ugly, i get to leave at 1115p. hahaha oh well. my friend said he would still take me. i told him to go ahead and drop me off at 830p as planned, because i can just chill and knit. he said no no…he’ll take me late. now i feel bad. 🙁 i don’t even get into EP until midnight their time. sigh. i was having a hard time picking out what i’m going to take home to knit. which isn’t that big of a deal!! but i’m scared of sitting at the airport for a while as my brain rots from boredom.

So as i was watching tv last night, i started working on that top-down baby cardigan to make sure i had the pattern written out correctly. Man, i’m glad i did! i don’t know what i was thinking when i wrote it all out. so i want to make another one for my friend’s daughter in EP to see if i have the calculations about the sizing correct. sigh. who knew it took this much work to tweak a pattern? i didn’t even really write it from scratch! well, i guess i did. i mean…top down uses the same basic principles in every version..i just made my changes and adjustments as I saw fit. is that stealing? plagarism? nah…i did adjust the numbers and stuff. ehh..oh well. 🙂 ANYWAY..i finished knitting the sweater today. it needs to be blocked, but that’ll have to wait until i come back on Friday. I’m going to hang this little sweater at Simpatico as a store sample…until I need a last min baby gift. hahahaa.

Thanks to Mary for my Bitty Baby. I never gave props when she gave her to me b/c it was around the holidays…and holidays made me so crazy i didn’t document alot of stuff properly. hahaha but i love my Bitty Baby. she and her family got me an ASIAN ONE! hahahahaah. they know me too well. but I need a name for her. my mannequin baby has the name of Zoe. I was *thinking* of naming this one Chloe. I love weird names…well, not weird (no offense Zoe’s and Chloe’s). I’m digging the OE endings. i have a funny name file..i should pick one from there. these are names of children i have photographed/tested in the last 3 years. hahaa. that’s another story for another time.

anyway..here is the sweater i did.

Here she is “sleeping”. hahaha. the sweater is too big for her…but i just did it for photo’s sake.

here she is sitting up and pantless. sorry if this offends anyone. 😉 hhaahah the sweater needs buttons i think for some pizazz. we’ll see. i hate figuring out button spacing and everything.

i’m in deep hate w/ knitters’ magazine right now.

This is a baby sweater from Knitter’s Magazine that i have been working on for my friend’s son. I mentioned in a previous post that i was almost done with it. Well, last night I finished knitting it. It just needed to be seamed up and then the collar stitches had to be picked up and knitted..then ta-da!! finished.As i was knitting the pattern, i noticed a really weird mistake in the pattern. the math didn’t add up. So of course, after i realize this mistake, i look up the errata. KA BOOM. there is a correction! i was told to always check for errata…but i always forget until i run into a problem.

Well, i got over that hump. I seamed together the sweater. i’m happy. I start picking up the stitches around the collar to finish off the damn thing. And what do i see? the back is exactly as the front…as i thought it was supposed to be. Now…look at the above picture. The back…HAS A BACK. there is no V there. My sweater …the back matches EXACTLY w/ the front. so you can imagine my dilemma. And yes…stupid me..i should have checked….as i was knitting. but no..i didn’t. someone who helped me get back to knitting always told me just to follow the pattern and deal w/ mistakes as they arise. This is a big F-ing deal.

i don’t know why mine came out so bad. but it’s bad. I don’t want to rip out. i mean..i could pick up the stitches around the back and make a triangle panel to fill in the V? then pick up the stitches around the neck and continue on. but wouldn’t that look shotty? DAMMIT!! it took me longer than usual to knit this piece b/c i took my sweet time since i had other things to do…and i wsan’t in a hurry. now i’m mad. hahaha. so mad i wanna throw this away! but i’m not going to. it’s still a wearable piece. i just don’t know how to fix the neck area to make it look normal.

I’m going to work on writing that other baby sweater pattern for Simpatico. i’m too pissed to deal w/ this sock yarn sweater right now.